Do you think toddlers should be allowed to use cellphones and tablets?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by ss2diamonds, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. ss2diamonds

    ss2diamonds New Member

    Absolutely not. There are findings that very young kids who use gadgets are prone to damage their eyesight. It may eventually lead to blindness. Besides, being addicted to gadgets may mean they will always be confined at home, missing opportunities to play, interact with other kids and see other places. Their lives will be limited to that little thing they are holding and not experience the actual life that they need to have outside of the comfort of their homes.
  2. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Some studies and experts are already questioning the popular belief that small children should not be allowed to use any touch-screen because of their benefits: Screen time helps kids unwind.
  3. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    You can help your child get more out of a smartphone or tablet by sharing in the ... continue to hit the market, there will be plenty of kid-friendly content to consider.
  4. Frenetic2510

    Frenetic2510 New Member

    Esto es algo que hace que muchos padres con el fin de entrener a sus hijos para no molestar pero no saber el daño que puede causar esto crea una adiccion que los aleja del del mundo de la naturaleza y de su entorno solo para el pequeño aparato que le puede causar daños
  5. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Well this is a very important topic to be discussed and i am glad i am a part of this discussion.My answer is a strict NO as using a cellphone or tablet by a toddler is extremely harmful to its brain. The neurons get damaged and the child might even end up as a physically or mentally challenged person by the time he/she becomes an adolescent. Infact its not safe to be overused even by adults. Its always better to keep the electronic gadgets out of our children's sight so that they won't trouble the parents to give it to them. i dont have kids yet but i will defenitely make it a point not to get my kids exposed to any kind of electronic gadgets for that matter and i hope all other parents would take my advice sincerely. Thank You.
  6. gcm2455

    gcm2455 Member

    Toddlers may develop a wrong notion of reality if they are allowed to play with cell phones and other gadgets. They may lead abnormal lives if that early, they would be hooked to the hazardous effects of technology. Their health may be endangered inasmuch as they remain stationary most of the time. They may lose connection or bond to the real people. Their concepts about things, people and events may also be distorted because they are alone in receiving information that has not been processed well and not explained comprehensively by adults who must be guides and mentors.
  7. LaurenWrites

    LaurenWrites New Member

    This is a good question! Personally, I would have to say frequent use of tablets and smart phones can cause harm to children. I think it is important for a child to be computer literate as we are living in an increasingly technology driven society. However, children using smart phones and tablets do not necessarily pick up computer literacy skills as most actions can be achieved on a phone or tablet through tapping or swiping. Using a tablet or phone occasionally is unlikely to cause serious harm, but it takes away from time that could be spent on other types of play. A child needs to gain some sense of mastery over their physical environment, which can be gained through sports, building and crafts. A child also needs to feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their abilities, such as by completing a project or learning a skill. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, they need to build their social skills face to face so they can develop healthy, positive relationships. Smart phones and tablets are inadequate for all these purposes, and therefore should only be used in moderation by young children.
  8. MadinAZ

    MadinAZ New Member

    I think you should wait until your child is at least 10 years old before you left them start using them. The thing is most of us parents start to use smart devices as a crutch and an electronic babysitter.
  9. thereajaneth

    thereajaneth New Member

    Cellphones and tablets are definitely not for toddlers. Toddler can be described as a child from 1 to 3 yrs old. During this time we all know the child is at its year of developing its domain (brain, social, physical etc.). The child must be subject to fun learning activities that will strengthen these domains. Yes, tablet and cellphones can provide some of these activities that might develop a toddler's certain domain but still there is a danger of exposing a toddler to electronic device,s which has a harmful effect such as damaging eyesight. Also, studies shows that a child exposed to gadgets specifically cellphones and tablets for a very long time at an early age can affect its speech development, the child can have speech delays. As an adult we have seen how gadgets impacted us, this might help us to gain friends but the socialization with other people suffer. The same goes with the child. Instead of exposing the toddler to cellphones and tablets why not allot their time for meaningful activities that will maximize their interaction, this has an effect to the child's personality as it matures and develop.
  10. abentasal

    abentasal New Member

    I personally wouldn't allow my toddler to use cell phones and or tablets at a young age. Yes, there are lots of educational materials it contained because of internet access but my concern is that their eyes will too early to be exposed to blue light that would cause damage to their young and pure eyes. Also as a mother, I have observed that over-exposure to the screen can affect their attention span and concentration. It also affects their behaviors. They easily get mad, throw tantrums, and even won't go to sleep even if they're too sleepy. Even their appetites are affected, either they lose their appetites or they eat more than enough which is not a good thing for a toddler.
    So as a mother, I really believe that it is up to us. If we want what's best for them and to more fully show our love and concern to them, let us be patient in handling this kind of situation. What I did was, I printed out learning materials that will contribute to their brain development, social, motor skills, or even to help them use their imagination and let them create something good about it. That really helps. And you can find lots of fun and educational activities on the web. Why not, try it out? Instead of giving them your phones and or tablets just to keep them quiet, right? Its good to let them be bored sometimes, that would be a great learning opportunity for them on what to do when boredom strikes.
  11. thomaswanzer5

