Do you still watch cartoons?

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Do you still watch cartoons?

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  1. Markoriginals117

    Markoriginals117 New Member

    Yes, I still do. It reminds me that, I was once a child and watching cartoons, still connects me to my innocent subconcious, that has been locked up by the chains of my adulthood. Cartoons in general serves as an entertainment, however, the means for its purpose is rather diversified depending on the age of the viewers. For children, it is a very fun and indulging activity to watch cartoons, and to see their favorite character brings them Joy. But to adults, its rather an escape, I mean seeing your favorite character on screen again in a long while, brings back memories, and then, you start to tamper with your childhood. Not to mention, the secret context that certain cartoons have been hiding all these years only to be revealed to you, when you had watched the certain cartoon scene again, and then you laughed hard, because now, you got the punchline. One of my favorite Cartoon is The Amazing World Of Gumball. This cartoon is very diverse and humurous, and the audience target of this cartoon is so wide that I fell in love with it, I mean I still watch even if Im 24.
  2. aian04

    aian04 New Member

    Yes! Cartoons have been part of my childhood and I love it so much! I can't imagine life would be if there's no cartoon lol! It is fun to watch cartoon especially when you feel lonely, it can make you laugh so loud. Watching cartoon nowadays is not a bad thing, as a matter of fact, it is better to watch than other shows out there, right? :)
  3. miraclegil

    miraclegil New Member

    I watch cartoons too and adult ones as well, I feel weirdly odd watching maybe mickey mouse cartoons though I love them but I also enjoy watching Bob's Burgers and the regular show is good too! I love all kinds of cartoon shows to be honest and I'm not one bit ashamed of it, to each it's own and well everyone can suck it if they don't watch cartoons , everyone is different ! :)
  4. Christopher Lennon

    Christopher Lennon New Member

    Yes to be honest I do. If I was killing time and wanted something easy to watch I would watch the Simpsons. Albeit a more mature type of cartoon. As some others have mentioned the 90`s cartoons are by far the best Ton & Jerry, Bug`s Bunny.
    The cartoons of today totally lack the humour and simplicity they had.
  5. dashhh09

    dashhh09 New Member

    Yes, I am already a mother but I still watch cartoons. It brings me back to my childhood where I could do whatever I want not minding money or work. Cartoons livens up my mood because mostly, it is funny and hilarious. I can still remember Popeye during my elementary days. Enjoyment is what I can gain by watching cartoons. It is the best stress reliever for those who had a hectic schedule at work and needed to chill out. I highly agree with the statement, "Laughter is the best medicine", because it works for me. By watching cartoons during my free time, I am able to let out all my stress and aches.
  6. Rieis

    Rieis New Member

    Yes! I definitely still have cartoons on to watch. I'm a foster parent with little ones in my house most of the time. A favorite cartoon playing on the TV is a great way to help them feel more at ease when they first come.

    I'm also a big believer in watching with your kids. I don't use the TV as a babysitter and do my own thing. I sit and watch and cuddle with them. It opens up so many doors to conversations about right and wrong behavior. It helps to convey the thought that choices are important! I also feel that cartoons today are a valuable asset to our culture because many of the cartoons today teach so many different skills like reading, numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, etc.

    To be honest, my favorite time of the day is our cartoon time. It's the time we set aside each day to sit and cuddle to watch a cartoon/movie together as a family.
  7. swaggerboi

    swaggerboi New Member

    Definitely! Cartoons have been a significant part of my early years. Up until now, I watch them especially the ones that are on an adult level (where plots and scripts are based on current events and/or political and economic status of different parts of the world). As years progress, cartoons evolve depending on the intellectual advancement of the people. I admit that in my early teenage years I'm more inclined to cartoons involving superpowers and scientifically impossible deeds, and where you base the likeness of a cartoon through the graphics because that's what kids wanted. Nowadays, cartoons talking about political issues and involving adult and mature jokes and punchlines (I'm talking about South Park, The Family Guy and alike) are eating up my spare time.
  8. Ella23

