Do you still read paper books?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Hushed, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Hushed

    Hushed New Member

    I know that I usually don't. Most of my reading is done online as in an e-book, they just seem so much easier and convenient considering I don't have to go to the nearest library or book store every time I feel like reading something. Just go online and buy a book or get access to an online library. And there I have a nice book to read by the fireplace from the comfort of my own home! What are your thoughts?
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  2. atlbraves_09

    atlbraves_09 New Member

    I definitely prefer to have a hard copy of the book rather than reading online. I just like the idea of actually having a tangible object. It allows me to see the progress I am making in the book by placing a bookmark in the pages. Laying down and reading a paper book seems more comfortable than laying down and staring at a screen. The technology is a great thing and I will most likely end up transfer to reading online, but for now I will continue to purchase the actually books in print.
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  3. seostyle

    seostyle New Member

    I just can't seem to stare at a paper book, it just bothers my eyes. I must be way to used to reading on a screen instead so I just get PDF versions of my textbooks for classes and anything I need.
  4. Yatte

    Yatte New Member

    I used to be a avid paper book supporter, until my husband got me an e-book reader for Christmas. Now I am a convert. We live in a small town where the nearest bookshop is a 100km away. Meaning I had to travel that distance or order the books online, and waiting for them for weeks to come. With my e-reader I buy, download and start reading immediately. being able to adjust the font size also cancelled my need for reading glasses. We have shelves upon shelves of paper books, and just do not have the space for any more. having the book digitally saves me space as well. In the end of the day it is ecologically a better choice as well. No trees need to be butchered for paper, chemicals and coal mined for ink, or my carbon emissions increased to get to a book store. it does take electricity to charge, but that is much less of an ecological danger that all the rest above mentioned.
  5. bidyut

    bidyut New Member

    I use both formats i.e., digital and hard copy. But for few years most of the time I prefer digital copy or e-book because it is easy for me to store in my PC. I like to visit open source digital e-book library where I can get good ebooks and we don't have to pay anything to read those ebooks. For example Project Gutenberg has a greater collection or we can say highest number of open source (free to use) ebooks. I don't get time to read all the time but whenever I want to read good e-books I like to visit PG and collect good ebooks. The good thing is that e-books are available in other formats as well so that we can read in other types of devices including mobile, e-reader or kindle etc.

    This doesn't mean that paper books are of no worth. Some percent could be replaced by e-books but we can't ignore the good importance of paper books. I've many paper books. I've been growing up by reading paper books or hard copy books only so I like to have both types e-books and hard copy books. I still read hard copy weekly magazines so I can't ignore it for any reason. To make eco friendly environment we should encourage people to plant trees. Bamboo trees are useful to make papers and it also grows faster. It is possible that after few days we'll not able to see hard copy instead of it we can only get e-books which have low cost maintenance and store digitally for thousand years without any difficulty.
  6. Apple Pi

    Apple Pi New Member

    It tends to be a mixed bag for me. I certainly do prefer a hard copy, as the printed text just goes across my eyes easier. That, and I haven't been able to afford one of those reading tablets specifically for books. The flip-side, though, is owning or obtaining the physical versions. Tangible copies are more pricey to a digital one, and they are susceptible to nature. Plus, some books I like are somewhat rare, so getting my hands on the paper version is inconvenient. Though if I can find it, I'm all for the real thing.
  7. Karto

    Karto New Member

    I read non-fiction stuff digitally because it's cheaper. However, I prefer paper books because it's a little easier to navigate throughout the pages and it feels better for my eyes.

    I'm thinking of buying a tablet for reading ebooks, but the negative reviews keep pushing me away from it. I usually read in bed so a tablet would serve pretty well for this purpose I suppose :D

    What do you think? Are tablets worth buying solely for the purpose of reading books?
  8. HeatherR

    HeatherR New Member

    I appriciate both paper and electronic books for regular reading. I only draw a hard line at cookbooks! I have to have paper cookbooks. Not only do I worry about ruining my Kindle in the kitchen, I think it's easier to flip through a paper book to find the right recipe. I also love how I can always find my favorite recipes in paper books because the page is folded, or covered in a layer of flour, or still has the grocery list stuck to it.
  9. TMCBryan

    TMCBryan New Member

    When I can, I read an eBook on my iPod Touch; however, sometimes it's easier to simply purchase the book while I'm in the store. Paper books are still very popular, and I don't see them going out for a very long time.
  10. magnetic

    magnetic New Member

    I am using both ways of reading books as they are easily avaible now - paper books, mostly books on school's purpose and also ebooks on my Kindle.
    It is amazing device using e-ink technology that doesn't bother your eyes so much as looking at normal paper book, but let's be serious, nothing can replace traditional new book, straight from shop, that smell and colorful cover. :D

    Even though I often use my Kindle, I really enjoy sitting with normal, paper book and reading when there is bad weather outside. It reminds me of childchood a lot. ;)
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  11. Clarquin

    Clarquin New Member

    Call me old fashioned, but I prefer paper books over e-books just as I prefer CDs over MP3s

    1. I love the smell of books
    2. Going to book sales to look for cheap books with great content excites me
    3. I spend about 10 hours everyday in front of a computer so I try to stay away from any form of gadget as much as I could to take a break from radiation. Paper books give me this short rest I look for
  12. Artem

    Artem New Member

    Absolutely, there's a tiny shop near where I live where they sell novels at a reduced price. Plus the fact tat they make a good collection.
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  13. alle

    alle New Member

    There`s nothing comparing with a paper book. The smell of the book, counting the pages until the end, the fact that i can stay on bed in which position i like with the small light of the lamp. It seems much easier to enter in the world of fantasy. I grow up with paper books and my children will first learn to read the same books which helped me imagine many beautiful worlds and adventures and made my childhood easier.
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  14. Kellyjean

