Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. daddyrumble76

    daddyrumble76 New Member

    I use YouTube all the time. I'm always finding myself wondering if there is an easier way to do things. I am always building things and looking for people who might have a video on how to do it better and faster. I love YouTube. I think it can be a place to definitely learn things.
  2. sniper608

    sniper608 New Member

    Yes absolutely, youtube nowadays is relevant just like google.
  3. Renzo123

    Renzo123 New Member

    Yes i use YouTube to learn things. There is a lot of things you can learn in YouTube especially DIY’s. one of the things that in youtube is how to create a balloon animals. You can actually learn a lot in YouTube because there is a lot of random stuff that you can watch.
  4. leafar27.r

    leafar27.r Member

    absolutely yes, it make me easy to understand things because youtube have lot of videos tutorial and it is very easy to learn if you watching the steps or lessons.
  5. Emilima

    Emilima New Member

    Yes. Youtube, as well as any other video sharing site, is a great way to learn new things. I have recently taken an interest in computer graphics. I wanted to try out some software and videos on using Blender helped me get a jump start.
  6. Saisnueve

    Saisnueve New Member

    Yes, watching YouTube channels taught me a lot of things. That is why i also created my own channel, as a beginner I am still learning on what to do next. Too, many troubleshooting ideas and tips and tricks tutorials are to be watched on YouTube. But it is up to you if you will do the right one or you are ready to innovate a certain tutorial. Not all tutorials are good for you, but you can do find the right one. It is a big help for me to find out how to do things that is why sometimes I call YouTube as YTU "YouTube University".
  7. Emilima

    Emilima New Member

    It's cool you started your own channel! May I ask what it is about? I think it's difficult to start making videos yourself, so I'm wondering how you feel about the process.
  8. Saisnueve

    Saisnueve New Member

    My channel as a beginner; right now i don't have a certain niche, I am still in the process of studying analytics and demographics of my channel. But later on what would my audience will suggest i will try do make videos of it as long as i can. Yeah, right now I am alone making my own video and right now I am sick so i need to take rest, that is why there is a delay on uploading schedule. about the Process, at first it is hard especially when you are a beginner, asking yourself the question HOW do I get subscribers and watch hours, but hopefully it will be known, I hope and pray. yes, it is difficult and somewhat, sometimes stressful, but, if there is a will there will always be a way.

    Actually I then created my channel since 2012, but only last month that I got the GUTS to upload videos. And it is a big challenge because YouTube changed its rules to monetize videos. Hopefully this time my videos will be seen by audiences who will be my loyal subscribers. Hopefully!
  9. jmai2026

    jmai2026 New Member

    I think most of the time when I needed to learn something, the first thing I looked for learnings is directly on YouTube videos. A lot of the time I spend on YouTube is to learn about some topic, listening music, and even studying. Sometimes, I find my self very comfortable by watching videos on YouTube rather than reading it in a print or e-books.
  10. I find videos on YouTube to be very informative. One thing I love about YouTube is the documentaries I come across when I do research. YouTube also has videos of my favorite TV shows. I also like to watch videos on how to do things. For example, I like videos on how to make your makeup appear more natural. Though the main thing Ido on YouTube is listening to music.

    ARNIVAL New Member

    Do you use YouTube to learn things? Absolutely yes, I use YouTube as my eLearning platform. It is very useful and more convenient to use especially in acquiring new knowledge because it can deliver information’s that can easily absorb through video presentation. It also allows me to watch repeatedly in order to familiarize things.
  12. irisdaming

    irisdaming New Member

    Ofcourse yes! It helps me a lot. Everytime i bump into something that I don't know, the first thing that comes to my mind is to open the youtube app and almsot everything you need to know is in there.
  13. ROBETA

    ROBETA New Member

    Yes, I used Youtube to learn to do a thing and to learn about things. Lately these days Youtube is like my reference site to know how things are done or know about a certain thing or an issue.
    It is pretty much amazing that almost everything is on Youtube. From cooking to handicrafts to video game exhibitions down to some none sense videos.
  14. Totix

    Totix New Member

    Yes I used it. Even if you did not study in university you can stidy in youtube university.
  15. yndye

    yndye New Member

    Yes, I love learning things in youtube because the things that should be done are learnt step by step and you cannot just simply hear or read it but you can watch it which is very effective when learning. When you know what a long look like then you will know what to look for when you are doing it yourself and it would just make your learning curve shorter and you can learn many things in a short period of time.
  16. regineblas

    regineblas Member

    Yes I used youtube alot to learn new things or about the things that I want to know especially in make up tutorials, cooking foods and dessert, entertainment, about drawings tutorials and colouring. Everything you want to know are on youtube site and there is a lot of things that you may learn on youtube or even you can share your own thoughts or you can create also your channel where you can inspire others.
  17. Silentcrasher361

