Do you prefer to own or borrow books?

Discussion in 'Books' started by applemusician, May 5, 2015.


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  1. kelciefoley

    kelciefoley New Member

    I much prefer to own books. Particularly physical books (rather than e-books). There's just something comforting about owning one's own library. I want my future children to grow up in a house full of books!
  2. ejm2005

    ejm2005 New Member

    I borrow books and audio books from the library. I don't have the space to store shelves and shelves of books, although I dream of the day I do! I do buy ebooks occasionally. They certainly don't take up space the way physical books do, but I don't like spending money on books if I can borrow it instead.
  3. Aljon Angelo

    Aljon Angelo New Member

    As a kid growing up, my family is supportive of my reading habits so every once in a while, my parents would occasionally buy a book for me. Sometimes it is a novel and sometimes it is an autobiography of someone famous. But my family is not that well off to start with so I very much appreciate the gifts I have received since I started to read. But some books are just too expensive so I have to borrow it from a friend or from the library if they have it. So being a practical kid, I prefer borrowing rather than owning the book. If I like the book very much that I have to read it all over again, then I would consider owning the title.
  4. jinkies

    jinkies New Member

    While I don't mind borrowing a book from a friend on occasion, I definitely like to buy them. Buying is great, because you're supporting the author and you also gain a hoard of books to guard like a literature inclined dragon. So... win win.
  5. Sydney M.

    Sydney M. New Member

    I would much rather borrow books than own them. Although there are some occasions where owning books are much more beneficial, such as when you have to annotate or highlight in it or you plan on keeping it for a long time, I feel that borrowing is better. It's a lot cheaper to borrow books from friends or a library and read them, then give it back! You don't have to spend money on something you may only read once, and you don't have to worry about storing them.
  6. Aeon123

    Aeon123 New Member

    Personally I prefer to buy the books rather than borrowing them. I tend to reread the books i have and it would be pretty hard to do that if i don't own the books. Also it kinda sucks when you have a date to which you have to bring the book back on. It makes reading feel like a chore because you'd have to do it much faster than what you normally would. I also like to just look at a bookshelf and see it filled with books, it gives me a satisfied feeling. Plus you don't have to worry about accidentally messing up a book that isn't yours and having to return it like that.
  7. DeeM

    DeeM New Member

    The decision to buy or borrow a book really depends on the type of book. I always buy cookbooks, computer books, diet books, books on how to do things, and those beautiful coffee table books filled with pictures of faraway places. Those are books that I refer to often and will know where to find the information I need.

    The books I borrow from friends or the library are usually fiction books or best sellers that everyone else seems to be reading. Those books always lead to great discussions or can be an icebreaker at a party or event. Since I am an avid reader, it would be cost prohibitive for me to buy that many books.

    However, there are times when I will purchase a popular fiction book. Whenever I travel, I carry a book with me. I also keep one in the car for times when I have to wait. Finally, I always purchase books by popular authors at book signings. I feel that the author's signature earns the book a special place on my bookcases.
  8. Soupralu

    Soupralu New Member

    I am a minimalist and I like to carry as little as possible with me. I don't own any DVDs or CDs anymore, I just buy them online.
    For fiction books, I have them all on my kindle. I still have some of them in my room but I will get rid of them when I move out.
    For how-to books and books that I use to study, I like to have the physical version so that I can highlight and write notes on them.
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  9. Marble Dragon

    Marble Dragon New Member

    I love owning books, which is unfortunate because I also have very limited storage space. C'est la vie, I guess. When I do let myself buy a book, I try and get my money's worth by buying used. They're cheaper and always way more interesting - like a glimpse into the life of a stranger. Did they dog-ear the pages, or spill coffee on the book, or make notes in the margins? (My favorite is a book on feng shui whose previous owner spilled a bunch of essential oil inside. Strangely appropriate.) Borrowing a book from a friend is similarly interesting, although there is also the fear of forgetting to give it back. So I guess I prefer buying books...but not if I'm forking over cash for a brand new copy. I'd rather just wait until it's in the funky used bookstores.
  10. Marinaa

    Marinaa New Member

    I prefer to buy books as I usually highlight everything I find interesting. If I borrow a book I cannot do this anymore. Plus, I love buying books I think it is an addiction. I need to know the book is mine and if I really like it I would read it several times.
  11. RichE8475

