Do you prefer to own or borrow books?

Discussion in 'Books' started by applemusician, May 5, 2015.


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  1. applemusician

    applemusician New Member

    Like the title says, do you prefer to purchase books or would you rather borrow them from a library?

    Certainly, purchasing a book is one of the best ways to support an author, which inclines me to buy rather than borrow, but the convenience of reading for free at a library is great for those whose disposable income is limited.

    For the most part, I tend to try to buy books that I'm certain I'll keep and re-read at least once. What are your criteria for whether or not you'll buy a book?
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  2. InvalidArmadillo

    InvalidArmadillo New Member

    I basically have to buy books. I often underline or highlight interesting parts so I can easily find them later. This means I'm a terrible person to loan a book to. Shelves full of books can be a great conversation starter and a good way to show off your intelligence without being a pretentious name dropper. I'm lucky because there's a great cheap used book store near where I live so I can afford to own most things I want to read. I also tend to read a few things at once so I can be really slow to return things. Waiting a long time to get a book back only to have it damaged in some way is a big pet peeve of mine so I tend to just buy things I want to read so I don't make my friends mad.
  3. Kaye Cambare

    Kaye Cambare New Member

    I definitely prefer to buy books instead of borrowing them. I have this strange habit of reading the e-book version first. If I happen to like the story, then that's the time I buy the physical version to add to my mini library. I enjoy the smell of newly purchased books, and I happen to also like the smell of old paper. I only borrow books when I need to, like during my college days where academic books are limited and I have to access the library to get hold of hard-to-find titles.
  4. vicisest

    vicisest New Member

    Honestly i prefer to buy books, own a book is much better. You can Have the whole time of the world to read it, concerning with nothing, and also is really good to see a bookcase full of books! I can't wait to have my own house.
  5. ciaraprice

    ciaraprice New Member

    I love owning books because I'm the kind of person who loves to re-read books. I also really enjoy having shelves upon shelves of books I own and have read, it gives me a feeling of accomplishment.
  6. vicisest

    vicisest New Member

    It really feels good, the air around you is different, calm you down, and the smell of new and old books, mix together and make the house into another place. I think you are like me.
  7. Luckeylad

    Luckeylad New Member

    I always borrow from the library and if I'd love it, I'd buy it on hardback. I collect all the ones I like in my home library to read again and exchange with my friends. I'm more of a graphic novel guy. So when it comes to that, I always read the electronic version of it and then buy the collected editions afterwards. Same goes with my movie collection. I've never bought a movie which I never watched before.
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  8. jax129

    jax129 New Member

    I definitely prefer to buy a book. The feeling of owning a book is so much different than that of borrowing a book in my opinion. It feels much more satisfying to me. I think it's partially because I know that it's mine, and that any time I want I can pick it back up again to re-read said book.
  9. tinnie

    tinnie New Member

    Hmmm I have never thought too much about this. There aren't many books that I've bought in my life. They can be quite expensive and you never know whether you'll even like the book. But it's nice to have a book that you like sitting on your shelf. But I guess I prefer borrowing books, because then if you end up not liking it and you don't finish it, you don't feel bad for spending your money on it and also that way you can read many many books that you otherwise couldn't afford or just couldn't find for sale.
  10. Malikl

    Malikl New Member

    I really do prefer to own books! Just knowing I have many books that I have read gives me a sense of achievement. The only problem is that books can become really expensive! Because of this I usually fing myself borrowing books from the library or a close friend and sometimes I just buy the ebook versions.
  11. Abby Johnson

    Abby Johnson New Member

    Borrow them from a library. I dont like reading a book twice because nothing is funny or as sad as the first time you read it, so itll just sit in the corner and collect dust..
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  12. Cutesy

    Cutesy New Member

    I prefer to borrow the book at first. Once I've read the book, I can decide if I like it enough to put it in my personal library. This way I'm not supporting the authors that aren't very good. I also like to read books more than once, so buying a good book is a lot better than having to keep borrowing the same book.
  13. Ananda Coleman

    Ananda Coleman New Member

    I think it depends on the book. There are some which merit only one read and I am satisfied. I return it in the book drop and feel no compulsion to pick it up again. But there are others: books that gave me new thoughts, ideas, motivations. There are books that, in some sense, gave me life. Those are the books I purchase. Those are the books I read again and again with no sign of stopping.
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  14. KaitlindBryant

    KaitlindBryant New Member

    I prefer to borrow books. For me, it is much easier to borrow a book from a friend, or check out a book from my local library than to purchase books. When I do buy books, they are usually textbooks that are required for one of my college classes. I don't tend to waste money on other books, but maybe I'm just a cheapskate. :whistle:
  15. KaitlindBryant

    KaitlindBryant New Member

    It definitely depends on the book for me as well.
  16. Sharin

    Sharin New Member

    I would prefer to purchase books. Mainly because I really am not of fan of borrowing things. Anything I have to have someone over my head for is something I avoid. Also borrowing books mean you are responsible and will have to pay for any damage or small thing that is different than when you first received it. I'll pass on that. I like to have my own things anyways!
  17. W0nderWhite

