Do you think it's possible to be politician without being corrupt?

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  1. I have seen my politicians involve themselves in misconduct of government administration. When someone wants to open a company on a certain place, as one of their requirements (administration) they want to be a part of that company by requiring owner to give them a percentage of ownership of that company. It's sad, how politicians contribute on destroying our economy.
  2. Mark barretto

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    Yes its possible if politicians wants to do their duty for good reasons if they aim to just earn more money and financial needs that will interact to their job or position many politicians wants to be rich and they did not really doing there job honestly or they just doing that for money and I believe that other politicians are good and doing there own duties to serve their country in a honest way without focusing in their salary
  3. MzFrenchie

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    What an amazingly deep and yet seemingly simple question you ask. Is it truly possible to occupy a political positi0n without engaging in nefarious or fraudulent practices? After all, everyone knows that backroom deals and politics are almost inextricably linked, a practice reaching far back into the annals of history. However, I believe there is one way in which a politician can ensure the successful, and fraudulent-free execution of political office. It is a simple, yet attainable method by which corruption could be avoided in political practice. This solution is as follows: should a politician enter the office, he/she must enter it with money. What I mean is, if you're a politician, running for office, and you don't need anybody's money (because you have your own), then there's no need for you to be corrupt. If you're confused, I'll further explain.

    Let me just start this explanation by stating, if one is a corrupt individual at heart, "shady" by nature, so to speak, then there is no avoiding corruption. Whether in career, in relationships, or in everyday life. But if one is a good-hearted, just individual, and wants to occupy a political position, the only way to avoid having to take the corrupt path, while in office, is to ensure that that person in question has enough money themselves, so as to never be able to be bought. Because the true thing is, no one can tell you nothing when you have money. There you go, solution.

    The one with the largest wallet always wins. Now, if you happen to have the deepest pocket and the purest heart = BINGO!
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    A politician can be honest. It is not impossible. Impossible is an easy word to evade challenges but being honest is a difficult challenge. To resist the temptation of money is not an easy task. If a man has a valley of gold, he will want a second valley of gold. If he has two valleys of gold, he will want a third valley. But living according to the values of honesty will help you live in internal peace.
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    Yes, it is possible but it will be very difficult. Because even if you have the purest of heart, almost all that surrounds you inside the world of politics will have selfish and amoral intentions at some point. It is a yin-yang situation where there is a duality of good and bad. It is like day and night, light and darkness, good and evil, positive and negative etc. Because corruption is not only present in politics, it is part of our daily lives. It is an almost unavoidable thing. And only the lionhearted individuals can withstand a world full of hyenas.
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    Yes, I do believe that it is possible. When a person is devoted to serve his country without thinking what is beneficial for himself it a great act of rendering service for the people. It is important for the government official to prove that they are worthy enough to handle government offices without any trace of discrepancy in the allocation of government funds. It should also manifest the check and balance and transparency board to raise awareness to the people on where the fund goes.

    It is also important to serve justice to those who violate the law. They need to face the consequences of their action if they commit any traces of corruption. Give harsh law to corrupt official to put their name in shame and serve this act as a warning for future violators.
  7. Adrienne-xmlw

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    Yes it depends to a politicians it depends to peolple. So many people in the world is a good god. Human being . So many politicians are being corrupt. This are a kind of people is greed , and ambisious
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    I think it’s a great and timely question. Is it possible , I think it is but very difficult. Let’s face it money and politics go hand in hand ,having to raise funds is such a huge part of any politicians job. How do they raise money by wooing big money donors and at the same time vote their conscience. As long as big money is a necessity to getting elected most politicians will at some point vote more in favor of their donors then the people they represent. The good ones justify it by making compromises , I’ll do this for the donors now so I can stay in office and do something more important later. I’m sure some walk that line well but most do not. Election reform is key to changing this dynamic and ensuring political office is sought by true public servants with the best interest of their constituents in mind.
  9. Isozceles

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    I think that yes, and I really hope there are people that can both be politicians and stay on the good side of politics, if as a society we want to improve, we need politics even if a lot people hate it (I certainly do, in my country at least) because is so easy seeing how a bad administration can destroy a community, or country, in the case of mine we're are in the deepest hole and there's not really a lot we can do to get out, but maybe if we had some good politicians that stood up for what was good for the country, we wouldn't ended up in this dark place.