    RichE8475 New Member

    There are certain moments in your life that we all hold on to. These moments can shape us into the individuals that we are today. Some of the most fascinating times I had, and still have to this day, are those when I get to go to the Library and borrow books. It is exciting to sit down and find yourself lost in a new world. When we have the opportunity to exchange reading materials for new ones, we allow ourselves to find places to escape to. I, most definitely, will always cherish the many moments I have found myself on a new adventure each time I opened up a new book. My son has become the same way, and I hope that he grows up and understands the power of the written word.
  12. WinterRea

    WinterRea New Member

    I guess you can say a little bit of both. While I'd much rather own it our limited budget doesn't always allow for that. So we do visit the library quit frequently. When we have to extra money maybe once or twice a month I will purchase a new book or two.
  13. jayz123

    jayz123 New Member

    I prefer to borrow books. I had this thing for quite a while,when I go to National Book Store, I really would rather read, than buy the book. Because I don't want to get it stuck in to my room, although I can have it rented, but I think its hassle.
  14. Sabusan

    Sabusan New Member

    I definitely prefer to own books over borrowing them. I feel if I like a book, I might as well own it. I also know I horrible with getting books back on time to the library. I also don't like the time limit from library as I feel this unnatural pressure to read the book faster than I want to. If it's a book I love, I have to own it for some reason. Maybe to read it again when I feel like it.
  15. AmeliaH

    AmeliaH New Member

    If I am sure I will like the book I definitely would rather buy it. I know it's hard to determine if you'll like the book before you read it, but I know the author and I'm sure it's well written, chances are I will like it. I think it's best to buy the book because sometimes I like to mark my favorite page or read the book more than once and I won't have to worry about giving it back.
  16. A book's likelihood to be purchased by me, rather than loaned from a library depends largely on its' nature. I have an aversion to reading any fiction book over again as long as I can remember what happened in the story. If I pick it up, read a chapter, and then remember the entirety of a story, it will get put down again quite quickly. For this reason, I do not purchase any fiction books. What would be the point in buying a book that I can't read again for another five to ten years? However, if a non-fiction book happens to be on a reference topic that I believe I will find the information useful from, I am certainly apt to go ahead and purchase it. With fiction, you can just pick up the "outline" of the story and let the details pass you by like watching through the windows on a train. With non-fiction, most of the meat of the book is important, and therefore must be remembered. What better way to remember it, than to purchase the book?
  17. Rachaelnp

    Rachaelnp New Member

    Borrowing is in both ways, good and bad for the economy, because yes you can support the author by buying their book or you can save money and just loan it from the library.

    For my criteria on whether I buy or loan, I usually go on how much I want or need to read the book. If I am browsing and come across a book I would like to read leisurely, I will always go to the library in order to save money. On the other hand, if the book has been something I have waited long for or really want to read, I will certainly buy it. There is always exceptions though, like if the book is very expensive, but I always try and buy new books I really want so that way I can potentially read many times without the hassle of a trip to the library.
  18. cussia

    cussia New Member

    I 100% prefer to borrow books. I prefer borrowing books because I rarely read a book twice, therefore buying any book would be a waste of my money. I also like that free-spirited, not tied down approach to reading. If I don't like a book that I am reading, I can simply take it back, borrowed for free, returned for free, with no problem. I do however like the idea of not having a due date, and being able to read freely at your own pace, in your own time.
  19. My3Sons_NJ

    My3Sons_NJ New Member

    If it is a book that I think will have re-readability, I much prefer to purchase the book and have it on hand for when I get motivated or inspired to start reading it again. Also, books that help me in my particular line of work are a must-buy since they serve as a reference and I can make notes in them without incurring a penalty. For books that I have a passing interest in, renting them from the library is the best and most cost-effective way to see if a particular author, subject or genre peaks my interest.
  20. Jnena0225

    Jnena0225 New Member

    I have two bookcases filled with books I own. Due to space and expense, I rather borrow. I love going to the library then returning the books for others to enjoy.
    One of my goals is to own the entire Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys collections. I love those books and read them over and over.
    Through those books I've discovered other author from that time that I am interested in and have a whole Pinterest board devoted to Nancy Drew and Carolyn Keane and other books from that era. I love these "girl mysteries" from that time.
  21. Daniela Belle

    Daniela Belle New Member

    For me, it's a definite buy! If I read a book it's because I think it's going to be great, whether it's because I've heard of it before or I've skimmed it to make sure it's 'voice' is one I appreciate or it's ending is one I can stomach (I know that's a bit of a cheat, but I'm reading it so it's my rules). I say all that to say that I'm a re-reader for sure, and if a book is great, I want to re-read for sure. It's much easier to re-read when it's yours. You can read a chapter or two, put it down, pick it back up, just take as long as you want and read it as many times as you want, whenever you want.

