Do you prefer watching movies at home or at a movie theater?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by katarinamurtin, Nov 10, 2018.


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  1. katarinamurtin

    katarinamurtin New Member

    Just asking cause i am always watching movies at home and I am interested if the is some kind of a difference between watching a movie at home where you can sit (lol, who sits while watching a movie) as you like and you can pause it if you want or just turn it off if you don`t like it. And watching a movie with a bunch of people you don`t know, have to sit and there is no bathroom break!
  2. LegacyBroken

    LegacyBroken New Member

    At home and it is not even a close race. With Blu Ray and a high quality HDTV and surround sound system you do not miss much in terms of A/V quality. Plus, at home you don’t have to worry about disruptive people talking, kicking your seat or stepping over you to run to the bathroom. The current pricing of movie tickets and concession food is another strike against the cinema.
  3. lilmshannah

    lilmshannah New Member

    I definitely prefer watching movies at home. I can watch movies in the comfort of my own bed, I can watch the movies that I want even if I am just wearing pajamas. I can lie down, choose whatever snacks I want. I can do whatever I want, I can cry, laugh out loud without even worrying what would other people might say.
  4. sandipghosh1988

    sandipghosh1988 New Member

    At home because, I want enjoy as my wish
  5. LegacyBroken

    LegacyBroken New Member

    Another underrated poistive of the home experience is that you can pause for bathroom breaks and not miss a neat. The ability to fasy forward, rewind or even slow down the speed are all fun features you can use from your couch. Not having to wear pants is good too.
  6. emmrog

    emmrog New Member

    I much prefer watching movies at home! I do like going out to the cinema, but I think it's more for the social aspect of it. I like that I don't have to get dressed up and pay a lot of money to see something that I could see at home in my pajamas while eating whatever I want. Plus I can watch movies at home in my bed instead of sitting in uncomfortable seats.
  7. jetman

    jetman New Member

    I prefer watching movie at home instead of watching it at a movie theater. There's no place for me that is more comfortable than your home. It also lets you control the volume, the time when you really want to watch it, and the like. There's no one to disturb you aside from the people in your home.You could do any post/gesture you like while watching. You can yell all you want and not to be ashamed of how you really feel while watching the movie. It is very convenient, time saving and pocket friendly.
  8. wilbertbarrientos

    wilbertbarrientos New Member

    I prefer watching movie at home. It is more comfy and you can choose what movie you will watch. You just have to download your movie and you can watch it multiple times. You don't need to waste money so that you can watch movie for just a larger screen. You can eat all the food you want without restriction. What's just nicer when go to movie theater is that it is much colder and sometimes people gets sleepy by watching the movie and i felt it too most of the times
  9. Martis999

    Martis999 New Member

    I prefer home bec., first of all it is very comfortable, you can eat a lot while watching, you can repeat the movie or you can previous the movie when you miss,and you can watch even you don't have a budget.
  10. Warhammer2c

    Warhammer2c New Member

    Considering cinemas are full of degenerates (and not just young people...) who have zero respect for other's viewing comfort and keep using their phones, talk, laugh and be generally loud, it tends to be a miserable experience for me.

    Being a huge Carpenter fan, i booked a 31st Oct screening for Halloween... my god. I hated it. Middle aged people taking "business calls" next to me. Group of kids commenting EVERY. SINGLE. KILL.

    Just no.

    I have a nice Tv and a nice audio system at home. Good enough.
  11. Mhingnhormz

    Mhingnhormz New Member

    Do you prefer watching movies at home or at movie theater: Both but if it would be practically speaking i'd prefer at home so i can save my money, time and effort as well, most specially I can do stuffs not caring other people around me, You can decide what movie and what time you'll watch in any comportable positions. There's no other place like home, however, watching movies at movie theater is fun as well of course with friends and families or love ones, it is more on socializing.
  12. agbuyahapon

    agbuyahapon New Member

    I personally prefer watching movies at home. I can save lots of time, effort and money. Why do I have to go to movie theatre if I can get the same experience at home?
    It doesn't matter if you watch movies at home or in movie theatres as long as you enjoy the story. To get the best experience you need good food, good movie and ofcourse good companions to watch the movie with. I love watching movies at home because I enjoy watching with the people that I love. Watching at home brings me comfort. I can scream and laugh to my hearts content and share it with my whole family. I heard somewhere that you can have a happy home if you fill your house with laughters and memories.
  13. mandla2018

