Do you still watch cartoons?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Kenken26199, Nov 7, 2017.


Do you still watch cartoons?

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  1. Aaron Montebon

    Aaron Montebon New Member

    I proudly admit that until now that i am 17years old i still watch and love cartoons, i dont know why but it gives me a feelings that it makes me happy and makes me forget my problems somehow. Maybe because i cant get over to my childhood memories in which i always watch cartoon together with my brother when i was younger and maybe because the quality of the cartoon now a day is different from before because it still looks greats for me
  2. Ahall2018

    Ahall2018 New Member

    Heck yes I still watch cartoons! You are never too old to watch cartoons. I do have to admit, cartoons today are nothing like they used to be, but I do still watch them. My kiddos love that I watch cartoons with them too! I personally think the best time to watch a cartoon is after a scary movie, that way you won’t have nightmares when you’re going to sleep LOL!!!!
  3. edem08

    edem08 New Member

    I still watch cartoons. It lighten up my mood when I'm down. And watching cartoons makes me look back to my childhood days which I find entertaining. But watching it really eats my time. I can watch cartoon from morning til night in just one seat.
  4. shaisisa

    shaisisa New Member

    Watching cartoons is a big part of my childhood and when I watch cartoons now, it really feels nostalgic. Also, there's nothing to be ashamed of if you're still watching cartoons even if you're not a kid anymore. I believe people will always have a hint of being a kid at heart.
  5. Yajje

    Yajje New Member

    19 years of existence in this world and I still watch cartoons, I guess some things never change. Back then, I remember when I was 9 years old, while watching an animated series of Mr. Bean which I'm fond of that time, I noticed that my parents does not watch cartoons longer than us, and I made an assumption that time that they do not like the content that cartoon has to offer, as a result I made a promise to myself that when I grow up, I will continue to watch cartoons. As of now, even though having a hectic schedule I still manages to find cartoons in my screen ranging from the classic ones that made my childhood awesome and also new cartoons that offers different and bolder perspective of today's issues.
  6. akiralee

    akiralee New Member

    Personally,be it cartoons,cartoons movies, tv series etc,if it has a good story line and cool characters enough for my taste,I'll watch whatever you put me through ,I'm not biased for one type of entertainment.I love and am following up on the Marve l and DC movie wars going on right now but it just so happens that anime has something more to it the characters,dynamics,the plots,the feels,the good guys and the bad guys you know stuff like that makes anime above almost everything else. So to answer your questions ,yes, even something to capture my interest ,I would do still watch it
  7. GrandTheftWalrus

    GrandTheftWalrus New Member

    Count me in on this. I really enjoy watching The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show!

    Tip (if for some reason you still haven't seen them):

    - The new episodes of The Simpsons are corny unlike their first 13 seasons.
    - Family Guy started corny, but the new seasons are laugh-out-loud hilarious.
    - American Dad is so-so. Sometimes boring, sometimes good.
    - The Cleveland Show was cancelled in 2013 after season 4 (Haha! *Nelson Muntz)
  8. Kevin Baldovino

    Kevin Baldovino New Member

    Yes, I do love cartoons. Cartoons is very fun to watch, it gives glitter in every single corner of my eye and recalls me my childhood days. It still gives me the same excitement whenever I see the colorful animations and powers that only cartoons can show us. I enjoy cartoons more than shows geared towards adults. It usually help me to relax and unwind.
  9. iAmMe23

    iAmMe23 New Member

    Yes I still watch cartoons. It is what my childhood is. My favorite is Tom and Jerry, cant forget I would go to our town with my mother just to buy dvd's/cd's of it. And still now I'm watching it with my cousins. I definitely won't forget how this cartoon make my childhood awesome.
  10. Aaron08

