Do you use Steam?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by slashx24, Mar 6, 2013.


Do you use Steam?

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  1. slashx24

    slashx24 New Member

    I have used Steam for about 5 years now. I only have about seven games so far, but that is because I have a low quality computer, and no money. The top three games I usually play would have to be Garry's Mod, Counter Strike: Source, and Half Life 2: Death Match. Do you use Steam? If you do, how long have you used it, and what games do you prefer to play.
  2. slashx24

    slashx24 New Member

    Please movie this to the Games section. It seems as if I have accidentally posted this in the wrong section. Thank you.
  3. Yoggy52

    Yoggy52 New Member

    I used steam about 2 years. I have bought games: Rome: Total War, Terraria etc. Its good thing because i have all games in one place. I like Free Weekends.
  4. John Troublee

    John Troublee New Member

    I use STEAM too. I bought Call of Duty modern Warfare. I like it for the moment but I'm still a noob :)
  5. Gambino

    Gambino New Member

    Yes, I've been using steam for around 2 years now. Have around 63 games on it. I don't play 99% of the games I have, which is standard for anyone who actually uses steam :p.
  6. MallieX3

    MallieX3 New Member

    Yeah, I use Steam. It's nice because of the overlay, so I can still chat with friends if I want to. But with all the Steam Sales and Specials, a lot of my money has gone into games I think I'll get around to playing but haven't yet.
  7. Showme

    Showme New Member

    I use Steam, and have for the past couple of years. I have purchased about twenty games in the past three years. I mostly play Garry's Mod, Counter Strike, and Dungeon Defenders( Not so much Dungeon Defenders anymore though).
  8. zerospectrum

    zerospectrum New Member

    I love the steam service, and have been using it for about two years now. It's a very efficient way to store all your games in one place, as well as participate in community events that are posted there. The only game I really use steam for is Team Fortress 2 now days, although I have a couple other games like Portal and Half Life 2 which I play from time to time. The deals on that website are also pretty good for an online store service, in comparison to Xbox Live which barely ever has any sales.
  9. Maniak21

    Maniak21 New Member

    Yes, I am using Steam, quite often to be honest. Now I am playing some shooter games which are powered by Steam so I have to use it, otherwise I probably wouldn't. Steam was a great platform until recently in my opinion, because recently they started adding the tablet/xbox type of menus and things to it, which I don't like.
  10. Quacker Jack

    Quacker Jack New Member

    I have never used Steam, though I think I may start using it. I am now just getting into playing games on PC. I've always been a big fan though of physical copies of the games though, so I could get them used for like half off. It's kind of a tough choice for me. Maybe though with the SteamBox coming in the future, I will need to get it.
  11. d72

    d72 New Member

    I do use Steam, especially now that they've introduced Linux support, I used to use it under Windows but then stopped when I switched to Linux. I prefer the indie games on there, I don't have time to spend playing the popular games which in my opinion require quite a lot of commitment. My only issue with Steam is that once you have bought a game, you can't sell it second hand as you could with a physical copy.
  12. kungfujoe94

    kungfujoe94 New Member

    I'm so glad these posts are here. My oldest child plays on Steam and she keeps telling me to try it out. I was thinking of adding it to Linux, if I ever get my Linux PC working properly.
  13. Parkergolf

    Parkergolf Member

    I do use Steam, but I have a Mac so there are less games for mac on there. Add me as a friend: Parkergolf
  14. Junkbots

    Junkbots New Member

    I've used Steam for nearly two years. Dealing with all of the bugs and constant updates to Steam its self and any game you choose to play makes it frustrating. However, you can't beat it if you love a sense of community in your games. I regularly play DOTA 2. I would send you a beta jey should you provide your steam name. Same goes for anyone interested, I only have three keys though!
  15. funnyman

    funnyman New Member

    Steam at the moment is the worlds greatest gaming client you could ever want. It is just SO easy to buy games, gift games and even trade games. The system they have is JUST SO GREAT.

    Secondly, they have a huge variety of games u can purchase!

