Do you skip dinner to lose weight

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Soappy, May 23, 2014.

  1. rythemgirl

    rythemgirl New Member

    I like many others have been on a weight loss journey for a while. I have tried the starvation method and it works
    For a little while (like a week or two) then the pounds start to pack back on. Especially if your working out, your burning calories yes!, but you won't be taking in enough calories for your body to run optimally so everything you eat will get stored as fat hindering your progress. Bottom line it is: Eating healthy low cal meals = weight loss
    Skipping meals = extra lbs
  2. kaykailyn

    kaykailyn New Member

    For me, skipping dinner results in massive hunger pangs in the middle of the night. So I always eat not only three, but six small meals about 2 to 3 hours apart each day to increase my metabolism. Furthermore, I am also concerned with muscle mass loss associated with weight loss so I will also make sure that whatever weight loss is fat loss rather than muscle mass loss.
  3. Happimess

    Happimess New Member

    Skipping meals does not help you loose weight that stays off, and can actually make you gain weight in the longer term. What helped me loose weight was not skipping meals, but replacing certain types of food with better alternatives. I stopped eating "white" carbon hydrates like bread and pasta, other processed foods and drinking dairy products like milk. I started eating slow carb food like legumes, and other things like nuts and more vegetables. The weight melted off and never came back! So go and google "slow carb", you will find lots of free advice and recipes. Whatever you do, do not skip meals and do not let yourself go hungry. You will develop an unhealhty relationship with food and your body, and it will do more lasting damage than it's worth.
  4. Rboat84

    Rboat84 New Member

    You should never skip eating if you hungry. Everybody's body is different and some people don't need much food. If you are athletic, you have to make sure you consume enough calories to replenish your body. I eat 3 sometimes 4 times a day it depends on how big a portion of food I had. If find that your body is fine and you're okay with eating twice a day continue and see if you lose weight.
  5. Nina Milchova

    Nina Milchova New Member

    How do you manage to skip meal? And especially dinner. I'm coming back home after intensive day in the office, where I often do not have time for lunch break, or eat something small in a hurry... And my first task is to open the fridge and eat something not appropriate for dinner ... But what to do if I'm starving?
  6. soleada

    soleada New Member

    Contrary to popular belief, skipping a meal or two will not significantly slow down your metabolism. I did an Alternate Day Diet where I'd eat only one meal every other day. I honestly felt great because I was semi-fasting and getting rid of toxins at the same time. 70% of weight loss is due to diet.

    You can exercise until the cows come home but if you are eating fast food morning, noon and night, you may just be maintaining the weight or losing very slowly. I think skipping a meal is good if you can't spends hours upon hours at the gym. Not only that, but you don't deprive yourself. The diet I was on taught me I could have that slice of pizza WHILE losing weight. It's all about moderation.
  7. Med Ver

    Med Ver Member

    Skipping dinner is one of the worst things you can do to lose weight because then you are not giving your body anything to survive off of. Instead, a healthier diet can allow you to lose weight. Also, some exercise always helps. :)
  8. smartYu

    smartYu New Member

    I try to skip dinner but … It’s so hard. Not that I can’t control myself but usually my friends going out in the evening and I can’t stand the temptation to order something delicious in the restaurant or café. There were times when I didn’t eat after 12 pm. At all. I was just drinking water. I lost lots of weight. But now I can’t make myself stop eating dinner. I need someone to control me. I think, will message my friend right now and will ask her for help:)
  9. smartYu

    smartYu New Member

    Yeah, you are right. We shouldn't skip dinner... but we can change it for something light, right ? :) When I used not to eat in the evening, the first thought when I woke up was - I AM STRAWING and I was running to the fridge to grab something and put inside, somthing like chocolate candy, jeje :)

    Well, I always work out in the morning, if I can I try to wake up two hours before the training and then I have a good breakfast, like meat and eggs etc. If not - I eat banana and run to the training class.
  10. janet muthoni

    janet muthoni New Member

    skipping dinner will ensure you not only keep your belly but also gain weight. The body is an automated machine with automated intelligence. If you starve yourself, your body will protect itself by storing fat for energy. To lose weight, do a lot of cardio, that means walking, running or aerobics and then mix this with protein rich foods. And don't eat three big meals a day, instead eat like five small meals a day so that your body knows food is not an issue. After you start this routing add crunches to your daily ritual and the only problem you'll have is finding the perfect bikini to show off your abs.
  11. Kacie Francis

    Kacie Francis New Member

    Skipping dinner is definately not a wise decision for anyone who is trying to lose weight. If your body goes too long without food it will cause your body to store fat. Your metabolism will slow down as well. You should eat healthy and make wise meal and snack choices. Eat three well balanced meals along with two healthy snacks daily.
  12. Kleineganz

    Kleineganz Member

    Skipping meals in general is a bad idea. However, I will admit that I often skip breakfast, but it's not as a weightloss technique. For years now, if I eat too early in the day, I feel nauseous. So I will generally only drink tea or coffee, and then have lunch as my first meal of the day.