    mandla2018 New Member

    I prefer watching movies at home primarily because I'm an introvert and I don't like going out. Watching movies at a cinema means you have to deal with people making noise or laughing everywhere.
    Like many people have said at home you are more in control and you can watch the movies in your bed! In my opinion it is also much cheaper to rent a movie and pop your own popcorn so that is a big win.
    It also allows you to start family traditions as you can have a Movie Night once every week and even on Christmas and again it is much cheaper than going to the cinema.
  14. Black822

    Black822 New Member

    I honestly love watching movies at home because I don’t have to deal with other people unlike watching it on theaters.
  15. Toffeebear88

    Toffeebear88 New Member

    I can honestly say that this question is a toughy. Both provide the same level of satisfaction, but differs in the amount of emotional affection.

    Nowadays that Netflix or any other movie streaming site for that matter, watching a film is as easy as 1,2,3 whether you are on a computer, a smart tv, or a mobile device. That's why it's safe to say that being at home is more preferred by adults (considering time and effort it takes to get to the cinema plus it's way more inexpensive).

    Although there has been a decline on watching a film through the movie theatre, there is a reason why it isn't obsolete.

    The feeling of looking forward to go out on the date, planning to eat out before your movie starts, falling in line to buy that ticket while smelling the fresh popcorn, choosing the best seat, hearing the audience reaction, and going out of theatre weighing if the people felt the same way as you did with the movies is still incomparable to watching at home.
  16. kagometrixie

    kagometrixie New Member

    I would rather to watch movies in cinema. It has a big screen that you might more feel what the story intend to tell. You get pulled into the sound and color in a way that you don’t feel when you’re sitting on your couch at home. You can also focus in the movie without family members or roommates that will caught your attention or disturbances. In the movie theater, all you have is your chair, any snacks you brought, and the movie you’re there to watch. Let's go watch in a movie theater!
  17. Nexy92

    Nexy92 New Member

    I love to watch it at home since there are many positive things about it,like no one can disturb you while watching it or stepping in front of your screen and ect ,also i feel about it more comfortable watching it from my couch than sitting in a 'chair' and always can call over someone if i want to watch a movie whit a friend or whit my partner.
  18. kelvz1984

    kelvz1984 New Member

    i do prefer to watch at home i'm kinda comfortable in my home together with my family this is our way of family bonding.
  19. Kurt11

    Kurt11 New Member

    I like watching movies at home. I think I'm more fond of this than a theatre is because of the fact that it's just more comfortable. You have access to whatever snacks or drinks are in your fridge without having to shell out for them, you can pause whenever you like to go to the toilet, and you can pick whatever movie you like, whenever you like. While it's true that the screens used in cinemas are no match for the TV screens most people have at home, the overall experience is much, much more comfortable and therefore enjoyable.
  20. SaraJenn1

    SaraJenn1 New Member

    I find it more thrilling to watch a movie in a cinema than at home yet I would have to answer that my preferred place to view a movie is at home. There is something special about getting ready to watch a movie in the comfort of your own home that a public space can not provide. There's no inconvenience of having to get ready and find transport, then a parking space if going by car and waiting in line for the snacks, which by the way you can eat any snacks you want at home because there's no one putting an unreasonable price on that. And best of all, no one is there unless you want them to be. You can watch the movie alone or with friends, not ever having a bad experience where the person in front of you was using their phone with the screen brightness turned up all the way or if there was a group of kids that just wouldn't stop making noise.
    So my answer is at home!
  21. Calay

    Calay New Member

    Although movie tickets are getting expensive nowadays,I would still prefer to watch a movie in a cinema.First,the overall experience in the cinema is better than watching at home.For example, Black Panther,I watched it on the cinema with my brother and it was amazing and the effects were fantastic. However,when I watched it at home,I just find it boring to watch on the television.
  22. neos_247

    neos_247 New Member

    I prefer watching movies in the movie theater. First of all, movies in the movie theater are the most recent and this keeps me away from any spoilers. I just don't like watching a movie with which I already know what's going to happen. Second, the audios in movie theaters are great (as far as movie theaters I have been to) and the screen is wide enough for me to see more details than the screens of my home TV or computer. And third, I am more focus on the story of the movie when I am watching in movie theater because there are no distractions because it is dark and I don't have to worry about anything.
  23. Louige

