Do you think it is more expensive to eat healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by wiredinsomniac, May 9, 2012.

  1. ANC

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    The number 1 complaint I hear from clients is that eating healthy is too expensive, but honestly it doesn't have to be. There are many ways that you can still eat clean without breaking the bank. For example, fresh fruits and veggies are the best however if you can't afford that then the next best thing would be to buy frozen fruit and veggies. Also, the Farmer Markets usually have a better price on fresh produce than grocery stores do. As for your chicken and other meats, look for the ones that are closest to expiring. Those will be marked down and you can freeze it and use it even after the expiration date.

    Keep in mind that when you eat clean, you stay healthy. When you're healthy you're not spending money on medicines and doctors fees. So even if I'm spending $5 to $10 extra dollars each week on groceries, it's worth it to me in the long run.
  2. KramJR

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    Eating healthy does not always equate to spending more. If you choose to and could, you can grow the products yourself such as fruits and vegetables and even raise livestock. You might shell out a couple of bucks initially, but in the long run you would be able to save more especially you would be able to make it as a self-sustaining backyard or little farm.

    But you might be saying that you won't be doing that because you live in an urban city. YES... it may be expensive but HEALTH is WEALTH is it not? Health is our best investment and eating healthy is one of the best ways to make that investment. And I choose to make that investment not only for me but for my family as well.
  3. Sascheene

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    healthy eating for an individual can be expensive or not depending on numerous factors. One would have to consider the overall health of a person to say what healthy eating for them would or should be, location is also another factor to look at in terms of the availability of goods that would be needed, financial status is a crucial factor. There are many people out there who would want to eat healthy and stay healthy but have difficulties in doing so. Being healthy should not be considered expensive to being with, but it's a case of who can afford it and who cannot.
  4. Thricehemz

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    It can be expensive to eat healthy especially in countries where they have to import some of those products that are essential to a healthy diet. however my advice is just to utilize what is available in your area and incorporate that with exercise.
  5. Asiya

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    I believe eating he we eat healthy hundred percent and against fast food but it doesn't mean we buy organic or whole foods products.they are not affordable for everyone
  6. viggo

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    Not at all!! Health eating is about choosing choosing healthy products…. loads of fruit and vegetables. A healthy “minestrone” is not expensive, doesn’t take long to prepare and makes you feel happy. Health eating is not only about buying “bio fashion” food is about choosing well. See what fruits and vegetables are in season and you won’t get wrong.
  7. Dusan

    Dusan New Member

    Yes, I think it is more expensive to eat healthy. Healthy food is more valuable and man must give more money for healthy food.
  8. deepthi

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    All the so -called organic items are marketed in a way that they are affordable only for the elite class. In general there is a perception that the more you pay for an item , the better quality it is, which is totally untrue.
  9. ChristopherH

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    To be honest I think that the notion 'eating healthy is more expensive' is outdated, and that it's rather unfortunate that it's such a popular opinion. Buying fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as other produce isn't a ridiculous expense. It's all in the preparation, and in all honesty, if eating healthy is 'so expensive' one must wonder, what is it that makes regular food so cheap then?
  10. lritchie89

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    Yes! Healthy food now costs three times as much as junk. There is also a rise in the cost of fruit and veg over the past decade compared to other types of foods. :thumbsdown:

    When I have been watching the news, what I have seen based on research they look at changes in the price of 94 food items in the UK in the decade from 2002 to 2012. It found that in this period foods classified as healthier (such as fruit and vegetables) were more expensive per calorie than foods high in fat or sugar. The healthy foods increased more sharply in price over time, and in 2012 were three times more expensive on average per calorie than unhealthy foods.

    Prices were assessed per 1,000 calories, as this is a standard way of assessing food poverty. However, as healthier foods tend to have a much lower energy density (fewer calories per gram) than less healthy foods, this measure may not always give a realistic comparison of different food choices you might buy. For example, you would need to buy and eat around 30 cucumbers to gain around 1,000 calories, compared to about one 200g packet of ginger nut biscuits (about 20 biscuits).
  11. jessiccaa

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    I think it is more expensive to eat healthy for sure. I was outraged when it cost me $1.20 for a single tomato at the grocery store the other day! Sometimes I see microwave dinners on sale for less than that price.
  12. Norman Johnson

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    It absolutely is! Think about it, just going from buying normal fruit and vegetables to buying organic is more expensive. From healthcare down to food, being healthy costs more. Of course you get your money's worth extending your quality of life and therefore possibly living longer, but there's definitely a price - literally.
  13. caitlinm

