Do you think it is more expensive to eat healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by wiredinsomniac, May 9, 2012.

  1. wiredinsomniac

    wiredinsomniac New Member

    In my area it costs the same to eat processed or organic. Some may say that eating healthy is expensive so I did a test. In my area you can get a gallon of water for $.89 but a 2 liter of pop is $1.00. A premade salad from a restaurant runs up to $7.00 but you can get romaine lettuce salad mix for $2.00 for pound, a whole cucumber for a $1.00, and two 4oz chicken breasts for $3.99 and you can eat 2 or more salads for around the same price. Do you think it is more expensive to eat healthy?
  2. melodyjunsay

    melodyjunsay New Member

    I wouldn't term EATING HEALTHY as EXPENSIVE, rather, I would say it is WISE. Eating unhealthy foods though some times could be less expensive, will actually cost you more in the long run because of the sickness you may acquire.
    In this fast-paced modern world, most often than not, the problem doesn't not lie in the lack of money to purchase healthy foods as opposed to processed, instant and unhealthy foods, but in the lack of time to prepare healthy foods and lack of determination and discipline to keep choosing healthy over unhealthy foods.
  3. Sleyther

    Sleyther New Member

    Eating healtly is more expensive, but you do not pay in money, you pay in time:) You have to spend a lots of time in kitchen to cook something tasty and healtly. But also you can make happy people important to you
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  4. frozenn

    frozenn New Member

    I think it works itself out. You might pay more to make healthier choices, but that also means the chances of you developing health issues is lessened. You just need to think of the long term benefits of eating healthy than the short term losses of extra cost of groceries.
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  5. Fiverr Guy

    Fiverr Guy New Member

    If you have access to a farmers market, many times eating healthier is actually less expensive than going to the regular grocery store. In the Atlanta area, he have several farmers markets, and one in Dekalb is huge! I can get a week's worth of produce for less than $10.

    Also I would recommend the use of coupons, because they can drastically cut your bill. I once had a $300 food bill cut in half because I used coupons, and the store I shopped at was running a promotion where they doubled the value of the coupon up to $1.00. So a coupon for $1.00 off became $2.00 off the product. Check your mail, as some coupons are sent to everyone in certain areas. The Sunday newspaper is also a good source for more coupons. Use these combined with searching the stores ad circulars for a combined savings on your total food bill.
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  6. Scooterport

    Scooterport New Member

    Sad to say but too many people don't have time or won't make time to eat healthy. It's much faster and easier to buy a frozen pizza than to make a salad for example. Eating healthy is hard work.
  7. Prosperer

    Prosperer New Member

    It depends on the priorities of the consumer in my opinion.
    For example, I like to buy a bag of 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts and it costs around $8.

    They provide 22 grams of protein each and only have 1 gram of fat.
    If I bought a grilled chicken breast at McDonald's, it would cost around $3 just for the one.

    So doing the math, it's technically cheaper to buy it at the grocery store, but without the convenience of having it cooked for you and served to you ready to eat.

    As some of the others have mentioned, it comes down to time and convenience when you factor those in consideration to the costs for me.
  8. MegK88

    MegK88 New Member

    I actually think it is less expensive but more time consuming. A lot of people want something ready made, which is unfortunate, also if you are in a rural area it does tend to cost more to get fresh fruits and veggies as they have to be imported from other places, which is one issue I have constantly run into where I live. It would be nice if small towns had a community garden of sorts or some sort of co-op that offered volunteer services in order to keep food costs to a minimum.
  9. tantan

    tantan New Member

    I often hear people saying that eating healthy foods is too expensive. For me, these are just plain excuses by people who have absolutely no information or do not have an idea what they are talking about but are just trying to justify their bad eating choices.

    It is not expensive to eat healthy foods. The thing is why buy those healthy foods that are so expensive if you can find other healthy foods that are cheaper yet when it comes to its nutritional content is just exactly the same with the expensive ones. Sometimes, being choosy is one factor why people would often say that eating healthy foods is way too expensive when the truth is, it's not.

    Living a healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice and like most good choices it takes conscious effort. People tend to ignore how much bad habits impact their lives.
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  10. MegK88

    MegK88 New Member

    Tantan very good point. I agree completely. Healthy choices do not have to be more expensive, in fact before I started eating clean, I used to spend upwards of 250 a month on top of my grocery bills, just on fast food junk. Cutting back on the eating out, and buying enough fresh fruits and veggies weekly has greatly reduced my food bill. In fact it is less expensive now simply becuase I cut out a lot of the junk I was buying at the grocery also. So you are right eating healthy is not more expensive than eating junk, unless your in an area where it all has to be imported but even then the cost is comparable. It is however more time consuming than fast food, and can be slightly frustrating finding out what exactly you'll eat before it expires.
  11. Sallyangel

    Sallyangel Member

    Healthy food may appear to be more expensive, but when you are spending less days off sick etc due to eating unhealthy food surely any cost difference is totally outweighed by positives?
  12. Andrew12345

    Andrew12345 New Member

    My wife and I have been asking this question for quite some time now. We have slowly transferred over to vegetarian over the past couple of months and we think we have dismissed the notion that eating healthy is expensive. I think if you know how to put things together, it isn't as expensive as many people think.

