Do you prefer to go to the gym or workout at home?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by John Brett, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. John Brett

    John Brett New Member

    I find going to the gym is expensive and it is so much cheaper to have a set up at home, but I tend to work out more often with better results when I go to the gym.
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  2. AresBlade

    AresBlade New Member

    Personally, I have lots of exercise equipment in my home, but going to the gym is the best method to ensure that I actually get a complete workout. Motivation levels vary throughout the day, and taking the effort to drive to the gym allows me to justify it with a good sweat.
    Unfortunately, for many, our basement treadmills and exercise bikes become little more than expensive clothes hangers and dust gatherers.
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  3. Tatetitu

    Tatetitu New Member

    I totally prefer to work out at home. It's just a matter of getting into the habit of doing it, just as you have to get into the habit of going to the gym. Paying for the gym gives you a motivation to go because you don't want to waste that money. I told my girlfriend to charge me the equivalent of a gym subscription if I didn't work out at home, and it worked for me. After a couple of months I was already used to getting up for a workout at home with no excuses.

    I find gyms very impersonal and expensive. I've been getting into working out with bodyweight exclusively and I find it very rewarding and more natural than using all the fancy equipment gyms have.
  4. jiahjordan

    jiahjordan Member

    I like the idea of that: asking your girlfriend to charge you...very clever :thumbsup:
  5. jiahjordan

    jiahjordan Member

    I like to work out at home. But my form of workout is yoga, so you see its quite cheap. I only need a yoga mat to do my daily workout :D but it works wonders for my health. I don't need heavy, expensive equipments for workout. Looking forward to see more comments here about workouts. Its so interesting to know about what different people like.
  6. Zenith

    Zenith New Member

    I live near a beautiful state park and go running every morning. I like being outdoors and breathing fresh air. When I g to the gym it is for Zumba fitness, aerobics or swimming. I also like to attend yoga classes. I do not have a gym membership because they are very costly.
  7. leoesquivel95

    leoesquivel95 New Member

    I personally prefer both depending on the situation. If my friends invite me to work out then I would gladly join them in the gym and use the different equipment provided there. However, the gym tends to be crowded with many people and can be a hassle so sometimes it can be a bad thing to go to the gym. I personally just go to spend time with friends who I don't get to spend much time with. I also do like to work out at home but when working out at home I tend to get distracted easily since I am usually working out by myself. It helps to have others with you because you get that sensation of being pushed to keep going past your limit rather than stopping before even reaching it.
  8. Christen Comer

    Christen Comer New Member

    At one time, I was an avid gym goer. I loved the treadmill and using fixed weight machines. After I had a baby, going to Zumba once a week was a welcome diversion, but I had to rely heavily on my spouse getting home from work on time. Since last April, however, I've found my stride doing short workouts at home. I use Jillian Michaels workouts. Her 20 minute, circuit training workouts are perfect for me and my schedule. I'm able to get in a comprehensive workout with strength and cardio in a short amount of time so that my family hardly misses me, and I don't feel that I had to carve out special time to get it done. I started with her 30 Day Shred videos, moved on to Ripped in 30, and am currently working on the Body Revolution series. No workout is more than 30 minutes. It's perfect for me.
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  9. faithp88

    faithp88 New Member

    Although a home workout is great sometimes, there is nothing like putting in a good workout at the gym. Having children can mean more distractions on the home front when it's time to workout. At the gym, there is a better morale and mostly everyone there are focused on getting a great workout. There is also more equipment at the gym.
  10. Cheri Nicole

    Cheri Nicole New Member

    I used to prefer working out at home because I felt uncomfortable going to the gym and being surrounding by people who were in better shape than me. However, I recently found an amazing gym where people are committed to their workouts without competing with each other. Being around people like this has been really motivating to me, and I even made some friends at the gym which helped with accountability. Since I've found this gym, I noticed that I've had much better results with my workouts.
  11. dinetrace

    dinetrace New Member

    I prefer working out at home because i never know what to do at the gym as far as weights. I have a few beachbody products which i love to switch it up and they give me the structure i need. I also love that most of the workout programs work more than one muscle group at a time so i'm getting my workout done in half the time which is great for me since i can't seem to workout for more than 30 minutes. You do however have to have some self motivation to pop the DVD in and do the workout.
  12. Flashwriter

    Flashwriter New Member

    When you're at the gym, distractions are minimized and you're surrounded by motivated individuals; I don't know about you guys, but that sounds like a recipe for success to me.

