Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. angiechiong

    angiechiong New Member

    Yes, Youtube is one of my favorite source for learning practically anything. It’s more fun and easier to learn or comprehend since its video or visual format. If only it was readily available in my younger years, when my eyesight and brain cell are still in good condition, I probably be wiser or more knowledgeable today.:laugh:
  2. Xyronxid

    Xyronxid Member

    Yes it is.You can learn youtube like you cant understand the lesson previously you can search from YouTube and you can get online job like this I found this online job from YouTube he explained this website to share this website to YouTube.He has so many views and subscriber by the way.You can learn many things like Diy (Do it Yourself),Tutorial and so many things that YouTube can help you.Youtube is not only entertainment it may help you to learn things too.You as a YouTuber you can help many people and you can get money by using YouTube .
  3. ayanzki

    ayanzki New Member

    Yes, I'm using YouTube every time I have a free time to learn new things and skills and also to develop my current skills. There are so many skilled and experienced people uploading their video tutorials for what ever topic you want and also you can watch it every where using a smart internet phone that can help a lot of people. And also I use YouTube for entertainment watching music videos of my favorite singers.

    And I must say YouTube is a big help for every one to those who wants to learn new things and skills, to those who wants to share their skills and experienced and to those who wants to share their talent and to be discovered.
  4. oppoa71

    oppoa71 New Member

    Youtube basically it is fundamental for learning. It allows us to saw the actual video which the vontent of video has a significance of learning. I use youtube to understand hard equations in math. It is a tool which is very essential in our learnings. Because of youtube, we can emphasize more ideas that we are struggling for.
  5. SGreed

    SGreed New Member

    Absolutely, Youtube started as an entertainment site, but it has evolved a lot, now you can use it as a teaching medium. I particularly like watching tutorials on how to do things at home. through that I have learned to cook better, I have even learned a little bit of other languages.
  6. lazo07142

    lazo07142 Member

    Yes! YouTube is the home of the viral video, the term for a video that spreads quickly to a large audience on the Internet. Marketers can use other social media avenues, such as Facebook or Twitter, to direct consumers to YouTube videos as a way of trying to get the videos to catch fire with the public.
  7. jicster09

    jicster09 New Member

    At this era information dissemination and identification is just a click away. Nowadays we can find the things that we wanted to search specially those that we wanted to learn or do through our friendly video social media site YouTube. I particularly use Youtube for entertainment, for learning and for my research which contributes greatly to my profession as a teacher.
  8. oppoa71

    oppoa71 New Member

    Yes, YouTube is my partner when it terms of studying. Most of lessons taught in school are very factual, however in order to improve it. I need to base it on virtual reality, not really just learning from watching but learning from something worthy to be learn.
  9. EmmiJadeShow

    EmmiJadeShow Member

    I do! I taught myself to sew using YouTube tutorials! I also learned a lot about the basics of cooking, and making props and crafts.

    I've also used YouTube for decor diys for my home, so that's fun!
  10. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

  11. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    You Tube has 1.5 billion loggin - monthly users, watching a ton of mobile videos. Loggin useres spend an average of more than one hour per day watching You Tube just on moble devices ,a pretty daunting number that showcases just how pervasive video has gotten on the moble web. The site announced it hit 1 billion monthly users active users in 2013, though that number assumedly related to all vistors ,loggin and not. "When we compare that {metric} to TV, people-in some countries like the US-watch up to four hours per day, so we think there,s lots a room to get people to watch even more.
  12. c.k.sarkar

    c.k.sarkar New Member

    Today's generation you tube tutorial videos plays an important role towards the human being it helps us in a lots of ways for a lots of purpose for example a person don't know how to get start the earning trough online , by going through you tube tutorial video a person will come to know about the earning on online with in a couples of minute. Even though i am one of that to get help from you tube tutorial videos and the most important thing when we talk about the you tube tutorial videos it was completely free of cost to see and learn

    it was helping in a lots of way it help to learn the dance step by step and many more so i am very very thankful to the you tube tutorial video maker
  13. cejuru

    cejuru New Member

    Most of the time yes! You can learn a lot of things on youtube. You can check the reviews on a product, a tutorial, and a language as well.
  14. ninotaruc

    ninotaruc New Member

    Yes, I use Youtube to learn things. But I am making sure that the source is credible. We all know that there are lots of fake and unreliable videos on Youtube. If you want to do research or DIY projects, Youtube is a nice place to start with. Also, Youtube offers visuals instructions compared to articles which are more convenient for us.
  15. eroldlapore

    eroldlapore New Member

    Youtube is very helpful in learning new things because first of all it is easy to have an access.. you just need internet and a device and then you can search almost everything you want to know. Learning in youtube is also an advantage because you can learn with comfort in your home. There are great contents in youtube for learning and they are detailed and one of the best thing about it is you can always replay the things that you don't get for the first time you watched the video.
  16. jk5glad

    jk5glad New Member

    Learning new things has never been so easy. With our technology today, everything seems to be just one click away. And yes, youtube has taken its part towards a wide spectrum of learning.

