Do you think it is more expensive to eat healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by wiredinsomniac, May 9, 2012.

  1. Matthew Bonds

    Matthew Bonds New Member

    I do not think eat healthy is more expensive I just think people like to use it as an excuse because the will not do the research and put in time to be healthy.
  2. Mbelfernandes

    Mbelfernandes New Member

    To me, eating healthy is never expensive. We are in the real world, and not in a video game, where you can buy health points. I think that instead of comparing the prices of processed vs. organic food, we should compare healthy food vs. treating the illnesses caused by eating junk.
    We are so used to having to make things practical, that we forget that you can have a healthy meal, for free even. We look at urban farms, on the rooftop of Manhattan buildings, and think it is the newest thing ever. Just because it is in the big city we say "wow"! It still is farming, and as far as I know you can even grow lettuce in water. Farming is as old as humans started building houses, and even back than (when it really was a new trend), it was already free. I really do not understand why people waste money on junk/processed food, when they can grow so many varieties of fruit, and vegetables in planters or even indoors. Neighbors could plant different varieties, and swap weekly.
    With a little bit of willpower, and creativity healthy food is never expensive.
  3. DeJuan

    DeJuan New Member

    Really it depends on how you look at it. Most of the time the healthier option will be a little bit more expensive. Though, as stated before, you can find some alternative places like farmers’ markets where you can find great deals on produce. It really comes down to a matter of convenience. Ideally most people would rather heat up something like a store bought pizza in 15-20 minutes rather than spend the time to actually cook a meal. For most it’s not a matter of whether or not you can afford to be healthy, but rather are you willing to spend the time to be. That’s my opinion on it anyways.
  4. Sierra1999

    Sierra1999 New Member

    Where I live you can get a poorly made hamburger for $1 while a small salad costs at least $7, which is why obesity is such a problem around here. Additionally, unhealthy food is more convenient hence so many people turn to it. It is much harder to be healthy.
  5. Michaelam543

    Michaelam543 New Member

    I think it just depends, honestly. Healthy and organic food can be more expensive, but if you compare a $2.00 bag of potato chips to a $2.00 bag of grapes, or two packages of could be getting a healthier snack for the same price.
  6. Selena24

    Selena24 New Member

    Where I live, I certainly think it is more expensive to eat healthy. Farmers' markets and the like are available, but I have concluded that it is still more expensive to eat healthy.

    I think the answer to this question depends on the specific places we choose to examine.

    As we all know, there are numerous benefits to eating healthy. So, regardless of where one lives, it is good practice to factor healthy-eating into your financial budget.

    The study below, by the Harvard School of Public Health, had some insightful findings. Interestingly enough, in places where eating healthy is more expensive, the gap between healthy and unhealthy might not be as wide as people think.
  7. WriterBound

    WriterBound New Member

    It is definitely more expensive to eat healthy. You can just go to McDonald's and buy a sandwich for a few dollars. Although its cheap, McDonald's is known to be one of the most unhealthiest fast foods in the United States. They use too much oil in all of their food items. Chipotle is a restaurant that is far more healthier than normal fast food restaurants. A single meal costs more than $5. Even at grocery stores, healthy foods cost more than the junk foods. For instance, salad. You can buy a healthy bag of salad for around $5 dollars; junk food costs significantly less. In conclusion, yes, it does cost more to maintain a healthy diet.
  8. Valleria Morgan

    Valleria Morgan New Member

    Is it more expensive to eat healthy? Well that would depend on what you consider is more important, money or your health. In the long-term I have found that it is cheaper to eat healthy than to eat poorly. I understand that it is somewhat costly to eat healthy, but it is worth it in the end. Plus, there are other alternatives to name-brand fruits and veggies. Also, it would be cheaper if you decrease how often you go out to eat. Just cook and eat at home. Learn to make healthy meals for you and your family. Your children will see you preparing these healthy meals and as a result they will develop healthy eating habits as well. Spending 100 dollars a week on healthy foods is better than spending 50 to 100 thousand dollars on surgeries due to your poor eating habits.
  9. LoveChyle