    For example, if you avoid buying soda that will save you a couple of bucks, if you avoid a bag of potato chips that will save you an extra couple of bucks and if you avoid buying ice cream that will again save you an extra few bucks. Altogether, eating unhealthy can save you money in the end, which can then be allocated to purchasing bags of apples, a pound of carrots and fruit drinks.
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  13. Kyppyr

    Kyppyr New Member

    It depends on how you look at it. In the short term, the answer is yes. But, over the long haul, the answer is no. I believe our health should be the number one priority in our life. It is the foundation on which everything else is built. We may pay a little more today and avoid a huge financial burden later when our health turns south because of a poor diet. My favorite book of all time is: "The China Study" That booked changed my view on diet forever.
  14. hawynstud

    hawynstud New Member

    I definitely feel that eating healthy is expensive, especially here in Hawaii. Fruits and vegetables that are grown locally are really expensive because farmers say that they have to ship the fertilizers down from the mainland. If we buy fruits and vegetables from the mainland they are slightly cheaper, but the costs involved with shipping them here make them very expensive as well.

    The rising fuel costs are not going to help our cause, and I predict that the price of fruits and vegetables will continue to rise.
  15. Baris

    Baris New Member

    I think it is more expensive. Because mass productivity of some products makes them unhealty after some point. Healty green food is expensive because growing it takes a long time. No chemicals allowed so farmers need to work much more. When you think of a chickens growth time. It is now faster than a tomatoes. Interesting but true.
  16. ExcelledProducts

    ExcelledProducts New Member

    Yes I do think it is more expensive to eat healthy. People want to save money so they buy the cheapest food. The cheapest food is usually very fatty and not healthy for you. If healthy food were cheap then people would buy healthy food because it will save them money.
  17. thedream123

    thedream123 New Member

    Yes, eating healthy can be more expensive. If you look at the cost of organic food verses the cost of processed food, the processed food will generally be cheaper than organic food. However, this does not mean that eating healthy will always be more expensive than eating unhealthy. Inorganic vegetables and fruits still gives a person the vitamins and minerals they need throughout the day.

    Eating healthy can be challenging in today's society, because we are surrounding by fast food restaurants. The convince for their drive through, and cheap prices make it almost irresistible for some people to buy processed food. Eating healthy can be done with a tight budget however, it may take some determination to stick to eating healthy.
  18. Roselane

    Roselane New Member

    It depends on your area how cheap or expensive say for instance organic produce is or if you can get free ranging eggs and organic beef and chicken that is grain fed and not full of hormones. It's a question of access and whether you have the option of growing your own garden.
    Educate yourself, read the labels of everything you buy and don't believe that it is good for you, because they call it health food.
    Where I live there are plenty of Asian and other ethnic grocery stores who carry good cheeses and an array of healthy grains generally only found in the healthfood store. Much cheaper too.

    I have garden friends who grow other veggies then me and we swap. One friend goes to the flea market to buy homegrown pears or plums or apples to make the best jam. I give her fresh avocados, she gives me onions - never could grow those suckers:)

    I have a totally organic herb and veggie garden, which gives me everything from mint tea to lemonade (lemon grass, lemon thyme, chocolate mint to name a couple). I even grow stevia although I never tried to use it as sugar, we like honey.
    It's so easy to have a veggie garden for pizza toppings to tomato sauces and salsa, my own seasonings like basil, oregano, thyme, bay leaf for veggie and tomato soups.
    We are lucky to have a huge avocado tree, oranges, figs, but you have to take the time to learn to cook and preserve it and make it all taste wonderful for you and your family.

    So it all depends on your commitment, ingenuity and access - you can find goodies on Craig's list if you can't garden yourself or trade with someone for food. Barter, whatever it takes - it's your life and your health, where ther is a will there is a way.
  19. Bubbawubba

    Bubbawubba New Member

    My partner has recently gone on a diet and I can say that eating healthy foods is much more expensive our weekly shopping bill has gone up by about 20-30%. Even though the food bill has gone up it is defiently worth it as she is looking more beautiful by the day and the joy it brings her to lose weight every week I wouldn't mind paying double our normal weekly shop :)
  20. argo

    argo New Member

    You chose money over health? This is what i`m thinking by reading the title of the thread, I mean you ask yourself this question unconsciously if I may say. Should not be more expensive? This is how things work.
    Lets say you have a field and you plant corn, you can either go with 1. chemicals for the plant diseases=toxins + treatments of all sort that make all problems go away VERY fast = MONEY and BIG production profit.

