Do you think a child can learn just by reading books?

Discussion in 'Books' started by sorianoandrhea, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. sorianoandrhea

    sorianoandrhea New Member

    I think, yes. A child can learn even just by reading books. Yes, a teacher has a major contribution to a child's learning but I believe that books are powerful enough for a child gain knowledge. But of course, a child still need his or her parents' guidance. After all, parents are our the first teachers. ;)
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  2. kgail

    kgail New Member

    Yes definitely a child can learn from reading books. even adults can learn a thing or two just by reading. And as a child they must explore their surroundings so they can learn more. But the parents should still guide their child everything that they do. Parents is the one responsible in nurturing their child until they are old enough to make their own decision. Sure books are one great way of teaching your child but nothing beats what they will learn from their parents. Because our home is our first school and our parents are the best teacher:):):)
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  3. paul0000

    paul0000 Member

    I think it's a YES, it depends on their age because sometimes children at the age of 8 below commonly need parental guidance but some of them were gifted. Children can learn briefly just by reading books if it is their habit. We cannot blame them if they don't like books on their table. We cannot force children to prioritize only the books during their entire life and we all know that they also need entertainments as for the best experience during childhood days. They will only learn if they saw another child who read books to convince and persuade them learn pieces of information from books.
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  4. Rein_15

    Rein_15 New Member

    No, because they will also need the help of his/her elders or teachers when he/she cant understand something. It is better that when a child is reading, there are someone who is guiding the child, so he/sge can learn better
  5. Em Jay

    Em Jay Member

    I agree, Soriano. Teachers and parents are valuable guides, but only if they are of sound mind and character. What about the child with irresponsible teachers and parents who have nothing valuable to impart? That child would be better off with books alone, than with interference from adults who would lead them astray.

    Given the current state of American and Australian schools, I think most kids in these countries would be better off without teachers today. Responsible parents are still important, and they should tear their children out of the system to home-school them, if they want their children to reach their potential and grow up as well-adjusted adults.
  6. rency joy pudlao

    rency joy pudlao New Member

    I think,Yes. A child can learn just by reading different kinds of books. Yes parent, friends, teachers can also contribute, but I think that books that are short or long are more extravagant enough for a child to gain knowledge, but at the end the children still need the advice from elders.
  7. rkilongan

    rkilongan New Member

    Absolutely , reading in an early age is quite essential to a child, however the parents supervision must be always be there.
  8. angel.says

    angel.says New Member

    it all depend of the child's capacity to comprehend a book.. each child is different, a parent is needed to guide the child's learning and help the child to discover the fun of learning things on different perspective.
  9. jhetotzzzz

    jhetotzzzz New Member

    Hi! i didn't agree on this. Children can't learn by reading. Please be specific with this what kind of children? Those who attended school already? Those nursery?
    First Children can't learn how to read all by themselves they need someone who will teach them. So logic is they can't learn buy just reading, they can learn by LISTENING let your child watch educational Television series where they can adopt how to speak, and read.
    Sorry for those who say's they can learn by just reading yes if they know how to READ already basic logic of it.
    First teach them how to read. Before they can learn from READING.
  10. Zoewrites

    Zoewrites New Member

    A child can learn just from reading books, but I think there should be other learning opportunities to go along with it.
  11. when reading books one of the tools to learn and identify all the things. Parents one of the guardian of reading by there children. Lot of things you learn in book.
  12. ItsTheRealTRLG

    ItsTheRealTRLG New Member

    Yes children will really learn if they read some books.. reading books might be difficult for a child but they can be entertain by just reading some books that have pictures on it, those cartoon pictures.. and i have another way for a child to learn new things, just let him explore the world and experience it.. for me the best teacher in the world is experience and its really helpful, cause if you stumble and get up that's a experience and you will never want to stumble again so that's why for me experience is the best teacher in the world..
  13. Thonuel

    Thonuel New Member

    Absolutely not, reading is not the only means of learning and among all the means of learning, reading has not proven to be the most effective means especially for children.
    That is why if you go to nursery and primary schools, they do more of reciting and watching than reading and writing. I presume it is because at that point, time and age in life, their brains are more capable of remembering and understanding things and events when it is repeated over and over.
    Reading as easy as people paint it can be relatively hard for students, and more difficult for pupils(children) this is because they have not cultivated the habit of focus; they can be easily distracted by quite irrelevant things.
    Reading is not bad, but I don't think any child can learn just by reading books. There are other means of learning available (reciting, watching, listening etc) for children and some are more effective than reading, so why go low when you can go high.
    Also consider the fact that, reading is the education of ones self (which is limited) as against teaching, and if you know better you will affirm that you learn better/faster when you teach than when you read, so children trying to teach each other is also an effective means of learning.
  14. MajesticPandora

    MajesticPandora New Member

    No, a child can't JUST learn by reading books. A child can have an initial knowledge about something by reading books, but he is only a child. He still needs someone to guide him, someone to interpret things to him, and someone to answer his queries. Aside from attaining knowledge about something or about doing something, the child also needs application, learn how to apply his knowledge in actual things for he will never understand it fully if he never experienced it himself, that's why we say that experience is the best teacher. So no, I don't think reading books is enough for a child, or even for a full-grown man for that matter.
  15. Gendale

    Gendale New Member

    It is a yes for me, when a child in an early stage starts to read or become a fan of reading books , a child could acquire language skills thus helps them to become a good reader ,it will develop their ability of understanding and they could acquire a good vocabulary just by reading books.
  16. bienn05

    bienn05 Member

    Yes, it can definitely help children develop their skills in reading and it can also help expand the child's vocabulary. Reading books is very helpful to everyone not just for kids but also for teenagers and adults wanting to learn more. Reading is a very good exercise to our minds. It helps in stimulating our brain cells. Books provides us inspiration, thought, knowledge, and the reflection we needed to further understand things. Reading a variety of books exposes children to have a wide range of vocabulary and also learn how to write properly and intellectually.