    Louige New Member

    At home because I can do anything else while watching movie. I can eat anything I want that is no restriction from a guard or anybody else. One more thing I love to smoke cigarette that is why I prefer to watch movie in my house rather than to watch in Cinema. Smoking while watching movie feel so good. Another thing is that it is more fun watching with your friends at home and no one can interrupt your laughter and enjoyment together. I also love drinking beer while watching movie at home which is you can't do if you watch movie in cinema. There are so many advantages watching movie in home rather than watching it in cinema and I can't elaborate all of them for now.
  24. jojosef29

    jojosef29 New Member

    Now a days watching movie in cinemas are expensive. Especially if you are with your kids that you will pay also a price that is same us yours. Bring kids in the cinemas are very tricking they can scream, go to the comfort room frequently and eat messily. I prefer in my home downloading movies and I can watch it all over again and watch with my friends and love ones. If I'm at home I can eat whatever I want while watching because there are limited foods that you can bring inside the cinemas.
  25. Coollector

    Coollector New Member

    I have to agree with most of you guys. I would prefer watching movies at home. Watching movies nowadays is very expensive. And not all cinemas would allow you to bring any foods inside the cinema. If you will be watching a movie in the cinema you have to be on time for you to watch the beginning of the movie.

    While watching it at home, you don't need to hurry to go out. Also you have the choice of preparing any foods you would like to eat while watching the movie. No need to dress up nicely. You can hit the pause button if you want to go to the bathroom and never miss anything. You could also press rewind if there is something you missed or didn't understand. All those things that you could do while watching movies at the comfort of your own home.
  26. gabutinretsel

    gabutinretsel New Member

    For me, I really prefer to watch movie at home because there are so many reasons why and these are the following;

    First, I'm afraid to go on the dark room. It's like I've got a phobia to it and as we all know cinemas needs to be dark. I remember the first and last time (as well), that I watched a cinema with my sister. I'm so scared because I can't see where am I going to walk. I don't see the stairs that's why I fell down really bad and everyone in the room heard my painful shout. But the good thing is that, it's dark there and yes, no one see's me except for my sister who laughs so hard. And there, you can't really make me go to the cinema again.

    Second, the fee is so pricey, like you must save your one month allowance just to buy a ticket. It's not really worth it and I'm not fond of watching movies with people who are so noisy that I can't even hear a single word that the characters utter. It really really annoys me. Instead of having some good time and fun, I am so stressed.

    And lastly, I find it more comfortable to watch at home. I'll just buy some popcorn, lie on the couch and have a great time with my family. Buying cd's or dvd's is really cheap compare to buy a ticket on the cinema. You may not get some good quality but it's really worth it. No hustle at all!
  27. jnicolosi84

    jnicolosi84 New Member

    I prefer to watch movies in the comfort of my own home. If I do go to the cinema it's usually because the kids want to see a new movie. With how quickly movies come to streaming services or dvd these days the cinema has become somewhat obsolete.

    Also, I have always found that going to the movies is an inadequate use of quality time. I enjoy analyzing a film with the people I'm watching it with. Spending 2 hours in a movie theater next to someone and not talking is not fun for me. I think it's also an awful and impersonal idea of a date.

    My main problem with movie theaters is that the acoustics are a little to good. I loath the sound of people chewing. Especially crunching popcorn or smacking gum. These sounds tend to make me go deaf towards anything else. So again, not fun for me personally.
  28. BobLen

    BobLen New Member

    Hi! I prefer watching movie at home because it is very comfortable. You can sit or lie in bed while watching. There is an option for you to pause the movie is you need to go to the bathroom. You can express your emotions without you having to think of other people. You have the option to start watching the movie on your most convenient time.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  29. AdrianMD

    AdrianMD Member

    I prefer watching movie at home because it is very comfortable
  30. Thembalethu

    Thembalethu New Member

    Well for me blockbusters like superaction type of movies are worth all the cinema troubles. I mean watching infity war at home on a small screen a few weeks after it premiers kinda sucks. Not all movies are worth the trouble though I agree there.

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