    2.For eco / bio products. You need all natural, from the seed that`s not treated chemically to natural ferilisers. This is not so effective. The price will inevitably be higher...
    On the other hand the big producers "make" the market, they establish the prices...

    No wonder we get poisoned by food with all the additives (e`s) and got all sort of health problems with obesity and cancer...

    You should always eat healthy, remember: what you eat is what you are !
  21. JaxsonRaine

    JaxsonRaine New Member

    It is definitely more expensive to eat organic, if you eat the same way with organic as non-organic. An organic avocado at my market costs $2, while a non-organic avocados are 2/$1.

    There are two ways to offset this increased price though. First, eating healthier foods tends to cause you to eat less. Especially cutting down on sugar/aspartame/splenda, as these have been shown to increase appetite.

    The second way to offset the price is by cooking your own food. Most people who start eating organic, healthy foods do more cooking than otherwise. Cooking large dishes, especially ones with rice or noodles, can save a lot of money over eating fast-food.
  22. jkparcha123

    jkparcha123 New Member

    I think that it is not expensive to eat healthy because health is wealth. If we want to happy our daily life, health should be well, sick person can not be happy. So protect your health for any cost.
  23. Stephanie Watson

    Stephanie Watson New Member

    Eating healthy can be very expensive but so can being unhealthy. We have to think long-term instead of short term. However, many people, at least 1/4 of all people in America are living in poverty and it is impossible for them to truly eat healthy. Many do not have yards to grow food, nor transportation to buy healthy food. There are actually communities that have only fast food within walking distance and no grocery stores with veggies.

    Plus, there is such a confusing mix of information in the media about what is healthy vs. what is not healthy. Personally, I feel eating as close to nature as possible is healthy but that calories matter too.
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  24. jess04

    jess04 New Member

    Sadly, unhealthy food is a lot cheaper than healthy food. If you go to a fast food restaurant, you can purchase an entire unhealthy meal for yourself for less than $5.oo. A salad, on the other hand, costs about $5.00. It's the same at a grocery store. A piece of fruit will cost a dollar or more but a whole box of Little Debbie snacks cost about $1.50.
  25. Tabitha Wilkes

    Tabitha Wilkes New Member

    I do not find it more expensive to eat healthy. I have heard that phrase tossed around for a couple of years and do not agree with it. It will depend on exactly what you deem healthy and unhealthy but an apple certainly cost less than a candy bar. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich cost less than a hamburger. Yogurt and fruit cost less than a hot dog and french fries.
  26. Lady Kelthereth

    Lady Kelthereth New Member

    It really depends on where you live and how available fresh produce is to you. I live in Philadelphia (East Coast USA) and we have an abundance of fresh produce (fruits and vegetables) , located in various produce outlets around the city. Here, I find that fresh produce is considerably cheaper than processed foods… Most fruits and fresh green and leafy vegetables are 0.25 a pound, regularly bulky vegetables can go up to 0.50 a pound, but I haven’t seen much of a rise in prices. Like I said, it all depends on location…
  27. Alma Palacios

    Alma Palacios New Member

    Yes eating healthy is more expensive. You can feed a whole family with the $ .15 soups each or a whole veggie soup for many times that . Thats not even factoring in organic versus regular old on any shelf vegetables.
  28. mackaweazy

    mackaweazy Member

    I think it is expensive to eat unhealthy. Most expensive stuff are normally not healthy. To add on, luxurious foodstuffs such as alcohol are expensive and unhealthy.
  29. Kali

    Kali New Member

    I definitely think it is more expensive to eat healthy. You can easily go to a drive-in and order something off of their value menu but going to the store to get stuff for a salad may cost you over $15 depending on what you are buying. Eating healthy is so hard and it requires so much. Healthy drinks like V8 tend to be as expensive as 4 12-packs of soda. If eating healthy was more affordable and easy, I think we would all have better health and weight habits.
  30. Miranda1127

    Miranda1127 New Member

    No. Like everything else, you need to shop around for the best places. Healthy markets tend to be more expensive than regular markets, but healthy foods can be found anywhere. I personally shop farms and farmers market for my produce (as well as grow some of my own) where the prices are a fraction of the local markets prices. My meats I tend to get from a local butcher, for the same reason. They are less expensive there. I will also shop sales and in season (most products have an in season where they are more plentiful and in turn less expensive). For me, eating healthy is less expensive than eating convenience foods. If you shop smart you can fit just about everything into your budget.

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