Do You Think Playing Games Reduces Stress?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Mr.C, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. kurt111

    kurt111 Member

    For me, its a big YES because if you win its very nice in feeling and you enjoy alot......
  2. mchammer

    mchammer New Member

    I would say it depends on what game you're playing. PVP, player versus player centric games wherein you have to go against another player can bring up your excitement or a huge douse of frustration, especially if you're constantly in the losing side. There are also games that literally tells you that the game is hard and their slogan is "You will die a lot." I kid you not that certain games will punish for just relaxing. I don't see this as a way to reduce stress.

    Another is what is your objective in playing the game. Let's say you're playing the game for achievements. You need to be accurate and alert to what you're doing to achieve that one achievement that is missing in your game. You've tried so many times it will just give you a headache.

    However, even with these examples, picking the right game and genre will help you lower your stress. Going for a simple level up by grinding for experience for an hour or two and even playing without using too much of your analytical or problem solving skills will put you at ease. I personally play Role Playing Games or just simple puzzle games to let that stress from work melt away.
  3. SimorPost

    SimorPost New Member

    I will definitely agree that playing video games reduces stress and with today's technology it is like interacting to another world where you can represent a different or better you. and w/ the current trend about online gaming it is more interactive by how the games provide link to social media so you can play among friends and connect w/ them from any corners of the globe.
  4. LiamA

    LiamA New Member

    It makes me a lot less stressed then I would be otherwise. It's just great that you can get away from your own life and into another.
  5. Shoji

    Shoji New Member

    For the gamer yes.. But for other people i think no.. Gamers play to remove stress..
  6. perrypopcorn

    perrypopcorn New Member

    I think that this just depends on who you are, and why you play games. I personally play games after a long, stressful day, and use the time to unwind. If you're playing to unwind, then obviously it will reduce your stress levels. That being said, some people play because of boredom, or not having anything else to do. I feel like those are the people that will get tilted, and their stress levels will rise substantially. At the end of the day, people should realize gaming should be fun.
  7. wmeditz

    wmeditz Member

    For me, it reduces stress as long as you are not playing to much With the fun, excitement and all the emotions you get while playing, I think you'd be relieved of that stress that you feel.
  8. annegabby22

    annegabby22 Member

    Yes. I think it is a great way to relieve stress. like reading, playing games gives us the sense of freedom from our emotions.
  9. CL13

    CL13 New Member

    As a gamer, for me, playing games make me feel like I don't have any problems in life. It helps me to forget on the things that makes me stress about like academic problems nor social problems. It lessen the anxiety of a people or gamer through the sense that it brings happiness to the person who is playing. Sometimes, playing is a stress outlet. It's like a way to released your stress from a unfavorable circumstances.
  10. Hackn26

    Hackn26 New Member

    Games offer you many good things. Its not just a way of relieving stress and finding relaxation, but it offers more. Games help you analyze a situation better than the people who don't play games. In games, you also get better in interacting people, playing in team and such.

    But games sometimes become a bad thing. Especially when you become addicted in a video game or online game and you don't have enough time to spend with your family or friends. It makes you less sociable in real life. But it all depends on the person. If he got a 'brain' he won't spend that much time, unless you are a professional player that earns money in video games.
  11. Yordles

    Yordles New Member

    I can channel a lot of things while killing people on League of legends, and since I like to help peoplt, having a support role in the game is also very satisfying. I don't play a lot of games, but even I can tell that it helps a lot, if you're angry you can let that go while playing, or it can cheer you up if you're sad, things like that. Also, I can have fun with my best friend and just mess around for a couple of hours.
  12. rolandsoriano12

    rolandsoriano12 New Member

    It depends on the game you play. There are multiplayer, solo, offline, online, strategy, cards, racing and many more. You just have to choose where you will be happy playing at. For example, If you like to play action games like CS:GO or DotA 2 where a lot of team play and concentration is required to win the game then surely you will have a over stress or a mental breakdown especially when you are matched with a weak players or also known as noob then you're really doom because instead of getting higher rank, they'll surely pull you down with them to the lower tier. Where on the other types of games like adventure or casual games like farmville that you really don't need to put much effort to win because your goal is just to have a beautiful farm where many animals walking and crops growing anywhere and anytime that will surely give you money. That type of game put you into a simulation that gives satisfaction in every simple task that you will accomplish.
  13. psykejam

    psykejam New Member

    Most gamer report that playing video games even violent games is a way to relieve stress and enjoy playing with friends.
    However, much of the research conducted on video games comes with the presumption that games are stressful or even psychologically harmful. While this isn’t the whole story, there is some evidence to support this assumption.
  14. raymart.marfil

    raymart.marfil New Member

    I would say yes playing games makes me more comfortable and makes me more focused to it. I do play games after doing some school homeworks just to make my brain think that it was just a game.

    Well I truly believe that playing games are like "gateway drugs" (for me okay?) because it helps me escape from the reality and enjoy my life playing all day long. And for me, it is a positive effect rather than having a depression and bad emotions.

