Do you skip dinner to lose weight

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Soappy, May 23, 2014.

  1. Soappy

    Soappy New Member

    Recently, I found out that my waist line as increased from 34 to 36. At first I didn't think of it because it might decrease if I didn't look at it. But as the day go, it seems that my stomach won't shrink.

    So I decided to skip dinner to see if it will help in losing some weight (of course, with exercise). I have not yet seen the effect because I just started recently.

    So how about you? Do you skip dinner or eat dinner?
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  2. acmelz300

    acmelz300 New Member

    Skipping dinner (or any meal, for that matter) will actually SLOW your metabolism down and increase your weight gain/bloating. Many studies show that it's best to eat several small meals throughout the day. When your body is used to consistently processing good nutrients, your whole system runs more smoothly and you will look and feel much healthier.
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  3. Richard Norsechuck

    Richard Norsechuck New Member

    Hi Soappy

    I was browsing the health and fitness area and noticed your post. I personally do the complete opposite, instead of eating breakfast and lunch, I eat small healthy snacks throughout the day like fruit, salad, or nuts. For dinner, I eat one large meal until I feel full. I learned about this diet on another forum a few years ago, and I have been following it since. I find that it gives me more energy during the day. It really seems to creates an ideal anabolic environment for muscle gain and weight loss. I have the best results with this diet when I work out at least 3 times a week and supplement my diet with multivitamins and whey protein.
  4. y.singularity

    y.singularity New Member

    Ha!, I wish I could skip dinner, that way I wouldn't have to cook it and have to clean up a messy kitchen late at night.

    I try to get as many calories and nutrients as possible, otherwise I get crippling fatigue. So I can't afford to miss meal. Oddly enough, I seem to lose more weight (body fat) when I eat a lot. If I skip meals my body starts feeling squishy and my clothes get too tight.
  5. KAREN Y

    KAREN Y New Member

    I think skipping dinner may not produce the desired effect . You may even gain weight because your metabolism may slow down. You may want to just eat smaller portions more often during the day and at dinner.
  6. Dorsey237

    Dorsey237 New Member

    No, I don't skip dinner. Your body operates like a furnace and you must keep your metabolism going during the day. It is better to lower your carbohydrate levels closer to bedtime. For example, instead of eating a simple carbohydrate for dinner, eat fibrous vegetables with a protein source.
  7. Skipping dinner is not the most efficient strategy to lose weight. Instead of skipping meals, those who want to lose some weight should have small meals every two to three hours. The first three meals should include the four macronutrients, fats, protein, and carbohydrates. The last two or three meals should only include proteins and fats.
  8. erika03g

    erika03g New Member

    I eat within a calorie range 1500-1700 and within a 8 hours time window, usually from 2pm to 10pm. Eating low carb helps a lot too. I don't believe in eliminating any food group, I don't think it is sustainable in the long term.
  9. RPM0115

    RPM0115 New Member

    I recently went to the doctor and she informed me that skipping meals is a good way to gain weight, not loose it. I don't think skipping any meal is recommended for weight loss, especially breakfast.
  10. Ms.Caboose

    Ms.Caboose New Member

    In reality, skipping dinner may or may not hurt you weight loss wise. It has absolutely nothing to do with skipping dinner but amount of calories you may be gaining or losing because you are skipping dinner. It is all about calories in and calories out. Figure out your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and stay below that and you will DEFINITELY lose weight. So, if skipping dinner is making you eat more throughout the rest of the day, then it may actually be causing you gain weight because you feel like you have to compensate and eat over your calorie limit throughout the rest of the day. If skipping dinner is cutting down calories for you, then you will lose weight. In the end, it's all about those numbers. I'd suggest counting calories using an phone app like MyFitnessPal. It really puts into perspective what and how much you're eating.
  11. Dariansean

    Dariansean New Member

    No. I don't skip dinner to lose weight. Throughout my weight loss journey, I have found that skipping the meals will put the weight on. Meal skipping slows the metabolism down. When we don't eat the body doesn't know when the next meal will be. Therefore, the body holds on to what we eat and doesn't properly do what it's suppose too. It is best to eat small meals throughout the day spacing them 2 - 3 hours apart. This will speed up the metabolism, and instead of skipping dinner, just don't eat after a certain time.
  12. camella wallace

    camella wallace New Member

    I do not skip any meals, however when it's dinner time i have something light such as cabbage soup or a piece of fish with glazed carrots and bell peppers. I try to have my dinner before 7oclock along with a cup of green tea which aids in speeding up the digestion process. I always try to drink a cup of water to flush my system before going to bed.
  13. LaShawna

    LaShawna New Member

    No, I do not skip dinner to lose weight. I would recommend eating more healthy, or switching to low calorie foods. I read that skipping meals can force your body into starvation mode, and could cause one to binge eat. I personally have to eat in order to have energy.
  14. Mimsy

    Mimsy New Member

    Hi there!

