Do you use headphones while gaming?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by shannondvor, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. shannondvor

    shannondvor New Member

    Recently, I was playing Call Of Duty online with headphones. I listened to many people "talking smack" to each other which was extremely distracting from the actual game. I noticed that I died a lot more during that round than I typically do. I decided to switch lobbies for the next match and was placed with teammates who talked about their locations and kills during play which I believe helped me do better. It has left me wondering, is wearing headphones too much of a distraction during game play? Do you prefer to have headphones on and join in the banter or do you prefer no headphones?
  2. kennedyellens

    kennedyellens New Member

    Headphones are used depending on the game played. If the game being played is a shooter, headphones are almost essential to survive especially if this is done with teammates. In Fortnite for example, you will need to hear the footsteps of opponents, to hear if a gun has been picked up, or when the storm is moving nearby. If the game is story based, commonly there is no need to use a headset unless you would like to the sound as a personal experience.
  3. samklink

    samklink New Member

    shannondvor I have the exact same problem with wearing headphones while playing online games. Not even being distracted necessarily. The annoyance of listening to how cruel people are to each other makes it a lot harder for me to enjoy the game. It probably depends on the game too, but some of the "banter" goes way too far IMHO.

    Unfortunately, like kennedy mentioned, headphones are almost required for many competitive multiplayer games. They provide much clearer stereo sound which is very important to know where to look and go, and as you both mentioned they make team-work a lot easier

    These two things together have basically turned me off from playing competitive multiplayer.

    I still use headphones for single-player games though because, well, kids are loud and my headphones are well insulated :thumbsup:
  4. michaelpaluso

    michaelpaluso Member

    Depends....shooters and playing online yes...anything else there is no reason to, unless i am just trying to drown other people out!
  5. arennaid

    arennaid Member

    Depends. But mostly no, because its bad for our ears, it could harm our hearing, but of course its all about the control and discipline of volume.
  6. jay_l31

    jay_l31 New Member

    I prefer to use headphones everytime I play games, whether it's an online games or offline games and even mobile games. Headphones are really useful to maximize your gaming experience. There are sounds during that game that you need to hear, which you hardly heard without headphones, but can be pick-up if your using a headphone. And just by hearing those sound, you already have an idea what's going on in your surroundings. Like if someone's nearby or someone's shooting, etc. Having a headphone with mic could also help you communicate easily with your teammates, specially for online games. You don't have to type what you'd like to say to a teammate, rather just have to speak to them through your headphone set. But we also need to be mindful on the volume we are hearing because it might be to loud to cause us trouble for our hearing. Always check volume.
  7. nanzee16

    nanzee16 New Member

    It depends on the games I am playing. If I'm playing JRPG or Japanese Role playing Games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc., I use headphones to clearly understand what the characters are saying. But for strategy games, I don't need to use headphones because these games doesn't have dialogues, just a music. I can even play strategy games without sound. I also use headphones when playing online games such as PUBG because this game needs communication with other players.
  8. Samart

    Samart New Member

    Yes, using headphones while gaming enhances the gaming experience, specially while playing shooting games and online battles, you can hear sounds on the head set that you could not catch on your TV, or monitor, and or even some surround sounds, also add the ability to communicate with team mates to strategize, well that basically completes the gaming experience.
  9. hanzero

    hanzero New Member

    Personally as a competitive gamer, especially a player who plays CS:GO (Counter Strike : Global Offensive) and FPS games, I definitely in no doubt think that headphones are vital in order to play games properly, in order to hear footsteps, teammate callouts, strategic callouts, etc. are very important to help you win and compete properly. If you hear people talking smack to each other there's always an option to mute them, I sometimes even report them. To conclude this statement, I conclude that headphones will help the game become easier to play, easier to communicate to people and, definitely enjoy the gaming experience.
  10. mdayrit

    mdayrit New Member

    I believe most gamers prefer to use headphones when playing. This is also the same for me. The use of headphones in playing increases the gaming experience of a person. It adds to the level of excitement and suspense that you can feel while playing the game. Headphones are in a way a vital gear of a gamer. It puts you into the game and lets you be more competitive to win. It makes it more enjoyable to play a game wherein you can hear clearly what is happening. The sound of guns and explosions of a war game puts you in the mood to fight and win. While the scary sound effects of a suspense game can make your heart beat fast and would make you play it again and again. These are just some of the reason why I like to use headphones while gaming.
  11. sukai

    sukai New Member

    I always prefer to use headphones while gaming, as they allow for a more immersive experience while gaming. You can hear even the slightest of sounds while using headphones, which is especially important if you're playing a shooter or some other type of game that requires you to have good awareness of your surroundings.
  12. RoelMartin27

    RoelMartin27 New Member

    As a gamer, I prefer to play with sound effects. It motivates me to strive hard and inspires me a lot to win the game. It satisfied my experience and feels like you are in the game playing with other opponents. The use headphones allows me to concentrate with the game without any disturbance from the surroundings.
  13. akp555

    akp555 New Member

    I always use headphones while gaming, for multiple reasons. First of all, I live with other people and I don't want to disturb them if they're trying to focus on things. Also, it helps me hear what's going on better - and helps me be able to tell what direction attacks are coming from, if I'm playing a game that involves that. Finally, it just makes the gaming experience more immersive, so even if those other two things weren't issues, I think I'd still use headphones most, if not all of the time.
  14. Zeus20

