Do you think Aliens really Exist ?!

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by HumanLocket456, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. HumanLocket456

    HumanLocket456 New Member

    Some people believe that aliens exists in our world years ago and sill exists till now but didn't really appear much .. As others think that Aliens doesn't even exist in our world .. What do you think about this ?
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  2. JenniferHasty

    JenniferHasty New Member

    I think that it would be unlikely for aliens to not exist when considering how large our universe is. I think the real question is does intelligent life exist outside of our planet? I'm sure on some far away planet there are single-cell organisms, maybe even some more complex organisms, like plants. Are there creatures out there that are as complex and intelligent as we are? Perhaps even more intelligent. If these creatures exist then why haven't they attempted to contact us?
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  3. raela18

    raela18 New Member

    Definitely. The universe is as vast as it can be. It is really no surprise if one day humans come in contact with aliens though our perception as to how they look, how they think and how they speak may be different when faced with a real alien. I sometimes wonder, on their minds, they think that we are the aliens and we have this weird body structure and everything. The universe is just fascinating.
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  4. Lilly03

    Lilly03 New Member

    I really do think that somewhere out there in the galaxy,aliens do exist.I strongly believe that whatever can be imagined is already out there or about to come into being. Movie producers have for a long time played around with the idea of aliens -i think they exist, they are out there somewhere...
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  5. Mahmoud Saieed

    Mahmoud Saieed New Member

    Me personally i think that they really exist because if you think about it you will find that in most religions they said that god created what we never knew which maybe these aliens that we dont know how they look or where are they .. that's my thoughts
  6. j4ke

    j4ke New Member

    We have aliens all around us. The deep sea animals are so alienated to us, for example. more radical thought experiment is, that aliens reach us through natural psychedelic drugs, such as DMT and psilocybin.
    Back to "reality", I`m pretty sure that there are some alien materials, or maybe even bodies. in area 51, and some other "research facilities "
  7. Lianne Goreo Horan

    Lianne Goreo Horan New Member

    I believe in them. Our Earth is only a dot in a map and that map is the whole universe. As Stephen Hawking said, There would be a parallel universe. Those who live in there look so much like us and they're in different situation. There's nothing wrong if you believe them or not. Watch them invade us. Lol.
  8. Yen Marbs

    Yen Marbs New Member

    As a child, I am always fascinated by the supernatural. spirits, ghosts, and even aliens. grew up in a household were my siblings constantly glued in the television every X-Files episode.

    I may not be totally convinced that there is really one, but the possibility is as big as the universe. There are a million or so galaxies like ours that can support life. maybe in a few million light years away, there are people like ours who are more advanced that they are now studying us without us knowing it.

    As what the cliche says, the truth is out there.
  9. jhengb

    jhengb New Member

    Aliens or Extra Terrestrial Beings exist. Scientists themselves are saying they are exist. The universe is vast. Milky Way alone have billions of stars that could have planets potential for human life. Government and even private entities around the world were working tirelessly to create prototypes to look for stars that have planets in habitable or goldilocks zone, take Kepler telescope as example.

    As to Aliens exist on Earth is something I'm not sure of. Maybe they exist or maybe government is making extra efforts in covering every details up to hide the truth. As long as there are no concrete evidences proving they did visit us I won't believe it. Due to technological advancement in this generation, government cannot hide the truth in there any.
  10. Starmaiden

    Starmaiden New Member

    If humans can exist then why not other planetary civilizations in our universe? I tend to think of them not as Aliens, but as our extended family. Sometimes I believe that because our planet is so young and our civilization so primitive compared to others out there, that humanity was decended from other cosmic civilizations and placed upon the earth to grow and evolve.
  11. kimlevisolis

    kimlevisolis New Member

    Even if they do exist, not really a good idea to interact with them. We all know what unfortunate outcome happens when advanced civilizations make contact with lesser ones. It usually ends bad for the latter, These scientists should stop trying to call them out, they've been listening to space, using powerful radio telescopes, hoping to pick up signals from civilizations in distant space, and should they start beaming signals back into earth, what now? Likely these beings, with far more advanced capabilities ,will get the initiative and from there on good luck on us humans.
  12. monicaaigan05

    monicaaigan05 New Member

    For me, I believe that it's arrogant to say or even to believe that we are alone in this multiverse I don't know the data or numbers but there are many
    Habitable planets out there so it's not impossible that Alien or Extra Terrestrial Beings really potentially exist
  13. Given the scope of the known universe, it seems like a statistical improbability that extraterrestrials don't exist.
    There is a good chance they had a hand in building ancient world structures. Moreover, many say Hindu gods are basically depictions of aliens that came down.
  14. Serifina_Lovelace

    Serifina_Lovelace New Member

    If the multiverse theory is true, then there must be a universe that aliens do exist.

    But the question is, what is an alien and how will we identify it? How the media currently views aliens is a rather sketchy thing, so we can't really say for sure what aliens look like. What actually boggles my mind are questions like "how will we know that it is not another kind of human that exists in a parallel universe?" Also, "do these kinds of "humans" count as aliens or not?"

    Sentient and intelligent creatures that do not look like us that come from another planet or universe are easy to identify as aliens, after all.
  15. ijba0913

    ijba0913 New Member

    I believe in Aliens.
    The Universe is so big.
    It has is vast space that is impossible that only us are living it.

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