Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Nowadays we can find how to learn or do almost anything on the internet in general, mainly on YouTube. I particularly use Youtube for my researches because depending on the subject, it is better to listen to someone speaking than to read. And you, use YouTube for your searches?
  2. internetchameleon

    internetchameleon New Member

    I use YouTube for education and inspiration quite frequently. I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi and learned everything I needed to know from YouTube tutorials. I love the audio, visual, and textual instructions I received, as well as feedback in the comments section from people with the same goals as me.
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  3. othercakes

    othercakes New Member

    A lot of the time I spend on youtube is to learn about some topic, some curiosity that I have at the moment, that kind of thing. But I also use it as a form of entertainment, I believe it can be a very useful tool and with several utilities, you just need to know how to search, there's some very good stuff around the site.
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  4. roosevelt93

    roosevelt93 New Member

    I think it really depends on what the subject matter is. For example, I attempted to use Youtube to help with learning a language, but the videos didn't really help. However, when I used Youtube to learn how to knit, it helped me tremendously. The site is a great visual teacher, but I am not a visual learner and thus, have no great use for it.
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  5. gabrielarbie10

    gabrielarbie10 New Member

    Yes i use YouTube to learn many things like crafting making furniture cooking make a new recipe, i love the most on YouTube is you can search important things like how to earn money online because of YouTube i find postloop and earn money and a experience.
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  6. hristovf

    hristovf New Member

    As Roosevelt mentioned above, Youtube is fantastic for visual learning, and will only improve as VR becomes more mainstream and accessible to the general public. I can't tell you the amount of times a quick search on Google or Youtube helped me fix a problem for which I'd have to send parts to the repair shop. That said, that's more of a on-need basis, and I use the website more as a means of keeping track of stuff I like. Funny clips from video games, or interesting videos on some lesser known parts of history. Right now, I'm binging on a Youtube channel dedicated to World War 1 history.
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  7. socialfly

    socialfly New Member

    I find YouTube a great resource when trying to figure out a specific thing, for example if I am trying to figure out how to do 1 task on Photoshop it is a lot easier to watch someone do it and have them explain it as they do it rather than trying to read instructions and perform them that way.

    I've used it before from everything ranging from basic computer problems to how to poach an egg correctly - I think it's the fact that you can see someone doing it first hand and hear them actually explaining their process which makes it a lot easier to learn that way.
  8. lailah24

    lailah24 New Member

    Yes! I used YouTube for every things that I want to learn. If I wanna learn something or I wanna know something, I just search on YouTube. It's almost everything you wanna know is there. It's really a big help. I almost learned everything from there.
  9. Nastef

    Nastef New Member

    As a college student I have to thank YouTube for helping me pass at least half of my subjects. Engineering is a very complicated degree so I need all the help that I can get. Because most of my professors are too lazy to actually teach, I just use the internet to learn most of the things that I don't understand. Along with some forums, YouTube is the best site to find some quick videos on how to do that statics equilibrium / math problem.
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  10. Liezel Gatmaitan

    Liezel Gatmaitan New Member

    There’s a lot of ways in the internet to learn something. But yes, I use Youtube if I want to learn something. It is best if we search want we want to learn and read about it but watching it on Youtube on how something is done is different. Just like watching a story over reading it in a book. Youtube makes me understand more because it is shown through video and has bigger chance to do it actual accurately. Thanks to Youtube. It is very helpful except for those posters who make fool of themselves just to earn views and got some bucks after.
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  11. ZerosPlatinum

    ZerosPlatinum New Member

    It depends on the subject. I use YouTube when I really need to approach learning a specific topic in a more visual way. For example, when I wanted to learn more about how cryptocurrencies worked on the technical side, watching a video was more beneficial for me than to read an article that was a bit hard to understand. Some of these educational channels go the extra mile to really enhance the visual aspect of the videos with nice graphics and animations. It also makes it more entertaining than reading your average article or textbook. For some of us, it's much more natural to hear and see a human speak and discuss about a topic than to read a few paragraphs.
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  12. nbasturias

    nbasturias New Member

    i prefer to use youtube because most of the time, it is very difficult to follow instructions by means of reading words most especially if the instructions are too long and are complicated. Compare to youtube, we can easily visualize the instructions given to us.
  13. Emely Osting

    Emely Osting New Member

    Yes, I am using youtube to learn something especially when I am having troubles in my everyday work. I used youtube to find the solutions and many more. There's a lot of good videos that you can learn in youtube.
  14. GeorgePh

    GeorgePh New Member

    Yes, I do. I'm starting my freelancing career today and Youtube is the reason why I'm here. You can learn a lot from Youtube to upgrade your skills and the best part of it. It's for free! I'm currently planning to learn more about SEO, since forum posting is a part of it, I decided to subscribe at the same time earn some money in here. Good luck to all of us, and keep on earning.
  15. Simmon

    Simmon New Member

    Youtube is one of the most helpful output of technology today. I am still learning from videos posted. Whenever I need tutorials (photoshop, DIY, reviews), youtube is one of the best help out there.
  16. kellchz

    kellchz New Member

    All the time! I’m a visual learner, especially when trying something completely new to me.

