Do you prefer watching movies at home or at a movie theater?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by katarinamurtin, Nov 10, 2018.


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  1. efrerking

    efrerking New Member

    I am the kind of person that likes to talk to the screen sometimes. This is usually because I saw a really interesting symbol that I liked since I'm a total literary nerd. I mean, you should've HEARD the way that I was talking during 'The Artist' a few years ago. That movie was so full of great symbolism, that my mother thought we were going to be kicked out.

    That's usually why I'm better off watching movies at home. The way that I engage with movies is not exactly proper theater etiquette.
  2. DenzelLyleB

    DenzelLyleB New Member

    IF I GOT PLENTY OF MONEY, I'LL CHOOSE TO WATCH IN A CINEMA. But u'll get lazy falling in line or etc. Unlike in a home-watching I'd be able to save a lot of money and invite some of my friends.
  3. MsClaverhouse

    MsClaverhouse New Member

    I would much rather watch a movie at home rather than at a theater. The cost of going out to the movies is astronomical and I'm unable to justify spending $25 on a small popcorn, small soda and a box of Junior Mints. Its much more cost effective to purchase my refreshments at the grocery store, bundle up in my pajamas and watch a movie on the small screen at home. Best of all, no line to use the bathroom either.
  4. garychan111

    garychan111 New Member

    I perfer lay on bed and watch movies
  5. DianeBorg

    DianeBorg New Member

    I prefer to watch a movie at home. First of all you can make yourself more comfortable, wear what you like even pajamas, if need to eat or drink you don't need to wait for the break and even going to the toilet.
  6. MarleyMngo

    MarleyMngo New Member

    I prefer watching movies at home because of the comfort-ability and cost effectiveness. When I am at home I am not confined to a chair, I am able to move and be flexible, I can lay on the couch, have my feet up on the couch and watch my movie in a chilled manner. Watching a movie at home also allows me to pause, fast forward and go back to scenes that I missed - i can go to the toilet without stressing. I am also able to treat myself to luxuries such as wine, sweet and even food while watching the movie I'm not restricted to eating popcorn and some sweets only.
  7. sun00005

    sun00005 New Member

    i mostly want to watch movie at home cause its not limited, i mean in cinemas, you have to pay for each person you want to be with watching at home u can do or can watch together with families or friends without any fee.
  8. sheenabrnl

    sheenabrnl New Member

    Honestly, I would chose watching at home. I like to enjoy the privacy and the bond I can have with my family.Also, to avoid some traffic going to Cinema and save my wallet in spending on other stuff.
  9. kdcckaren

    kdcckaren New Member

    I enjoy watching movies at home than in theater because it's convenient and inexpensive. Watching at home can let you spend more money on food than watching on big screen with your stomach starving . I can also control the video whenever I want if I need something to do such us going to the comfort room. This way, I will not miss some exciting parts in the movie.
  10. unprosaic

    unprosaic New Member

    The theatre is a uniquely wonderful movie watching experience, but it should be reserved for equally wonderful and unique films, which are sadly a rarity. I prefer watching movies in the theatre because they are simply more immersive and spectacular at the theatre. The theatre also allows for the reproduction of the filmmaker's original artistic vision to a higher degree. Although I watch most movies at home, truly awesome or spectacular films deserve to be watched on the big screen. I highly recommend going to screening of classic films if there's a theatre near you that does that kind of thing. If I could I would build a home theatre to somewhat replicate the theatre experience and give the best of both worlds.
  11. Nowie

    Nowie New Member

    I prefer watching at home because it's more fun when you watch movies with you friends and families.
  12. nadebum

    nadebum New Member

    I prefer watching movies at home because it's more comfortable and convenient. I can pause a scene whenever I need to do something and I can also rewind scenes so that I want or need to watch again. There are also downloadable subtitles in order for me to understand it better. Watching at home is almost the same as watching in cinemas or theaters especially when you're with family or friends and you don't need to put a lot of money just to watch a certain movie.
  13. Kiingmaanii

    Kiingmaanii New Member

    Watching a movie in a theatre has a whole different vibe than watching it home. I like the big screen and snacks and trailers when it comes to a movie in a theatre but there are advantages to watching a movie at the crib like falling asleep to the boring selection your girl picks lol.
  14. Treehugs