    Zeus20 New Member

    I think its a must when you are playing multiplayer games it is for you to communicate with your allies, so you will have a plans and to stick together with your team. Playing with headphones (mic) Is much easier than typing to message your team mates while playing. Real gamer will understand this. But not all of the multiplayer games allowed the players to communicate with each other, but don't worry, almost all of the modern multiplayer games that are released in the modern days already allowed us to communicate with our teammates.
  15. yaprudy3210

    yaprudy3210 New Member

    Yes I always wearing my earphones when playing firing games and survival games. I currently playing PUBG or players unknown battle grounds it was my favorite game so far the game was nice and really have the good graphics and many more I like the game because it run smooth and there is no hacker. There are many kinds of reason why I was using an earphones while playing because the first one is I can hear object when it was far so it would alerted me and the second is that I car hear the gunshots if you don't wear a headphones or your phone is muted it would be a big disadvantages for you because you can't hear and it would be harder for you to know where you enemies at. That is why I wear earphones when playing but there are other games that It wont need an earphones such as candy crush and many more. So that's what I can say about this topic.
  16. thatrocketeer

    thatrocketeer New Member

    It depends on the game. For me I usually wear headphones when I'm playing adventure games or something immersing games and fps games like CS:GO. Other than that I just use my speakers when playing casual games and some MOBA.
  17. kaponse

    kaponse New Member

    It depends on the game that I am playing when I am playing dota 2, lol, heroes of newerth I am not using any headphones, but when it comes in counter strike or cs go I am using it because you need to hear some foot steps
  18. Ronald Lopez

    Ronald Lopez New Member

    I always wear headphones specially good performing ones when gaming. My game is PUBG and it helps me a lot to hear if therea an enemy close or following me. The game immersion is at its best. The downside though is not being aware at your sorroundings.
  19. sb-order-H2hg

    sb-order-H2hg New Member

    No. I prefer to here from afar using my PC's speaker. Some games like Far Cry can be very scary and you don't want stress yourself too much playing game. There are too many violent scene where the sound will suddenly increase. Such scene can cause tension and give you other feeling than enjoyment. Most game is already a first-person's, therefore, for me, adding headphone is going overboard. I don't want to feel like i'm the one playing completely.
  20. ferretales28

    ferretales28 New Member

    Yes indeed. I used headphones while gaming because it takes to to its world where it makes you feel you are really on the game.
  21. blakehollows

    blakehollows New Member

    Generally you can mute people who are "smack talking" in online games, so to me it's more of a non-issue for that topic.

    There's a lot more benefits as well, being that most games incorporate some surround-sound audio that is incredibly helpful for people with headphones rather than using speakers. I remember getting my first Turtle Beach x11's a long time ago for Black Ops 2, and I genuinely could not go back to playing on speakers. Maybe for single player games where audio isn't that much of a problem, but generally speaking I don't think there's any reason not to be using headphones.
  22. Cheesecake762

    Cheesecake762 New Member

    I find headphones extremely useful in competitive fps games, the ability to hear the location of your enemy is invaluable however in offline games i find headphones limiting i cant listen to an audio book or podcast at the same time and often just take them off.
  23. banana777

    banana777 New Member

    using headphones in playing game is surely a must. Why? this gives you the feeling to be more into the game. Gives you the thrills and the excitement while playing it. And it surely becomes more enjoyable. Specially, when you have teammates in the game, you would be able to communicate and share your understandings in order to win the game.
  24. EvilQueen

    EvilQueen New Member

    Headphones are necessary but not essential in most games. If your playing a shooting game with which snipers are everywhere, then it's best that you use headphones so you can increase your concentration and locate your enemies. But for some games like Audition,O2 Jam, Ragnarok, etc. with which includes a background gaming sound that is on continuous loop... I prefer not to use headphones and just use my speakers; It is because games that have a continuous music loop actually irritates and gives me a slight headache, it is in my opinion that it might be the longevity of the decibel played in the background that doesn't give room or time for my ear to have a break. Unlike if I put it on speaker mode, the sound wave doesn't directly hit my ears.
  25. Deotradus

    Deotradus New Member

    Always. My computer is in the living room, I wouldn't want my parents hearing the gunfires and the screams of the enemies. And besides headphones provide more immersion, there will be no other sounds so the game your playing will be more beautiful or intense
  26. Charianeliz

    Charianeliz Member

    Yes, I do use headphones while gaming. Sounds can stimulate a person’s senses while gaming, it makes the experience more exciting and complete. Once, I played a game without headphones and I feel bored and unsatisfied, no matter how I persevere to finish the game, I just can’t take it. A game is not a game without sounds and music; and you are not truly playing a game without those headphones on. It also helps you concentrate on the game, there are alot of distractions out there or noises- you dont to hear during the game, using headphones drowns or cancels those noises and heightens your gaming experience.
  27. Yes I do, I'm not really used to play games without using headphones or headset.
  28. Yes. To hear the song of the game carefully or hear music or to also hear the effects to make it more fun.
  29. Aldegar101

    Aldegar101 Member

    For atmospheric games, I like to use headphones. For more action-packed games it depends. Generally, I'll use speakers when I'm alone to really feel the rumble of explosions and when other people are in the room, I'll use headphones.
  30. jay97

    jay97 New Member

    Sometimes. Depends on which room I'm in and whether or not I'm sitting in the focal point. If I'm sitting on my bed, then yes always. If I'm at my desk, I usually use speakers for the sake of my bass chair. If in the living room, it depends on the game and who else is in the house.

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