Do you prefer watching movies at home or at a movie theater?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by katarinamurtin, Nov 10, 2018.


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  1. cindymaniago

    cindymaniago New Member

    I prefer watching movies alone at home, since I won't be hearing any unnecessary sounds such as noisy people chattering around me. Also, I think watching movies alone is more peaceful and you could watch the movie without any problems.

    When you watch alone, you are also free to express your feelings about the movie you've been watching without worrying about disturbing others.
  2. jm8080

    jm8080 New Member

    I too also prefer watching at home, it's much more quiet and have less distractions. That will allow me to absorb the movie and get immersed at the story even more instead of being pissed at a kid kicking the back of my sit. I'm not saying that I don't go to the cinemas anymore, I still am, there's just some movies that you gotta see as soon as it hit the theaters instead of waiting many months for the Bluray release.
  3. Taguro

    Taguro New Member

    Nothing beats watching an awesome movie in the comfort of your own home. Specially if your watching it with your own theater system and the whole family and unlimited food.
  4. asadmunib6953

    asadmunib6953 New Member

    I love watching movies but at home because I can't afford going to cinema and usually I watch movie which are old. I love watching old movies because of their true stories and good performance. That movies were very close to the real.
  5. monre509

    monre509 New Member

    I like watching movies at Cinemas because it gives you the experience of a big screen with full HD. Also Watchng movies in the cinema with friends give you a unique experience in the public. Although the are many cons in watching movies in the cinema. For me I just prefer watching it in the cinema.
  6. babyishii29

    babyishii29 New Member

    I would choose home. Watching movies from home is cheaper than moviehouses. Plus, I can do movie marathon with my friends spending only less money for our food.
  7. amosgwapo

    amosgwapo New Member

    When you watch a movie at home, you miss out on the “Cinema/Theater” experience. You don’t get the floor-to-ceiling length movie screen, you don’t get the eardrum shattering surround-sound, you don’t get the over-priced buttered popcorn, slushie, and other famed snacks, you don’t get to hear the reactions of strangers who are also watching the movie, you don’t get to experience the movie with strangers, and you don’t get to see the movie while it is “new”. But, that’s about it as far as “missing out” is concerned.
  8. mratertajr122

    mratertajr122 New Member

    I have to choose Home. Why spend money if you can download it to your computer and watch it with your family and friends.
  9. Noycomandante

    Noycomandante New Member

    Definitely in the movie theater because nothing beats the surround sound and experience that one can get being in a movie theater. Especially now that Century offers adult beverages and food service right at a click of a button. Super convenient and exciting! My husband and I usually try to watch a movie once a month but we’ve been so busy with everything that we are overdue for a date night to the movies. Hopefully soon enough.
  10. kynnlyster

    kynnlyster New Member

    I choose cinema, and I want to ut in 3D or IMax. The idea of watching the movie in theaterbis good, and especially you have other movie watchers enjoying as you are. The scream, cry and fun experienced by all viewers is indeed great.

    However, I still rewatch the movie I saw in theater because I download the file with subtitles, to understand fully the movie.

    Well for movie lovers like me, we'd choose both as long as its nice movie whateverbthe genre.
  11. wgchild

    wgchild New Member

    I only go to the movie theater to see a film that is highly anticipated because of the stunning special effects. Nowadays, it costs almost as much to see a movie in the theater as it does to purchase an online copy for repetitive viewing. If it is a movie that I remember from my childhood, a film based on a book series or a comic book, I am likely to purchase it to view at home.
  12. dzonyfox2

    dzonyfox2 New Member

    I prefer cinema. That big screen and sitting in the audience with other people is unique feeling. Not to mention watching 3D movies on that big screen, which is more than amazing, watching hd movies on big cinema screen is still better than watching them on a home TV. I love the audience interaction with the movie, for example, if there is some funny scene on the screen, everyone starts laughing, which makes the movie more joyful for me. So, if you ask me, cinema is the best!
  13. Imaginepowers

    Imaginepowers New Member

    First, the atmospheres of going to cinema to watching movies are different from at home. When you go to cinema, you can get more better watching experience, because there are bigger screens, and realistic sound effects, you may feel that it is a really world, and especially when a person watching Hollywood movies, it can bring great visual impact. Besides, a person needs to obey many rules, and cannot drop litter around in order to keep environment clean. When you watch movies at home, you can choose watch movies on the computer or television, while the environment is not very good, and the screens are small than cinema and the sound effect is worse. But one does not obey rules and you can lie on the couch watching movies, and eat food whenever you want. You can imagine that you are lying on the couch watching movies, and eating nice food. It is very nice.

