Do you use computers?

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Do use computers?

  1. Yes, I use them

  2. No I hate them?

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    Computers are devices that are utilized by many individuals internationally for various reasons. It's quite easy to overlook the true power of the personal computer. In the past individuals, would've had to rely only on only traditional methods to complete every day tasks such as communication or entertainment. The Computer (In my opinion) is a wonderful invention that is almost everywhere in our modern day socities. Some use the computer to perform productive tasks. Some use the computer for simply enteratinment. Some may even use the computer to commit good or bad deeds. The fact is that computers can be used for a limitless amount of reasons. What do you use the computer for?

    When answering this question think of the practical uses you have for a computer? If you don't use a computer to explain why. I'm generally curious about what you have to say. Personally, I have to learn how to use it due to the fact that I'm entering college next year for an IT degree. IT is practically all computers and math, so its essential for me to use it. I also used the computer for research and gaming purposes primarily. I have developed a great relationship with computers in general.

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