Do you think LDR works?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by snesz08, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. snesz08

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  2. rvtamayo

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    Well, to be frank, I have been going to this kind of set up for almost twelve years now. It is true that it has its downside but depending on the person's involve it works just fine as long as both parties agree to it. Hard to the point that you may not see each other for a long time but it gives the relationship room to grow more and to be better in their own different careers.
  3. Twinklebisnar

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    Yes but not in all people because it requires so much trust and faithfulness. Because of distance you can't see and touch your love one. You should give him/her your full trust but it is also depends on your partner. You should not let the temptation win in you.
  4. rjjestercedric

    rjjestercedric New Member

    Yes. Long distance relationships have been known to be the hardest to overcome. There are many reasons why. Trust is a primary key to a relationship. If both parties do not trust each other, then the relationship will go nowhere but downhill.
  5. Yes. if both of you have trust, love and respect with your partner it will works. it will strengthen your relationship. you should have faith to god that what ever happen, if you and your partner will stay together. having long distance relationship is not easy, but you will see if that person is meant to be for you or not.
  6. BigEyes

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    Definitely yes.Been into that kind of Relationship for 5 years now.Well I am just thankful God gave me a kind of man who always been there for me through my ups and downs in life.Who always makes me feel I am special.I am very blessed to have him.
  7. zmdg27

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    I would say LDR works if both people really love, respect and trust each other. If they love each other they will make an effort to have time to stay in touch and stay involved with each other's lives so that they would not lose the bond and connection that they have. I also believe that distance does not keep people apart. It's the lack of communication.
  8. alzjytdf

    alzjytdf New Member

    Base on my experience, Long Distance Relationship really works for the people who know how to apply trust with their self, know the respect of each other, if they have faith with God that they are really destined to each other and most of all. if they really love each other means no one can set them apart. My boyfriend is 6 hours away from me, but distance is not a hindrance for us to tell how we truly love each other. Even if we see each other like once in half a year, it doesn't less the love with us because he never forgot to ask how was my day, or even forgot to greet my morning and night to be good always, and the sweetest thing, if he feels to say 'i love you' even if I don't ask him to say, he always said it with sincerity and love with his voice. I realized, staying in love in a relationship is a choice and not just because you doesn't feel the same way before. If you really love that person, you will love her/him unconditionally, even if it is not like the old times because true happiness in a relationship is within the person who truly love his partner. You will build your own family that's why problems that are coming to your way while you are not married is a training ground for the both of you in building a family. Break-up is not an option even divorce is not, God said that 'Ang pinagpagsama nga ng Diyos ay wag papaghiwalyin ng tao.'
  9. Jeahan08

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    For me it depends upon the partner. When they really love each other there’s a possibility that they can work it out. Good for them but if someone would take the chance to flirt with the other is I don’t know if it’s going to work.
  10. bnjgzmn

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    It will as long as every now and then you will see each other. If it will be years before you see each other, i think it will not work. Physical presence is the reason why you were in love with each other and that is also the reason why it will be longer.
  11. mibridina2001

    mibridina2001 Member

    Not all long distance relationships work. To make it work, communication is a key. Also trust, honesty, and loyalty. That's why a lot of long distance relationship ends because of easily giving up on their relationships. Save your relationship. Make it last.
  12. jhemjeff

    jhemjeff New Member

    a big yes. its just a matter on how you trust a person even if you are far from each other. for me distance makes the relationship stronger.
  13. CherryMae1821

    CherryMae1821 New Member

    Yes! If a person is truly committed with you. Distance is just a word. Your love is much stronger than anyone else.
  14. vlmrspns

    vlmrspns New Member

    I definitely agree! Distance, age, gender, and physical appearances shouldn't be the basis of one's love to the other. Most common fights that arise from every long distance relationship (LDR) is lack of time, proper communication, misunderstanding and trust. But, always remember if you truly love someone you will make time, be contented with what each other can offer, and trust that you can through things firm with your love with each other. It's all aboit understanding each other. Be forgiving and at the same time be not demanding. Always choose to be faithful and contented.
  15. yetyet

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    Any type of relationship works as long as both parties are willing to cooperate. In the case of LDR, communication is very important. This type of relationship teaches both parties the value of trust and honesty. Sometimes it's not all about love, it's all about responsibility and maturity that lovers has to posses in order for the relationship to stay strong despite of distance. Although it's a very challenging situation but as long as you are both willing to take risk and work for it everything ends up very rewarding. The longer we wait the more we appreciate those things when they came.
  16. justyhet

    justyhet New Member

    I believe that LDR works, it's just a matter of trust, responsibility and commitment. As long as both party are serious and willing to make things work then distance wont matter. Constant communication is they key in order to survive the situation. It's a very challenging type of relationship but this will also truly test the stability and patience of both party. Relationship is a team that needs sacrifices and unending understanding so much more on LDR, but as they said the longer you wait for something the more you value its existence that is why in LDR patience in waiting is also a must. Just be faithful and continue loving your partner that is by now away from you, then you'll see someday everything is worth waiting for the two of you.
  17. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    I think LDR can work. It depends on the two people involved in the relationship. If they're mature enough, know the do's and dont's, and stay loyal to one another. Plus, a lot of patience. Most of the relationships are ruined by cheating. Just so you know, cheating is a choice. Thats why it really depends on the person.
  18. raiwenkai

    raiwenkai Member

    For me it depends upon the two person. Tje most important thing is you TRUST each other, secondly LOVE and RESPECT if they have those three in their relationship FOREVER is real no matter what how hard it is....
  19. lyrael

    lyrael New Member

    I am in a LDR for 4 years. We've never met but it's okay, we are doing our best to make enough money to finally see each other.
    A LDR requires true love, trust, communication and commitment.
    It's not easy but it's not impossible.
  20. It depends on both parties. Example if the boy wasn't truely love the girl they will find other girl to fullfil the space to his heart, same in the girl. he lesson here is if we're comfortable enough to someone don't find another girl or boy that will put our relationship into RelationSHIT because love created us with one heart.
  21. Ana81

    Ana81 New Member

    Long distance relationship works but it takes both of you to be committed with each others trust that is the basic thing for it to work. Even if you can't see them all the time you are not worried because you know he or she got your back no secret and lies. Never miss a day withought talking to each other and always be there for them. When you have an arguement the one thing that kills the relationship is the silent treatment and in LDR it's "ghosting". Talking it out through message or video chat helps that bond. I am in LDR for 5 years and whenever we see each other in person it is such a beautiful feeling and you treasure every moment with them.
  22. snowvocaine

    snowvocaine New Member

    I believe it does, but it should have complete trust and plans that both parties will be staying together eventually. Firstly, it's quite obvious that without trust, even if the two of you are near each other, the relationship wouldn't work. And it's so much harder if you're apart, but I believe if you're dating the right person, it wouldn't be as hard as you might think. Secondly, it's just logical to have plans in the future to stay together and end being in a LDR situation once and for all. It's already a fact that this thing is one of the hardest to deal with when it comes to relationships, so being unsure of how it'll come to be is going to make it much harder for a couple. At least if you do have a plan, even just an idea of staying together permanently after being in a LDR for some time, will definitely help ease the stress of being in it.
  23. ctemple85

    ctemple85 New Member

    Yes long distance relationships work, as long as there is trust on both sides , it does get difficult, but that's all a test so both of you must succeed to be happy together.
  24. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    It depends. If they really love each other, it will work.

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