Do you think it is more expensive to eat healthy?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by wiredinsomniac, May 9, 2012.

  1. Michael Red Bear

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    No, it isn't. It might be at first because you are just starting out, but if you do your research, it turns out to be really affordable. Look around for farmer's markets and local farms to compare prices. A lot of local farms sell better quality meat at much more affordable prices. Join consumer supported agricultures (CSA), where you can join to get affordable food, as well as learn how to grow things. Speaking of growing things, try your hand at growing food and/or herbs. You could barter/trade for food that you need/want. If you look online, you'll find out where and how people are growing things, even in apartments! Yes, a lot of stuff in the stores is expensive, but do your homework first and try a little here and there. Budgeting also plays a part here. Buy what you can afford so that you won't break the bank. You can start with spices (go with ones you know) and cook meals that are healthy for you. Make sure when you visit the health food stores is ask questions. You don't know 'till you ask right? Also, get as much resources as you can to continuously learn so that you can not only eat healthy, but enjoy it as well.
  2. SharonAv

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    Eating healthy should become a lifestyle, not just about dieting but making all the right choices, for the sake of your health. Its more expensive not eating healthy, when you find that due to bad choices in nutrition, can become quite ill. Could end up being diagnosed with cronic illnesses and taking medication for: high-cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Just not worth taking that risk and having to live with that burden on your pocket and overall wellbeing. I honestly believe that theres no price attached to good health, so eating healthy is one of the greatest investments you could give yourself and your family. If you appreciate your body, you'll eat right, if you eat right your body will thank you with good health, simple as that.~
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  3. jedzc

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    People generally believe that healthy food are expensive, But that’s often not the case. One part of the problem is that we may confuse “healthy” with other labels that do increase costs, like “organic” or “gluten-free.”
    However, unless you've been diagnosed a certain medical condition, you can have a nutritious diet without worrying about those extra expenses. They key is to eat more healthy foods and fewer processed ones
  4. k4l4wjc

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    Whilе уоu mау think оf it in terms оf how costly to buy and eat healthy foods, it’s аlѕо оnе оf thе mоѕt important things уоu саn dо fоr уоur health in a long run. How can you afford to not invest in your health at the risk of losing years of your life? Aссоrding tо MoneyWatch, bу eating healthier nоw уоu eliminate costly medical bills аѕ уоu gеt older thаt уоu mау nоt hаvе if you’re healthy. In other words, by investing towards health, you will be rewarded in thе future with countless measures оf energy аnd vitality. As Jim Rohn said, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
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    Definitely, it's not expensive to eat healthy. Most of the healthy foods are available in the garden such as the green leafy vegetables. Now, if one person is hardworking enough, then I believe planting vegetable in the garden is not that expensive. Moreover, eating unhealthy foods is the expensive foods which only harms the body of a person. Therefore, we should start making a change and choose to eat healthy and nutritious food.
  6. paul0217

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    Healthy foods become expensive if you're living in the city, were most of the food available are instant. Meaning; most of this food has artificial ingredients or it has extenders to prolong the life of the food. If you're leaving in the province you could notice that most of food they eat there were came from the farms or Poultry. Which we can say its all natural and healthy. But if you take note of the price of this food, you may find it cheaper there. So I would say eating Healthy may be expensive if you live in the City due to availability of Natural Ingredients.
  7. Sxyvamp26

    Sxyvamp26 New Member

    No. They tend to associate the word "expensive" to eating healthy because organic foods are expensive. It is true that organic foods are somewhat expensive that is, if you will buy from supermarkets. Buying the items from farms during harvest season will be a lot cheaper. Whatever fruit or vegetable that is in season, the price will be less than its price when not in season. If spending money is not your option, then the best way to eat healthy without spending a dime is to plant and harvest your own produce. That way, you are sure that it is fresh and has no fertilizers.
  8. celebi

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    It’s expensive to eat, but it is more cost effective to choose your food wisely.