    Also what I like from playing online games is that I do win sometime. I feel like it was a big achivement that you were able to do this that others can't then you try to share the results of your game to some friends of yours. After that they somehow invited you to play with them because they believe and trust you to win with them. You don't just make friends in the real world but also in the internet that you can share your interests with.
  15. reynrobin

    reynrobin New Member

    I would agree but not 100%. In my case, every time I am stress, I tend to play games via my phone and for a while the stress was lessen. There are benefits somehow, but let's not discard the fact that there are disadvantages. Maybe lets sort to a more relaxing form distressing like reading books or watching an inspirational movie. What do you think?
  16. tamss

    tamss Member

    Yes reduces stress because the obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences and Playing video games is something I enjoy in my spare time. I'm a gamer, always have been.
  17. michael16

    michael16 Member

    Playing Computer games makes a player comfortable, so I can tell that playing computer games is a stress reliever. When you play computer games it makes you feel happy especially playing with your friends, classmates, love ones and part of the family. Even though you are lose on the first game it does not you will become stress, it may helps you to gain some chance to win the next game because you are eager and you want to revenge on the next game, and if you will win on the next game, you are so comfortable, you smiled and makes your mood better and relieves your stress, so I can tell that Playing computer game may remove your stress.
  18. Trisha23

    Trisha23 New Member

    Yes. It reduces stress and a relaxing feeling as well. Happiness is somewhat attainable in almost all things possible. It can be from someone, or be given to someone and sometimes comes from something. One of those things are video games. It gives the players some space away from reality. From the stress that sorrounds it. Playing video games is not about winning or losing. Its about experiencing the adrenalin rushing through your body. You shout when you play. Shouting releives stress and calms all the nerves on your brain. Video games is good for the body and soul if controlled not abbused.
  19. Mafanikio

    Mafanikio New Member

    Yes. Playing games reduces stress, it entertains, develop IQ, builds confidence, keeps people engaged, mental stimulation and makes people active.
  20. stone13

    stone13 New Member

    I could say yes, its depends the person how he/she handle the games. Games can reduce stress of individual through playing it manipulates the brain of a person to reduse stress. But not all the you should always playing games when you are tired or you got stressed. You should consider the mood and of course don't spend much time on gaming because to much is bad.
  21. stone13

    stone13 New Member

    I play games in my phone when i feel bored and sometimes im getting addicted on playing so that my head also gatting in pain.
  22. Ritchde

    Ritchde New Member

    When I am bored or stress from work, I played games either online or offline in order to forget my worries for a while. When I am done playing games, I just rest for a while and that's it! I'm back to work. Playing games for me is just a temporary excuse when you are loaded with a certain task. Does it reduce stress? A little, but it gives you the courage to continue your task.
  23. charoy16

    charoy16 Member

    Video games don't just provide relief from emotional pain. They can also help those who are suffering from physical pain.
  24. Daniel_Salac

    Daniel_Salac New Member

    For me, it is yes. It can reduces stress as along as it can't affect your daily routine. I can't affect your study, it can't affect your relationship in other people or just simple it could never be a addictive in playing games. Take this as advantages to reduce your stress. Use playing games as pain relieving to out your stress. Most important in playing games is giving yourself moment to relieves your all stresses and or even anxiety so that use this as your reliever.
  25. myra21

    myra21 New Member

    Playing games can reduce stress because it can help to improve our mood.Through playing games we can forget our problem even for a while.Our mind can focus on the game instead of focusing on the stress. I've read articles that says playing games can be very benefecial in removing stress or even anxiety.

    My elder brother is a moody person he always get mad at small things but when he became fond of playing computer games his attitude change.He seldom got angry and he became kind.I think computer games help him a lot.It reduces stress and change him as a person.Playing games can be helpful but it can also cause harm so we must learn how to balance our time between ourself and the game.If we did not manage our time it can lead to game addiction and other harmful things.
  26. It depends to what game you're playing. Sometimes, some game could really add stress to you. Like team games. Stuborn teammates could really piss you off at times. Instead of getting the stress out, you gain some of it. Hahahaha. It do really depends to what game you're playing.
  27. catillson

    catillson New Member

    Depending on the game you play, gaming can be a great stress reliever. After a long shift at work, I enjoy being able to come home and have a nice relaxing evening playing something on the computer or Playstation. On the other hand, sometimes playing games can be stressful depending on your mindset and what you are doing. Something like playing ranked in League of Legends can often be frustrating and feel fruitless if something negative happens that is out of your control. However, playing a less stressful game mode in the same game, like ARAM, can be fun and stress relieving and can often feel very rewarding as well. From my personal standpoint, video games give me something enjoyable to focus on that can separate me from my daily stresses and worries.
  28. Ryugun46

    Ryugun46 Member

    I am a gamer since I was 4 years old and I have been with gaming my whole life and still I am a pretty hardcore gamer.

    So whenever I get free time, I love to play games. Also after a tiring day I would love to play games because it most certainly relieves me from stress and depletes my pressure.

    So when I am in a bit of stress I just play games and the stress automatically goes away.
  29. anneevangelista

    anneevangelista New Member

    Yes i think it reduces stress specially when i'm playing the sims 4. i just really love playing the game
  30. EduRadish

    EduRadish New Member

    When I was younger, I would constantly play video games to get rid of my free time. They were the perfect way for me to mindlessly do tasks and have fun. Nowadays though, I don't have much time to play video games, I don't even have any downloaded onto my phone. The cost of buying a new console and the games to go along with it aren't really enticing either. But if I were to stumble upon a free gaming system I would definitely take up the offer.

    I believe I would begin playing video games to relieve my stress but my biggest fear would be it becoming a habit because then I would get addicted and play video games whenever I could. Yes, video games do relieve stress and help you relax at times. But is it the best option to reduce stress? I think not.

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