Do you think it is more expensive to eat healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by wiredinsomniac, May 9, 2012.

  1. Eating healthy does overall cost more but that is typically true of those of us who go the extra mile. For example, coconut oil verses vegetable oil. Braggs Apple cider vinegar verses store brand white. Flax, Chia, organics, Stevia, gluten free items, vegetarian items, vegan items, and on and on. Those items are more expensive and extensive! Needless to say, however, it's certainly cheaper to grill your chicken than fry it. Have a salad instead of an entire pizza. All about shopping wisely and taking time to prepare meals.
  2. jdh7w2

    jdh7w2 New Member

    Absolutely, and this isn't an opinion, it's fact (at least where I live). Walk through the dollar store aisle and you will see nothing but junk food, not one healthy thing. All this food for a dollar? Amazing. But it will cost you more later in life when you turn out to be fat and have clogged arteries. Now a days not only is fruit obviously more expensive than a bag of chips, but the trending category of organic, which is even MORE expensive than the already costly healthy foods has become overwhelming.
  3. Merz2311

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    No, it doesn't cost much to eat healthy. Here in my place I grew a small backyard garden wherein I plant many vegetables. So if I want to eat healthy I can just harvest in my backyard at no cost at all. Healthy living is very important.
  4. Kim Alejo

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    Yes, i think that eating healthy foods nowadays are expensive if you are in the city. Most of supermarkets offers organic and healthy foods in high price probably due to limited supplies coming from farmers since most of them are already using artificial and chemical fertilizers.
  5. Yes if you are living in big cities and no if you are living in provinces. I live in a province in the philippjnes and I can tell you that eating healthy is not that expensive. We have plants in our backyard where we get vegetables and were surrounded by the neighbors fruit bearing trees, they give us some of their harvest every season. My mom's colleague always brought fruits and vegetables from their farm. And even we buy from the market its not that expensive. While if you want to eat healhty foods, and living in big cities chances are you will buy everything, plus the prices in the market in provinces is more cheper than in big cities.
  6. Tyron Knight

    Tyron Knight New Member

    Eating healthy is more expensive. Eating takeaways or junk food is generally cheaper,what I find expensive is eating healthy, buying all the food, then stop eating healthy then start eating healthy and buying healthy food again, its a waste which people generally do, but if you stick to it consistently then, in the long run, it becomes less expensive, just one guy opinion.
  7. Jayken

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    Yes if you are staying in a city. Where vegetables are expensive and if you buy the organic one then that more expensive. But if your living in a farm place then maybe its not expensive because you can even plant a vegetables in your yard or farm. And you know that its organi because you planted it.
  8. mariemar

    mariemar New Member

    Yes, it is expensive to eat healthy if you buy all of those. But if you grow your own foods, it is not expensive at all. Growing your own food is very healthy at all. Beside from it is free, you are sure that is purely healthy because it has no chemicals at all, unlike for the foods that they are selling in the market because most of all are commercial.

    Nowadays, all are expensive including foods. But you will not be affected by those if we know how to grow our own foods at home or in our farms. By this way we can cut our expenses and eat pure healthy foods.

    In our backyard, my husband planted different vegetables including, eggplant, bitter gourd and string beans. Every time that we want to cook vegetables for our viand we just pick our home grown vegetables in our backyard and we don't have to go to the market to buy. Easy, less expensive and efficient.
  9. Coach Joe

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    Yes! eating healthy almost ripped my wallet. It was the truth, Healthy foods are expensive. I'am sad of that, and that is the main reason why people nowadays prefer to eat unhealthy foods rather spending their money on healthy foods :(
    But if you look at the different side, eating Healthy is cheaper because of the expenses you may encounter eating unhealthy foods. Let's promote this propaganda :D "Healthy Cheap"
  10. leafy87

    leafy87 New Member

    Based on my experience, yes eating healthy could be more expensive. But maybe because I have not done my preparation and research that thoroughly. I believe at first you maybe inclined to spend more than usual because healthy food & ingredients are hard to find. And majority of what's in the market are processed food which are way cheaper and easy to look for. Most of us would go for convenience over healthy. I think with doing extensive research and proper preparation anyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle. Best if we could grow our own food or main ingredients on our own backyard that's a sure way to save money from buying it outside.
  11. raquelama

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    Eating healthy does not cost much money. You just need to work hard to achieve your goals. Healthy foods such as vegetables can be planted in the backyard. That is how my family save money. Instead of buying vegetables and fruits in the market, my parents used to plant them near in the house. So, if we need to cook and eat we just go to our backyard and get some vegetables.
    Planting them organically can also reduce light risks to our body. We never apply medicines and pesticides because we wanted to eat healthy foods.
  12. Lizjoyous

