Do you surf the internet for fun or to learn?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Abdul Haseeb, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. kyleddude

    kyleddude New Member

    It's interesting that nowadays, you can both learn and have fun at the same time while surfing the web. Gamification is everywhere and allows us to enjoy learning.
  2. mikay777

    mikay777 New Member

    I surf the internet for fun and to learn. Nowadays, surfing the internet is already a part of our lifestyle. It has become a need. I'm fascinated by how it can change our lives. With just a click, It can take you anywhere. It is very helpful since it is making our lives more convenient. I can't imagine life without internet.
  3. patriciamamon

    patriciamamon New Member

    I surf the internet for both reasons. Why? The internet is filled with sites that would inform me while i laugh at a meme. this will help me in my learning process to multitask and focus at any given situation. Learning is the act of acquiring new or modifying and reinforcing existing knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences which may lead to a potential change in synthesizing information, depth of the knowledge, attitude or behavior relative to the type and range of experiences,according to Wikipedia. So that means that it gives us as people the changing perspective.

    Fun? what's not to love with Facbook, Twitter, Instagram and youtube. It helps me find my daily dose of laughter.
  4. xobe

    xobe New Member

    I browse internet most of the time because I have two kids who needs answers for their assignments. Learning is fun, if you know how to deal with different websites, various opportunities are waiting there. It made our lives easier with the help of internet access. But for some, they are hook only for fun, gaming in short. Visiting websites provide the needs of many and as time goes, internet provider are planning to improve the speed and accessibility of it. All of the material that we use to know historically like encyclopedia, dictionary, map, books are visible to look at websites now. The good thing is, while searching for some ideas online, you can still open another tab for entertainment (fun). Again, too much fun nor learning with the use of internet access is not good, do not expose yourselves in visiting websites, it may cause some illness due to its radiation.
  5. sweetpot81

    sweetpot81 New Member

    Surfing the internet is a way of fun at the same time learning. Most of the time I browse the net for the purpose of learning. It's a great tool for me to know the latest features that the amazing world of internet can provide me specially that I'm planning to be a freelancer soon. Watching from YouTube, reading forums and blogs are my ways of learning. I find it easy and really helpful. Learning new recipe and house decorations as well. As a mother working OFW it's also a way for me to help my daughter with her homeworks regarding research. It's bridging our connections , fulfilling the feelings that just like I'm around her. Through navigating the web I'm learning what should I expect at her age, her developmental, social and physical changes. Learning by surfing the internet for me is a way of fun and relaxation. Amazing!
  6. Justus Mark Maina

    Justus Mark Maina New Member

    The internet acts as the digital library to the modern age.Due to its vast broad, better and accurate information coverage. I like it for many personal references,and it satisfies most of the time.Be it fun or studies it seems everything is great there.Got lots of websites to entertain my favourite being YouTube,and has the dictionary which I always like searching at times if I need it.Anyway its a great tool for information for everyone to try as long as it exists.
  7. jjjjj12345

    jjjjj12345 New Member

    I surf the internet for fun and to learn.

    As a student and now a professional, the internet have provided one of the means in information gathering. You are not limited to learning what your course or work needs you to learn, but internet actually gives you a platform to explore different ideas that you are unaware of, interested or anything under the sun that may benefit you.

    Fun on the otherhand is a completely different side of the internet. While you do your work also via the internet, the fun part is your breather in the internet. You can play games and join social media for example.
  8. Lloyd Lebumfacil

    Lloyd Lebumfacil New Member

    I do a lot of using internet at home, work, and everywhere. It is for fun and for learning also. Many ways you can enjoy the benefits of the internet for it makes life to the fullest. While you are bored, you can watch movies and other entertainment you like. You can play games through internet which can be a hobby of yours. Social media where you can share and post your daily activities. Search engine for your query and research. But most of all do all the ways you want to the internet, just don't abuse it for it is a time wasting activity sometimes.
  9. Kambas

    Kambas New Member

    Using the internet for work purposes mostly, also for research and education.