    Ella23 New Member

    Yes, I do still watch cartoon even if my current age is 24. The delights and wonder is still there even I have aged. The entertainment and the relaxation I could get from it after a stressful day is one of the reason that I still go back to watching it. The exploration of the imagination and the delight of creating an idea into something you can share is still amazing.
  9. good101

    good101 New Member

    I love watching cartoon I have two kids and I wacth cartoon with them all the time I think cartoons are great
    my favorite one is Family Guy :thumbsup:
  10. jonathan15

    jonathan15 New Member

    I'd love to watch cartoon when i was a young boy and still like to watch it with my kids now, for me it was bonding for us while we are watching it, and i remember myself when i was i kind when i see my kids watching cartoon, so i always told them to watch not just to enjoy but to learn some good thoughts specially in friendship.
  11. Melody1865

    Melody1865 Member

    YES! it is also my favorite past time.. when I'm toxic i watch my favorite cartoons like , Oggy and the cockroach/Tom and jerry/ loud house/pokemon/dragon ball. they are all my stress reliever i suddenly forget being toxic.. And watching cartoons it not just for kids it is for all of us , we can also remember all of the things that we've done were we are just a kid watching those cartoons..
  12. Kwinsil

    Kwinsil New Member

    Yes, I still watch cartoons even up to this day. Those who watch cartoons are sure to come across with a lot of cartoon lessons. The lessons that an adult learns through the animations are very useful in real life, and they can be applied as practical solutions to various problems. Cartoons show the right path ahead to those who want to enter into their love life or those who do not know how to impress a girl of their choice. Many parents find it tough to deal with their kids and as a result, they make use of wrong or harmful methods to bring them up. Many online cartoons teach parents how to nurture their children and how to educate them. Adults from all walks of life are benefited from watching cartoons regularly. Cartoons show us how to become a successful leader, how to develop good friends, how to be a good friend and how to build up confidence. Those who watch cartoons selectively are always confident. They are able to deal with complex situations in a better way. There are also cartoon lessons that teach us how to live healthily. Cartoons provide valuable tips to eat healthily as well as live healthy. The adults who regularly watch the online cartoons are able to gather many useful tips regarding spending money and finance. Many cartoon shows provide useful information for shopping. We get useful information about the latest products as well as fashions that are trendy. The cartoons provide comparisons among the leading brands. When we view the cartoon shows, we get the message that any problem can be solved.
  13. ericladrera

    ericladrera New Member

    I really love cartoons. Like if someone offers me to have a million of dollars by not watching a cartoons, I rather choose to die . hahaha . I love watching a series or a movie that makes me laugh anytime which cartoons or anime can. Aside from having a bright graphics cartoon characters make impossible things possible.

    This is the only way that can remind me of my childhood. It brings me back to the time where my only problem is what game should I play.
  14. cutieee

    cutieee New Member

    Watching cartoons doesn't have any age limits. Yes, I am still watching cartoons even though I am already a teenager. I don't know but it makes me feel happy to watch the movies that I am watching when I am still a kid. And now, I still have a lot of learnings while I'm watching a cartoon. It's just amazing to see how the graphics change from time to timetime. When I was a little kid, all I can remember is a sketch of mickey mouse. But now, wow! It makes me want to watch the mickey mouse clubclubhouse. Cartoons are eye catchers. They catch everybody's attention, from kid to adults.

    Watching a cartoon is not bad at all.
  15. Jesaiah23

    Jesaiah23 Member

    Yes. sometimes just to kill my boredom. i always watch cartoon network show, it is my stress reliever. It brings my childhood memories and specially when some kid ask me question i can give them answer haha. i really love watching cartoon.
  16. avramdenisa

    avramdenisa New Member

    Bojack Horseman is one of my favorite series and it happens to be an animation so the answer is a wholehearted yes. If we're talking cartoons aimed at a younger audience, not really but from time to time, for the sake of nostalgia, of course. I don't really see cartoons around on tv anymore, though. Kids these days seem to be more into live-action series which is such a shame.
  17. monicaaigan05

    monicaaigan05 New Member

    i still love watching cartoon even if I'm already 27 years old. specially Spongebob Squarepants he is always positive and so bubbly about life like everything is great and he wants to be friends with everyone and he is so funny
  18. Henrychua21

    Henrychua21 New Member

    There are cartoon lessons to be learned by children and even adults, whether you watch classic cartoons online, or you were present during the morning cartoons era where we gathered around the TV with our family or friends.
  19. ian141

    ian141 New Member

    Some people might think that it's weird if an adult is still watching and actually enjoying cartoons. However, I watch them quite frequently! Of course, not the very kiddy ones but I prefer cartoons such as the Family Guy - the sorts that use very dry, sarcastic humor. I feel like such cartoons actually relax me and genuinely make me laugh. We are all already stressed out from our daily lives and the fast tempo of things, it's important to still find time to unwind.