    Lizjoyous New Member

    In Kenya, Healthy foods are more affordable compared to junk foods which are more expensive. In fact healthy foods are usually associated with poverty while junk is associated with the rich. For instance, cereals and vegetables which should be taken in higher quantities are only associated with persons in the society who lead low life. I think that is why, in Kenya we usually say the poor live longer while the rich die earlier. It gets down to lifestyle diseases which never spare the well to do in the society due to their poor eating habits in the name of they can afford.
  13. chenfoo52

    chenfoo52 New Member

    Basically for me its yes, cause all healthy food which are (organic foods) are really high price here in Philippines, I don't know though in other countries but here it is price buying organic products that are healthy vs the (GMO) foods that are toxic to our bodies. But if you have a spare lot, where you can plant some crops in it then it will cost less that the other products you buy. So if you have some space in your yard, or I don't know maybe in your apartment try to consider to start growing some seed which you can buy in some agriculture supplies shop. Then from there start to grow some different types if vegetable, you can just find in google, and in youtube for some tutorials in how to start a vegetable garden. That way you can save more in your food consumption and it will be 100% healthy.
  14. July0469

    July0469 New Member

    Eating healthy foods is not expensive. Other people choose to eat at the restaurant rather than preparing food at home. Some said, there is no time to cook food at home especially those working at the office. But in reality they made it a habit in such a way they adhere to a reason of no time. Unfortunately, there are more time allotted to a monkey business instead. That is a waste of time and money. Other choose to live an expensive lifestyle not thinking of the cost maybe. It's the habit and lifestyle that is more expensive.

    Healthy foods don't mean a big cut from your household budget. You can buy foods in the market of lower price but more nutritious compared to an expensive one. Cooking food at home can save more money. Serving your family a completely balanced diet and nutritious food you cook at home is more satisfying especially when they like the food they eat. Thus, eating healthy food don't mean a higher cost.
  15. drea77

    drea77 New Member

    I believe it is more expensive to eat healthy food in the US, and the long term effects of choosing so much processed food are life threatening. So much of the processed food is corn or wheat based, which is very cheap to grow. Corn syrup has to be one of the worst additions to our food supply. It costs so much less than sugar, so companies can sell their products for less. When a two liter bottle of soda/pop is on sale for one dollar and milk is over four dollars, it's an easy choice for those struggling with money. Fresh fruits and vegetables are rarely on sale and cost more than a bag of chips or frozen pizza. The unfortunate result of the cheap processed food epidemic is that people are buying cheap food in the short term, but pay for it in the long term; obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are at all time highs. Someone has to pay to treat these conditions.
  16. Ishana

    Ishana New Member

    No, not at all. How much is the fruit vs meats? How much is the vegetables vs meats? How much is the water vs soda? How much is the tea vs coffee?, healthy foods are cheaper than unhealthy foods. For example, if i will buy one kg of patatoes vs 1 kg of raw french fries, 1 kg of patatoes will cost me $2 dollars, 1 kg of raw french fries will cost me $6, in 1 kg potatoes i can make mashed potatoes,i can grill them, i can even fry them, in 1 kg of raw french fries all i can do is to fry them, 1 kg of potatoes will give you options what to do with it and it is NOT EXPENSIVE. Another example, if i will buy in restaurant a fried chicken vs steamed chicken, fried chicken (quarter part) will cost me $3, steamed chicken (quarter part) will cost me $3, where is the "more expensive" there?, healthy food is almost the same with unhealthy food in terms of cost, if not, healthy food is cheaper than unhealthy food.
  17. savw

    savw New Member

    Yes I feel that it is more expensive to eat healthy. In my experience the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables is absolutely outrageous. Then you have to consider the time it takes to cook a healthy meal compared to throwing a frozen pizza in the oven. However eating healthy is still worth it health wise and you will probably save money on doctor bills by eating healthy.
  18. blue009

    blue009 New Member

    Actually eating healthy is a bit more expensive but in the long run it is worth spending the extra money on quality proteins like fish, poultry, lean beef, and eggs. Sometimes you do not always have enough money and must settle for cheap foods that are unhealthy. A prime example is fast food, cheap but extremely unhealthy. Processed food is always cheaper because it is not real food. Real food meaning anything grown or livestock is the healthiest option and will always be higher in price because of the health benefits. Contrary to the myth that healthy food is something that is unaffordable, the average person can buy healthy food as long as they do not fall for the advertised "diet" food, just stick to unprocessed foods.
  19. MJacy Claire

    MJacy Claire New Member

    It's definitely eating healthy food are more expensive. A good example is comparing the prices of organic meat, fruit and vegetables from the regular product which are really more expensive. Making fruit juice are more expensive than the bottled fruit juices in the grocery store. Cooking food with using all natural product is more expensive than cooking dishes with canned sauces and meat, or even with some instant food available in the market.

