Do you reread books?

Discussion in 'Books' started by hiker_payne, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. hiker_payne

    hiker_payne New Member

    I may be a minority in this, but I love rereading books if I haven’t read it for a while and it’s a book that I really enjoy. Somehow reading a book I’ve already read requires less attention and concentration, so when I want to relax and not think too much I’ll reread a book. One of my favorite series to reread is the Harry Potter series- I have read it so many times that there isn’t any suspense left in how the story will go, but I still love reading all the detail and dialogue. I also love rereading chick-lit like The Devil Wears Prada, because they’re such easy reads, great for the beach! Do you have any books you like to reread?
  2. Eliza Marie Catenza

    Eliza Marie Catenza New Member

    Yes, i am rereading books. Because sometimes i am lost of what or where the story all about. I must reread it again for me to understand the topic, story or whatsoever kind of book i am reading.
  3. BleuSkye

    BleuSkye New Member

    Yes, I do especially when I forgot the key words or I need to familiarize the content, It depends on the type of book if am interested about the content I will re-read it.
  4. kizha

    kizha New Member

    I love reading books as well as rereading it. It just simply shows how much you really like that book and the content specially when you find it very interesting and you can learn and relate from that book. So no matter how many times you read that book, you will never get tired because you like it. That's the reason why I reread a book.
  5. nanzee16

    nanzee16 New Member

    I love reading books but I don't reread. I once try rereading a very good novel but I ended up giving up on reading it. I get bored easily when I already know the story I'm reading. I can't feel the emotions of the characters and it doesn't excites me anymore when I'm reading the same novel for the second time.
  6. Clairmatin

    Clairmatin New Member

    Not really. Once I've read the book and knew everything there is about the plot, it's over for me. Unless the word choice and style of the author are extraordinary and worth rereading for their own sake.
    I find going through anything, for a second time, really hard for me, let alone rereading a whole entire book!
  7. mabelirl

    mabelirl New Member

    In theory, I love rereading books. The problem is I rarely get around to doing it! There's that stack of unread books towering over me on the bedside table, looming like the guilt it unfailingly induces when I glance that way. I tell myself, When you've finished the backlog, you've got to go back and reread, for example, Proust, and for some reason it's often Proust at the top of the list of writers to revisit. I think it might be because his writing, even thinking about his writing, is so evocative of the feeling of lingering over an old comfortable memory, which is exactly the sensation I'm after when I'm in the mood to revisit, after a long time away, a beloved tome of yesteryear.
  8. LefthandSuzuki

    LefthandSuzuki New Member

    A talented author sells you on their characters and involves you in their stories. By the end, I sorely miss the feeling of being entangled in their complex lives. Rereading allows me to experience those same thrills again. I often find new ways to appreciate a book: subtle foreshadowing becomes more apparent, murky character motivations are suddenly unearthed, and symbolism seems to spring from every corner. I read books to escape, and an exemplary piece of literature is always worth revisiting if it can capture that same immersive fantasy. Rereading is like visiting an old, trusted friend, except they always have the same story to tell.
  9. Sarlota

    Sarlota New Member

    Hi there, rereading is a thing I do once in a while. There are couple of authors which I like and can read over and over again. I think this is a great way how to discover more hidden bits and pieces which I haven't noticed before. Plus I simply forget what are certain books about. It means I have the book in library for couple of years and reread it every 4 years or so. Does anybody else have a same 'issue'?

    I like Scandinavian authors the most as they just have a different writing style (more interesting characters, complicated situations, unpredictable endings). Therefore rereading is exciting every single time.
  10. roni40

    roni40 New Member

    Yes. I can reread my bible every day
  11. sb-order-H2hg

    sb-order-H2hg New Member

    Yes I sometimes read books. I think they are great source of knowledge and inspiration. However, I prefer to watch rather than reading. For education, I prefer to watch tutorials rather than studying the particular topic in textbook. But, the truth is, tutorial is never enough so you still need to read on your own for additional knowledge.
    The story is a little different with novels. I completely abstain from story book if the movie is available. A very good example is game of throne, which has a story book. Other follow the series along with the book but I don't, I just stick to the tv show. Meanwhile, I think books are great if at all one is comfortable reading.
  12. JaphetGab