    W0nderWhite New Member

    I always prefer to own my own book. Maybe I'm just materialistic but it just feels better to hold a book that is yours. Plus you don't have to worry about damaging it or accidentally spilling tea on it or anything. Plus building up a collection and presenting in on a bookcase is very rewarding.
  18. Brobean

    Brobean New Member

    Since I have a love for books I definitely prefer to own them. However, I will always seek out a hardcover version of a book if I plan on purchasing it. Sometimes the hardcover can be hard to obtain so I will first look it up in a library to see if it is actually good enough to buy.
  19. JohnBeaulieu

    JohnBeaulieu New Member

    I find that I rarely touch books that I have purchased. They tend to take up shelf space or hold up wobbly tables. I do much of my reading online. Occasionally I will borrow books from the library but that usually results in late fees. I do some reading from my smart phone when I am out so that I don't have to carry a book with me.
  20. cloudia

    cloudia New Member

    I purchase my books, electronically:) I used to buy paper books, still have two bookcases full of em! But once I got my first tablet, I fell in love with ebooks and instant downloads. I must confess though, I do miss libraries, and the smell of borrowed books.
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  21. Ivonne Smith

    Ivonne Smith New Member

    I prefer to buy books to own because I get to read the books on my own pace and not worry about having to turn it in the library at a certain day and you can only recheck out the book three time. Where as if I own the book I can read whenever I want without worrying about turning it in at a certain time. I get to enjoy having the book for life.
  22. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski New Member

    I prefer to have my own physical copy of a book instead of borrowing. Borrowing could easily ruin a friendship. The book could be lost, stolen, or lord knows what could happen and then someone is upset with you for borrowing the book in the first place. If I had my own physical copy of the book, I couldn't be upset or mad with anyone but myself for damaging it or whatever.
  23. Knitty

    Knitty New Member

    I prefer to own my books because then there is no pressure to read and return it in a timely manner. I hate keeping people waiting.
  24. Destinyeve

    Destinyeve New Member

    I definitely prefer to buy books versus borrowing. I enjoy seeing my bookcase packed with as much books as I can get my hands on. Books are a sort of safe haven for me, when I'm stressed or beyond bored, I like to just walk over to my bookcase and pick up my favorite book. I never get tired of reading and I constantly find myself reading the same books over and over, regardless if I've read them five times before.
  25. Tressa1220

    Tressa1220 New Member

    My husband is a collector - he loves owning books and will buy Hardcovers of books he enjoyed after the fact even though he has no intention of reading the book again.
    I, on the other hand, prefer to borrow books. I see no sense in owning a book unless I intend to read it numerous times (which is not often). Occasionally, I enjoy owning a book so that I may lend it to a friend/family member, but this is also a rarity.
  26. bobbytuff

    bobbytuff New Member

    I prefer to buy books and then to lend them out so others can enjoy them. When I give them to someone else I typically don't ask for them back, I would rather that they read it and then give it to someone they think might like it, too. Kind of a "Pay It Forward" situation.
  27. Oddball

    Oddball New Member

    I'm a huge hoarder! I do not generally borrow books, with certain rare exceptions (reading a copy of American Gods that my friend lent me right now), but I certainly do buy them! I do my best to get them cheap (ala but I love having a hoard of books.
    I currently have two full book cases, and then books piled up from one of them to the ceiling. I just finished my Masters in creative writing so through school and my own personal reading, I have easily acquired a good 20 books or so a semester. I also love to learn about religions of the world, so I have a tendency to pick up religious texts (in a few cases, multiple copies) when I see them for cheap.
  28. sharla_brown

    sharla_brown New Member

    I definitely prefer to buy books. Partly this is because there weren't any good libraries nearby when I was a kid, so I didn't grow up with the habit of borrowing books, and it never really got imprinted in my mind as an option. In any case, I always feel a little anxious about borrowing books. Sometimes I think "but what if I end up liking this book so much that I'll want my own copy?". Other times, I feel like I'm under pressure because of the time limit on borrowed books; either I feel like I'm being pressured to finish the book within the time limit, or I feel like I'm being stressed out by needing to remember when the due date is, since I tend to be bad at remembering dates.
  29. Suzy28

    Suzy28 New Member

    I prefer to buy books. I often forget to return the books on time if I borrow from the library and I normally read 2 to 4 books at a time. I normally read a different book depending on what I am in the mood for. Some books I read in under a week others may take 6 months or longer to finish.
  30. LNRussell89

    LNRussell89 New Member

    I have to agree, I love seeing the books on the shelf. I don't find myself reading them again, though, but I love to have a record of all the books I have already read. Plus, having them all on the book shelf is like a decoration to me. That is another reason I don't like reading the electronic books as well.

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