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    At fast food restaurants, of course a horrible burger is going to be a lot cheaper than a salad that takes more effort to prepare. The same goes for when people say grocery items are more expensive if they're "healthy". If you shop at expensive organic places like Whole Foods, of course it will be more expensive. At a regular grocery store, though, there are wonderful healthy options that can be more expensive. If you're trying to save money, I suggest trying to buy more generic brands of "healthy" foods.
  14. Attenuated

    Attenuated New Member

    Unfortunately, it does seem that the healthier options for both groceries and restaurants are a bit more costly, at least where I live. However, I try to remember that in the long run being healthy is much, much more cost-effective than being unhealthy. It is expensive to be sick in the USA, even if you have pretty good insurance. So I consider spending on healthy food to be an investment in preventing health problems that could cost me a lot more later.
  15. Dodie

    Dodie New Member

    It has been my experience that healthy eating is more expensive when thinking in terms of money spent on food. But when you look at the health benefits, it really is more economical to eat healthy when you think of the health related expenses you are going to avoid by having a healthy lifestyle. I am not ignorant, however, to the difficulty that those living on fixed incomes, food stamps or having large families incur. My advice is to make the best choices you can for your situation. Every healthy choice is a good choice.
  16. Bcw24

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    This is a question I often wondered myself so I tracked my families spending habits over 2 weeks. One week we ate out, bought processed food, and did not hold ourselves to any healthy eating standard. The second week we ate only healthy food, cooked most of our meals, and ate out with family only once. On the "unhealthy" week we spend $108 dollars at the grocery store for approximately a weeks worth of food ( much of which was on sale and coupons were readily available), however we also spent almost $150 on eating fast food, dinners out, stops at the gas station, etc. On the "healthy "week we spent $221 at the grocery store for one week of groceries but only spent $30 eating out. In the end unhealthy eating actually cost us more because we did not cook as much, which definitely helps budget wise.

    I will add there are different levels of healthy eating as well. You can eat healthy on a budget by opting for non-organic options, buying in bulk, planning a menu based on what's in season at that time, and by properly storing your produce so it lasts longer. Eating healthy really does not have to be more expensive than eating unhealthy as long as you are smart about it.
  17. Dodie

    Dodie New Member

    Great information! My husband and I rarely eat out anymore due to his having a heart attack almost a year ago. So we have been trying to make healthier choices. The healthier food does seem to be more expensive, but after reading these posts, I have come to realize that when you factor in the price of fast food ( 25 -30 dollars for my husband and I per meal) you really could afford to eat healthier. Watching for sales and using coupons and rebates where possible will also help cut down the cost. Farmers markets are also a great place find good deals on fresh vegetables.
  18. Leigh

    Leigh New Member

    I used to be part of the crowd that believes eating healthy is a bit more expensive. It is reasonable to say that the foods in the organic section do cost more, so my husband and I recently tried a little experiment. We decided to eat only whole foods for a few months to see if we could discover any difference in our food budget. To our surprise, we were spending less. Not only did we cut out all of the expensive junk food, but we started eating LESS because we were not as hungry. Processed foods tend to cause cravings for more processed food. Hence, a bigger belly and and bigger food bill. Then, when you consider the long-term cost to your health, it only makes sense to eat organic and/or whole foods. Save your health and save your money.
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  19. trilunar

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    I don't think it's necessarily more expensive to eat healthy. In fact, buying produce or raw ingredients in their natural state is usually far cheaper than buying processed food. The main difference is convenience. Most processed foods can be unboxed or unwrapped and eaten immediately, while fresh foods require preparation.
  20. Olivia W

    Olivia W New Member

    When it comes to grocery shopping, it is often more expensive to purchase healthier foods, however, when it comes to snacking you have to realize that one apple costs less than a candy bar or a soda.
  21. Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. It depends on what you buy. For example, organic products do tend to be more expensive. Not everyone can afford to buy all organic. However, some people do work their ways around it. You can buy a whole stock of vegetables and fruits from many places. Costco is a great place to buy canned vegetables and berries in bulk. Buying lettuce, tomaotoes, and onions for salads can be inexpensive. It comes out cheaper than salads that are already made and packaged. You are way better off making your own in most cases. Buy good quality wraps, bread, yogurt, and lean cold cuts that are on sale. Buy grilled chicken that is packaged in a big bag. They can seem pricey, but can last for a long time. Overall, it does come out cheaper than always buying one grilled chicken salad or wrap when you can make your own.
  22. Sergio Sanchez