    Your eating affects everything from your health to your level of success. What you choose to eat can dictate moods, relationships, and lifestyle. So why do people complain about the cost of healthier, nutritious, options? This question or comment always arises: “Why is the price of lettuce so high, and have you seen the price of tomatoes, bananas, etc?” I grocery, shop too. I see the prices and I make choices from available food items. But as I walk through the grocery store I also notice others’ shopping carts. Some carts are loaded with cookies and sugary boxes of cereal. The carts hold ice cream, boxed cakes, individual drink pouches, or chips. I watch people walk up and down an aisle just grabbing items from the shelf. I’ll also see others who can barely walk, due to their size, filling their carts with this type of food, and I think...those poor eating patterns are just too expensive, in so many ways.

    1.Eating and drinking food that is loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners will cause you to eat more. You’ll continue to eat because this food does not nourish you. Not only are you paying the high sticker price on these items, but because you eat large quantities you purchase them more frequently. Much of the high priced, so called diet food also contain artificial sweeteners, leading you to eat more.

    2.Eating high-priced, processed, or sugary food can cause a multitude of illness leading to time off from work, or costly health care bills.

    3.Eating these food items add excess weight. As you pack on the pounds you could retreat from an active life, sever relationships, and never achieve your full potential, resulting in lost income.

    There are no guaranties in life, but while we’re here, why not be the healthiest we can be? If that means you pay a higher price for lettuce or tomatoes at certain times of the year, then that’s what you do.

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  9. janina.sarmiento07

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    I think the right term is not expensive. Eating healthy is just being smart. Your life would definitely outweighs the cost of buying healthy food. What kind of smart person that would think that saving money is better than having a good health? The time and money you could spend in preparing healthy food is a lot wise choice than spend it on hospital bills, right?
  10. SpicyShrimp08

    SpicyShrimp08 New Member

    Most healthy foods is expensive. Especially fruits and vegetables (but not in all countries/places). That's why a lot of people are either obese or unhealthy. Because unhealthy foods ( but also yummy) are more affordable versus the healthy foods.
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  11. jamechi

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    Its too cheap to be healthy, its just that most people are lazy to be healthy.

    Most people eat unhealthy food that is expensive, like pitzaa junk foods etch.

    Healthy food is cheaper but less people eats it, they do not like veges at all. :(

    That is why i trained my son to eat healthy food, no matter if it does not taste good.

    Healthy food does not taste good, buts its very good for the body.

    Have a blessed day to all..
  12. Banaag124

    Banaag124 New Member

    Here in our province vegetable are the cheaper food that you can buy!
  13. ramyam5

    ramyam5 New Member

    In my opinion and based on my experience, I don't think you need to spend too much money in order to eat healthy foods. In fact eating unhealthy foods is more expensive that eating the healthy ones. You yourself can have this healthy foods in your own backyard or any free space where you can plant and grow different fruits and vegetables. If you don't have the time and the place to grow this plants then you can have them in regular markets where can also offer you a good quality of foods in a minimum price rather than going in a big markets offering same quality of healthy foods but in a more expensive price. You should become a wise buyer in order to get a good quality products in a reasonable price. If you want to eat meat, sea foods or other foods that provide nutrients needed by your body that fruits and vegetables can't offer, rather than going to expensive restaurants and pay a higher price you can cook it in your house together with your family, it will also serves you a good chance to bond with them and at the same time eat healthy foods without emptying your pockets.

    As a matter of fact, me and my wife is currently taking care of some vegetables in our backyard like tomatoes, eggplants, ladies finger, and camote tops. We are looking forward in harvesting and eating our own grown healthy foods without spending too much money and it can be a source of our income by selling it in the market. Hope you can also try eating healthy foods without spending too much.
  14. cefotax

    cefotax New Member

    Eating healthy is more expensive, you can easily go to a drive-in and order something off of their value menu but going to the store to get stuff for a salad may cost you over $20 depending on what you are buying.But living a healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice and like most good choices it takes conscious effort. People tend to ignore how much bad habits impact their lives.
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  15. Mzy32

    Mzy32 New Member

    Yes it would be cheaper to buy healthy food. Healthy food are natural food that means you got to eat more natural than those packaged, artificial food merchandised at the grocery. When you go to the market, you could see fresh new product like fishes, meat, vegetables and fruits. It tends to get a lot more cheaper than you could imagine.