    LoveChyle New Member

    I do not think eating healthy is expensive. You can always shop sales, plan your meals and stick to a list. Shop local markets also. Most of them are pretty friendly and once they get to you know, you never know what kind of deals they might give you. Your health and life should not have a price tag on it. The same way you spend $1 for a bag of chips at the store, is the same way you can spend that dollar on a banana.
  10. stormlove

    stormlove New Member

    I don't believe its more expensive to eat healthy. I believe its about how you look at it. If you are eating healthy this is saving you money in the future. Eating healthy has many benefits as for as health wise. By eating healthy you are saving yourself a costly doctor bill and you feel so much better. I think the problem that people run into when it comes to eating healthy is not knowing how to put things together but its all about your personal tastes buds, while incorporating a little research and planning. Another thing is planning out meals. Planning out healthy meals will also help you to save money if this is your concern. Planning helps to keep you on a budget. Also never go to the grocery store hungry is important so that you will not break down and retreat to grabbing something unhealthy.
  11. Hesposito

    Hesposito New Member

    I believe eating healthy when you are out is more expensive. At home it is more time spent preparing on some things. I try to eat as healthy as possible. Spending a little more now to eat healthy will in turn make you spend less in the future on doctor's bills and medicines.
  12. cafwen

    cafwen New Member

    I have found that eating healthier foods is much cheaper! Of course, this depends entirely on what you define as healthy - if you are going to opt for expensive organic products which you have to go out of your way to buy, then yes you may end up paying more. But if you define healthy as reducing your meat and dairy consumption and focusing more on fruit and vegetables, and centering your diet around whole grains and legumes (which are some of the cheapest bulk foods on the planet) then you can save a huge amount of money on your grocery bills. If you then factor in all of the medical bills you may manage to avoid by eating healthy foods, promoting a great immune system and avoiding chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes... well then you're saving an absolute fortune!
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  13. Gogonykol

    Gogonykol New Member

    In the long run it's cheaper to eat healthier you won't have so many medical bills for one. I have chosen to start eating more healthier because I am a diabetic and I really don't spend more on my groceries now. I buy a lot of frozen veggies and cabbage: You can usually purchase cabbage for under a dollar. I also save coupons and watch for great deals and sales. I usually get brown rice and whole grain pasta at a good price. Meat, poultry and fish becomes expensive when you fry because you have to buy flour, ingredients for batter, etc. but it doesn't cost anything to broil or bake. Instead of purchasing those expensive desserts I usually just grab some fruit and the cheapest is bananas they're usually under a dollar. Eating healthy is definitely cheaper in my opinion.
  14. Shanna Pentico

    Shanna Pentico New Member

    I do not buy into healthy being more expensive. You have to seek out good prices on produce, etc. I bought a cucumber for $0.39 and a carrot for $0.22 the other day and made a great salad with some coconut balsamic oil. That is far cheaper than anything on a drive thru menu and healthier too!
  15. Twanda Jones

    Twanda Jones New Member

    For me and to a lot others, most definitely it is more expensive to eat healthy, but you must take into consideration the benefits for your body and longevity. Take for example, i love bread even more than sweets. I try and watch my intake because of 2 reasons. One is its high in carbs and also normally bread has NO health benefits. In this case, i spend most of my monies for healthy buying foods on breads and I try and keep it to the 'low carb and gluten free ones' such as ezekiel and several others. Also, I love raw oatmeal. The best is the steel cut. It's much more expensive. So i look for an alternative. I can not really find any. However, I add chia seeds to the oatmeal to get some form of fiber. I dont get the taste satisfaction in that one, so i stick to the regular old fashion oatmeal. (I'm sure this addiction comes from a mineral i'm missing in my body, just dont want to check it out because i love raw oatmeal too much lol :))Yes its more expensive to eat healthy, not to even mention the supplements that one may want to consume. There was an article on 60 minutes that said you MUST watch where you purchase your vitamins and supplements because most store vitamins such as Walmart, Walgreens and some more neighborhood stores vitamins only contain a bunch of powders in them with NO benefits. Now thats sort of scarry. I am spending my monies thinking I'm getting some nutrients for the longest and come to find out, there is NO benefit; so therefore, I now purchase my supplements from either a healthfood store or some other well known place. Additionally, for a person whose deeply health conscious, I'm sure they want most of their groceries organic. You also must watch that also, because everything that is suppose to be organic is not. You have to do your research. I was also know that a good thing to do is look up foods that are not' seed based'. If they are not seed based, usually they are not good for you even some fruits. Like for example, seedless grapes and watermelons are not good. Its best to consume the ones that was planted with seeds. Its the same with vegetables. There may be some differences in the potatoes also, like sweet potatoes vs white potatoes. All in all, it's expensive to eat healthy. Lastly, one thing you may benefit from is finding some healthy alternatives to foods that may be cheaper. Best of luck to you!
  16. stef015