    It is one of the most powerful tools we currently have as a society because of all the opportunities available.
    Being able to connect with people on the other side of the world within a click is something really amazing!
    Always be careful of scams guys.
  10. Bigblue0212

    Bigblue0212 New Member

    I surf the internet both for fun and to learn. I watch videos on youtube to relax and have fun. Most of the videos I watch makes me laugh. There are also some videos wherein I learn new things. I learn new applications on my laptop and smart phone that I never knew and at the same time learn new websites that can entertain me. The internet makes it fun for me to stay home instead of going out and spending money at malls. It also gives me a lot of information which I learn instantly instead of going to classes or paying an instructor to teach me.
  11. Maldita

    Maldita New Member

    Its actually both, since I work from home I search the internet most of the time not only to learn about new things but also to make money out of it but I also use it to watch movies during idle time
  12. jedep27

    jedep27 New Member

    I used to surf the internet just for fun like checking facebook statuses of friends, watching youtube videos or just about anything that interests me. However, I started noticing friends selling online and earning online. So now, I am using internet to source out extra income. I now have my own online retail store though small scale. Also, I am watching videos on tutorials on many skills that I can develop to be a virtual assistant like web development and wordpress, adobe photoshop and the likes. And I'm also registering to some legit websites that pays like postloop, snuckles and more so that while I can have fun, I am also earning. Internet is just amazing, isn't it?
  13. rellayei

    rellayei New Member

    Internet is everything. We can do everything under the sun, space, and even imaginary thru the internet. So why not maximize to surf using the internet? I surf the internet for fun and to learn of course. I spend the rest of my time surfing the internet thru Facebook. In the means of this, I am always updated to my friends and also I am also updated to the trends in the whole wide world at the same time learning to tutorial videos and latest news.
  14. bryantkobe24

    bryantkobe24 New Member

    Well for me I'm using internet to gain and acquire more knowledge by reading articles,discoveries,inventions and math tricks, I use it to make my homeworks when it is needed to make a research for it and streaming online news across the globe. I also use it to download online games and make new fun with my friends.
  15. Warren24

    Warren24 New Member

    I surf the net because I need information about a specific subject. We all know that internet gives us an access to everything. It is a powerful tool which can help us to learn. It is a library of millions of books which you can extract an information. I'm using the internet to learn and be more productive.
  16. Both of them, I surf the internet to search for knowledge and learn new things and educate myself.
    The internet today is a big help for me it gives me a lot of thing like if I want something to buy a gadget
    I have to search the google to gives me more information about that gadget and what is the advantages and disadvantage of that gadget and the reviews of the other owner gives me an idea!

    I learn a lot in internet like how to repair and troubleshooting electronics parts and whats the remedy, and the best parts is the Forum site you can exchange words to the people you never knew you can ask for help about the electronics troubleshooting.

    When boredom strike I watch in youtube listening music, watching movies and trailer funny videos
    and a lot of things I watch travel videos and learn the culture of the people lives in.

    Internet Rules!
  17. yunastrid12

    yunastrid12 New Member

    To learn. I always love to watch documentaries through History channel ever since when i was a child. And now that surfing the internet is part of our daily lives, I have all the opportunities to surf through internet and learn something new. Yes, i go to some sites to play, read mangas and go to some social networking sites but i always open at least one website in a different window just to have a daily dose of learning something awesome. I'm fond of watching documentaries about early civilizations and how they are able to innovate some things that inspired scientists of our modern times.I never missed a day without learning something new through internet.Knowledge is power!
  18. royce153624

    royce153624 New Member

    i surf internet for learn and also for fun i search many ideas and how to work online and to know it is legit or not. as a freelancer internet is very useful for me i learn many things that makes me get extra income for my family and also look for other things and opportunities that will help me to change my life situation . i surf internet also for fun to relax my mind and get off stress.
  19. makmakxl1

    makmakxl1 New Member

    I am an engineer and always I look in the internet for the new ideas that come up nowadays. Also every time I want to know about something that are not connected to my field I surf in the internet to increase my knowledge. There are a lot of ideas in the internet that can add up to my knowledge to other field of expertise.
  20. romnick

    romnick Member

    A lot times I do browsing because I want to learn. Because I don't know too much when it comes to technology, I have a lot of websites I visited to watch , to read of what is happening in technology right now, updates and many more.
  21. Dabb

