Do you prefer to own or borrow books?

Discussion in 'Books' started by applemusician, May 5, 2015.


Buy or Borrow?

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  1. Count_Badger

    Count_Badger New Member

    I prefer to own books. I can never fully enjoy books I borrow, as a result of my slow reading. I get so needlessly time-conscious reading them to the point of ruining the experience. Beside, I like to have the books I've read at hand in case I have the sudden urge to go through them again. I even buy the borrowed books I've finished just to have them in my collection. On second thought, it might be less "collecting" and more "hoarding".
  2. Ranjith8886

    Ranjith8886 New Member

    I would prefer to leaf through a book before buying it. It would give me an idea whether it's worth buying or not. More often than not, I found every book that I go through to be quite interesting and ended up buying it :)
  3. vinda

    vinda New Member

    Mostly i like to buy book because i can keep it with me forever. And if the book is interesting and appealing i can re-read it whenever i want.
  4. Haze

    Haze New Member

    I like to borrow books and if it's really good, I'll buy it. Sometimes I buy a book right after I read the first few chapters. But most of the time I buy a book I've read to add it to collection and support the author. When there's a book bargain fair though I'll just buy books that have interesting synopsis since they are relatively cheap.
  5. CCaminha

    CCaminha New Member

    I like to own my books so I can take care of them the way I want. Most people don't take precautions when reading and end ruining the cover, or tearing a page - dreadful thoughts for a book lover like me, I want my books to be kept in a pristine condition.

    I also have no problems with the idea of borrowing books from like-minded book lovers, but the ability to be able to reread the book whenever you want makes owning it a better choice.
  6. Seidah Vaughn

    Seidah Vaughn New Member

    I'll start by saying that there are books I like far more than people-I know-that may seem harsh, but it's true. So, the real issues for me with the purchase vs. borrow notion for one of my 'book friends' are space, and access to the tome later. I have many, many, many books-the ones that go on shelves, and they dominate most areas I populate. If I can borrow, then return a book, it works for me keeping my space uncluttered, and allows for others to 'visit'. That being said, if I could accommodate these awesome companions, I would purchase them-always.
  7. rawdinosaur

    rawdinosaur New Member

    I'd be broke if I bought every book I thought I might like and I'd probably have run out of space in my house to store them all. I prefer borrowing books from the library or friends first. In many cases I never actually finish the book which means I've saved money by not purchasing it, else I enjoy the book but probably wouldn't consider reading it again so there would be no need for me to keep a copy of it. There are very few books I'd want to read multiple times. My bookshelves at home are mainly filled with Stephen King and reference books such as language guides or recipes.
  8. Caolpat

    Caolpat New Member

    I really prefer to buy a book. I enjoy having shelves full of books I often underline or highlight interesting parts so I can easily find them later and re-read.

    But I also enjoy sharing books with friends and family it is a great thing that we can share in life. We only have to take care of it for damaging it or whatever, because it could ruin a friendship.
  9. trishka

    trishka New Member

    I prefer to own books than borrow them, because I'd hate to risk damaging someone else's book. I don't lend mine anymore because a few too many came back with creased pages or cracked spines, and some books didn't come back at all.

    I'll happily lend or borrow ebooks, if lending is enabled, because then it is their e-reader not my book at risk if they mistreat it, and I can always get the book back by ending the lend in my account.
  10. Fatir_8

    Fatir_8 New Member

    I use e-books quite regularly and often borrow book from my friends because those books are available from them easily =)
  11. barbarajharris

    barbarajharris New Member

    I would definitely prefer to own books. I love the smell of them. The crisp's a weird thing to describe,but it makes my heart warm when I open a new book I just bought, flip through the pages, and take a whiff of it. Plus, I often enjoy re-reading these books.
  12. Katanasword

    Katanasword New Member

    I love a used book, there is something nice about seeing who has had the book before you. I love seeing other peoples marginalia and what they thought was important. When a hotel has a mini library of take one leave one I always peruse the shelf. I will admit that there is a fresh book smell that is great.
  13. Katanasword

    Katanasword New Member

    I worry that the next generations will not know this lovely feeling. Or am I just a romantic?
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  14. Riven0

    Riven0 New Member

    I hear this argument everywhere, usually in regards to ebooks vs physical books. I just don't understand the sentiment. I read books for the text, not for the feel or the smell. If I'm reading the novel on the computer screen or on paper, I'm going to get the same enjoyment out of it.