    When my roommate and I shopped at the mall, we were able to buy about the conversion of $14 or more. We bought crackers, some soap, egg, etc. However, when I went to the market one Sunday morning, I bought 5 corns, banana, apples, oranges, potatoes all for $5! And yet, it was all natural. The good thing about this is that it is all natural and could be cooked according by your preferable taste.

    For example buying fries at McDo is something--artificial and full of preservatives. But when you buy potato you could know how the process of cooking were made and you could simply identify whether it was made according to your healthy preferences. Just the way it is, when you are making fries by yourself, you could either just bake the potato or fry with less saltier and according to the portion of how you want to cook.

    This process is healthier and cheaper. One is that you could identify how the cooking was made. Second is that it could be way more up cheaper into your preferred portion of pieces!
  16. itsmarkf

    itsmarkf New Member

    Not really. I think it is more cost effective that you choose your food wisely. Just don't think what others say that eating healthy is expensive. You don't need to empty your wallet just to buy healthy foods.
    Always keep healthy in perspective. Always keep an eye on the nutritional panel on the back side of the package on products that you're gonna buy. Look for products that is low in saturated and trans fats, low on sodium and especially low in sugar. You're gonna need to check the values of nutrients naming vitamin a, vitamin c. and d, potassium and calcium and also look for fiber.
    Most important is don't mind wasting your money on fruits and vegetables rather than processed foods or packaged foods. Always look for fewer ingredients.
    Going healthy will save you a lot of time and money. Don't worry about how expensive the food is, worry about the unhealthy foods that will do to your body.
    Always stay fit and healthy. Cheers.
  17. kelzer0

    kelzer0 New Member

    It doesn't cost much eating healthy if you know what you are eating and if you have several types of food to choose from like vegetables. Here in our country(Philippines) to be specific. We have highland and lowland types of veggies on the high land they can grow different kinds of vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, beans, and peas. On the low land, they grow eggplants, ground peanuts, okra(ladies finger), ampalaya(bitter gourd), squash, tomato, hot pepper and many more. It will depend on how you cook and eat them whether raw or half cook. It doesn't matter as long as you don't add too many msg preservatives in your recipe.
  18. gaurav1997

    gaurav1997 New Member

    It all depends on your budget and where and how you shop. Like buying from local market or buying seasonal fruits/vegetables is cheaper and healthier choice.
    Maybe it might be a bit expensive compared to fast food or street food BUT eating fast food isn't good for your health in long run.So spending a bit more is better choice for a healthy lifestyle.

    WHIZMONEY New Member

    Eating healthy is a prerogative for every individual. But in today's condominium life everyone cannot rise a garden and expect to minimize spends on living healthy life. In this fast pace 21st century, everyone is working hard and feel time constrained to reach their goal so, forced to look out for a fine dine. So, one has to pay for leading a healthy life.
  20. Toni

    Toni New Member

    I smiled after reading this. I appreciate you noticing the positive change in your wife and your support for her. Eating healthy is more expensive, really. But the benefit we get way way more priceless than not eating healthy. Let's be healthy!
  21. Amrit lohani

    Amrit lohani New Member

    Fruits, veggies and fish are more expensive than unhealthy foods like processed meals and snacks and refined grains. That’s because current food policies support inexpensive but high volume production, and favor easily manufactured and processed foods that provide more profit per unit for the food industry.
  22. Abundant777