    Second, watching movies in the cinema is costs more than watching movies at home. It means money spent, and time cost. When you go to the cinema, you need to buy tickets, sometimes one need pay full price for the tickets, and other times you only cost half price to buy tickets. For example, if a person buy movies tickets on the weekend, and one need buy full price tickets, and when a person buy tickets on Tuesday, a person can buy cheaper tickets. Besides, person can buy tickets on website, in general, it cheaper than other places. Watching movies in the cinema, a person need cost more time. For example, when people go to cinema, they need to spend some time on the way, and they need to queue up for tickets. When one watching movies at cinema on weekend, many people will go to cinema, they may spend an hour to line up, it takes more time to watch films in cinema than at home. When you watching movies at home, and you can watch movies for free. There are a variety of movies on website, Such as Youku, Tencent. When you watch movies at home, you can choose movies on the computer, and you do not need to wait in line. It saves a lot of time.

    That's all Thank you.
  14. FreeRangeAutoRepair

    FreeRangeAutoRepair New Member

    Easily at home - hands down, no contest.

    First, at home, I can use my own bathroom. Creature comforts, and all that, right? I'm less likely to catch the plague in my own bathroom than I am in a public one, so that's gotta be a plus.

    Second, I can eat all the junk out of my cupboards & fridge for *free.* I can make popcorn if I want, and it isn't going to cost me $17.50.

    Third, I'm unlikely to lose a shoe to the sticky floors of a theater if I'm in my own house.

    There's something to be said for going to the movies occasionally, for special stuff, but I feel like the real experience is in bringing it home.
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  15. Sugah

    Sugah New Member

    Let me drop this here, I have never been to a movie theater all my life. Home has always been the best option. Although I don't even like movies
  16. tikosi tina

    tikosi tina New Member

    What are the benefits of watching movies at home?For example you don't have to go anywhere, so after a long tiring day you can really find it comfortable to watch a movie in your home sitting in your armchair or on your couch.You can decide when to start the movie, when to pause the movie or when to take a break.
    The experience of home movie watching if you have the right technical background is a cinematic experience as we get comfort and the possibility to control it.
    Nothing can though cope with watching movies at a theater, as the cinema can provide a great experience if the movie is good, the effects are great, and there are for sure people who want to relax when they are leaving their home to watch a movie at a theater.
    Perhaps if you would like to watch a spectacular movie or a new release movie the best way is to go to a theater.
  17. jcheek

    jcheek New Member

    I actually prefer staying home to watch a movie, rather than going to a theater. I like the ability to pause a movie when stretching or grabbing a bite to eat. Another reason is that the need to fight crowds is not present when watching movies from home. To me, less crowds means less stress.

    I will say, though, that going to the movies provides a great social outlet. There's nothing like getting together with friends, or taking a date to a movie. It's a way to get out of the house, having fun, and doing something different than the normal drab of a day. Besides, some of the movies that someone would want to see aren't available to watch from home, or have just started showing at theaters.
  18. engrjay

    engrjay New Member

    Movies is a kind of entertainment just like a book that brings you to different places and time whenever you are watching one. It gives you different kind of feelings and moods just like when you're listening to music. Personally, I like watching movies at home. This is because I feel doing things in a comfortable place, and for me the most comfortable place is my home. Also, practically speaking, watching movies in theaters will cost you more than doing these things inside your home; there would be no transportation cost, and no stress brought by commuting (since I do not own any cars).
  19. Teezoe74

    Teezoe74 New Member

    I think with digital streaming and digital movies there's no reason for me at least to go to cinemas. I enjoy the privacy of watching movies in my own home. The cinemas as I remember were usually full of loud teenagers, and the overall cost was rather expensive. Watching movies at home you can enjoy privacy, comfort, and save money.
  20. Brilliant

    Brilliant New Member

    I really enjoy watching good clean movies at home. To make it even better is when I can clean my house to my satisfaction, have some good snacks, and just kick back and relax.
  21. SamV