    stef015 New Member

    Hi melodyjunsay, Yes I agree that lack of time when you have a family to see to as well going to work, makes it difficult not to choose processed foods. However, I don't suppose it would do any harm if you eat processed foods maybe once a week. Just include a smoothie. Kids love smoothies and that is quick and easy to make. Give them a smoothie made out of organic fruits and veggies and they have their daily supply of vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruit and vegetables are fortunately not expensive where we stay.
  17. Milah

    Milah New Member

    In South Africa at the moment it seems to be more expensive to eat healthy as the country is experiencing increasing drought and as a result, more food is imported. With a rise in food sensitivities such as gluten sensitivity companies are also charging a premium for products that exclude gluten for example. An alternative would be to have your own vegetable garden and/or to buy in bulk - sharing the cost with friends and family. I personally find this extremely discouraging and sometimes opt for superfoods such as Spirulina instead to aid a healthier diet.
  18. Carauco

    Carauco New Member

    Where I live fresh produce is seasonal, so eating healthy most definitely is more expensive. Eating whole foods compared to processed food is different. Whole foods spoil sooner than the processed foods so one must consider that into the cost of eating healthy. Processed food fills a person up better that food that contains mostly water. I am not promoting poor eating but rather discussing the fact that where I live healthy eating is more expensive than eating junk.
  19. Jekaterina Maslova

    Jekaterina Maslova New Member

    Eating healthy is for sure more expensive and also time-consuming. It's so much easier and cheaper to just stop by a fast food restaurant than to buy healthy food and cook it home. But i think that health is a lot more important than money, I mean if you ruin your health you will need more money to cover the medical treatments and doctors' appointments than the healthy food. I just think that is completely misunderstood by people.
  20. gooshiemom

    gooshiemom New Member

    Eating healthy may seem more expensive in the short term, but it works out to cost less in the end, since if you stay healthy because of it, you'll have less medical expenses.
    I also feel better and have more energy since I changed my eating habits to whole non-processed foods.
  21. taylorkfuller

    taylorkfuller New Member

    No, it is not expensive to eat healthy if you know what you should be buying. A couple years ago I made a big shift in the type of food I bought, and there was no difference on my budget. I used to buy a lot of canned and processed foods, and now the vast majority of my groceries are simply fresh fruits and vegetables. Look for large amounts of lean meats that are discounted, and that can last you an entire week. Figure out some recipes ahead of time so you don't buy too much produce that will end up going to waste. If you have extras at the end of the week, toss it all in a slow cooker and make a big stew. I even make my own vegetable broth out of clean vegetable scraps that I use instead of buying some. Cut out the sodas and desserts and you'll save a lot of money there.

    Now, I'm not saying that it isn't more expensive to eat healthy *for everyone*. I do know that in some areas produce prices are higher. I also know that some people might have multiple children to feed, not enough time to cook, inadequate storage or refrigeration for produce, and so forth -- which would make economic sense to buy foods that are already processed and ready to go. But in general, for the average person, I do think you don't have to break your wallet if you go into the grocery store with a thought-out plan and budget.
  22. Scott Pechacek

    Scott Pechacek New Member

    The answer to your question is both yes and no.

    Yes, in the short run, eating healthy is generally more expensive than eating unhealthy. That is because processed foods can be produces much cheaper than all natural foods. For example, it is much cheaper for one night to purchase a combo from McDonald's (about $7) than it is to purchase a chicken breast, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and other produce from the grocery store.

