Do you prefer watching streams or playing video games?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by mpros1, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. mpros1

    mpros1 New Member

    I don't seem to have enough time in a day to start playing video games anymore, but I love the idea of tuning into Twitch or YouTube to watch others playing some of my favourite games. I guess I have enough time to watch streams but lack the desire to actually play them myself!

    I mostly grew up playing strategy games, such as Starcraft, Age of Empires, etc. Man, I wasted so much time playing those...

    Lately, I find myself tuning into Twitch to watch Hearthstone or retro games. I usually prefer that the streamer is entertaining more than their ability or skill at the game.

    What are you playing right now, or what do you usually watch on Twitch/YouTube?
  2. stephanopoly

    stephanopoly New Member

    I prefer playing the games. However I use YouTube if I get stuck and can't figure something out.
  3. Senpaimaster

    Senpaimaster New Member

    I like watching YouTube and twitch and playing games.I play the newer games such as fortnight and pub G etc. I am a big fan of retro games such as Mario, Zelda and Pac-Man etc.
    It makes me think that how are the people that good especially when they barely came out I also like fighting games like tekken and mortal kombat they make you focus more on experience and combos than battle tactics.
  4. PatiPati

    PatiPati New Member

    When I was younger, I could play video games almost daily, and for hours at a time. Lately however, I haven't been playing nearly as much as I used to. I seem to have lost a lot of interest in the games. The only game I still play is 'FIFA', and it only happens on some occasions. In fact, it is usually my friends who exert influence on me to participate. However, despite the fact that I rarely play video games, I still prefer it over watching streams.
  5. Hyperon

    Hyperon New Member

    Why not both? A lot of my favourite streamers play my favourite games (shroud when he played cs:go or toast on hearthstone) but it is handy when you can watch your said favourite streamer and they test a new game to give their thoughts on it. That way I can judge if I want to buy the game or not
  6. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    I prefer to get really involved in playing a computer game , i love the sense of success when completing levels and advancing to the next challenge in the game .I prefer to play multiplayer games it allows me to access a wide range of people to interact with rather than just being quite and watching a stream or live feed.To conclude i prefer computer gaming to watching a series from netflix for example. Thanks Jordan Durante
  7. Joselito23

    Joselito23 New Member

    I prefer playing video games. When I watch streamers play the game I love it motivates me to become like them and sooner or later become better than them. Gaming is a hobby of mine I love to do and i enjoy it everyday of my life. Playing different systems such as Playstation, Nintendo or even the computer. Playing video games is such a fun and stress relieving activity for me to do and to get my mind off of things.
  8. Zircrenzo

    Zircrenzo New Member

    I prefer playing mobile games beacause it relaxes me and it makes me forget the tedious work during the day. Playing mobile games, like RPG online games, lessens the stress especially when my character levels up. Mobile games are more interactive now because you get to know other players who are also addicted to the game and enjoy the game together. That is why I prefer playing mobile games.
  9. ianderstand

    ianderstand New Member

    As I got older, watching videos on youtube and streams on twitch is what I've been able to do bowadays. Its just harder to play video games when I got duties to do. But if given the chance I would really love to stream video games myself if possible.
  10. OpTicaLBlitz

    OpTicaLBlitz New Member

    It depends on my mood. If I am interested in my favorite game but I don't have the mood for it, I would rather watch Twitch streams to get motivated and to learn something from the pros streaming the game. If I do have the mood, I would just play the game instead of watching the streams.
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  11. cjp776

    cjp776 New Member

    I definitely would want to play the game myself rather seeing other people play it for me, since i want to experience the gaming experience upon playing the game for yourself, and there are times people who you watch playing the game you very much like contradicts to some or most of their action against to what you should have done on that situation, one of them is when i watched pewdiepie play "The walking dead" season 2, by TellTale games, and most of his actions are considerable and admirable, but some i really don't like, especially when he doesn't like that female character to be with clementine and he just chose to sacrifice them instead of letting that other bad character to die.

    Watching streams isn't my thing, but i do love watching videos on youtube of people playing games with a story based genre like "The Walking Dead" a TellTale series.
  12. comics0026

    comics0026 New Member

    It depends on the game for me. Sometimes I want to experience it for myself, and sometimes I think I'll enjoy the game more watching someone else play it, especially if it's a game that I either just want to get a taste of to see if it's for me, or something huge and in-depth that I know I'm not going to have the time to properly invest into seeing the game through, let alone all the side quest stuff.
  13. Segal

    Segal Member

    Playing video game
    because it's addictive
  14. Martis999

    Martis999 New Member

    For me,some times I prefer watching stream, to be a good gamer when you play, you can improve your skills when playing. Watching streams can help you to have a many ideas on playing games, and watching a streams can enjoyr your daily life.
  15. ebinest

    ebinest New Member

    Depends on the game to be honest.
    I usually watch streamers play games I am either planning on buying (new releases) or games I wouldn't play myself (horror games).
    Another case is when I want to learn about a game more so I check out some tutorials.
    Apart from these I usually just watch speedruns or a streamer I've known since a long time for nostalgia, while playing on my other monitor myself.
  16. Nexy92

    Nexy92 New Member

    honestly i do watch them only when im feeling bored otherwise im always busy doing something, but they can be fun and love sometime to listen and see how others play my favorite games
  17. Algalvezzzz

    Algalvezzzz New Member

    I prefer i am the one who is playing, why? Because you can feel the thrill in that game.
  18. medgrl

    medgrl New Member

    I usually have a mix of both in my day to day life.
    If I'm not playing, I'm watching. Usually because I enjoy the personality of the person playing. Northernlion and LethalFrag are two of my favourite streamers; they have very friendly and interesting personalities that I gravitate towards.
    Playing games is great, but interacting with a community is a lot of fun, too.

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