    If we ever get out of this awful state, we are gonna need someone to be in charge, because even if we hate politicians, they are necessary, someone has to be in charge if not, there will be chaos, sometimes even if someone is in charge there's chaos. Is kinda weird when you look at it like that.

    Power does corrup people, but the world is big, and there's a lot of people in it, some countries are great because they have great leaderships that made them that way, so yes, there can be politicians that don't go corrupt, but the bad ones usually get the spotlight.
  10. Massie

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    Yes, it is possible to be a politician without being corrupt. Those that are honest are few and far between and are living their lives according to a higher moral standard. They hold themselves accountable to the people they serve and believe strongly in our Constitution. Greed and covetousness are not in their hearts,,,
  11. Recce

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    Yes I do think it is most definitely possible to be a politician without being corrupt. All is not lost as there is sufficient proof that there are still some politicians who are not corrupt.Corruption is a cancer that gradually yet seamlessly erodes the very moral fabric of society. It's effects are devastating and in some cases irreversible,often resulting in fatalities. Corruption also fights back and this has resulted in many a politician being held ransom or even having their political careers abruptly destroyed by corruption mandarins for speaking against this evil vice.

    It is the individual politician's morals,principles, scruples,upbringing,self control,grounding and an array of other factors that determines whether a politician will partake in corruption or not. It is very sad that there are those in society who are always looking for politicians to compromise for one reason or another. Society needs to realise that one corrupt politician is akin to a ticking time bomb and once the time bomb explodes,the trickle down effect has a high likelihood of being devastating. Furthermore the aftershock and the ensuing cleanup exercise can be a tideous affair.

    Society needs to speak out in unison against corruption and corrupt individuals. Politicians need to be held to account at all costs as their sphere of operations has evolved into a common breeding ground for the cancer that is corruption. The enactment of requisite legislation and stiffer penalties for corruption related offenses must by all means be demanded of politicians by their constituents. Corruption must be made highly unattractive to politicians through the public naming and shaming of corrupt individuals. This coupled with other penalties such as asset seizure and forfeiture,longer jail terms et cetera can serve as a deterrent. Periodical lifestyle audits should be made mandatory for all politicians,though strict guidelines must be in place to avoid witch hunt on innocent politicians.

    Finally society must stop enabling this evil vice to stem it's growth. Due diligence must be openly conducted on elective candidates to disqualify the rascals who ever so regularly weasel their way into the political arena.
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  12. Joyceuniqueness

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    This is well spoken.
    In the country where I came from, politicians are seen as most corruptable people on earth. They look like saints before they get to the office but after they have gotten what they wanted they become something else. They throw under the carpets all the good promises they have promised the people that voted them.
    The challenge for the good hearted people that want to try politics is the issue of trust and working with the right people. We have seen some good leaders who are truly good but because they are working with the wrong people it has become very impossible for them to achieve their aims and eventually they end up like their predecessors.
    To stop politicians from being corrupt in Africa one thing must be done. Politics must be made less attractive in terms of financial rewards. The reason why many people want to get these offices is because of what they will get there. If they know that there is no money in it and that they are only coming to serve the common masses they will not want to kill themselves to achieve their aims.
    In Africa politics is equal to corruption. It will a great determination any politician to clean without any stain.
  13. roseblossom23

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    I think there would only be a very little possibility for a person to become a politician without being corrupt, unless that person was truly born a righteous man. And if there were politicians who truly wanted to serve the country and people with pure intentions, the rate of honest and truthful politicians could be very low. You see, the world of politics is very tricky and some politicians could not resist the temptation of seeking more power and wealth that's why they are doing their best to stay longer in their positions.