    Sadly, in the present years, books are not recognized by the young ones because of the internet. Children are very exposed to the internet and influenced them not to read books and not to play outside there houses and choosing just to play games with their gadgets. Books are not very popular in today's era not like in the past. Youtube and google are preferred now than books because of the convenience that the internet gave us.

    Like me, I am born with the internet at my side and I honestly do not have the foundation of the vocabulary I want. The internet influence me just to watch videos whenever I wanted to learn something. Now that I have graduated from college, I realize that books are very important. Especially when you want to learn or expand your vocabulary or just practice the way you pronounce words. Although books are no longer popular now, reading books are no question one of the best thing you can do to learn new things.
  17. grjaizn

    grjaizn New Member

    Yes because they will easily learn some languange skills or even vocabulary words little by little. They also identify the characters and they feel what are they feeling. In reading, a child begin to understand and relate to emotions.
  18. Airra

    Airra New Member

    It depends on the learning capability of the child, there are different techniques of teaching that can be easily adapted by different children. Some child can easily learn by seeing pictures while others can easily learn through reading.
  19. Samart

    Samart New Member

    Yes, a child can learn by reading a book. He can also learn by watching TV, it all depends what his or her brain intakes, as it is basically a learning instinct that babies have, they are curious by nature because their brain is trying to figure out how life around it works, so its the best time to get a child interested in learning, by having them read and watch educational programs, but most important thing is to take them out to explore and learn the world, that way they keep asking questions and maybe look up at the stars and ask how does that work? You might be helping the next generation explore space.
  20. Jesse Hallaway

    Jesse Hallaway New Member

    Not by reading alone, to learn is to find out how to apply it to the world. You can learn plenty by just being in the world, reading from books locks oneself into another persons world which may not be yours. You should read for many reasons but to learn you have to make mistakes.
  21. aftabyunis

    aftabyunis New Member

    Well from my point of view, there are many activities which help a child to learn, not the books alone can help. They are by nature a very good investigators and one of the best thing in them that they love to explore. So whatever they do, they are learning something out of it and this is their one of the best start.
  22. mdayrit

    mdayrit New Member

    Reading a book is just one tool to learn. Forming a habit of reading keeps our brain active and it is said to help improve comprehension. With reading, we are able to learn information that we do not encounter on a daily basis. It widens our knowledge as well as vocabulary. But I believe that learning should not only depend solely on reading books. Application and experiences could go well in teaching us what we need to learn. There are different problems that we can encounter everyday. And not all of it is written in books. We need to experience things in order to know how to react and solve them.
  23. regineblas

    regineblas Member

    Yes, a child can learn by the books because through books children can expose or become familiarize easily with the basic learning through books you may see the pictures or drawing so the children can understand the particular language.
  24. Renzo123

    Renzo123 New Member

    I think i child could actually learn by reading books. Based on my own experience when i am reading books, i often encounter words that I didn’t know then i would research that word and end up learning new term. And while reading you can improve grammar and speech.
  25. bethylmh

    bethylmh New Member

    Yes, a child can learn by just reading. In my opinion, when a child heard what he read he will associate it on the object of he read. That's when the comprehension takes place. I remember there's like a subject or way of discussion in our English subject as "reading and comprehension" in my elementary days. To be honest during my first three years in elementary, I don't like English language specially when reading a story. Maybe because many words are unknown to me and I more like Math subject. I could read but mostly I don't understand what I read. English is so foreign to me.

    I still agree that a child can learn by just reading in the language he is used to. What is important is to let them read in the language they are familiar or in the language of their country for them to understand.
  26. Abbi.lewin

    Abbi.lewin New Member

    No, books are one of the mechanisms or features involved in the part played in secondary socialization. Children need not be only exposed to books to learn but also to their primary agents such as their family. Children can also learn through experiences, observations and discussions. These outlines offer a variety of avenues that can enable children to learn. It is therefore not every child that is capable of grasping every material from a book as quickly others, while some are vastly not interested to read a book. It is scientically proven that children learn quite quickly through experiences, observations and among others. If there is a combination of these things along with reading a book so can children learn but if it is strictly books it unlikely that children will learn as each are designed differently; some will benefit while others may not.
  27. orfia

    orfia New Member

    for me its yes, my little sister learning via watching and on her baby books.
  28. Zoe1208

    Zoe1208 New Member

    Yes, a child can learn by reading books but it depends on how they understood it. A child's mind has no limit in their imagination so they still need guidance. I personally allow my daughter to read books and stay in the internet to search things on her own yet I still manage to guide her especially internet has no restrictions on what she can discover. I still teach her and we practice together the things that she learned either from books or from internet. We, parents are still the best teacher to our children.
  29. regineblas

    regineblas Member

    Dont you know that the books are the first step to learn how to read and write because books ar really help us to start on our business matters that help us to become knowledgeable person. Now a days books are limited to be notice because of the new technologies invented throught with this books are being ignore by the others but some are using it to develop their skills and personality.
  30. sniper608

    sniper608 New Member

    Yes, but they need also guidance of the parents itself. Children love to explore they have broad imaginations. Let them explore their world. Children learn through visualization.

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