    Silentcrasher361 New Member

    For me, Youtube is very helpful in learning something. Because of the advancement of technology, most people always in their phone. They dont have timeto read book or somethong. They prefer to browse their facebook rather than reading books. That is why youtube is helpful in the learning process. Because, in youtube we can understand more about certain topics because we can see how does things work
  18. Raijul

    Raijul New Member

    Yes I use.I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi and learned everything I needed to know from YouTube tutorials. I love the audio, visual, and textual instructions I received, as well as feedback in the comments section from people with the same goals as me.
  19. zeph456

    zeph456 New Member

    I use Youtube a lot. I've started to learn the ukulele and I have used Youtube almost exclusively to find lessons and play-alongs. The wealth of information on Youtube is amazing, even for niche subjects. I am able to find lessons on my ukulele as well as how to get started in Photoshop. Even once you get some experience with the subject you are learning about, there are still how-tos and lessons available to keep you learning about your chosen subject.
  20. SteelTarkus

    SteelTarkus New Member

    There are some great programming courses on Youtube to get you started, and lectures as well to learn more advanced concepts.
    I wouldn't have learned what I know of coding without those channels, so yeah.

    Plenty of cooking channels too.
  21. khuch

    khuch New Member

    of course i use it to learn things i know a lot of people use it just for fun and other stuff ,but they are really missing a another whole side of the website there is a bunch of creators that love to share their knowledge through it but not all of them are saying the right things , you have to be really aware of what you are watching they can teach you wrong things so watch out.
  22. lyly0824

    lyly0824 New Member

    I use Youtube in a lot of things it helped me in terms of studying and knowing things around me. I enjoyed watching and learning at the same time in this website. Apart from that, it is accessible to all and free. People can and have an access to watch videos through their phones, laptop and such.
  23. earlgerr01

    earlgerr01 New Member

    I am in my Masters degree right now. Whenever I find difficult in your course or topic for example, I checked it in the youtube. There are so many great tutorials out there. You just need enough time, effort and perseverance in checking the related videos that you wish to see. Of course you need to have a high speed Internet connection to be able to view and watch it very clearly.

    Good luck!
  24. maryanndumarquez

    maryanndumarquez New Member

    Yes! Its a big Yes! I watched youtube to learn things. There are so many tutorials on youtube that can help anyone.
  25. SkyPeia

    SkyPeia New Member

    Yes! I like DIY crafts so i always watch tutorial videos to learn.
  26. naha01

    naha01 Member

    I have two reasons to visit youtube, firts is to learn and second is to start earning. learning on many things like pronunciation and job questions and answer so that I can use to apply and the start earning because I wanna know site that can
  27. Nowadays, youtube is a big help! You can find everything in youtube with actual footage you want to watch.

    In cooking for example, I am not an excellent cook, I don't memories ingredients even in basic recipes but with the help of youtube, you will see the actual presentation you can follow on cooking an specific menu.:love:

    Youtube is a big help also if you plan to travel. If you have not been to a place before, you can research how to get there. There are a lot of bloggers who uploaded there visit in a place. You can also follow his itinerary if you want to.:thumbsup:

    DIY thing, specially in making decorations. There are so many videos you can watch on how to make decorations, cards, designs and many more. Just search what DIY you to do and there you have it and can follow it. :p:p

    And a lot more! Youtube is amazing help to everyone.
  28. ipbascar888

    ipbascar888 New Member

    Youtube is really a great platform to learn new things in the internet. It has something for everyone and anyone.
    I love all the tutorial videos from make up application, installing car seats, cooking your favorite dish to making money online! Of course, not everything is legit and real, that's why one must still take caution and should know how to filter information online. :)
  29. bethylmh

    bethylmh New Member

    Yes! I remember in 2013, I really don't know how to cook any dish not until I went to Brunei to work. I searched how to cook "Adobo" in Youtube. Having haircut is expensive in Brunei (about B$ 7). I also searched how to cut my own hair. I searched in Youtube most of computer applications I want to study like photoshop and windows movie maker. I think it's easier to learn something by watching. There are things we need to see how it is actually done for us to learn doing it.
  30. ajohn

    ajohn New Member

    Yes!all the is my reference i subscribed to different bloggers from youtube to provide me information and of ideas that is usefull.

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