    Treehugs New Member

    I prefer watching movies at home, not just it is comfortable but also I can relax and lie down and eat snacks with my family. But if it is a Blockbuster movies then it is worth watching in cinema.
  15. aneworjin

    aneworjin New Member

    I personally love to watch movies at home.In the cinema, we cannot go outside and do something personal because movie don`t wait us. Especially in some high- speed movie, if we miss part of the movie, we may are not able to understand the movie. Another problem is cinema just provide snacks such as pop corn or Coca-cola. That is really simple. However, we would not have to worry about them. First, we are free at home. We can pause the movie any time we want in order to do other things, or even can we repeat part of the movie when we confuse about some details. Then we have more choices on snacks too such as fruit and cake. There is the possibility to watch movie during the dinner and bond with the family.
  16. poshdt

    poshdt New Member

    DEFINITELY at home no doubt about it! Not only for all of the obvious reasons you mentioned (bathroom breaks, strangers, etc) but is it just me or are all movie theaters FREEZING?! That and the fact I am almost guaranteed to fall asleep and there’s no way to rewind back to where I left off is why I’d rather enjoy a good or even terrible movie in the comfort of my own home.
  17. Lawy

    Lawy New Member

    I prefer watching the movie at home in my own space.
  18. I prefer watching at home since it's free and more convenient(and i'm the type of person who doesn't like going out). Another reason is that i got nausea when watching at large cinema screens, same feeling when i play fps games.
  19. jimmy540

    jimmy540 New Member

    movies at home
    cuz its free and you can bring your friends and have some beer and dont worry about the mess
    you can stop and continue again any time you want
    it will be more comfortable
  20. KatBcat

    KatBcat New Member

    I prefer watching movies at home. For some reason, I can't stand the loudness of the sound at the cinema. I usually end up covering my ears when the special effects come in. Plus, the comfort in your own house is irreplaceable, and you have the freedom to do multiple things without missing the movie.
  21. mblaster

    mblaster New Member

    If its Marvel or DC, its the fanboys exploding at the movie theater...isn't that the whole point of having a movie theater in the first place? let loose and enjoy the movie to your fullest. Let the big screen and loud music get the adrenaline levels up.
    you can always watch a movie at home(introverts) and it has its own advantages(who wouldn't want to repeat the good parts and hog without having to worry about spending all the extra cash) but it wouldn't be the same as watching it with friends or a group of people who are excited about it.
  22. CMB1990

    CMB1990 New Member

    I prefer watching at home because if ever I need to do something such as getting some snack and drinks, going into the toilet, answering incoming calls, etcetera, I can just pause the movie and play it when I'm done. Some movie doesn't worth all the hassle of going to the cinema and the tickets are quite expensive. There is a lot of distractions while watching a movie in a cinema such as people arriving late, people chatting around you, lovers making strange noises, etc. I'm not saying that people shouldn't go to the cinema, what I'm trying to say is, it's more economical and less stress watching a movie at home.
  23. ryzitro

    ryzitro New Member

    Well, I prefer watching movie at home, at my comfort zone. I can comfortably sit anywhere in our sofa while eating my favorite buritto. I can also pause the movie in case I have to attend calls or messages or when going to the comfort room without missing any single scene.
  24. Lee298

    Lee298 New Member

    I prefer watching movies at home because it saves money and I can watch movies with my dogs and my family. You can eat whatever food you want to in the comfort of your home. The temperature is better controlled at home compared to cinemas. There's no big crowd of people at home. You can pause the movie whenever you want to. I feel like it's safer to just watch a movie at home. I can do some household chores while watching a movie at home.
  25. nhlfq

    nhlfq New Member

    Although some movies are better experienced at a movie theatre (for example if they are 3D), I find it pretty difficult to concentrate on the movie while sitting with that many people. I prefer being cozy at home, drinking a hot drink, and watching the movie leisurely :)
  26. Ostendosys

    Ostendosys New Member

    While I'm the sort of person who's ideal Sunday is Netflix and Chill, I do enjoy the occasional theatre experience as it is truly much more profound than watching the same movie at home.

    So for me it would have to be Theatre. :)
  27. Ktlove597

    Ktlove597 New Member

    While I do like watching movies in the theatre once in a while. I prefer to watch movies at home.
    1. Because it's cheaper to watch movies at home.
    2. Because there are just some things you can do you just can't do at home like watching a movie in your pajamas.:)
    3. The last but the most important to me would be I can eat an amazing dinner while watching a movie at my house.
    So yeah, all in all, I would have to say I love watching a movie at the house more than watching a movie in the theatre just because of these reasons. I did enjoy posting this too so thanks for the question.
  28. StanLew

    StanLew New Member

    It really depends on my mood. For example, if I am really tired, I prefer to stay at home and watch it before going to sleep. On the other hand, if it is a weekend, I am most certainly will invite my girlfriend to the cinema.
    It is very important to highlight that sound and video quality (especially 3d) is far better in cinema than at home.
  29. Vonthe1

    Vonthe1 New Member

    Honstely I would like the cinematic experience every time. I don't mind the at home theater in my bed or living room as well.
  30. Addwark

    Addwark New Member

    Watching movie alone with your own sound system plus food beverages makes it more enjoyable. i only watch cinema movies with friends or if the movie has more CGI effects which is a pretty good sight to watch on a BIG Screen.

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