    I agree with Ms.Caboose. I think it's important to know how many calories you're consuming. I'm not saying you should obsessively keep track of everything, but you should have a general idea of how many calories you need to maintain your weight, how many calories you're eating with each meal, and how many calories you should cut (usually 500) from your diet to lose weight. Once you have that much down, you can distribute your calories the way you want. It's recommended to eat small meals every four hours, so I usually snack throughout the day! You shouldn't ever have to feel like skipping meals is the best way to lose eight. I recommend just eating smartly (well-balanced meals and making sure you're actually eating well), and working out lightly, and the fat will shave off naturally. Don't feel like you have to drastically change your lifestyle!
  15. MLMoonFace

    MLMoonFace New Member

    You should never skip meals if you can avoid it. Skipping meals is needlessly starving your body; if it even temporarily gets you the weight loss results you want, you WILL gain the weight back as starving yourself is not sustainable. Also, who really wants to starve themselves when you can lose weight while eating? If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you MUST change your lifestyle and incorporate healthy eating habits (I recommend a plant-based diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in processed/refined foods such as packaged foods and oils ) and you must move your body!
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  16. codale

    codale New Member

    I have to admit, I have a terrible habit of skipping meals. Usually it's because I am so busy that I don't even have time to think about food. I'll realize at 4 in the afternoon that I haven't eaten anything all day. As I'm typing this, I'm realizing that I haven't eaten since 6am, and it's dinner time. My weight is a little on the low side, but I've always been active and have never really had any weight issues.
  17. oraclemay

    oraclemay New Member

    Skipping meals is not going to help you lose weight, it will only aggravate you and make you hungrier. It is much better to learn to eat well balanced meals and combine this with exercise so that you can burn calories. This is the way to lose weight and get fit. Several other factors also play a role in weight loss. These may be lack of sleep, stress or incorrect nutrition.
  18. blizorok

    blizorok New Member

    I choose to eat dinner, but instead I skip breakfast. Have you ever heard of the diet plan called intermittent fasting? The whole concept is for you to only have an eight-hour feeding window to maximize fat burn. While I am skeptical about the scientific evidence behind the optimal “8 hour feeding window” (due to variation of metabolism within the human population), I know assuredly that eating more calories than your daily basal requirements will lead to weight gain. If you were to skip two meals, do you believe that you would be able to consume more calories in one sitting than three that are spread out? The answer is probably not(the stomach can only hold so much). I believe that diets like keto, paleo, etc… are very difficult to sustain over the course of a lifetime. But skipping a meal to intake less calories is a very easy lifestyle change to make.
  19. Finesta

    Finesta New Member

    I don't skip meals. Instead, I eat 4-5, sometimes 6 small portions every day. This way my body "knows" that it is not starving, so there is no need to store fat. Of course, I do eat healthy products and try to combine them properly. I don't count calories, I simply eat a normal size portion most of the time. Occasionally I allow myself to eat "unhealthy" foods such as cookies or cakes, and drink a glass of wine. I even eat late in the evening, around 8 or 9 pm, if I am hungry. I see no need to restrict myself from eating whenever I want as long as what I eat is healthy.

    That said, I also exercise a lot. In my case, "a lot" means intense martial arts practice twice a week, hiking during the weekend, occasional horse back riding, swimming, and/or running, every day stretching and some weights at home. This kind of lifestyle plus naturally fast metabolism helped me stay in shape even during (and right after) pregnancy.

    I think the key is not when we eat or even how much we eat, but WHAT we eat and how physically active we are. For me, all the bad stuff had to go. Bad stuff includes a long list of products. Some of the worst are the following: sodas, store-sold juices, other carbonated and flavored drinks, snacks, bars, microwave food, fast food, creamers, most salad dressings, mayonnaise, most canned foods, bacon, pre-cooked foods (deli foods from the market), sausages... They (the food industry) put so many things in those foods - chemicals, artificial colors, sweeteners, taste enhancers, and all those additives not only harm our bodies, but also make us hungrier and hungrier, making us consume more and more.
  20. Ginnyland

    Ginnyland New Member

    Skipping meals is not a good idea because your body will not react the way we think. It will slow down metabolism and our body will start to store food because it's not sure when it will eat again.

    I used to only tend to eat dinner, not to lose ponds but because it became habit. If I'm not hungry, I won't eat. However, I went on a weight-loss kick and decided to make sure I ate 3 times a day with 2 snacks. Shockingly, I lost pounds so much faster than I thought possible.