    Also, I'm very big on recruiting friends and family to join my book-reading army. If a books great, I rave about it and I want everyone to read it. It's alot easier to share books with them if I own it rather than am just borrowing it.

    Besides that, I just like owning books--I'm that crazy about them. I like having my own little library from which friends and family can explore the reader in them. I like having collections from my favorite authors. I like knowing that my favorite books are all mine to keep. And the ones I don't like? They either collect dust or are quickly re-gifted to people that I think will appreciate them. After all, they're mine to do with as I like.
  22. allyssak

    allyssak New Member

    I prefer to own my books. I become very emotionally attached to a good book and am often sad when I finish the story. Being able to see the book on my bookshelf brings back emotions that the story made me feel. It also allows me the feeling of security if I ever decide to read the book again.
  23. Hcp1988

    Hcp1988 New Member

    It's funny, when I was a kid, I used to love borrowing books. Since I live in a rural area and the local library isn't all that local, we have a "Book Mobile" that comes weekly to our town. Growing up, I adored going onto that school bus "library" to see what new books they had stocked up with.

    Nowadays though, there's something that I really enjoy about keeping the books that I've read so I prefer to purchase them. I like to be able to wedge another one onto my bookshelf; to keep a record of all the stories I've read. Since I love garage sales & flea markets, many of my books are already well loved when they come to me. It feels nice to give them a forever home in my personal library.
  24. plume

    plume New Member

    I'm primarily a borrower for several reasons. The practical reason is cost. The second is pure fun. I have a library addiction.:D I often peruse the stacks in search of a specific book....and re-emerge hours later with at least three others of various subjects. For free! I pay taxes to support the place, so I may as well use it as much as I can.
  25. applepie29zxc

    applepie29zxc New Member

    I'd definitely prefer to own the books that I read. You never know when you'd want to go back and experience a certain part of the book over again, or even to re-read the whole thing. I've certainly had the feeling in the past, and I'm sure that many other people have as well. It's much easier to get back into reading a book when you already have it, rather than having to go to extreme measures to find it again.
  26. laurardz

    laurardz New Member

    I actually love having my own books. However, I didn't do this for a long time because we had this amazing library at my old school. It had an endless collection of every book imaginable; and, if a book you wanted wasn't there, they could order it for you and add it to the collection! Eventually, I graduated and I wanted to keep reading like I used to. Every summer I would walk out of the library with my backpack filled with amazing summer reads. I started buying books on Amazon and I love it! It's so much better to have your own mini-library. I don't know what it is but it just feels a little bit more personalized when the book is mine. I love the idea of having a huge book collection that I can later pass on to my children.
  27. bebeleblanc

    bebeleblanc New Member

    I love owning my own books because I put my books through a great deal of wear and tear when I "really get into them." I bend the spine, I dog-ear pages, which I know many bibliophiles consider to be a sacrilege. Also, I like to be able to highlight favorite passages and even take notes in the margins. It doesn't matter what genre. I take notes in fiction as well as non-fiction books because I'm an aspiring writer and I like to see reading as not only a pastime but as an exercise in what makes literature work as a form of self expression.
  28. brittneyboo1021

    brittneyboo1021 New Member

    I prefer to own books. It's more expensive unfortunately, but I like to highlight things and make notes in the margins and be able to see them if I go back and read the books again to kind of see my thoughts and what I was going through the last time I read the book. This is kind of what I do instead of actually journaling.
  29. ceekayqt

    ceekayqt New Member

    I prefer to own the books but sometimes it's just not an option because they can be quite expensive and out of your budget. But nothing beats the feeling of buying a book you desperately want and have that new book smell and just knowing you own it.
  30. Candice Vega

    Candice Vega New Member

    I would honestly rather buy a book over borrowing it because there's no time limit on when I have to actually read the book. When I really like a book, I will, most of the time, reread certain sections that really moved me or that stuck out to me, so if I'm borrowing a book, I can't. Also, I have my set of favorites and if I own them, then I can always pull them out and read them all over again.

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