Do you prefer to own or borrow books?

Discussion in 'Books' started by applemusician, May 5, 2015.


Buy or Borrow?

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  1. Candyq

    Candyq New Member

    I prefer to own my own books but being on a budget sometimes I end up borrowing them from the library which is free. Owning my own copy gives me no deadline to reading it and I can add it to my bookshelve. Although I would love to buy books from the book store to support the author, I have bought books from a thrift book store which is still better than borrowing from the library in my opinion.
  2. David Otuniyi

    David Otuniyi New Member

    I prefer to borrow books from the library for a couple of reasons. They are typically a onetime use items. It's rare to find a book that I want to read over and over again.

    It's always an option to get it from the library and then buy it later if I must have it. I also like the time limit. When I buy books they sit in piles around my house and I always read the library books first because I have to get those books back or accrue fines, so I never read the books I actually paid for.
  3. laurene614

    laurene614 New Member

    I like to own them. I like to write and underline stuff in books so it's better that I just invest in them and by them. Plus I love to see them all lined up on my shelf and being able to reread them whenever I want. Usually if I borrow a book from the library and really like it, I go out and buy it after I finish it so I can read it again.
  4. KahlanFTW

    KahlanFTW New Member

    It's not official or anything, but I kind of have a system. If the book is by an author I already know I love, I will save up money and buy it. (This is made easier by the fact that I don't mind used books, so I often buy a book for the shipping price + 1 cent). If I'm not sure about it, I try to borrow it. If I don't already love the author, the only way I'll outright buy a book is if a) it comes highly recommended by an author I already love or b) I read the first chapter or so in the store.
  5. Ilovebunnies85

    Ilovebunnies85 New Member

    I truly much prefer to buy a book instead of borrow. There are many factors for this main one would be so that I can re read them when I want to. Also other reasons would be I have puppies who love to chew everything. And I am very accident prone.
    I don't know how many I have dumped water and drinks on my books. I also love to own multiple copies of my favorites. Just in case something happens cause one never knows what can.
  6. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones New Member

    It has always been a little-girl dream of mine to own a house with a library in it, even if it is small. As I grew up I guess old habits die hard because I just love owning my own books. Maybe I just love being able to do whatever I want with them, or taking my time with them, or even just collecting them. Whatever it is, I will always enjoy owning the book.
  7. Tyde Franich

    Tyde Franich New Member

    It all depends on personal opiniom, in my opinion, I like to own books, here is why. You can read it and then throw it on the shelf when finished. After you have read a book, you can sell them! This is a really easy way to make money. And finally, you can show them of. If you have really cool books, you can pass them down to kids, grandkids, or spouses. Owning books is more convenient, and there is why.
  8. nicoletanliaun

    nicoletanliaun New Member

    Without a doubt, I would rather borrow books. This is mainly due to how rapidly I go through books, on average I read 3 books a week and certainly do not have the funds to uphold a lifestyle where I can buy all of my books. There are however special occurrences in which I would buy a book. If I come across a book like no other, I will not hesitate to head to the bookstore and purchase my own copy. "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak is one of the few books that have captivated me, often I find myself going back to it for another reading. Another advantage of me borrowing books is that I would not be supporting authors in which I do not think deserves it, only purchasing from those who have exemplary work.
  9. DardleRae

    DardleRae New Member

    Buy books all the way!! I like supporting the author as well as rereading books. I also want a huge library in my house someday! With a quiet reading nook and comfy seats. I want my children to love reading and to be able to read all my old favorites and classics as well as newer ones. Plus I love the smell of books and the look and feel of them.
  10. Cristhian

    Cristhian New Member

    I always prefer to have them, but borrowing books is also nice. You know, whenever I lend someone a book I usually ask for one. Is it a good way to exchange tastes and learn about someone else.
  11. M.O.

    M.O. New Member

    I prefer to borrow books that are fictional or for entertainment purposes only. I enjoy borrowing virtually now via my local library as well as some other alternate sources. I do not miss physical books at all or thinking of all the people that have touched them before me as an admitted germophobe. Spiritual books and self-help books I prefer to own so that I can refer back to them easily.
  12. heatherctm

    heatherctm New Member

    I'm pretty partial to owning the book. I enjoy having it in my house just in case someone I know asks for it, and I can lend it to them. I've borrowed from the library several times in the past but the time limit kind of ruins the calmness I have compared to when I own the book. Either way, I've done both and I prefer owning!

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