Do you read many books at once?

Discussion in 'Books' started by annie2911, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. annie2911

    annie2911 New Member

    Personally, I like reading a single book at a time so I can concentrate and think about it as much as possible, that way I finish it faster and I can move on to the next one. However, I have thought of reading two at the same time, but I think that depends a lot on the genre of the book.
    Perhaps one can read two fiction stories at a time, but not two heavy books on philosophy at a time.
    What do you think?
  2. vashk

    vashk New Member

    Though am sharp at understanding concepts, i tend to be quite poor in multitasking. Truth be told, I always make mistakes on what am not concetrating on. Therefore, I prefer reading one book at a time. That way, I get the most out of it and i can rememmber the story line and the concepts and ideologies, long after am done reading the book. I feel like am respecting the author by doing so. Besides, its more enjoyable taking on one event or task than a multitude, only to end up tired in the middle.
  3. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly Member

    I'm the opposite of you on that score.

    With non-fiction books I can read a few at a time because I usually don't just read them like a novel, but take a lot of notes along the way. Sometimes I stop reading at a certain point because I need to look something up in another book, for example if I read something that contradicts an idea I'd read previously.

    So because of that I can read a few non-fiction books at the same time. I can always go over my notes if I need to get back up to speed.

    However with fiction books I can't read two at once. I get mixed up between the stories and end up forgetting things more easily.

    Maybe I should start taking notes on fiction books too.
  4. Genuinewriter

    Genuinewriter New Member

    I don't like on my own volition to read many books at once. The most I can read at a time is three if it's necessary. Although I have read about four at a time before when I was looking for linking knowledge between the topics I was reading on. The main reason I don't read too many at the same time is because I discovered that it's easier to forget the the lessons learnt while reading from them and it makes my note keeping harp hazard too.

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