    Hair and makeup tutorials are especially helpful. I’m kind of clueless about anything girly and have no one to show me anything face-to-face.

    I also do a lot of beading (Perler beads) and watching lots of tutorials before trying new techniques has saved a number projects from becoming completely ruined.
  17. kgemmill

    kgemmill New Member

    I use YouTube all the time to learn things. It's a great way to learn anything really. I like learning new things having to do with cooking. I also use it to find tips and tricks on new video games I want to get better at playing.
  18. laizamae05

    laizamae05 Member

    For me youtube helps me a lot with a lot of things because i used to watch youtube everytime I have a research on how to do this youtube helps me on how to learned on it youtube is not only to watch a video or movies you can also learned thing on youtube. For me I have learned a lot in youtube win how to do this and how to do that youtube is the best way to learned on it. Because everytime Im looking for something to guide me I always watch youtube just to guide me on how to do it and it really works so youtube is not only on to watch on movie but you can also learn things in many ways in youtube and youtube is very help full to us because everything is in youtube.
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  19. shanndelbert

    shanndelbert New Member

    Yes, there are a lot of tutorial stuffs uploaded on the site. I’ve been watching and downloading videos of different kind of categories. It is a good thing to avail such resources for free. I think except for Facebook, this is the most visited website in my country.

    When I was making my thesis proposal, I got my idea on YouTube, stuffs that I can do by myself and now every time I want to learn something, I refer to this website for reviews and tutorials.
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  20. ianvp

    ianvp New Member

    Hey Danielle, youtube (and videos in general) are a great way to learn new things, I often use youtube to school myself on Home & Garden tricks and DIY projects. As a freelance web developer youtube is also an amazing way for me to have "live troubleshoot" instead of "just a piece of text" when I'm trying to fix an issue I'm dealing with. :)
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  21. Jenny Parot

    Jenny Parot New Member

    Yes I use youtube on learning things specially tutorials of how to get a jobs online, how to cook some recipe and how to make some DIY's. In youtube we can look for some stuff to help for our daily routine, some tutorials for a life hacks to make things better. It also have a video for a nursery and learning video for the kids.
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    ZOE JOY BUGNA New Member

    Yes, Youtube is not just a site for entertainment it is also a site to learn things. I have watched so many youtube videos and learned so many things. Well, you have to filter out videos that could help you learn and explore new things and ideas. Watching videos compared to learning them in school , for me is much more engaging because it is like a one on one learning system.
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  23. Liezel Gatmaitan

    Liezel Gatmaitan New Member

    There’s a lot of ways in the internet to learn something. But yes, I use Youtube if I want to learn something. It is best if we search want we want to learn and read about it but watching it on Youtube on how something is done is different. Just like watching a story over reading it in a book. Youtube makes me understand more because it is shown through video and has bigger chance to do it actual accurately. Thanks to Youtube. It is very helpful except for those posters who make fool of them just to earn views and got some bucks after.
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  24. wrestyonline

    wrestyonline New Member

    Yes. There's a lot of things that you can learn especially on Youtube. Like example you couldn't understand the previous lesson at class and then you can also search for tutorial videos on youtube. It would be so convenient and comfortable because you can just learn what you couldn't at school and you can learn even being just at your home. What i like about youtube is that there's a lot of things you could see and a lot of information to acquire. Also A lot of opinion from different people around the world. But we need to be careful to what information we learn and take from youtube for it may either harm you and prosper your knowledge more.
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  25. Yes, nowadays people rely more on the technologies since it's easier, faster and more realiable. Yes I myself use YouTube to learn new stuff especially when im in a rush since you only need to type the keywords and tada! Almost all of your work is already done, you just have to sit and watch and I think too that YouTube very big development in the technology era, but I personally still see to it that whenever I have spare time, I still go to the library, browse on some books and do my homework the traditional style. (although some books at my school is outdated so I still end up looking them up in the internet)
  26. art63

    art63 New Member

    Absolutely yes , There's so many topics and ideas that you can learn on YouTube. You-tube created by Google is one of the factors why that there's so many entrepreneurs who can earn double than the normal businessman . Youtube has so many videos including knowledge about human body , earth and soul. And i learned a lot on watching youtube videos rather than going to school. I learn how to code , to draw and many more. There's so many countless ideas and knowledge that I saw on YouTube.
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  27. laizamae05

    laizamae05 Member

    Actually I do use Youtube to learn things because for me everything is on youtube. Like I forgot to fix something I watch youtube to reminds me on how to fix thing. Honestly you can learm a lot in youtube in many ways.
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  28. mrnndsyrfbc

    mrnndsyrfbc New Member

    Yes, I use Youtube to learn because there are a lot of detailed tutorials in youtube and sometimes you can really see how things are done with complete details and explanations which helps a lot.
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  29. Eberitte

    Eberitte New Member

    Yes! YouTube is my tutor. It thought me to bake, play simple guitar chords, and to memorize correct song lyrics. I mainly use YouTube for music and educational purposes. It was a great help especially when I was a student. You can watch explanations and demonstrations about science or health. There's even a video on how your crush going to like you back!
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  30. blurdface357

    blurdface357 New Member

    Yes all the time. There are many tutorial videos in youtube and can be watch for free.
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