Do you think self-published books aren't the same as the traditionally published?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by whifflet, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. whifflet

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    Are we seeing more variety in the kinds of books that get published today because of self-publishing, or less? Does it matter to you whether it's traditionally published? Do you think we're getting more variety but less quality in the books we read?
  2. RedGlade

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    Traditional publishing is a double edgedsword, it keeps out a lot of potentially good work but it also tends to keep out a hell of a lot more bad work. Now we seem to be moving away from traditional publishing the market is flooded with every Jane and John's first bad attempt at novel writing, often done on too small a budget to even get it properly edited or spell checked.

    There comes a point where it's difficult to actually find the diamonds in the rough because the market is flooded with absolute dross. Same things happening in any online medium that allows for self publishing such as pc games, music or art.
  3. AlisaTR

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    There are a lot of self -published books available today, however I do not think that this has significantly affected the variety or quality of books immediately available to or accessed by readers. The increase in the volume of books contending for space simply means that we are presented with more author choices.
    I have self-published books myself, and the risks associated with self publishing is very high. I must confess that it does matter whether the book is traditionally published or not. The simple fact is that traditionally published books tend to have bigger budgets for editing, packaging and promotions and so they continue to dominate the print market, can compete effectively for prominent shelf space in book stores, and they often have a higher rank on the e-market. It is for this reason that I argue that the quality of books immediately available to readers are not significantly affected.
    It's an upward struggle for authors of self-published books and unless their work can appeal to the reading public, their books may be available on online markets, but they are restricted there for they will be ranked low and buried with competition.
    On the question of variety, whether self published or traditionally published, certain genres sell better than others. The variety of books available, I think, is driven by our reading appetites and not by the volume of writers producing books with or without traditional support.

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