    That being said I'm also not a morning person in general, and I often don't go to bed until 2-3am, so my entire day is shifted by a few hours compared to most people. Because of this I tend to eat smaller, snack-sized meals throughout the day and evening, and my only real "meal" of the day is dinner.

    A better approach if you want to lose weight is to log your food and track your calories and activities on a daily basis and try to adjust so you are eating fewer calories than you are burning throughout the day.
  13. Peterschumaker

    Peterschumaker New Member

    Skipping meals throughout the day can be a very risky and sometimes even weight-loss inhibiting technique to lose weight. Instead of not eating at all, I recommend a balanced diet that includes many healthy fruits and vegetables. Not only will these improve your skin and many vital organs, but they will keep your metabolism and a fairly high level to keep that weight that you despise so dearly off. So don't skip meals. If anything, eat more, just make sure the great majority of what you are eating is balanced and healthy.
  14. tanishaG

    tanishaG New Member

    I can't starve myself, thus I do not skip meals. I have to eat three square meals per day. What I can advise though is to go light on dinner, because by skipping it all together you are only going to be starving yourself. Thus your body is going to what to hold on to the fat. Also try going heavy on the breakfast and you can even eat a earlier lunch like at 11:00 instead of 12:00. Additionally, introduce a healthy snack, fruits are good, to ease hunger cravings. And reduce your sugar intake and drink lots of water, it leaves you feeling fuller.
  15. Amber Briggs

    Amber Briggs New Member

    Hi Soappy, I certainly understand your desire to lose some inches however, skipping dinner will only hurt you in the long run. You might see that you are losing some weight at first but after sometime your body will start storing everything you because you are essentially starving it. Once your body starts storing foods you eat you will no longer lose weight. Even worse once you start adding dinner back into your diet you will gain all the weight right back.

    The best way to lose some inches is to eat well balanced meals and snacks within a calorie range that is right for you. You will also want to exercise at least 3 times a week doing weights and cardio. This is the healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. Good Luck!
  16. mae

    mae New Member

    I had a problem of my waist line too, what I did to decrease it is by not skipping dinner but rather eat only fruits as replacement. I usually eat light for dinner. And it worked. Try it too.
  17. Sheena Burgess

    Sheena Burgess New Member

    Hi Soappy- I do not skip meals to lose weight. If I feel I am starting to put the pounds back on, I just cut back on the amount of food I eat. If you eat less, your body will start to get used to the smaller amounts and you will start to become full with less food. Also in the past I used to just sit down, listen to music and dance to lose weight. It worked wonders for me! Good luck!
  18. Maha Ahmed

    Maha Ahmed New Member

    Never skip a meal! Skipping meals will actually increase your metabolism, and it is extremely unhealthy. It might seem like an easy solution to just stop eating when you are losing weight but the better trick is to eat smaller meals with plenty of veggies and fruits and most importantly water. I know that sounds pretty cliche, but there is no big secret to losing weight, it's really that simple: exercise and have a balanced diet. If you are going to eliminate anything eliminate your intake of junk food, fizzy drinks, and fried foods. Those are weight loss killers, trust me, I found that the moment I got rid of these stuff I began losing weight (which is kind of obvious). Another trick would be to drink warm lemon water in the mornings, this will jumpstart your metabolism and clean out your body. Drinking water with your meals instead of after your meals also helps you eat less without feeling empty. If you lose weight the 'old fashion' way, you will not only lose weight but also be healthy and a lot happier for it. All these fad diets may work for a moment but will only lead a person back to their old ways, a more permanent solution is always going to take effort, time, and patience. A more permanent solution will be worth it, and remember that it shouldn't only be about decreasing body fat but also about maintaing a healthy lifestyle.
  19. Nevi

    Nevi New Member

    If you're trying to lose weight, skipping dinner will not help. Your body needs nutrients in order to do its functions correctly. Skipping a vital meal of the day will just slow the process of losing weight down. Try going for lean proteins, such as fish and chicken, to fill you up. Do not starve yourself to lose weight. You'll thank me for this later.
  20. zephyrain

    zephyrain New Member

    Ideally, I would skip breakfast. Your weight ultimately lies on the amount of food you eat everyday, meaning it depends on your daily caloric intake. It might help to control the timing of your meals but for the most part I think timing is irrelevant.

    Personally, I have done intermittent fasting, and it has helped me control how much calories I've consumed but ultimately the calories control if I increase or decrease weight. If I limited myself to only eat 8 hrs a day and fasted 16hrs a day, my weight will still depend on how much food I actually put in my mouth.

