Do you think Facebook is an important platform to express emotions?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Hope Denosta, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Hope Denosta

    Hope Denosta New Member

    Who goes to facebook every minute and posts how they see things, how they are feeling, what they are doing at the moment and what they are up to every single time? Is it fun or even healthy? Want to hear from you guys. Thanks!
  2. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    For me, Facebook can be a platform to express emotions. But, it is not an ideal avenue for you to vent out your anger. Anger begets more anger as they say. In Facebook, you may have friends who accept you whatever you do, but there will always be people who will judge and badmouth you for not thinking before clicking.
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  3. shichijane

    shichijane New Member

    We have the right to exercise our freedom of expression, but, sometimes, people misuse it. We can express emotions as long as they won't affect you or other people in a bad way later on. As they say, never "wash dirty linen in public" for it is not a good value. If you want to maintain a harmonious relationship with your Facebook friends, you have to think before you click.
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  4. 3lectrolytes

    3lectrolytes New Member

    in life today where we seek attention and make friends, Facebook is the right app for people who want to express there feelings and emotion during a particular day. today, most of our friends and relatives have a facebook account so we can connect and share photos. but we must share moderately because it is not right to express your anger in a specific thing.
  5. NeuralNetProcessor

    NeuralNetProcessor New Member

    I don't think Facebook is an important platform at all. For me, Facebook started as a way to keep in touch with my friends from college. We would share pictures of our times together and reconnect. Over the years, my feed has devolved to a wall of unhappiness pocked with ads for stuff I don't want or need. I've noticed that every time I check it it, I'm miserable afterward. Not to mention the shady practices of mining personal information and feed manipulation that Facebook has admitted to. People are either airing their dirty laundry, humble bragging, or yelling that their opinions are correct. Maybe that has more to do with my friends than the site in general. Self expression is definitely important, but Facebook is not the best place for it.
  6. cokesyrup

    cokesyrup New Member

    Facebook is probably responsible for the main way I keep in touch with my friends nowadays. It's fallen out of favor with a lot of young people but my friends and I still use it a lot. Most of my friends use Snapchat & Instagram more however but I've always used Facebook. I've also made a lot of friends with a lot of people I wouldn't of met otherwise.
  7. flamefire

    flamefire New Member

    Sometimes.. For them to know your feelings especially when your sad and disappointed to someone.
  8. Roy Luis

    Roy Luis Member

    Facebook is one such community. That could be good or bad, depending largely on the conduct of users and the decisions made by Facebook to shape relationships among members, yet the very existence of such a large community is important to say the least.
  9. nearxxfar

    nearxxfar Member

    Facebook is a platform where you can express your emotions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinios and emotions. We are free to express ourselves, but always remember to be responsible to your actions and words that you say through the web.
  10. masujerdd

    masujerdd New Member

    I don't think facebook is an important platform to express your emotions and neither the other site. Facebook is a social media which you could have friends and etc. But expressing your emotions thru social media would be a little weird for me. No one will ever understamd you in facebook they will just like your post and comment that they care about what you feel, but you don't even know them in person. All I want to say, the bestvway to express your emotions for example you're feeling, talk to your parents and tobyour real life friends. They are the only person that will truly care and love you.
  11. mrcdee

    mrcdee New Member

    For Me Facebook is somewhat useful to me especially for news about the local and foreign news but other people uhmmmm how do I say it pretty overreacting about the happenings in his/her life like for instances.

    a girl eating drinking at Starbucks omg I need this to share to my friends I m drinking a dollar coffee and no useful idea abt it.. Its just wasting a freaking post for a cup of coffee what is that?
    you re just telling in the whole world you are drinking a coffee while a lot of people are hungry at the same time its freaking dumb. Im just sharing my opinion Think before you click once you posted it in the internet theres no turning back now Its forever be remember as a girl who drinks coffee for nothing...
  12. Sonson

    Sonson Member

    I dont personally use Facebook a lot i just use it to keeping in touch with friends , buy a lot of people use it and i dont think its an important platform .
  13. Janny

    Janny New Member

    Facebook for me is not a platform where I can easily express my emotions freely.
    In my opinion, facebook is just one of the many social media sites where people log in to post fun activities, advertise various things they are involved in to probably attract customers and boost their businesses. Posting personal feelings is a no for me when it comes to facebook.
    This is because you will be addressing people from very different social and cultural backgrounds. You may post something with a genuine concern but end up becoming a victim of cyber bullying.
    Facebook however can be used to share exciting moments you shared with friends or family but you still ought to be careful and ignore negative sentiments meant to tear you apart. It can also be used for conducting businesses and lead to alot of profits. Making friends is also another activity that can be done though carefully using this venture.
    Facebook is therefore a platform that is very useful if used with the right precautions.

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