    However, I still believe that even if there are only few politicians who sincerely serve the country, these are still good indications that we could still trust the government. And if a great and righteous leader of the nation would appear and promote a clean and just governance to the people, while exposing the hidden agendas of corrupt politicians, then we could finally say that justice truly prevails in the country.
  14. ZSDayag

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    Yes, it's possible yet it's impossible to stay, especially if you are surrounded by corrupt politicians, especially those who have a higher position than you. If you choose to do the right thing, then they will take you as their enemy and worst, they will kill you and your family. Sad reality.
  15. julmcwave

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    Many of our politicians are corrupt and still win during elections. But there are some politicians doesn't resort or engage in corruption because they have a clean heart, a love to our God and a God-fearing persons. They enter into politics in order to help people not making business in politics.
  16. LegacyBroken

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    I do not believe it is possible. A politician may enter with the best of intentions but at some point the sway of more power or influence will corrupt them. There are different degrees of corruption but a politician will always inevitably favour their own self interest rather then the interests of the public.
  17. sandipghosh1988

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    Yes, it is possible. The true example the father of nation of peoples republic of bangladesh Sheikh mojibur ragman. From his young age he always try to do for (former east pakistan) present bangladesh. From 1936 to 1972, so many times he had to through in jail and had to face mental torture, but he did not give up ideology. His ultimate aim is to give our nation freedom and after 24 years of sacrifice we get freedom.
  18. sandipghosh1988

    sandipghosh1988 New Member

    But none a person can't claim him as corrupted even his enemy.
  19. Rjhane18

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    I think YES, its possible because you can serve in public service in your own way and if not resign your position if you think your being unfair to your citizens.
  20. peppit

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    I suppose I have a unique view, as I went to University and got my degree in Politics and Law, then volunteered to help a candidate I believed in. I have seen both sides of politics and I can only conclude that it attracts three types of people; those who have a cause and are trying to do good and work hard, morally deficient and corrupt people and people bullied into it by family (see: George Bush).

    The candidate I believed in was a genuinely good guy who wanted to extend the revitalization of my city to the areas just outside the city, which were suffering severely. The houses were often poorly heated, damp and full of black mold. So myself and a friend volunteered to knock on doors, happily pimping out the good word about this guy. He had lived in that area and had escaped. He wanted to give that chance to everyone.

    Two days later, three men in masks jump out of a car, one armed with a machete, which he used to threaten us volunteers. We needed to be united against the government and that means the politician currently in power. A corrupt man who was in power for 20+ years while the city fell apart. When we continued, a week later, a black car would follow us, inching along the streets. It was terrifying and I heard reports during the election of voter intimidation.

    He won, though.

    He kept his promise.

    His rival slandered and tried to use his influence in the party to get rid of his competition, despite being from the same political party.

    Eventually, the corrupt guy realised that nothing was working and I haven't heard anything since.

    On an aside, during this, I met several very posh politicians who only went into it because mum, dad and siblings were politicians and they weren't going to break a chain first.

    So, from this and some other less direct experiences and hard research, I would say that politics attracts those with a big, empathetic heart and those who seek to use anything they can to gain *more*. They're fork tongued liars who tell people what they want to hear, or vote to damage nature to increase profits. That is why the tree of democracy should be watered with our effort, in any country, so that we hold corrupt people accountable.

    Like all power, it comes with a risk of attracting the wrong people.
  21. senshin19

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    Yes it is posible, but rare. Most of politicians nowadays enters politics just to have power and to fulfil their selfish plan. But there are some politicians who still have a precious heart and the main purpose of entering politics is really to help people and to become a good leader and these good politicians have more enemies in the politics because they dont want their principles. So I salute those politicians who still fight for the right and never get tempted to money.
  22. Apollo2018

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    Conscience is the only way to determine whether a politician is considered corrupt. Politics is very dirty and many people are aiming for that position because of huge money involvement. A politician can do good but its only a matter of time to tarnish his reputation. Being a politician means you are very prone to money and its very hard resist the offer if you have no conscience.
  23. Elmae1976