    JaphetGab New Member

    Sometimes, when the book is interesting.
  13. ldsess1

    ldsess1 New Member

    Re-reading books can have some benefits. So it is necessary for me to re-read books at times. Sometimes re-reading gives you a different outlook on the author's purpose. Also some-times re-reading helps you to understand information presented better.
  14. yukiehuntress

    yukiehuntress New Member

    Yes I do that each time I encounter a really good book. One of the books that I re-read is 'Goodbye Things' by Fumio Sasaki. I think that this is such a good book and I feel so inspired each time I read this. Another good book is the 'Poor Dad, Rich Dad' by Robert Kiyosaki. These books really made an impact on my life. It gave me a truly different views regarding life and money. After writing this post, all I wanna do now is to open my book and re-read them once more!

    Re-reading may seem like a waste of time for many people. They have so many books in their 'to read' pile but ends up just re-reading the book that they have already read for many times. But as for me, re-reading actually has so many advantages. One of it is absorbing the material more deeply. When we re-read, we start to see different views and start analyzing these views on a certain subject. We begin to see the choice of words of the author and some hidden meanings on the text. Lastly, re-reading helps the reader develop a solid understanding of the entire book. He/she will be able to create a summary of all the important details of the book and the points that the author wants to emphasize.
  15. janjohna

    janjohna New Member

    I love books, and re-reading them is one of my habits. Re-reading is the best way to truly absorb and understand what is the real story being told. Re-reading doesn't meant you are time wasting, it is important to reread for further understanding. Frankly, I do reread, especially to those books who kills all my interests, I reread some of Nicholas Sparks works and other authors who got magnificent talents in writing.

    Rereading is not a bad habit or even a progressive one, it only varies on the time and effort you have. It depends on how you spend your time while living in this world.
  16. jrmichelle

    jrmichelle Member

    I love reading books
  17. GGK

    GGK New Member

    Good! I am not the only one!
    I do this all the time. It is just that some writings are so sacred and beautiful that I just can not help but to reread them over and over again sometimes!
  18. kakarot_72

    kakarot_72 Member

    Yes I do, the method of rereading books will help you to clarify specific tihings that are still doubtful for you. And it helps you to familiariz the concept of the books. Further, rereading books can also help you to reflect the ideas that the author of the book is trying to point out. And lastly, rereading can help you distinguish your own understanding about the content. So in order to reach out the idea, you need to familiarize it by performing rereading.
  19. mfc_25

    mfc_25 New Member

    Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I read books, newspapers, articles on the internet, and even the flyers given at the mall. Basically, I read almost everything that has text on it including the texts written on my food! So it is not surprising to see me reading the same book 2-3 times per year. Most of the books that I read are about personality development, business, and spiritual growth. I rarely read books about fiction but that doesn't mean that I don't like that genre. It's just that I like the books that can help me in my everyday life more.

    But here's the thing, I don't really "read" the books that I have, I just "use" it. Okay, I know maybe you're thinking "Don't tell me, she is just using all her books as a coaster." or "She is one of those people who just buy books to use it as a decoration for her shelf." But I assure you that I do not do those things to my precious books. So what do I mean by "using" my books? I use it through re-reading it.

    Let's all be honest, how many of us remembers 100% of what the book's content by just reading it once? If you say that you are one of them contact me immediately and teach me your ways Master. But if you're just a regular human being like me, chances are you only remember around 40%-60% of the book's contents. And this is the reason why re-read my books. I re-read my books so I can use the contents on it in real life. I cannot expect an improvement on my body by just reading a book about getting fit with 250 pages for only one time. In order for me to make the necessary changes I need to visit and re-read pages every now and then for references.
  20. denvenc

    denvenc New Member

    Yes, i love rereading books especially books from my favorite authors.
  21. Clowiequitco