    With that being said, I've found home workouts to be a great way to get a quick burn out of the way, and not have to worry about becoming soft. ;)
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  13. teresa

    teresa New Member

    The gym never bothered me until it started getting really crowded .. Know I prefer working out at home doing yoga or jogging on our trails.. It's so motivates me to be in nature and jogging.. I find I am my personal motivator in nature with no distractions more so then in a gym where I am being Distracted ..
  14. GlamLife

    GlamLife New Member

    Great post! For myself, personally I do both. I live in a condo, and thankfully we have a fully equipped gym. I like to use the elliptical as well as the weights. There's always that 'accomplished' feeling once I leave the gym, so I always have enjoyed going. At home, I prefer to do my sit-ups, squats, and push-ups.
  15. cobydallas

    cobydallas New Member

    I prefer to work out at home. I like to workout first thing in the morning. My husband leaves for work early and my son is home with me. He has to get ready for school and I have to get ready for work, so I don't really have the option of going to a gym!
  16. Christina S.

    Christina S. Member

    I prefer to work out from my home. I absolutely hate going to the gym. I find it easier to motivate myself if I don't actually have to leave the comfort of my home. I am a fan of the work from home programs that come with a nutrition plan for you to follow. With my schedule it just makes more sense to workout when I have the time and to cut the 20 minute commute.
  17. MegaTim2000

    MegaTim2000 New Member

    While honestly the gym is probably a more effective way to do the deed, right now I prefer to work out at home. My family bought a stationary bicycle awhile ago, and I have some rusty old weights in the garage, so for starting out this is good enough. And this way I don't have to be self conscious around girls at the gym!

    But gyms definitely aren't necessary for basic personal fitness and wellbeing. A used weightset will be far cheaper, and will be good enough for the basics, unless you are out to sculpt a physique, which, in my opinion, is not essential for optimal personal health and wellbeing.

    So rather than enlisting in a gym, I'd say it'd be a better idea to use the money to get access to a pool somehow. Swimming is a great way to do cardio (arguably the single most important component of personal fitness) without putting alot of wear and tear on your joints. Running, for example, while cheap and easy, can cause damage to the knees and ankles over the longterm.

    But personally, I can't swim. Because there are no rivers or lakes near where I live, and the chemicals in poolwater make me feel so ill that I can almost pass out. Biking is another joint-friendly cardio alternative to running, but again, in my city biking is quite dangerous due to road conditions. So I'm lucky that my family happened to invest in a stationary bike that I can use.
  18. peterpost555

    peterpost555 New Member

    I like to workout at home instead of going to the gym . I find it much more enjoyable and theres no one to distract me from my daily routine, Theres two excises what i do , The first one is to dance to music , This helps me to use all my body musles in rhythm to the music, Great, To get you started up and the second one is useing my boxing bag , This is really good for the top half of my body, Good for my neck and it clears my head , And me feel good , Then its lovely to have a nice shower and a cold orange juice and relax.
  19. WilliSquids