    Sergio Sanchez New Member

    It is definitely more expensive to eat healthy food than fast food. The reason to this is because most of the fast food available is produce by major organizations/restaurants and they provide these to the public for a low cost due to the competition in the market. Another reason why healthy food is more expensive is because the majority needs to be cooked by the consumer so it takes gas or electricity to get it ready. In the other hand, fast food is cheap and has higher levels of availability for consumers.
  23. rollerdame

    rollerdame New Member

    Eating healthy is not more expensive. I have clients that tell me they can't afford to eat healthy all the time. However when I look in their fridge and see how much they've spent on junk food I say they can. Before I started watching what I was eating, I was spending a 100 dollars or more per shopping trip in junk food. Soda, cookies, chips, candy, and those not so good for you snack bags can add up. By taking the junk out of my shopping cart I find that I spend less money at the store. Also you need to eat what you buy. How often do you through food away because you don't eat in time? That is money in the trash. Planning a menu and only buying what you need can save thousands a year.
  24. cookiedoughice

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    I believe it is more expensive to eat healthy but it's most definitely worth it. Eating healthy will remove your health risks and paying for health problems is even more expensive. Wouldn't you rather choose to be healthy over money? You look, and feel more beautiful too. Choosing to eat healthy is challenging but it is the best option. It is good for you and you'll live a happier, healthier lifestyle. Your brain may even function better.
  25. Lynn34

    Lynn34 New Member

    Dollar for dollar, eating healthy does not cost more than eating unhealthy. Vegetables are cheaper than meat, and buying groceries is cheaper that eating out. But I also agree with what is said above, you pay in time. It takes far longer to cook a meal from scratch than to order a delivery pizza. If cooking is something you enjoy doing, or you think you might enjoy doing, than this time factor doesn't matter. If you hate cooking and feel you could be doing something more productive, the time factor might be what makes eating health expensive.
  26. Znailz

    Znailz New Member

    My definition of healthy is "a lot of fruit, vegetables, egss from free-range chicken and organic grass-fed meat", all things that are relatively expensive where I live. So yes, but so worth it!
  27. LCameron

    LCameron New Member

    Eating healthier is more expensive. I used to work at Whole Foods and they would give me a 20% discount on anything I bought in the store. I usually found with this discount it made the prices about the same as if I was to buy something at a regular super market. I find that meats and proteins are usually substantially more money than the less healthy option such as processed foods and refined grains. This is because manufactures who produce these kinds of fatty foods produce food faster and in high volumes, very inexpensively, to get a bigger payday. Unlike places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes who strive to find organic and farm raised items to sell that are more expensive to produce. I read in a study that the average person spends about $1.50 more a day to eat healthier.
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  28. angelxsss

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    People say you can eat healthy and cheap at the same time, but I've tried it and I can't see how they can get all the groceries and produce they get for the same price as some junk food. It might take some practice to learn the tricks though. I have never bought the bulk of the groceries we use in our house, I only buy some here and there. I've tried to put the money-saving tips I've read about into action when I do shop, but it doesn't seem like I do any better than if I were buying unhealthy food. But maybe I just need more practice buying groceries, and buying them in some sort of bulk.
  29. waluouija

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    To me, yes, eating healthy is more expensive than eating less healthy. Currently, I'm living on a diet that I consider to be unhealthy, because that's what I can afford right now.

    The groceries I buy usually consist of canned soup, boxes of pasta, canned vegetables, and cheese. If I could have things how I wanted, I would buy much more fresh produce. But the tricky thing about buying fresh food is that it spoils quickly. If I buy a bag of spinach, I need to use it up within about four days. Same goes for tomatoes, onions, grapes, and so on. I have to buy them in small amounts to get my money's worth out of them. That means I have to go grocery shopping every few days. That would be fine if I lived near a grocery store, but unfortunately, that's not the case. Along with the cost of the food itself, I have to factor in the cost of gas to determine my food budget. So to avoid spending too much money on trips to the grocery store, I buy foods that I know will last for at least a couple weeks. And it does save me quite a bit.
  30. aristotlemcdonald

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    It depends. I think people always assume eating healthy is more expensive because foods marketed as healthy are usually on the pricey side, however raw vegetables, chicken breasts, rice and other healthy foods are usually cheaper than processed products with lots of packaging. Unfortunately organic or free range foods are definitely more expensive than less healthy options, and natural supplements can be crazy expensive. I guess it all depends on what healthy foods you buy, some are very affordable while others are rather expensive.

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