    Clowiequitco New Member

    Of course, because getting back to what you reread is getting back the feelings of the characters that you feel before while reading it for the first time. I know if we reread the books rather the story again it will not give you the intense feeling that give the story to you before but somehow rereading is it makes you turn the pages to the start after the ending.
  22. chanilove

    chanilove New Member

    I agree with you 100%, OP! Reading is one of my favorite things to do, but trying to read and interpret new information when you're feeling drained or unfocused is the worst. That's what I like the most about re-reading: it allows me to do my favorite thing even when I'm not in my favorite mental state. Plus, some things are well worth reading until you've darn near memorized them cover to cover. I miss my favorite characters as I miss old friends and it's good to get back together with them sometimes.

    The Harry Potter books are definitely one of mine for re-reading, too. Right along with it is Lord of the Rings, particularly The Hobbit. I actually have the first paragraph of the latter memorized so well that I mutter it as a sort of calming mantra when I'm upset. My husband is amused by that to no end. But I love it! It's not as slow-paced as the rest of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it focuses on one character and his personal battles, so it reads a bit more like more contemporary fantasy novels.

    Honestly, there's nothing better than the smell of an old book, but they're so expensive and take up so much space that I actually only purchase hard copies of the ones I intend to re-read. All the books I read once are either borrowed or purchased in e-book format.
  23. lemon6

    lemon6 New Member

    As a matter of fact i just finish rereading the novel i was interested a year ago last week. Yes i love reading again the books that i had read before specially those books that have an interesting story. Also when you reread books again you may find useful information which you overlooked when you read it for the first time. To better understand a Book or story sometimes it is necessary to read it again because are brain cannot fully digest those information when we just read it once.
  24. lyly0824

    lyly0824 New Member

    For my own opinion, yes. I do reread books because it helped me in a lot of ways especially I'm a communication student and it is required for us to learn new words and enhance our grammar.

    Rereading books will not only help in terms of grammar and such but also it widens our imagination. It also helps to understand more what are we reading.
  25. itsjaylunzaga

    itsjaylunzaga New Member

    I usually reread books for numerous reasons. First is to enhance and boost my vocabulary. As a student, it is important for me to gain mastery of the English language. Second, reading for me serves as an exercise for my brain. Lastly, reading books helps me in getting new ideas and inspiration in life. Reading books encourages me to attain my goals in life.
  26. chiechiecheist

    chiechiecheist New Member

    I thought only few people do this. Reading is not just my hobby, but also REREADING!

    When I reread books, it's as if they offer new insights every time. From fiction to nonfiction, rereading allows me to look into certain details which I missed prior. For example, Exupery's The Little Prince would occasionally give me timeless ideas and lessons which I need to remind myself about. Such a classic work of fiction provides me newer perspectives when life gets hard. Rereading one good book, I guess, is better than reading 10 bad ones.
  27. naha01

    naha01 Member

    yes, but based on how excited the book is, when I was a kid Im rereading my books because even if I memorized all my lessons my father still insisting me to study so instead of reading my notes I am reading books to show him im studying and rereading books now I can say till now I'm doing that, but honestly I can only reread the 30pages books.
  28. Isterd

    Isterd New Member

    No, i've never read a book twice: my backlog is too long to even think to open a book that i have already read. And even if i had the time to do that, a book is a totalizing experienced that cannot be repeated and knowing the plot can only make it worst.
  29. Postanew

    Postanew New Member

    I liked reading and I do reread books especially the books in the Holy Bible. Whenever I reread a book, I am not only reminded of the content but I get some new insights, deeper understanding and new revelations, as well.

    Reading books more than once may be time-wasting for most people, but for me it is like digging deeper to discover more hidden wealth.
  30. pcphorse118

    pcphorse118 New Member

    No matter how high my stack of new books grows, I always turn back to re-read favorites throughout the year. Each time I read a book I feel as though I am re-experiencing it for the first time while knowing what the outcome will ultimately be. I also catch things I previously missed which only adds to my enjoyment of the story.

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