    WilliSquids New Member

    Personally I prefer to train cardio (pretty much compulsory for me as they have a swimming pool) at the gym 3 times a week but then I'll complete a short body weight circuit every day (apart from weekends). I find mixing it up makes the gym seem much less bland.
  20. cece7711

    cece7711 New Member

    I prefer to work out at home. Working out at home is cheaper for me. When I am at home I have privacy and access to my own bathroom. I do not need heavy equipment for my workouts. When I workout at home I am free from distractions. Another perk for me working out at home is having easy access to the kitchen.:D
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  21. brightfuture

    brightfuture New Member

    Being as busy as I am, I prefer to work out at home. As a parent, I never have enough money to really do the things that I would like to do, such as having a membership to a gym. There are also benefits to working out at home such as incorporating your house work into your work out routine. As tired as I am after cleaning the house, I am thinking of making a work out video for career moms. By the time I mop, sweep, dust high and low, scrub toilets, etc, I am sure that I've burned quite a few calories.
  22. melvin2345

    melvin2345 New Member

    I made the choice many months ago to build myself a home gym. I did this for two reasons. First, the monthly cost of joining a gym would exceed the amount I would spend on buying equipment for my home. Second, having a home gym allows me to workout in the morning before work without getting up ridiculously early. This means I will have more quality time in the evenings to spend with my wife and kids.
  23. lauradaura04

    lauradaura04 New Member

    Definitely being in the great outdoors. I find running on a treadmill so dull and gyms are always so stuffy. I can see the benefits of working out at a gym - the pressure of having to work out and not be lazy! But joining a gym can work out very expensive so I'd rather just exercise by myself.
  24. Sharonl25

    Sharonl25 New Member

    I agree it is much cheaper to work out at home. I have a jumper, which is this smaller sized trampoline that I keep in the house and pull out and get my exercise on. I like to use weights also. I do think a gym is more fun and/or exciting though if one has the extra money.
  25. Tin Godoy

    Tin Godoy New Member

    Working out at the gym would be great but the fees and transportation make it more of an economic hassle. I also find that working out in a gym makes me more conscious about myself. That's why, I just opted to stay at home, pop a DVD in the player and do an hour's worth of P90x.
  26. Shawn Barton

    Shawn Barton New Member

    The debate as to whether working out at home or going to the gym is best all boils down to the goals you have and commitment. We are all victims of lack of motivation when working out at home. On the other hand, choosing the gym means you have to spend money and dedicate time for working out. So what's the best option.

    I believe working out at home is more rewarding if you have someone to motivate you and join you like your partner or even your children. It's all about making it a routine and you will find yourself doing it everyday without question. The gym on the other hand, is best for those who want to achieve specific fitness goals that they would find hand achieving on their own.

    Simple exercises like a morning run around your neighborhood or simply doing a few sit-ups and and body-stretching can go a long way into keeping your body fit.
  27. Charlene Kennedy

    Charlene Kennedy New Member

    I love working out at home more theres no dress code I can wear whatever I want. I dont feel like Im looking silly if someones watching me. I feel more comfortable being in my own space. I turn on my music it always helps get me going. Plus I have an 11 month old so I dont have to get a babysitter soon as she naps I start my workout so its convient.
  28. Amy Atz

    Amy Atz New Member

    I tend to split up my workouts. I do my strength training at the gym, where I can ask for help from one of the trainers if I am struggling. I do my cardio at home by walking or jogging through the neighborhood with my dogs. My local gym does not offer yoga classes, which is the only other thing that I would like to add to my current routine.

    I have had trouble making myself go to the gym in the past, so my boyfriend encourages me by taking over cooking and cleaning up on the days that we work out. I average 2-3 visits per week, and the recovery has become so much better now that the workout is a part of my regular routine.
  29. Muraki

    Muraki New Member

    That depends on your preferences alone. Yes it is true that the gym has the advantage of getting swept away with all the people working out, and giving you the motivation, but all that you can have at home as well. If motivation is what you lack then buy some workout DVD's and they will motivate you. It will also save you the monthly gym charge. Just think that you are saving money by being at home and everything should be fine.
  30. Chabang

    Chabang New Member

    I have tried many times to set up a home gym-it never works for me. At home, there are too many distractions, too many other things that I must do before I get in that half-hour workout, so it never happens. When I go to the gym, I am focused and in tune with all the other members. I get inspired watching them trying to get fit and push myself just a little bit harder. So, spend the money-you are worth it!

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