    thomaswanzer5 New Member

    Definitely not. Electronics are addicting and time-wasting when used improperly, so exposure to electronics too far earlier on could cause bad habits to form that will be ruining in the long term. Also, since their physics body functions are still developing, including eyes, exposure to large amounts of radiation from electronics and blue light could probably affect the child's mental and physics development.
  12. aiseais

    aiseais New Member

    There's pros and cons in allowing kids to use cellphones and gadgets. The cons maybe they get distracted from studies, they lose motivation. The pros is if they're in school and they get involved in a dangerous situation they can call their parents or the parents can call their kids if there's a negative situation that arises in school. It can be a lifeline.
  13. yhanmar08

    yhanmar08 Member

    Of course it is a No.. No.. the toddlers still need a supervision with their parents. Yes they can watch you but with there parents. And toddlers are still developing if younleave them with gadgets their eyes will not develope well or the can have a poor eyesight when they while they are growing. Or sometimes their interest was not in school. because they are always want to used a gadgets. and it is not good i brain developing.
  14. cesstravels09

    cesstravels09 New Member

    I'd say no.. (altho it'd be really unavoidable - due to some circumstances if the baby/kid needs a little bit of disctraction while mom is doing something) I remember when i was younger, my dad usually distracts me with books - lots of reading - the only technology we had by then were Wired telephones - big cellphones with prepaid cards etc..
  15. janeluuuh

    janeluuuh New Member

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to, because just like my cousin they really can’t pronounce words properly that it’s hard to understand them and they are prone to not being able to socialize with other kids because they don’t usually interact with a people. But they are also good things that it might cause.
  16. Robsky

    Robsky New Member

    I think toddlers should not be allowed to use tablets and cellphones. It is because gadgets promote physical inactivity for children. Children will not be able to socialize well with others because of gadgets. Using gadgets make them alone and unable to play with other children which can trigger loss of self confidence and the ability to make friends. Parents should avoid this to happen by not allowing their toddlers to use tablets and cellphones.
  17. nth280993

    nth280993 New Member

    I's say no. Children need to go out to explore about the world, not just holing the phone or ipad all day long. I saw some parents let their childrens use phone so early that their childrens later was found being hard to concentrate and communicate with orthers. So better not give them the electronic device but bring them outside to play with orthers kids, to explore and to learn.
  18. Brenlee69

    Brenlee69 New Member

    its a big NO!! first toddlers will be exposed to radiation and research point it clearly that using gadgets at a young age could damage the brain as well as the eyesight. it also affect a toddlers development. second what will a toddler do with a phone?for babysitting?children who are exposed to gadgets at a young age turns out to be a problem of the society they are very different compared to kids who didn't use gadgets. thirdly gadgets has taken the role of parents who instead of baby sitting their children and have quality time with them cellphones and tablets do the baby sitting for them.the relationship between parents and their children have been compromised. so a simple reminder to parents and soon to be parents don't let kids play with cellphones and tablets.
  19. seyerelagsti

    seyerelagsti New Member

    It's a NO for me, even though I'm don't have children. Seeing other child focused too much on gadgets makes me sad because they are more focused on virtual entertainment. Young ones should be trained and more exposed to natural things. Besides from it will affect eyesight, it can also affect mental and physical problems. So don't let them use gadgets at an early age, entertain them with books and toys instead.
  20. zLex1

    zLex1 New Member

    Should only be allowed if the following conditions can be met:
    1) Should be used sparingly
    2)should only be used with parent/adult supervision
    3)all safety devices implemented, such as glare screen (where applicable)
  21. devincci

    devincci Member

    No, because toddlers will only depend on using gadgets and they might decrease their communication with the parents. It might cause some negative impacts to toddlers because it might lead them to loss of self confidence and they might not be able to learn how to socialize with other people, they might also see or watch things that are inappropriate for their age. The toddlers might also trigger some seizures that may affect them.
  22. StephWhis

    StephWhis Member

    No, I don't really think they need them. Not to mention that just seems like a really expensive thing to give to someone so young. Toddlers are also notorious for throwing things, and I don't think someone would like their $1,000 tablet being flung across the room.
  23. ImNoStalgia

    ImNoStalgia New Member

    Definitely not. As a toddler, the child has a lot to learn and has more time to be active. Sitting down and just playing with the tablet is unhealthy for the kid as it can have possible future implications on his/her eyesight. It is best to teach a child when you have his/her attention.
  24. Faithsony

    Faithsony New Member

    Toddlers should be given a limited time to use tablets or cellphones. Using cellphone/tablets should be limited to a maximum of say 30 minutes. There after, they should play other games using toys that will jog their brains and play games that will encourage creativity.You should only allow toddlers limited time to tablets or cellphones because, in this day and age the technologies have advanced and we are not living in those olden days. Let the toddlers advance with technology in moderation.
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  25. shemmymabras

    shemmymabras New Member

    I don’t think so. Toddlers should focus on their motor development. In that way, while they are still very young, they can appreciate our nature. They should not be boxed in with what the world can offer unnaturally. To develop their naturalistic intelligence, they should at least spend most of their childhood being connected with mother nature.

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