    However, I've recently been trying to cut down on my physical possessions, so I've been leaning more towards borrowing books. Or, if the book is really good, then I'll buy it own it, but always in digital format. So I guess ebooks wins out for me, in the end.
  15. Katanasword

    Katanasword New Member

    I can see both arguments. There is access to books from all over the world that would never have been read otherwise, and to reference something on a dime. I was talking about this earlier that I have to read something on a device more than once to retain the information, where as reading a hard copy it's once. For a teenager though it's probably the opposite.
  16. NikkiR

    NikkiR New Member

    I would rather borrow books unless it is on I know I am going to love. I have a very small living space and move often. This makes owning books difficult. Over the years I have had to trim down my collection by donating most of my books to the library. Borrowing books allows me to read as many books as I want without worrying about cost or space.
  17. Sham Chyts

    Sham Chyts New Member

    I prefer to buy the book. Why? Because I love making side notes and highlighting what I may find important. Notes I would want to remember in the long run. Notes I would like to refer to in a debate, argument, or speech. Also I normally like to re-read the book, so it is easier when you actually own the book.
  18. CyanPanda

    CyanPanda New Member

    Honestly I prefer to burrow because who has room for all the books? And with so many out there how often would you read the same book twice? That's at least my perspective and I don't like to get too attached to material possessions.
  19. Sham Chyts

    Sham Chyts New Member

    I get what you are saying. But that is how people start libraries in their homes. There are certain books you would want to read twice. Maybe there is something that you missed. Or it was so life changing you want to read it again. At least if you own the copy you can always lend to others in need as well.
  20. urvashimilliedas

    urvashimilliedas New Member

    I live alone. Having books on my shelves, on my table , the floor, basically scattered and stuffed all around my house is my sense of security. I know I can never be bored. It pains me to part with a book. I need to own a copy of any book I enjoyed reading.
  21. allthingscreative

    allthingscreative New Member

    I prefer to purchase a book versus borrowing it, and for several reasons.

    First and foremost, purchasing a book is a great way to support the author. Any great author deserves to have their books purchased many times, instead of just once and then circulated amongst friends.

    I also choose buying over borrowing because I like to have my own copy of the book to do with what I please, such as highlighting, folding page corners, or underlining favorite quotes. This also means I can take as long as I want to read the book and reread it at my leisure.

    Lastly, I prefer the act of purchasing. Since I am going to be paying for the book, I typically spend a little more time choosing my next read to increase the likelihood of me thoroughly enjoying it.
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  22. spence88

    spence88 New Member

    I prefer to own. Borrowing a book sure is nice, but you must be careful with it. I agree with what the poster above said. If you borrow, you can't do stuff like highlighting a paragraph, underlining a phrase, folding pages, etc. On the other hand, if you own a book, you can do all that stuff without having to worry about anything.

    Borrowing a book has a time limit. You need to return it after you're done with it. On the other hand, if you own it, you don't have to worry about it. You just have to put it in a safe place. When you need it again, you can easily get it. I'm stating obvious reasons here, I know.
  23. bittercrisp

    bittercrisp New Member

    A few years ago I would have said own, but after having squandered a vast majority of my income while working as a bookseller, I'd have to say borrow. I was such an impulse buyer, especially when I was in charge of ordering for the store, but the reality is that I often never even got around to reading the darn things, or when I did, I knew they wouldn't be one of my favorites worth rereading. And then I had upwards of 1000 books to find new homes for. I still have a ton. At least with borrowing you're not out the money! And you can always buy it afterward if you liked it that much.
  24. fin12156

    fin12156 New Member

    I don't usually re-read books, so I prefer to borrow them. Plus I don't have a lot of money or space to store all the books I've enjoyed over the years. The only thing is, it's getting harder to find books at the library. They've been downsizing for a long time and now they don't keep anything over 20 years old. A lot of times I drive to the nearest university just to find what I'm looking for.
  25. iclashenvy

    iclashenvy New Member

    I rather own my own book. That way if something come up or happen I can put it on hold until I can return to it. When you borrow people tend to want you to hurry and return their item and the library only give you a few days and if something happen, then you have to go back and if it's a good book , it will not stay on the shelf. So therefore I rather own my own.
  26. Othmne karfaoui

    Othmne karfaoui New Member

  27. hype88

    hype88 New Member

    I prefer to buy.

    Sometimes I buy a book, begin reading and life happens resulting me in forgetting about the book until a random time in the future I notice it and remember I never got to read much of it only to get lost into for hours and hours and realize I had completely neglected this amazing book all this time! That feeling is unique and I just can not get the same borrowing a book or even reading one digitally. Something about holding a book in my hands, touches the pages, smelling the paper as I flip through it that just simply can not be replicated any other way.

    Also, books are the only f0rm of media I still have physical form in the open. Seeing my book shelf and reading across the classics I have read in the past that floods back great memories is a nice feeling.
  28. funky62011

    funky62011 New Member

    I'd have to say that as far as reading a book goes, I choose to borrow from a library. When I feel that I like a book enough to keep it, I purchase it. I do it this way so as not to clutter my house with books and to also maintain a really solid collection of books. If I buy every book I want to read, chances are that even if the book was good ad I enjoyed it, three out of five times I won't feel it's worth keeping or reading again. Then that book will sit somewhere collecting dust and gaining sentimental value for being old. On top of that, if I ever do choose to sell them they'll be worth significantly less than what I bought them for. This is why I'd rather just read a book and return it rather than keep it.
  29. abo abdrhman

    abo abdrhman New Member

    I prefer to Buy Book Because When you Buy something with your own money you feel the magic which enables you to read with HEART.So.I prefer buying books
  30. Morganishere

    Morganishere New Member

    If I have not read the book yet, I prefer to borrow first. After reading the book and if I enjoyed it, then usually want to purchase a hardback version. I love adding new books to my bookshelves. I one day hope to have quite an impressive private library.

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