Do You Think Playing Games Reduces Stress?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Mr.C, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Mr.C

    Mr.C New Member

    Many post says that a gamer can detect more moving objects than an average person, therefore playing gaming improves our sensory image and reaction time. But do you think this also reduces stress? or it just contribute for more? what do you think?
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  2. Glen Benson

    Glen Benson Member

    I think it is definitely and absolutely YES, Why? because as one of the addict person in games it helps me to reduce stress or I take as a stress reliever, and according to my experiences it helps me to focus on my studies and it makes me think more to be creative and productive.
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  3. Deeyong88

    Deeyong88 New Member

    For me, it reduces stress as long as it is not done too much. First of all, the game redirects your thinking from all other things in this world, thus your focus now is in the game. With the fun, excitement and all the emotions you get while playing, I think you'd be relieved of that stress that you feel.
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  4. evan10593

    evan10593 New Member

    That would be a solid yes from me. As a gamer myself I can't even describe how much better I feel when I get to play a game after a stressful night at work. It helps me de-stress and just wind down after a long day. Gaming is the stress medication of the future!
  5. Helius

    Helius New Member

    For me, I would say gaming is one of the best ways to reduce stress. When you play a game, you are focused on the game and that causes you to forget about the things in life that are giving you stress. But on the other side, playing too many games can cause stress. If you are addicted to much to gaming and you are busy doing things in the world, you will get stressed out and things just get worse until you play again. Be careful not to play too much and take a few breaks now and then.
  6. sarie

    sarie New Member

    Depends on the game, honestly. I use video games to escape anxiety and stress a lot, but it's usually with a game I can play alone or with little interaction with others. A game that requires heavy cooperation, like Overwatch for example, stresses me out even more.
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  7. chinitszxc1

    chinitszxc1 New Member

    Yes it reduces stress as long as you are enjoying the game and not being too serious from troller people you should just enjoy the game for me it reduces my stress and it makes me happy everytime i play with my friends life is short. Less stress more happiness :)
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  8. bazookaredd

    bazookaredd New Member

    Playing video game is a hobby,Something you do to Enjoy your self,Yes it relief us of stress,and more,But i my say that those WHO ARE ADDICTED AND has " NO CONTROLLED" IN PLAYING VIDEO GAMES ,has a lot of Stress ,Specially those who play online games,Here in the Philippines ,where a lot of people enjoyed playing online game like dota,iI personally saw how they try to find money just to play .Some even
    steal just to play,,Their was a video on YouTube,of a 5 year young kid,saying his Father (who is still a teenager and living with his Parents)Play all day long on the gaming station,instead of working and finding ways to earn,the poor guy just play, Coming in the morning, just going home to eat, then coming back, not looking at his child anymore, then often making enemy with someone .what often are the verbal fights with his girlfriend,STRESS YES ,I belief stress can be cure or treated like what they stay of not to much of every thing
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  9. DragonWriter

    DragonWriter New Member

    It depends on the stress triggers of the individual. For me, chatting in fps games stresses me out because of the negative attitudes and taunting online. Ex. Call of Duty 2. However if I play a shooter without talking or play a strategy game, TCG(Trading Card Game) or tactical game on a grid like chess but with characters that have attack and defence I'm fine, relaxed without stress. Ex. Fire Emblem, Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, Mighty Party on Steam.
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  10. Nathaniel Nguyen

    Nathaniel Nguyen New Member

    Well, playing games can surely help you reduce stress, as long as it is not competitive. It is nice to turn into one of those competition-free, fun games from time to time as all they offer is anything but stress. However, whenever I choose to play any of competitive games out there, I don't find myself getting any relaxation, or entertainment from it. It is most of the time the opposite, to be honest. It is just so stressful for me with all the decision-making, communicating with your teammates, trying not to make silly mistakes, etc. Of course, it is for sure more fun when you have a partner or friends to play these games with though. But for real, why do you have to put up with all those pressure just for the sake of reducing stress? A light-hearted visual novel game or a hack and slash game could always work for you. They always work for me. :)
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  11. febriedethan

    febriedethan New Member

    Depends on the game. I would be more stress if I play Candy Crush Saga, but definitely less stress while playing Hay Day and Township. I enjoy taking care of farm, crops, and making goods.
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  12. oliver#11

    oliver#11 New Member

    It's a big yes, because i am actually a PC gamer when i start to play with my PC it can reduce my stress and forget my problems for a while, games can give me joy, it comforts me a lot when i am thinking too much games is a great pass time or a time killer.Games make you happy for a short period of time; when you are enjoying playing that games but you can't escaped the world or your problems; just for a game you can't expend the rest of your time to play games, face your problems and your fears life must go on when you still breathing' make your time counts and don't waste opportunity as well to become successful, be proud of yourself and be proud of who you are.Playing games can also decreased pressure and problems your facing, it's good to take your time playing while your mind is not in a condition to think straight.Playing games is a nice communication and practicing to communicate to other people, and other nationalities like playing online games its a nice way to improved your communication skill.
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  13. kelyl14

    kelyl14 New Member

    I didnt like playing games that much but as i can see with my friends it can relieve their stress sometimes when they have problems they choose playing some games than being depressed.
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  14. Andrea123

    Andrea123 New Member

    Yes it does. It reduces stress and improves concentration levels. Imagine you are tired and not in the mood to go out. What better way to reduce your stress level than playing a game and train your brain at the same time. I guess it also depends on the type of game you are playing. For stress reducing i would recommend something easier to get by.
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  15. Eljo12

    Eljo12 New Member

    Yes I think so. Every time we decide to play a videogame we concentrate and consume our feelings on it.Sometimes we really choose our type of game basen on our emotions. For example, if we feel angry with somebody we choose to reduce our fury on a typical game like Mortal Combat or Tekken or WWE and after we spend some time on it we feel more relaxed.
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  16. nellph

    nellph New Member

    Yes playing video games can relieve your stress but i think it depends on what game you play.Like me i love to play Call of Duty.Because everytime i play this game it help me to become more relax and get back into my good mood.Well to be honest i have a hair pulling habit haha.So when I'am stressed out i just play Call of Duty.I love firing the enemies haha.