    When I was a child, my favorite cartoons were always on the Cartoon Network but sadly, they've changed them a lot. I noticed that they're full of robots and sci-fi things nowadays which isn't my style at all.
  20. shancano

    shancano New Member

    Yes! I am still 12 though and maybe that's why.. Cartoons are amazing and I can't get used to it. I look forward to watching my favorite shows at night!
  21. Milmar4711

    Milmar4711 Member

    Yes I still watch cartoons, but I guess they really lean more towards anime than the cartoons that I grew up with, the cartoons that are out there today, seem to be geared to an IQ of 10 or less.

    Shows like Sponge Bob, and Teen Titans Go, seem to have be become the norm for cartoons, the animation is poor or at least cheap, at least in design, with little rhyme or reason.

    So let me revise my answer, NO, I do not still watch cartoons.

    But I do watch anime and high-end animation.
  22. sidiroma

    sidiroma New Member

    I used to watch cartoons with my nieces a few years ago, but I found those cartoons rather weird and very different from the ones I watched when I was a little girl. However, I still like to watch some classics. Even my perception of those has changed because they were funnier to me then and there was no other message implicit in them. I still laugh with them and find them entertaining. I guess my favorite is “Scooby Doo”.
  23. Chediak-Higashi

    Chediak-Higashi New Member

    At age 22 I would not lie about watching cartoons I love watching cartoons feels like I never grow old, watching cartoons can remove stress and loneliness, watching cartoons make you happy and forget your problems for a while so I will suggest that even you're old never stop watching cartoons.
  24. menggay

    menggay Member

    Yes, I am a mother of three and grew up watching cartoons. Even when I was studying in college with all the series, music videos and basketball match, I still have time to watch a specific cartoon. Since I let my kids watch cartoons for me to do my chores as a mom, it also became our bonding time. We watched animation movies in cinema or just play one in our home just to relax and have some fun. It also brings out the youth in me and brings my kids and I closer.
  25. Benjonnell Ramos

    Benjonnell Ramos New Member

    I grew watching cartoons, and I will never get sick of it, the cartoon has been my childhood, It can remove my anxiety and loneliness. A cartoon is a type of animation and episode, possibly animated, typically in a not realistic or semi-realistic or super realistic style. The specific meaning has evolved over time but still has the same idea, but the modern usage usually refers to either: an image or series of images intended for comedy, caricatures, humorous athmosphere; or a motion picture that relies on a sequence of illustrations for its animation. Someone who creates cartoons in the first sense is called a cartoonist, and in the second since they are usually called an animator. The first cartoon was maybe invented in 1990 on national tv.:)
  26. louisse30

    louisse30 New Member

    Yes, i do watch cartoons, some people may think watching cartoons at this age is quite a childish thing, but i dont care. Watching cartoons feel better it reminds me of my chilhood days. Cartoons i very fun, very entertaining and i feel relax.And another reason why i still watching cartoons because of my hubby,
  27. Natasha_. k

    Natasha_. k New Member

    I do still watch cartoons because they are not only entertaining from their funny scenery but also teach us lessons though the subject matter of each story
  28. HiIamHans

    HiIamHans New Member

    I am 18 years old and I don't know why I am still hooked to cartoons. I really love watching cartoons with my siblings most of the time. My favorite cartoons right now are Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, and Clarence. I hope there guys like me at there too hahaha.
  29. Jhulia

    Jhulia New Member

    Of course I do. Sometimes watching cartoons helps me to relieve my stress, it tells me that everything's gonna be alright because it brings me back to my childhood days. Cartoon characters uplift my mood whenever I am sad, and they are really entertaining, specially We Bare Bears and Rabbids.
  30. Nicel25

    Nicel25 New Member

    Yes, even though I'm already 21 years old, I still watch cartoon movies from time to time, especially "Tom and Jerry", the true definition of immortal. I can still remember the title of the episodes in tom and jerry.

    And one more thing, I know you are all familiar with Doraemon? for me, it is one of the best cartoon movie of all times because it shows the unbreakable friendship of human and a robot, despite of their differences they still managed to live together.

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