    However, in the long run, eating healthy can be cheaper in two ways. First, after you purchase all this produce, you can make several meals instead of just the one meal you receive from a fast food restaurant. Secondly, your long term health will improve significantly if you eat healthy, and this will lower your medical bills over the course of your life. So many people end up with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or other such diseases, 90% of which are preventable with a healthy lifestyle! If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can lower your chances of ending up with one of these disease, and significiantly reduce your medical bills over the course of your life.
  23. mm.ary

    mm.ary New Member

    Eating healthy is undoubtedly more expensive as opposed to eating unhealthy. There is a theory that supermarkets and restaurants are designed this way to keep the human population from living too long. If the healthy items are overpriced and the unhealthy items are cheaper, naturally the population will flock to the cheaper item, therefore compromising their overall health. Why do you think organic and inorganic food prices vary? Since inorganic food requires more money because of the use of fertilizer and other chemicals used to make it, shouldn't the inorganic food cost more? They would need some type of compensations for the extra money spent in the chemicals to make the food's taste appealing. It would make more sense if the system worked this way, wouldn't it? The system doesn't work this way, however, because the food without all of the expensive chemicals is more compatible for your natural body, therefore this is the higher priced item. Our bodies are being deprived of the healthy food they require, eventually resulting in various health problems as they grow older. You can thank the rigged food system for that.
  24. Dinz88

    Dinz88 New Member

    Kind of honestly speaking but the pay-off is very huge. I mean if you're willing to invest more money for your health, you will earn more actually since your risks of health issues will be lessened unlike eating cheap yet unhealthy foods, which might cost you more in the future.
  25. patchykitty

    patchykitty New Member

    In the area, I live in eating "healthy" is more expensive. However, if you do not it is more detrimental to your health. All the chemicals that are used to preserve foods now days are hard on your body. It is just better for your health to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.
  26. Quicktime

    Quicktime New Member

    Yes, there's no denying that. Healthy food costs more because you're not eating cheap processed ingredients. That being said, if you buy the right things you shouldn't have to spend a large amount more just to eat healthy.
  27. Krystal Nicely

    Krystal Nicely New Member

    The question of if it's more expensive to eat healthy really depends on each individual and what route they decide to take in order to eat healthy. I am a single mother of three, so I am always looking for the cheaper options without taking away from the nutritional needs of my children. In my experience, I have realized when you buy a salad from a restaurant, the amount they charge seems to be a bit much in comparison to if you were to buy the vegetables to make the salad. Realistically, at the time of purchase, you will be paying more for the vegetables. This is the part where normally people point out that I contradicted myself, but actually, I didn't. Reason I say this is because you may be paying more for the initial materials to make the salad, but you will be able to make several salads with those materials. I'll give an example. At the local Sheetz (gas station/restaurant), a salad ranges from $5.00-$7.99, plus tax. A decently sized bag of salad from the grocery store is generally about $3.00-$4.00. If you can make 5-6 "Sheetz size" proportions out of one of those bags of salad, it would break down to $0.60-$0.66 per salad. Even if you buy chicken tenders from the grocery store and bake them, which is healthier than deep frying, it's about $7.00-$8.00 for a bag. If you break up two or three tenders onto the salad, you end up technically spending about $0.41-$0.47 for the tenders per salad. So, when it comes down to it, you can spend $8.00 at a fast food restaurant for a burger meal, dripping with grease, or generally pay about $2.00 for a crispy chicken salad that you made yourself. Eating healthy doesn't have to be more expensive.
  28. pumapipa

    pumapipa New Member

    I just don't get it. Here in our country, healthy choices yields expensive goods. For example, a bottle of soda costs 10 pesos, a bottle of water costs 25 pesos. A salad costs 100 pesos above, a chicken meal costs only 75 pesos. I mean, if we want our people to get healthy and to drop unhealthy c
  29. Harvie

    Harvie New Member

    Nope! Unless you wanted to be thrown away and not being hospitalized when you are ill and about to die because of eating unhealthy foods. That's the cheapest way to die then.
  30. Gaboco

    Gaboco New Member

    We all know that time goes by, the consumable food increases its price and base on my observation, the healthier the food, the more expensive it gets.

    When you want to eat healthy, you tend to eat veggies and here in our area, the price of each vegetable has doubled and sometimes tripled.

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