    Lastly, they have a GREAT cosmetic system for multiplayer games for example the different hats u can wear in Team fortress 2. For this, they truly deserve the attention they get!
  16. mustbeza

    mustbeza New Member

    Yes, I use Steam almost every day for 4-5 years now. I usually play Counter-Strike Source (the surf maps) and DOTA2. I would like to get my hands on the latest Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but I think it is still in beta, not sure.
  17. mustbeza

    mustbeza New Member

    Yes, I use Steam almost every day for 4-5 years now. I usually play Counter-Strike Source (the surf maps) and DOTA2. I would like to get my hands on the latest Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but I think it is still in beta, not sure.
  18. BlackSolaris

    BlackSolaris New Member

    Steam really has become a part of my daily routine, because it ain't just a gaming platform anymore. It's a whole community around gaming. You can meet new people, talk to friends, participate in communities and, mostly, have a single place to have all your games.

    And those especial sales are too good to ignore.
  19. tongueofcat

    tongueofcat New Member

    I've used Steam for a couple of years now. My game library primarily consists of games purchased during their amazing sales - specifically the sales during the Christmas season. In total I have around 40 games, but I only have around 6 downloaded that I can actually play at the moment on my laptop. I like Steam for the fact that if something happens to my laptop my games I downloaded will be safe and if I bought a new computer I wouldn't have to shuffle through tons computer disks. If only I had Steam when I was addicted to the Sims 2... that games plus its expansions were a pain in the butt installing and reinstalling.
  20. dbaker

    dbaker New Member

    Been using steam for a couple of months now. Pretty recently got into computer gaming. Being on a Mac though my library is extremely limited, and I sometimes can't accept all the gifts I get.
  21. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    I have used Steam for about 4 years now. I hate Steam, but it's the only way I get to play PC games online (mostly). Their support is shit, they don't care about their customers. Once one of my old accounts suddenly just got banned from everything, not only vacbanned, but I couldn't even access it. I then contacted Steam and never got an answer. 2 years later, I tried to contact them again, just to see if I could get in contact with them, and first there, they opened up my account again...
  22. Bibek Kumar Shah

    Bibek Kumar Shah New Member

    I have used steam for almost one full year now. I mostly play games like Need for Speed series, Assassins Creed Series and last but not the least DMC(Devil May Cry)
  23. bradman1313

    bradman1313 New Member

    I use Steam daily to talk to my cousins who live across the country. I like everything about Steam except offline play. It never seems to work, which bugs me. I like to play games on my laptop too, and it sucks not being able to without WiFi.
  24. eesaws

    eesaws New Member

    I use steam almost every day to play some of my favorite games like Counter Strike: Source, Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2. I can also use it to talk to some of my distant or even close friends or even play with them. I think the server browser for all of the valve games is really good and easy to use. It doesn't have all the games in the world, but if it did I could guarantee ALL pc gamers would use it. So overall, it's a very good program and you should get it if you don't already have it.
  25. Casper Jensen

    Casper Jensen New Member

    I've used Steam, hmm.. over 6 years now. I don't have a 'favourite' game at steam, so I don't play those games often. I use it so i can chat to my friends and new people. I have around 10 games installed on steam. Even if i don't use steam that often, i still like how it's run.
  26. ECM_Dave

    ECM_Dave New Member

    I've been a proud Steam user for 7 years now, with hundreds of games in my library. Steam is truly a testament to the potential of the cloud and shows how cloud based distribution along with responsible, unobtrusive DRM can create an ecosystem in which creativity thrives.
  27. Pyrefly199

    Pyrefly199 New Member

    I've been using Steam for over 6 years and i have to say, its one of the most convenient pieces of software I've ever used. A single place to keep all my games that i can download an unlimited number of times as well as having fantastic prices? Yes please!
  28. overkilled1

    overkilled1 New Member

    I have used steam for years, mainly because there is no chance of losing a game because you can always re download it. It does, however, make me feel uneasy that in Steam's Terms of Service it mentions at any time they can terminate your license to play the game you bought. Despite this, I still enjoy it and I normally play Garrys Mod, Half Life 2: Death Match, and although it is not exactly a dedicated Steam game, Arma II.

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