    Aaron08 Member

    When I was a child, I spend most of my time with my family, playing outdoor games with my friends and watch cartoon movies together with my older brother. I thought that I will continuously love or just like watching cartoon movies as much as I love watching them when I was a kid but I was wrong, I don't know why but maybe because I was growing older. As time passes I don't understand why my interest on watching cartoon movies had lessen or maybe lost, maybe because I am getting shy whenever my friends at school finds out that I still watch cartoon movies in my age of 15 until now that I am 18. Maybe because also of my adolescence in which my interest and likes on something has constantly changing as I grow older. For now all I know is I am no longer fan of watching cartoon movies for those possible reason but maybe someday I will learn to like watching them again.
  11. Janine2199

    Janine2199 New Member

    Well, it does not mean when you see a cartoons it means your'e a childish or whatsoever. I am a 19 yrs old and i am still watching cartoons because it's so nice to mesmerize the childhood memories that i watched when i was a child. It can also be used as a entertainment like when people get bored and nothing to do. It also used as a stress reliever for some reasons like your'e stress at work or in school, when we watch cartoons which we loved can make our minds calm and change our mood slowly by slowly. In oter half, ther'es nothing wrong to watch cartoons; children,teens or adults
  12. JM04

    JM04 New Member

    Yes I still watch cartoons especially those 3D cartoons. I have a newborn son and I think i'm going to watch more of those in the future and I would love to watch those with my little one.
  13. Ange

    Ange New Member

    Do you still watch cartoons? Yes! I still do. Cartoons makes me feel relax and happy. It brings back the childhood feels where you don't have problems and all you have to do is to watch and laugh hard. I watch cartoons when I'm having a bad times at work or if I feel stress. It is an effective way to release the stress!
  14. Ahall2018

    Ahall2018 New Member

    Heck yes I still watch cartoons! You are never too old to watch cartoons. I do have to admit, cartoons today are nothing like they used to be, but I do still watch them. My kiddos love that I watch cartoons with them too! I personally think the best time to watch a cartoon is after a scary movie, that way you won’t have nightmares when you’re going to sleep LOL!!!!
  15. Yi-Ting Wen

    Yi-Ting Wen New Member

    Of course! Cartoons reminds us of our childhood and it keeps the heart young! I'd never stop watching.
  16. Mark Meynard

    Mark Meynard New Member

    I am now at my adulting stage since I am turning 22 this year. I often encounter some problems that makes me think, "I hope I will be a child again. No problems. No dramas and piece of candy would'nt fail to make me happy". By watching cartoons such as Tom and Jerry, Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb and the like, I feel like I am 5 years old again. I love cartoons because it lets me forget reality. Just me, sitting in the chair. Watching cartoons. Forgetting my problems temporarily. Best feeling a young adult could have.
  17. toyamber

    toyamber New Member

    To be honest, I occasionally watch cartoons during my free time. Because it helps me relax and forget my problem. Cartoons for me became my safe heaven ever since. It’s like your being morphed into a place, where everything is vibrant and happy. But unlike before, I have to restrict my time watching cartoons, since I need to go back to the real world and do important things, like my job or keeping the household running. I think watching cartoons even your an adult is not a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. It’s just that you need to set boundaries.
  18. JM04

    JM04 New Member

    I really love and miss the old time favorite bugs bunny, coyote and road runner. Thay are so funny! But I love the way they make cartoons today as if they we're real. The cars, Moana and Minions and the likes did a great job. I wonder what would be the next improvements they will make.
  19. natta

    natta Member

    Yeah I still watch cartoons
  20. Legend444

    Legend444 New Member

    Yes! It is very fun even if I am too old to watch it but I really love what I felt when I`m watching cartoons it makes me happy and that happiness is I want. It feels like I am an innocent child without knowing the sad reality. They are also stress reliever and it reminds my childhood.
  21. ammabee

    ammabee New Member

    Yes, it feels like you're still a kid. One of my favorite is "Tom and Jerry" they are so funny! Even if they are always fighting at the end of the day, you'll know that they will stick to each other at any given situation.
  22. kristina07