    I can do intermittent fasting for years and years but if I still ate 500 calories more than my body needs DAILY then my body will store fat regardless.

    Although there's so much for that, but if you don't want to be THAT meticulous with your diet I think you should just make it a habit to eat HEALTHIER foods. None of that junk stuff. Learn about the foods that are actually good for you and pair it with a good exercise plan doing MAXIMAL effort. It's a good idea to figure out how your body works and you will be well on your way to succeed in whatever your health goals are. Whether you're Athletic or just living as the Average Joe.
  21. flipperchi

    flipperchi Member

    I personally try to eat 3 meals everyday including dinner. Skipping a meal out of the day is not an ideal way to lose weight. Some healthier options would be to reduce portions sizes from your meals and to be more physically active. I would recommend counting calories for a month or two, then you can get an idea of how much goes into your body. This should also give you an idea of how much activity you would have to do to get rid of the extra calories that you've taken in throughout the day.
  22. Alyssa Nelson

    Alyssa Nelson New Member

    Skipping dinner can harm your body! Starving your body forces it into "survival mode" where is stores extra fat because it isn't sure when it will receive more food. Speeding up your metabolism is one of the best ways to lose weight. You can do this by eating many small meals a day. I recently started this a few months ago. I eat 5-6 small meals a day. For example eat just enough to fill your stomach (about a handful of food) every 3-4 hours. I have noticed my energy and health improving. I don't feel quite so sluggish and my waistline has decreased! Give it a try!
  23. Aiden

    Aiden New Member

    Skipping meals in general is not a good idea. Not only will you most likely feel a lot more tired and slow, but it slows down your metabolism which is the opposite of what you want. Cardio exercise and removing excess junk food will probably prove a lot more effective if you are aiming to lose weight.
  24. Alexis A

    Alexis A New Member

    I try not to skip dinner because it's usually the only meal I eat due to my hectic schedule. Since I eat once a day, if i did skip dinner- I would definitely loose weight. Please note: I don't recommend skipping meals or eating once a day.
  25. Jake Bergonia

    Jake Bergonia New Member

    Sometimes I skip dinner, sometimes I don't. Well, it depends on the food that is served. If it's not to heavy to digest I go on and eat it.
  26. Asher_ellie81

    Asher_ellie81 Member

    No. Never skip a meal, just eat healthy. Drink water more and ofcourse exercise, there are lots of work outs online.
    You can do it :) Goodluck
  27. teresa

    teresa New Member

    No .. Don't skip a meal.. The best way I have found it to cut out the lipid fats out of your diet.. I have been doing this for over a month now and I have lost 6 pounds and 1" off the waistline.. I eat Bananas for breakfast.. blueberries and kiwi and more bananas for snack and lunch.. Eat more raw veggies and green leaf foods at dinner.. Cut out the cheese and dairy products.. processed foods and don't eat out.. Go to it's a great website to keep track of what you are eating. How much lipid fats you are taking in on a daily basis.. I have cut mine down to an average of 10% daily.. I eat as much as I want of fresh fruits and raw veggies.. and i still have my chocolate cake at night.. .. I am not hungry and I do not have any cravings ... I jog for 30 minutes 6 days out of the week.. that is it.. I feel Great.. Have so much more energy .. Hope this has given you some insight on just how a diet change can drop the weight off your waistline...
  28. kenwillard

    kenwillard New Member

    I do not skip dinner, but I do eat my last meal of the day no later than 6. Skipping a meal altogether can cause unintended reactions by your body as it relates to attempts to lose weight. This is especially true for breakfast and dinner due to the length of time this creates in between meals.
  29. LuXiaojun

    LuXiaojun New Member

    There is a lot of miss information in this thread. To skip meals is irrelevant to weight loss, it is all about calories in vs calories out. You can have 6 meals a day or 2, if they both add up to 2000 calories there is NO difference. Meal timing and meal frequency has absolutely no affect on metabolism, it's simply an old myth.

    - Lu
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2014
  30. captplanetx

    captplanetx New Member

    Skipping meals will slow down your body's metabolism, basically hindering your bodies natural ability to burn fat as an energy source. Skipping meals will put your body into a catabolic state a lot faster and more frequently. A catabolic state is when your body actually cannibalizes your own muscle mass for energy. So you will lose noticeable weight because muscle does weigh more than fat. But you will be weak and won't look good and will be susceptible to illness.

    The only time skipping meals should be acceptable practice is if you are lets say a middle weight fighter trying to move down a weight class and the only type of mass you can actually lose a lot of on your body is muscle mass. Than you can put yourself into a catabolic state. But even than you must know what you are doing and monitor it carefully.

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