Do you prefer watching movies in cinema hall or at your home?

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Addicted to cinema halls for great visual effects and sounds or to television for ease and comfort?

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  1. Benefits of watching movie at Cinema hall over television at home

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  2. Benefits of watching movie on television at home over Cinema halls

  1. imjamesworth

    imjamesworth New Member

    The difference between watching a movie in a cinema hall and at your home is enormous.

    1) Following are available only in the cinema hall:

    · The floor-to-ceiling length movie screen

    · The eardrum shattering surround-sound

    · The visual effects

    · The over-priced buttered popcorn, and other famed snacks and

    · The reactions of strangers.

    2) However, the following are available only while watching a movie on your television or laptop at home:

    · You get to have the snacks you really want, and at a good price too.

    · You also get to watch in comfort.

    · You get to set the environment how you want it.

    · Most importantly, if you want to watch a certain part or the entire movie over again, you can; and there’s no additional charge.

    · Moreover, if there are certain previews (movie trailers) that you don’t want to watch, you can skip them

    · In short, you watch the movie on your terms and conditions.

    What are your views? Addicted to cinema halls for great visual effects and sounds or to television at home for ease and saving money?
  2. Steve Brown

    Steve Brown New Member

    I would usually sway in the vote of watching at home, however there are moments where you have a BIG movie, you know one of those trailers that really pull you in, that are totally worth watching at the Cinema. I have watched a number of movies recently but one of the best ones worth watching at the Cinema for me was "Hacksw Ridge".

    Man... what a movie!
  3. danieli silva

    danieli silva Member

    Eu prefiro assistir em casa, ser mais confortável, ser capaz de interagir sem que ninguém seja ruim para fazer barulho.
  4. iamderricklogan

    iamderricklogan New Member

    I rather watch Movies at home. I hate paying tons of money for snacks and drinks. At home I can have unlimited everything and be super comfortable. You can't beat that.
  5. kyndras

    kyndras New Member

    I prefer to watch movies in the comfort of my home. I don't really care about big screens and special effects. I'd rather be sitting on the couch or bed, cozy with drinks and food that doesn't cost a hundred dollars, and able to pause the movie to go to the bathroom.
  6. noamk815

    noamk815 New Member

    i prefer watching movies at home, i like it way more because i can choose when to take a break and as many breaks i want. i can eat whatever i want, and its cheaper. being able to control whats around me is what makes watching movies at home better than the cinema.
  7. anishiji

    anishiji New Member

    There is something to be said about the experience that going to the cinema to watch a movie creates. When the lights go down, the previews end, and suddenly you can become immersed in the world of whatever movie you've chosen to view. Buttery popcorn, sickenly sweet sodas, and candy help add to this atmosphere created by the cinema. You feel as if you are celebrating, you are at an event, and you are surrounded by other people that are there for the exact same purpose as you.
  8. partykaamber

    partykaamber New Member

    Watching the movie in my own comfort zone is the most preferred way. The environment is has a much more comfortable feel, and I can pause the move if I have to relieve myself.
  9. Hux

    Hux Active Member

    Depends on the type of film. Action movies I prefer to watch at the cinema, because I can go with a bunch of friends. Horror movies (my favorite) I prefer to watch on my own at home, I don't know why haha.
  10. Kal Hassan

    Kal Hassan New Member

    I’d rather be in the comfort of my own home. Eating popcorn and candy while spread out on my couch is just way more satisfying.
  11. Tikap

    Tikap New Member

    It's better to watch certain movies at the Cinemas especially if it's in 3D. But others are better to watch in the comfort of your home, relaxing and eating popcorn. Just my two cents
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  12. kianovember

    kianovember New Member

    I prefer the cinema for 3D, Sci-Fi and really action packed movies. The audio-visual effects trump watching movies at home, and that allows me to be a lot more immersed and ultimately enjoy the movie more. Whenever the newer movies come out I tend to avoid cinemas because they're always crowded. I'll go back within two weeks or so after the buzz has died down.The buttered popcorn and ice-tea really keep me coming back.

    Every now and then a movie on the couch will suffice, but I tend to fall asleep or the people around me may create distractions and I end up losing interest.
  13. Ronniep6

    Ronniep6 New Member

    Allow me to start by saying for one, movie cinemas are not the same, for that matter neither is the world but thats neither her nor their. I prefer at home movies, besides the cost and expensences, I just don't see a point in going to a cinema. I have not been to one recently, yes I have. What I am getting accross is that the one reason i would voluntarily watch a movie at a cinema is because, In 2005 I lived in Atlanta. I went to a theatre for a history movie of some sort (Don't remember the name) and the screen was like a globe that surrouded around the walls, In other words, the walls of the place was the movie screen. Giving a 100% satisfaction to the viewers. With sime scenes causing me, and everybody else to feel like were in the movie, whether it be a scene on a plane or even just a video shot from the sky, you felt as if you were in the sky. Thus bringing me to the point of, I prefer watching movies at home because I personally feel it's not worth the expenses for the quality of experience.
  14. msmotivated

    msmotivated New Member

    I prefer watching movies at home rather than at a cinema hall. I have the ability at home NOT to have to dress up. I can simply wear what I want in the comfort of my own home. I also can get as many drinks and snacks at my home while watching the movie. Most importantly, if I choose to take a bathroom break I can simply pause the movie myself. There is no better convenience that watching a movie at home.
  15. Vagelis

    Vagelis New Member

    Home is a good choice because you relaxing and watch your favorite movie in the unique way you want.Also if you have a home cinema then you can forget cinema forever;).
  16. newlight

    newlight New Member

    I enjoy the cinema from time to time to get a break, take in the special effects, feel like I'm changing my environment, but I usually prefer the comfort of home. I get to relax and be lazy after a long day, take breaks and stretch without the restrictions that come with cinema watching.
  17. Renzeldguy23

    Renzeldguy23 New Member

    I personally like watching movies at home more than I do at the theater. Your more at freedom to run the show at home oppose to the theater where things are more organized and eventful. But both are great choices given the circumstance.
  18. Marc005

    Marc005 New Member

    The topic of comparing watching movies at the cinema or home I definitely prefer my comfortable home. It's just more convient, comfortable, and less expensive than the cinema hall. The person also doesn't have to interact with other people in the cinema which can sometime be annoying and distracting.
  19. camshaq23

    camshaq23 Member

    I refer watching movies in the comfort of my own home as the cinema could be crowded at times and finding good seats could be a problem. When am home watching movies I have no issues as I am comfortable within the bonks of my bed and have my pillows at my disposal.

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