    Dabb New Member

    Both, and that's why the Internet is one of the world's largest resource. You can use it for entertainment, to collaborate, build amazing projects, or just pass time with cute pictures of kittens.
  22. MikeG

    MikeG New Member

    These days, I surf to learn. Back in the day, I went on the internet to learn about what the celebs were up to. That didn't do much for my soul lol

    Now, I go on to read about what is happening in the world, learn a new skill or even take some classes. It's amazing what we have at our disposal and it doesn't cost a thing.

  23. Ally Way

    Ally Way New Member

    Like I thought, most people are for the 'Both Team'. I am too! Have to stick to my YouTube and gossip forums while learning from educational forums and videos of the like. That's just my life though. I shop at a store one day, learn about that store the next. When there is no balance. I can't unclog my mind. In fact, isn't it recommended that the average Joe teeter both ways if they are going engage in an activity for most of their life? Don't tell me that the Internet doesn't take up a majority of people's lives. :p
  24. bullet0426

    bullet0426 New Member

    Both, every one want to learn and yet we want fun. But some people using internet for fun because some of them don't have any friends or they have a problem they using internet to make them happy. And the other people they using internet to learn, they want to learn more using some website. They go to school to study, but not all teachers are taught about life. Some people using website for the tutorial mostly students they want to be advance. If you want to learn go to the website then that's it. It's too easy to learn now a days you can learn whenever you want.
  25. cabreraallynmae

    cabreraallynmae New Member

    For fun and to learn. I usually surf just for fun but then it always ended up searcching things that i could learn. Most of the time i search about the stories of people that got succesful in terms of their businesses and after reading their story it got me inspired and courage to do things i thought i can't.
  26. bude

    bude New Member

    There's many reason to surf online maybe to have some fun and to research or learn things through the help of internet. As for me surfing in to the internet helps me to discover lot of things while having a fun on it :)
  27. Stefanie0423

    Stefanie0423 New Member

    Internet started during the last phase of 20th Century. Those who were born the time it started no longer have difficulties when it comes to Academic Studies. Internet contributed a lot to us most especially those who are privilege to have access on it anytime. Works that are impossible to accomplish within a day made easier by the use of Internet. Using it as means of learning is my top priority. On the other hand, it is also used as a way of doing something fun other than learning. I myself is fond of watching movies, playing games, reading online, visiting social network sites, etc., but that is if I have ample of time.
  28. Internet has made learning materials accessible more than ever. You can play a video on youtube and then suddenly you know how to do this or that. However there internet has also a bad side. Being unproductive for a whole day reading posts on your newsfeed isn't a very good thing. I would say that balancing the two is the answer for this problem.
  29. rlsuarez

    rlsuarez New Member

    Nowadays, I surfed the internet mostly to search, learn something and to make money. Well doing this is both giving me knowledge and entertainment plus extra income which sounds pretty good. I usually visit sites that offer online jobs and blogs with useful and updated contents.
  30. Jenna David

    Jenna David New Member

    Despite all the internet's pros and cons, I think people still browse it every minute of every day! And.. I'm one of them. It's really fun to browse the net as you can learn a lot of things, from watching different videos, sharing blogs, posting pictures, learning from tutorials and making friends. More so, the internet plays a big role in my job as a teacher. Without the internet my life will be boring. In fact, I don't watch TV anymore, instead I just check the internet and voila! I am now updated on everything that is happening around the world!

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