    Healthy lifestyle maybe more expensive but try also to understand that's better than spending money on a medical treatment that was a result from unhealthy lifestyle you had.
  20. Rushey

    Rushey New Member

    Definitely yes. Eating healthy is more expensive than consuming the usual meal and set of foods. Since healthy foods observe the proper calorie inclutions needed also strict with the ingredients used to cook prepare the said heathy meal. And usually, those ingredients are organic that is more expensive with the usual meal ingredients. Being healthy is both hard and expensive goal to be consider. But it is also comes with the great benefits towards body and human being.
  21. yhan0124

    yhan0124 New Member

    Yes it is a bit expensive to have a healthy diet especially if you are into organic fruits and veggies. The good news is there will always be a way to lessen this burden by planting it at your backyard.
  22. krisa23

    krisa23 New Member

    In my opinion, I don't think it is more expensive to eat healthy nowadays. And I don't believe you need to buy those organic products available in the market. In our household we do plant vegetables like Malunggay, Pechay, Eggplant, Saluyot, Papaya, Lemongrass and Chillies, we do not use fertilizers on it just a compost manure. We do not throw fruit and vegetable peelings, I even ask the barista at Starbucks to gave me the used coffee grounds. Coffee grounds is a great fertilizer for potted plants.
    Being resourceful is the key to healthy eating.
  23. zanaiah

    zanaiah New Member

    I dont think eating healthy is expensive, less expensive i guess. Eating vegetables and fruits is very necessary to us, it makes our body healthy and away from different kind of illness. You can buy cheap veggies and fruits in the local market or plant them in your backyards. Eating in fastfood and fine dining is much expensive and not healthy. Health is Wealth while being unhealthy and prone to sickness is expensive.
  24. Renee7

    Renee7 New Member

    Not really. You just need to be familiar with cheaper foods that gives the same nutrients or even more nutrients than the expensive one. Like for example, moringa leaves is one of the most nutritious leafy vegetable that is widely available here in Asia. It's so cheap, you can even get it free because you can find a tree everywhere. An alternative way to have cheaper vegetables and fruits is to grow them if you have a nice place where sun is availabe. You would just buy the seedlings or cuttings once but your harvest would be enough for a long period of time, plus it's organic which is safe for the consumption. Another way to have cheaper food is through preparation. You can just cook your own meals like chicken breast rather than buying ready meals which are way more expensive. When it comes to foods, there are many ways to make a healthy but not expensive one. You'll just need to explore and make a research of cheaper foods that are available in your community.
  25. janet africano

    janet africano New Member

    eating healthy is really more expensive than non nourish food. when you go t the grocery, and buy lettuce, tomatoes, nuts and other ingredients for garden fresh salad it is more expensive than buying junk foods, sweetened beverages. With the inflation rate is higher and the economy in a challenged state, now is a good time to remind that even when money is tight and time is short “eating right” is possible.
  26. pioges

    pioges New Member

    In my experience, I actually saved more money eating healthy food and I noticed this trend back in college when I was still living in a dormitory. A typical meal back in college would cost around $1.50 and I would have 3 meals, so that would be around $4.50. I would also buy snacks in the afternoon which would normally be a few pieces of bread at $0.50. So that would be $5/day, $30/week.

    On the other hand, when I started working out I decided to cook my own meals and my budget for grocery shopping would be about $20/week. My grocery list included rice, a few pounds of chicken breast and lean beef, a few cans of tuna, 2 dozens of eggs, a few cans of lentils, and some greens. Learning how to use spices would really help out! Just make sure you get those with low sodium content.
  27. BroNoel

    BroNoel New Member

    That would really depend on the lifestyle of a person. Yes food coming from an organic farm would be more expensive than the regular food we get on a regular market. Choosing a particular healthy food are more pricier than food coming from a fast food chain like MacDonalds or Jollibee. Yes i do agree from some opinions above if you shop smart for healthier food you can buy some with the budget you have.
  28. angakongtrabaho

    angakongtrabaho New Member

    In my country the Philippines, it is not expensive to eat healthy foods here but it is expensive if you eat inside the mall and foreign restaurants. The price of vegetables and fruits are not expensive but meat, fish and poultry is expensive. We have many healthy dishes that only cost around 1 dollar less even if you eat it 3 times a day. My country is an exporter of fruits and vegetables to America, Europe and China, which means my country have cheaper price of fruits and vegetables.
  29. Virus13

    Virus13 New Member

    Yes. I find it funny because we are trying to be healthy but the foods that are healthy cost a lot. Try to go to an organic corner on your local supermarket and check and compare the price for a non organic product. I find it funny because if you try to think about it crops grown to be an organic product didn't use any fertiliser or pesticide to the crops so meaning less cost in production but why are they selling it on a higher cost?
  30. Doadex

    Doadex New Member

    I think that depends on where you live. If you are living a city life then, of course, everything is on the expensive side. Its hard to find healthy products in the market these days. Its always genetically modified or added tons of ingredients that are unhealthy for our body. Even the so-called fresh fruits and vegetables lack nutrients in them. The only available option for people living in the city is to go green and organic. And it's not a cheap lifestyle at the moment. If you look at the products out there, they are not affordable for an average person to use on a regular basis. On the other for those who are living on a non-city life, and who have the luxury to grow there own food and have their own farms, can benefit greatly and can actually be cheaper to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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