    Elmae1976 New Member

    Yes it was possible there are still politicians who has good intentions. They really want to serve their fellow men. I know a few who don't care about their salary as long as they make their followers happy and they have done their obligations. We are only human who was not strong in facing temptation but if you are true to your promises and has a good heart everything just follow. Politicians also has a heart and conscience so they can weigh things out. Money is only material thing but one's credibility and reputation is very important once it was ruined it was difficult to fix.
  24. danmike25

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    My opinion on this topic could be summarized into a single sentence. It is difficult but it's never impossible. Why is it difficult? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Just by simply acknowledging the fact that becoming a politician officially requires being elected and having been able to participate in an electoral process alone is not already an easy thing because for you to gain success here, you as a politician would need to widen your influence socially and politically. And of course to for you to have wider influence and maybe political power you might need to ask for help from people who already have such a power and political influence. That is where the risk or maybe the temptation comes. We all know that nothing is free nowadays. Everything comes with a price no matter how big or small it maybe. In the quest of being helped by these other influential people, so-called "favors" could always come in. It doesn't really matter whether these favors maybe good no bad, just to simple give in to these favors already require some compromise at some point. These might eventually lead to blackmail, bribery and eventually to corruption. So I'm not saying that it is impossible for a politician not to be corrupt. What I'm saying is the chances of being corrupt is higher than not being one. This is why I said that it's difficult.

    But I also said that it's never impossible. Both are true because they never contradict each other,I think there are two main "ingredients" for a politician not to be corrupt. And I think they are the words "wisdom," and "sacrifice." Being in politics means having lots of enemies and false friends, so a politician must be wise enough in dealing with them not to the point of always giving in to favors . Genuine public service also requires sacrifice. If a person cannot put the people whom he/she is serving above himself or even his family as a priority then that person could easily be bribed and fall into corruption. If only there are more people who has these words in their living, what a better place and government it would have been elsewhere in the world today.
  25. elirose7890

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    An old joke says if you want to know if a politician is lying, see if their lips are moving. New research shows that people can predict something about a politician's honesty just by looking at them, but it's not the lips they're noticing. For me, it is possible, there are many politicians are not corrupt. I am very proud to those politicians that are not engage to corruption.
  26. Tehilah27

    Tehilah27 Member

    I actually believe that there are many honest people with good intentions who go into politics only to realize that the political atmosphere is not conducive to honesty. Nothing is ever black or white when it comes to politics. You see people who take a stance before they become politicians but change their stance as soon as they are elected. Have you ever wondered why? It's because you cannot succeed as a politician alone! You will always need people and everyone who is willing to help you get elected has their own agenda which you must help along if you want to run for a second term and win. In order to stay on and help effect change, they realize that they also have to get their hands dirty.
    It is a matter of being a little crooked in order to do a lot of good. They fail to realize that that crooked act will be held over their heads, forcing them to continue acting in the best interest of their benefactors.
  27. aljay2386

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    There will be 0.1 % possibility same as winning a lottery. but I don't believe they are all corrupt. They have good intention to serve but the problem is in the system, the people around them, the opportunity to corrupt. they have good intention first but time goes by, they will end up corrupt. it's contagious.
  28. veggie201

    veggie201 New Member

    Most people deal with good and bad in different ways, politicians will always be corrupt from someones perspective maybe not their own. I believe politics needs to and does in many ways have a way to mitigate the corruption and will constantly need new ways to deal with new sources of power. Where I would focus as a politician is to keep war and violence off the table and have an effective way to ensure effective laws are passed and only useful policies enforced. I would like to see a better form of connecting the people to the leavers of power but still with a balance and check process in play.
  29. HBeth

    HBeth New Member

    My God, Peppit. Judging by your vernacular, I assume you're from somewhere in the UK. I'm so very sorry you had to go through something like that only because you were working towards what you saw was a better future for your country. We have not had those kind of occurrences here in my country. It may be because we have a different spin on your "tree of democracy" line. To quote one of our founders: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
  30. davidcvetanov

    davidcvetanov New Member

    Yes, it is possible. Rare, but still - possible. In the end it all comes down to personal philosophy and ethics. Beasts who have none of that steal from people, drinking from their blood. As Schopenhauer stated "Wealth is like sea water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame.".

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