    kristina07 New Member

    yes as I'm a loving mom to a toddler. you can probably say I watch for the sake of him!:)) Cartoons now have evolved, I can say some of the story telling are now complex and deserves to be followed like ninjago, etc. but the essence in making kids be entertained is still there, nowadays it also makes them think. i remember watching cartoons as a kid and normally going about my life after the show but kids today asks questions and are looking forward for the next episode
  23. raych

    raych New Member

    Yes I admit i still watch cartoons, especially when my nephews are around. There's nothing bad about watching cartoons even if you're old, cartoons is for all ages. And everytime i watch cartoons it brings back my childhood memories on how my cousins and i watch and laugh on every scene. Now i watch with my nephews and sometimes i am the first to laugh at the scene before my nephews and it brings relief to me from being in a stressful day. Cartoons is always entertaining to watch i guess it is the best way to escape whenever you feel sad, not in a mood or disappointed, a stress reliever. Watching cartoons the best way to bond with your kids or to those you know that are young at heart.
  24. Em Jay

    Em Jay Member

    Great question. I haven't watched or even thought to watch cartoons for the last few years. Life distracted me. Now that you mention it, is Ren & Stimpy's still on cable? I'd definitely watch that. And I might watch my Animatrix DVD again. It's the only cartoon on hand (no, that's not a copy of Bambi in the DVD rack).
  25. AlisaTR

    AlisaTR New Member

    Yes, I do. I watch cartoons with my kids all the time. They love Loud House and Sponge Bob and it's entertaining and relaxing for me to join them. Although I will admit that I do spend quite a lot of time comparing the content of some of the cartoons today with the simplicity of the cartoons I grew up on:
    • Popeye
    • Tom and Jerry
    • Captain Planet
    • Thunder Cats
    • He-Man and She-Ra
    • Batman and Robin
    • Looney Tunes
    And I am not above visiting YouTube to look them up.
  26. rkilongan

    rkilongan New Member

    Yes, I still watch cartoons even though I am on my early 30's. The fact of watching cartoons brings back childhood memories and relaxes your mind from stressful things, and enjoying it the most with my family.
  27. Randy C. Ebao

    Randy C. Ebao New Member

    Yes of course, even if I'm 29 years old now I enjoyed watching cartoons. My all time favorite was Dragon Ball Z when Goku meet Freeza and Cell, that was the exciting part of the Dragon Ball Z. Now, I'm a very fan of ONE PIECE and BORUTO but i like Luffy a lot. Even if One Piece has a 800+ episodes now, I still watch it because of the thrill on how Luffy will defeat his enemy.
  28. Jaysean

    Jaysean New Member

    Being an adult implies having responsibilities and sometimes it is good to watch a cartoon that entertains and make us laugh. In a cartoon, everything is possible, therefore everything is more fun.

    When an adult watches cartoons, he feels that he regains his childhood, being able to relive the best moments. Sometimes because he had a beautiful childhood or because he has a difficult childhood. Either way, he wants to go back in time. When one is a child, one identifies with the characters of the cartoons. For example: in The Powerpuff Girls, there is "Blossom" (pink), the coherent girl, "Bubbles" (blue), the sweetest girl and "Buttercup"(green), the most energetic girl. The three girls have strong and defined personalities.
  29. Lorang

    Lorang New Member

    I love watching cartoons! And I will definitely continue to do so. There's no shame on it. I can say it has the most influence during my formative years. I'm really into Rugrats when I was a kid, but right now I've been watching Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time and We Bare Bears. The latter one being my favorite, one character that really stands out to me is Ice Bear (who is a polar bear). Apart from the fact that I fancy a polar bear's great life with socket salmon as its primary food, I also love his monotonous voice here. It's hilarious.
  30. abbylin

    abbylin New Member

    yes.. I'll watch cartoons with my kids. peppa pig, ben and holly

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