    Kellyjean New Member

    I definitely prefer paper books. I just dreaded classes that had eBooks. It was harder to keep track of the different areas I wanted to reference in whatever paper I was writing. When one of my classes had an eBook I would usually print it out which was costly. It is also much easier on the eyes. Computer screens have me squinting after a while but perhaps if I had a Kindle it wouldn't be as bad.
  15. Sasha

    Sasha New Member

    I do. Don't think I'll ever cut them out either. Sometimes I get really tired of staring at a screen and want to see and feel a real book in my hands. That's not to say that I don't like E-Books! I like to mix it up here and there.
  16. writefish

    writefish New Member

    The convenience of tablets, nooks, kindles something I really enjoy. Having instant access to reading materials is also a plus. But there is something about that instant access that I don't like when it comes to reading for pleasure. I love to go to a bookstore, any bookstore, I have never met one I didn't like, and browse through all the books. I remember as a kid waiting for the book of the month club books to show up. It was so exciting to get the next one, especially if you were reading a series. I think that some of that anticipation and excitement helped to get me interested in reading. I like to be able to hold a book and turn the pages, and to easily go back to reread a page or two. In my mind, reading a book for pleasure is synonymous with relaxing, whereas a device such as an ipad or kindle remind me of work, and I don't enjoy work nearly as much as I enjoy relaxing.
  17. anca23b

    anca23b New Member

    Yes, paper books are still the best! I enjoy them better than an e-book because it is easier for the eyes to read on paper than on screen, paper books have a certain scent that can not be replicated by any computer. They are the classical thing and classics never die.
  18. JenStar

    JenStar New Member

    I don't own an e-reader so my book collection is rather large and there are a lot of books that I just don't have the space for. I have been looking at getting myself an e-reader and can see many benefits to it. I do however think there are still some books I would prefer to have the paper copy of.
  19. MaryG

    MaryG New Member

    Reading a paper book is like going on a mini vacation. I can get away from the computer and all the things that I feel responsible for doing and just take a break; curl up in my favorite chair; and travel to another world through the pages of the book. So even though I do a lot of reading on-line and through electronics, there is still something special about reading a paper book that I'm just not ready to replace, yet.
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  20. JenStar

    JenStar New Member

    I don't own an e-reader so my book collection is rather large and there are a lot of books that I just don't have the space for. I have been looking at getting myself an e-reader and can see many benefits to it. I do however think there are still some books I would prefer to have the paper copy of.
  21. willpostportal

    willpostportal New Member

    I enjoy reading a paper back book it is easier on the eyes and
    on the pocket book
    William Rabess
    FB -- william.rabess
  22. Kayta

    Kayta New Member

    I prefer reading paper books over ebooks. Books just aren't the same for me when reading them on an electronic device.
  23. barry

    barry New Member

    Honestly, I've had a recent experience related to this. I think many of us will agree. A while back, I subscribed to a well-known magazine. (paper-copies) I found out it more clutter to me now that I have gotten so used to getting the bulk of my information online. It just costed my wife and I 20.00 to subscribe for 10 copies, but I may end up having to apologize to my wife. We do have 2 kids too and every bit counts.
  24. Steelslady

    Steelslady New Member

    A lot of my friends have been raving about the Kindle, but honestly? Give me a paper back or hard cover any day of the week. I don't need to "charge up" a book to read it, it's portable, if it gets wet, I'll purchase another or go to the library and take it out for much cheaper than replacing a Kindle, and plus I don't want to read on a computer screen in bed, which is where I do the majority of my reading. To me, a Kindle is a waste of time and hard on the eyes. I've tried them out thanks to my friends and have determined they are not for me.
  25. AnaKatOK

    AnaKatOK New Member

    Reading on the computer is a completely different experience to me than reading an actual book. When I'm reading a PDF I tend to scan it, but with a physical copy I can linger over pages and paragraphs and take more time pondering and reconsidering. So, I guess it's PDF for researching and hard copy for leisure.
  26. Gaurav Mehta

    Gaurav Mehta New Member

    I always prefer to read a paper book than an e-book. As a matter of fact, I read a book online only if it is not available in the market or if it is not possible to print a hard copy of it. I think reading online causes a lot of distraction from social media websites and you're not always sitting in a comfortable position. Reading a hard copy eliminates all these restrictions and is also easier to navigate through and highlight.
  27. PomMom

    PomMom New Member

    I love to read paper books and probably always will. There is nothing better than taking a great read to the beach and escaping into the words while you soak up the sun! I don't think it's the same with an ebook and for many of the ebook readers it can be pretty difficult to see the screen if you are out in the bright rays of the sun!
  28. CyMan21

    CyMan21 New Member

    Yes I do read a lot of paper books. I really enjoy reading paper books! But I don't read e-books. I also really like to read comic books.
  29. d72

    d72 New Member

    I read both ebooks and paper books, there are advantages to both. I like the convenience of my ebook reader, it allows me to store a lot of books on one device and take them all with me when I travel. However, sometimes I like to take a couple of paper books when I travel to avoid the risk of the ebook reader being damaged. I will also often see paper books at low prices second hand and like to take advantage of this.
  30. Jen C.

    Jen C. New Member

    I still enjoy reading paper books. I love going to the library with my kids to read and pick out books. They get so excited to see an entire building full of books. We all sit on bean bags and read and enjoy every minute of it! I feel that e-books are great for adults, however, children should stick with paper books.

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