    I usually seek help from youtube for DIY's, skill tutorials, easy dance steps, songs to teach, and so much more. And of course, it enables me to share my learning with others too.
  17. anchoreztin

    anchoreztin New Member

    Youtube has been very useful for me especially during my college years. I have learned so many things in youtube. Youtube sometimes serves as guide for so many things. I like crafts and Do It Yourself or DIY's project and youtube is my number one source of tutorials. In terms of entertainment, youtube has been very handy in providing these things. In just one click, you can choose from travel vlogs, skits, storytimes, drama channels and many more.
    Also, one thing i see youtube very helpful is it allows people to watch replay version of the things they would like to watch. As a working mom who likes to be updated to news, I find it frustrating that I always miss the night news due to traffic. But thank you to youtube, I stay updated because of reliable news channels in this platform.
  18. prixel19

    prixel19 Member

    Yes. It will help you a lot. In youtube, everything you need to know is there. Programming and many more. I love watching movies there also haha. There's no may things to learn in youtube.
  19. Wilvelo88

    Wilvelo88 Member

    Yes we can learn a lot of things in YouTube. I go to YouTube when I need tutorial about food recipes and it's very informative. YouTube is very useful to explore new thing I usually go to YouTube when I search for new music and even places. There are a lot of videos that we can search on YouTube like entertainment, religion, food, make up tutorials and travel destinations.
  20. Bennock

    Bennock New Member

    I use youtube on daily basis, i use youtube to watch something entertaining and knowledgeable people today use youtube to share their talent and the knowledge that they have, as we who wants to learn don't want to read a very long and thick book just to learn something we watch youtube to learn now, because it is more interactive you can see every step you need to learn.
  21. Jimhill_15

    Jimhill_15 New Member

    Super yes, especially in my studies. Youtube is very helpful not only for student like me but also for all the people in the world. Some of the things that I didn't know, I'll just search it to Youtube and watch it and after that I learned what the things I didn't know. And there's a lot of youtuber in youtube that is very kind because they teach people to pass the struggles or the things that they don't know.
  22. Ednadhet

    Ednadhet New Member

    Youtube brings me to this site and indeed it was helpful to me. I get to know many forums I am fond with. I learned new things and experiences different ways on how to earn online without any investing money to start. Let's just be aware of the online scams that might risk our life or financial status. Do more research before engaging into such.
  23. Kat1404

    Kat1404 New Member

    Yes all the time, because I can find a tutorials to a thing that you want to learn and watching youtube video is my hobby besides watching tutorials, I watching youtube vodeo that can relax me or makes me happy
  24. maringan

    maringan New Member

    youtube is a double-edge sword. so many people make much money from youtube, so many people learn knowledge from youtube, but more people wasting internet bandwith and much time because of youtube
  25. Jonanime

    Jonanime New Member

    Yes, when repairing things that i can than waiting for my husband to fix things. I also learn how to make snacks for my daughter using youtube.
  26. tawfiq366

    tawfiq366 New Member

    Yes !!! I use youtube to learn many many things. By profession, I am a Web Designer & Developer. I have learned web design by the youtube videos. Youtube is the knowledge of source.
  27. merl

    merl New Member

    What's nice about this generation is that there many ways to learn new things. Just make sure to maximize those tools and by just one click you can open the doors of opportunities to learn. One example is youtube, I use this to watch free tutorials or discover new ideas that I can apply in real life. But honestly speaking, I also watched youtube for entertainment when there are days I'm feeling down and exhausted. It really helps me a lot to recover because of the entertainment that it gives.
  28. Pinkchips

    Pinkchips New Member

    yes! there's a lot of help youtube can do for us today. that we can also do and teach others. our influence is strongly influenced by what we are watching. I have learned a lot about watching youtube like a computer repair, cook like a pro, defending myself, using an instrument, speak a foreign language and more.
  29. Lady_Seah

    Lady_Seah New Member

    I was thankful that youtube was created. Because you can learn not only from reading or listening to an instruction or lesson but also by actually watching it. It's a search engine where you can get an answer in the form of a video. You can also watch your favorite show with subtitles, music video or how to cook a new recipe you want to try. It's a form of convenience where you can learn life hacks or tips for a successful business.

    Thumbs up for the creators of youtube for they have a brilliant mind.

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  30. skyintern

    skyintern New Member

    Hey everyone!

    I do learn a lot of stuff from YouTube.

    As a matter of fact, I think it’s an unbelievable way to learn most things for free and in the commodity of your own home.

    As an interesting example, one of the first things I´ve learned from YouTube was how to knot a tie, in the old days you would have to go find someone how knew this craft or had that particular talent, or even worse, you would have to pay to learn!

    Not saying that professional help isn’t the best option, but sometimes we can learn at least the basics and have good starting point.

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