    But there's a game that cause me stress it's a mobile game that they called Mobile Legends.It's so annoying when you have a noob player in your team.Especially when you are in ranked games.
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  17. nalelele

    nalelele New Member

    Yes!As a gamer I can assure to you that playing games can reduces stress and I think it can also kill depression because while we are playing games,our mind is not thinking anything but only focus on the game that we are playing and can also change our mood when there some event or changes on the game that we are playing. But not all people can do that because we are having different mindset but I am really sure that mostly,playing games can reduce our stress.
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  18. Rejay Buta

    Rejay Buta New Member

    Playing video games can relieve your stress, reduce your depression, and make you feel better.

    That may sound like a big claim to make, but at this point there’s plenty of evidence available to support it. Enough evidence in fact, that if video games aren’t a regular part of your life right now, adding a bit of game-playing time to your schedule could actually improve your mental health in many surprising ways.
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  19. Elune

    Elune New Member

    That's a nice question. That depends on what type of game you're playing and how you react to it.
    MOBA games, like dota2 and league of legends, and FPS like overwatch, call of duty are games that are fun but also frustrating.

    These games stresses me out, I end up venting it outside the game. It also irritates my eyes. During the fast paced part of the game, you actually blink less because you have to see every movement. Playing longer also gives you hand strain too.

    I moved to arcade and RPG because of that. They're relaxing games for me. There's no pressure on when to get things done.
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  20. I play games myself - from video games to board games. They're great stress relievers. Not only that you learn new skills, you also get to enjoy your free time. I've been playing video games since I was young and they never failed to make me happy. Whenever I experience problems in life, I just get rid of the sadness with the help of video games. They take you away from the real world and puts your focus on the game itself while you have fun. When there's stress around, it's also a great idea to wind down playing games. I play chess too, on the computer and sometimes using the real board. I play with friends and whenever I play chess with them, I forget any problems in the real world and just focus on the game. Playtime is man's stress-free time.
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  21. Rexxie Parama

    Rexxie Parama New Member

    It could be in two ways: First, it's a stress reliever if you use it in a good way. Such as playing games on your free time and just enjoying it with a companion. Second, it could be a pain in the ass if you take gaming seriously. Stress will come if it has affected your studies and your allowance. Gaming could be a good way of enjoying ourselves if it's handled nicely but if you're faced with a lot of stuff to do and you think gaming is interrupting then it's time for you to stop that habit and start living your life instead of just facing your PC for a whole day. Another thing, it could be a threat to you health. If it's too much, stop. But the other way around, if it's balanced, then you've found your stress reliever.
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  22. MomoStarr

    MomoStarr New Member

    Do I think playing games reduces stress? For me definitely YES. Because playing games can bring you to your comfort zone where you can't be distracted by what is the source of your stress. It helps you clear your mind out of the problem you are facing. But of course anything too much is bad. So too much playing games can be stressful.
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  23. Renz456

    Renz456 New Member

    Yes, because video games such as minecraft takes you to a digital world that you can do whatever you want, and it takes you away from your reality, problems, hardships that gives you stress.
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  24. justkatie123

    justkatie123 New Member

    I think yes however it depends what game you are playing. As i know some people get angry when they can't complete a level or something. But mostly i think yes because it gives your mind a rest from stressful situations and you can escape your real life.
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  25. mindzerogenaskey

    mindzerogenaskey New Member

    games are made to remove stress and to be enjoyed, though there are some games that would give you stress even though you're trying to relax using it.
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  26. sarah.staudt

    sarah.staudt New Member

    I absolutely use video games as a stress reliever, particularly non-shooter games like platformers or something like The Sims. It helps to only be focused on one thing, and not have my attention divided.
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  27. milton139

    milton139 New Member

    Yes it could be a stress reliever, but not all the time. It may also be the reason of why you are stress specially when you lose the game again and again.
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  28. yesak

    yesak New Member

    From my personal experience, and depending on the game, playing games reduces stress tremendously. I believe MMORPG's and RPG's are very relaxing, and can be played casually. However, high stress competitive games like Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, etc. can be very stressful depending on your teammates and how the matches play out.
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  29. sooty884

    sooty884 New Member

    Yes I think it reduces stress, when I am playing a video game, whether it be on PC or on a console, I sometimes forget the reality around me and focus in onto this fantasy I am playing. That itself is great at relieving stress, but then sometimes if my son is screaming or shouting, you are put back into reality and stressed
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  30. Ana Angel

    Ana Angel New Member

    For the most part I think the answer to this question is yes. As long as the gamer doesn't have an addictive personality or perfectionist/OCD habits. If this is the case, I think it can actually be more harmful than good. I believe being obsessed with video games is unhealthy and it can cause stress and anxiety when the gamer is unable to get his or her fix. If the gamer is able to balance life with his or her love of video games, I think it can be quite soothing. When I play video games it focuses my mind on one specific task vs. the 56 things that are usually playing ping pong inside my head all at the same time. For me, it relieves stress and anxiety in that moment giving my brain a much needed break.
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