    Try starting with adding water to your routine (if not already), add some type of exercise (I started with walking), and eat 3 meals trying to cut more of the unhealthy stuff as you go (I stopped adding mac & cheese to my plate or less of the unhealthy item with more veggies).

    *Wish you much success on your journey!
  21. sasamidanielle

    sasamidanielle New Member

    I never skip dinner. I am trying to lose weight myself but skipping meals is never the option. First off it is really bad for your body to skip out on food. Your body needs food to make energy in order to function correctly so it is important to eat 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. I actually eat a little bit every 2 to 3 hours to keep my metabolism going.

    Breakfast is the most important meal because it is the meal that starts up your metabolism. If you eat at least 5 times a day at even intervals then your metabolism should be kept at a constant level and that will definitely help in losing weight.

    Just remember that you have to eat healthy and exercise frequently and never skip meals.
  22. Oculus

    Oculus New Member

    I think you can still be healthy and skip the odd meal here and there, doing it regularly slows your metabolism down so you absorb more from the food you are eating. There was a case of a morbidly obese man who didn't eat for a whole year and suffered no ill effects other than a little loss of bone mass;

    Has anyone tried that "5-2" Diet? Eat for 5 days and don't for 2? Seems to be making waves at the moment!
  23. mrproductreview

    mrproductreview New Member

    No skipping meals to lose weight is a bad idea and will do more harm than good. Losing weight is easy if you follow this simple rule, eat less and exercise more. You should still eat 7 meals a day to keep the metabolism going but just give yourself smaller portions. Also eat healthier foods and keep your calorie intake lower than what you are expending that way you will lose weight.
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  24. Carlos Eduardo

    Carlos Eduardo New Member

    No. I don't. I think skipping a meal is dangerous for your health. The important thing in a diet is quality, not quantity.
  25. czarinafajardo

    czarinafajardo New Member

    I lost a significant amount of weight after I eliminated rice from my diet. I make sure to eat 3 meals a day (with healthy snacks in between). Skipping meals make you eat more, and is generally unhealthy. To rev up your metabolism, eat small frequent meals during the entire day.
  26. marie7680

    marie7680 New Member

    I honestly do not skip meals but it has not always been this way for me. I used to think that if I skipped lunch , it would help expedite my weight loss. I ended up gaining more weight . I lost a considerable amount of weight over the past 3 years. My total amount estimated loss has been 128 lbs so far. That has been done with moderately portioned meals a regular exercise schedule. I was told by a dietitian not to skip meals because it can cause you to overeat.
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  27. A great way to lose weight is NOT to skip meals. By skipping meals, you are messing with metabolism, which could reverse the effect of losing weight. Instead, running in the mornings before you eat breakfast is awesome for getting rid of fat.

    Breakfast should never be skipped, as it is the most important meal of the day. It fuels your body for the rest of the day whether you know it or not, so make sure it's the healthiest meal as well. That means having protein and whole grains instead of sugar. (Carbohydrates in the morning will make your sugar levels rise and fall randomly during the day)

    Cut back on oily/fatty or sugary foods in general. If you are eating at a restaurant, you can request less salt, oil, ect.. A big misconception is that skipping meals/eating less is the best way to slim down, but it's unhealthy and uncomfortable. The most important thing is to exercise daily. I think that it's much more rewarding to exercise then get to eat a meal than starve. Hope that helps!
  28. Veronica Fowles

    Veronica Fowles New Member

    It is not wise to skip meals, however it is said that to lose weight your supposed to eat a large breakfast with carbs and proteins, a medium lunch, and a light dinner with no carbs. Also try to eat dinner before 6:00 pm and do not eat for the rest of the night. Make sure you exercise and drink a ton of water!
  29. Khushbu

    Khushbu New Member

    Don't Skip dinner ,instead have an early dinner.
    Have your Dinner at least 4 hrs prior to bed.
    And never sleep right after you have your meal be it any time of the day.

    Trust me it helps, speaking from personal experience.I followed this for two months without changing my food habit and lost almost six pounds.
  30. jess_s9

    jess_s9 New Member

    Skipping dinner is definitely not the way to lose weight, as you still need an adequate supply of nutrition to survive and live on. Instead of skipping dinner, you might consider eating healthy foods that are low in fat, proteins or carbohydrate and yet can still make you feel full. Some of the most commonly known such foods include potatoes, broccoli, salmon, porridge, etc. Skipping meals is extremely dangerous as your body will be deprived of the nutrition needed to function properly, and if kept up will eventually lead to seriousness disorders or illnesses such as anorexia. You might also want to try eating more for breakfast and lunch and cutting down on your intake of foods for dinner, as you are not likely to exercise and burn calories afterwards. Most importantly, staying healthy is much more essential than losing weight, so don't go to the extremes just to regret it later on! Best of luck and I wish you success on whatever you pursue!


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