    Abundant777 New Member

    Eating healthier foods is really a lot more expensive. That means you have to buy raw, and preferably organic, food and cook it. If you could not avoid eating processed food, then, you have to buy and take food supplements to make up for the lost nutrients in your food.
  23. melnun

    melnun Member

    Depends where you live I guess. I find in isolated areas eathing healthy is alot cheaper as there is more local produce and farmers markets and such. However living in the city eating healthy is ALOT more expensive. In big cities we have cheap fast food everywhere , and our super markets are insanely expensive because they know they can charge city folk more.
  24. haram

    haram New Member

    Eating healthy may or may not be expensive.
    Like, if you think that eating healthy is expensive, it is true in many aspects. The basic problem we feel while eating healthy is that it require a lot of hard-work, like, in planting a kitchen garden or making a salad. While its quiet easy to order junk food from any restaurant.
    Eating healthy is not much expensive, because one can do a bit hard work of going to a market, buying good quality (cheap) veggies and meat and then making a healthy food.
    So basically it may or may not be expensive, depending on one's intention;)
  25. Albrenny

    Albrenny Member

    Yes, I believe it’s more expensive to eat healthy. Most of the healthy products are costly compared to the cost of fast food from the nearest drive-in. Certain vegetables are the same price or within the same price range as poultry or meat. The cost for a milkshake or soda is far cheaper than a protein shake or nutritious vegetable juice/natural juice.
  26. Simba_1

    Simba_1 New Member

    In my case it tends to be a little more expensive to shop for organic health foods I would like to buy where I live. Shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's is definitely more expensive than shopping at Walmart and Kroger from my experience. I have compared shopping at these stores and there is a difference in price on similar items. Also, There are a lot of health foods and organically baked breads and grain fed meats you can't always find at the run of the mill grocery stores. I do agree that you have to be frugal and a very good shopper to get the deals to offset costs.
  27. Jay Marie

    Jay Marie New Member

    I really love cooking. One thing to appreciate cooking at home was less expense and more healthy because you'll know what food are composed and put in it. I preferred to do the groceries or going to the market to get fresh fruits and veggies. I only spent $ 2 for fresh vegetables for the whole day meal. Does it sounds expensive? Well if you want to have a healthy living don't worry you can save a lot of more in your budget. Just put into your mind that eating healthy foods are those less oil and less sugar.
  28. dragon_girl

    dragon_girl New Member

    It depends what you think counts as healthy food. If you're talking about healthy restaurant food or healthy snacks, then they definitely cost more. But if you're talking about fresh fruits and vegetables, I don't see how those would be more expensive than something unhealthy, like processed meat. Of course, in every industry, there will be something expensive and something cheap. So this goes the same with 'unhealthy' items. Instant noodles are very cheap but luxurious 'unhealthy' wagyu beef is very pricey. Therefore, it really depends what sort of healthy or unhealthy items you're buying.
  29. Sherry Hardin

    Sherry Hardin New Member

    I think it costs more to purchase healthy food. Whether it be in the grocery store or a restaurant, and it also depends on what you yourself consider to be healthy. If you are going organic, gluten free, vegan or anything like that, then yes the foods are much higher. It's always easier to purchase something cheaper and more fattening than to purchase the fresh fruit or vegetables that cost more. It also boils down to convenience for people. I do believe you can eat healthier and be healthier even if you don't purchase everything organic and all natural. If you could purchase frozen vegetables or canned instead of fresh, then I would recommend that you do instead of purchasing french fries or chips. If you are eating out then opt to get a side of fruit or salad instead of the french fries, onion rings or mozzarella sticks.
  30. HiImFi

    HiImFi New Member

    There are quite a few studies that show that high-fat, processed food offers more calories per dollar than healthy foods. The main reason for this is that a lot of (cheap, industrial )sugar, salt and fat can be added to food during processing. The more a food is processed, the more additional ingredients it can contain and the cheaper it can be produced. Since sugar, salt and fat are all ingredients that make food taste good, people who eat these foods regularly tend to increasingly crave them. If money is a main factor when deciding which foods to purchase, people generally tend towards the tastiest, most filling that they can find at the cheapest available price.

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