Do you prefer to go to the gym or workout at home?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by John Brett, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. KarleeM

    KarleeM New Member

    Working out at home is ideal if you have the right set up and if you don't get bored easily. I always felt like people were staring at me and judging my form at the gym. "Look how slow that girl is going on that elliptical!" I don't know if anyone really said those things about me, but it was real in my mind, so I started working out at home. It wasn't long before I realized how bored I was cycling on my stationary bike while staring at the wall. It is also very frustrating when I'm trying to do a workout DVD and my toddlers are hanging on my legs and jumping on my stomach. Not to mention, when nobody is "judging" your workout routine, it is easy to start slacking off. Bottom line, my opinion is that going to the gym allows you to focus on your workout and workout harder.
  2. shaeQ

    shaeQ New Member

    I find that whilst at the gym I accomplish a lot more. Being at home I take as many rest periods as I wish to. So I am not disciplined enough to do a straight abdominal workout without interruption. However, a good dance routine does the job. Burns fat, keeps my workout innovative and fun.
  3. becca102480

    becca102480 New Member

    I prefer to workout at home for several reasons. When I workout at home I can break up my exercise throughout the day. I have my elliptical setup behind my sofa and I hop on it for 10-30 minutes after every meal. It's easy for me to get to my goal of 10k steps a day when I can jump on it during commercials when I watch my shows. I love the convenience and the savings in time and gas. I will confess that I do workout harder at the gym, though.
  4. Bozusaki

    Bozusaki New Member

    I prefer to workout from home. I have pretty bad social anxiety, and the thought of even eating in front of other people makes me very uncomfortable. I had a gym membership last year, but I only ended up going late at night when no one else was there. I just can't shake the feeling that everyone is watching me, and that they're mocking me if I am doing an exercise incorrectly, or if I look stupid while I do it. Working out from home is more difficult, since I obviously have less equipment at home than one can find in a gym, but it's a more comfortable experience for me.

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