    SamV New Member

    In my opinion this decision is very hard, but if I had to choose to watch a new movie, block buster at the cinemas or home it would hands down have to be the cinema. For example I like to go to the cinema because of the audio, most theatres have atmos which is basically surround sound, and it sound truly amazing. Most action movies are much suited for theatres and imax screens can demonstrate that!
  22. Mrshaders

    Mrshaders New Member

    I vote cinema but I also prefer home. hahaha it's nice to watch a movie alone too you know hehhe . so it depends on my mood hahaha
  23. iamjoann06

    iamjoann06 New Member

    For me I still prefer watching movies in theaters because the screen is much wider and the it is more comfortable and relax. Unlike at home you need to prepare everything for you need and also your food. While in theaters all your want and needs are already there. But no matter where you watch a movie the important thing is who are you with. The bonding moments you will experience and the joy and laughter you will share.
  24. kendiiii

    kendiiii New Member

    I have to say it depends on the movie. Most times I prefer watching movies at home because it's calm and quiet. However, if I'm watching a thriller or action movie I prefer being at the cinema because of the energy. You can feel peoples excitement buzz through you and that makes the movie even more enjoyable.
  25. Gribas

    Gribas New Member

    I am fond of watching different kinds of movies. When I have a choice to watch a film at home or at a movie theater, I will definitely choose the latter one because of many reasons. In spite of the fact that seeing movies at a movie theater is more expensive than watching them at home, at cinema we can experience the atmosphere. It was the atmosphere that helped me to get stronger emotions and a feeling of being together with characters. That is why I prefer watching movies at a movie theater.
  26. m9c290

    m9c290 New Member

    At the cinema, or at least in the right place similar to cinemas, you are looking a movie in big rooms, full of other guys, with a level of empathy that it can be really difficult to replicate.

    At home small dimensions of the screen compared with the ones of cinema & not so many people (or worst you alone) watching the movie it can be really difficult could be able to give you that level of empathy, for another reason why:

    We know that cinemas exist, and until we all know about this, until we all have this perception that “cinema is on that place, called cinema”, well, cinema `ll be better than the rest.
  27. ltmchin

    ltmchin New Member

    Depend on your current situation- whether you have young kids or not. You can pause the movie anytime whenever there is an interruption.
  28. dollbbylove

    dollbbylove New Member

    Watching a movie in a cinema or watching them at home does have it's pros and cons. I would say that both are enjoyable, but it would depend on what you are in the mood for.

    When visiting a cinema, you can see the latest movie release, enjoy it with others, preview movies coming soon, and enjoy dine-in food. The downside of going to a cinema is the cost factor, consumers making noises, possibly large crowds with long lines, and not having control over your environment (temperature, lighting, seating, etc).

    Enjoying a movie at home alone or with others, you'll spend little to no money at all, you can eat or make food you would like to have, and control your own environment. The downside to watching a movie at home would depend on your personal feelings but you wouldn't be able to see the latest releases at the cinema until a later date and of course you won't get to enjoy getting out the house.

    Personally, I love both, primarily depending on my mood and income.
  29. lokistar

    lokistar New Member

    Don't want to have noisy people ruining my movie experience and if I have to leave the theatre I don't want to miss something important. When at home you can stop the movie and push play if you have to leave the room for a minute.
  30. mreowbox

    mreowbox New Member

    To me the enjoyment of watching movies at home is a better quality than going to the movies. The reason for this is as follows:

    Firstly, the other patrons being distracting in the theater which has become a more relaxed rule in this aspect. I've heard and seen people talking, scrolling through their phone or even a laptop along with the other minor annoyances like the loud crunching of the popcorn or other treats. When you are watching at home this goes way down because its just yourself and whomever is with you. Either its a silent from everyone engrossed in the movie or we are discussing softly as it goes such as "why is she going through that door?!".

    Secondly, the price to watch a movie can become ridiculous. I know you are paying for a experience which that it is with other patrons talking, buying snacks or treats then everyone laughing, screaming or making comments during the movie which does not take away from said movie. I do not wish to spend $10 per a ticket to a movie that too many people are distracting from the show, the seating is uncomfortable or the technicians can't get the movie to even start. Where at home this means the service is already paid for like streaming platforms that are free or paid, cable and physical movies that we can pause when we need more snacks, to

    Lastly, granted there are moments that going to the experience of a cinema is wonderful like discount days or someone pays for you such as your birthday. but it does not compare to getting to slay home with your pets or loved ones while laying down on the couch or bed to watch a movie.

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