Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. hezam

    hezam New Member

    I use Youtube fully to learn something. Youtube is easier to understand. Sometimes we can not find something using a regular search engine, but it can be obtained using Youtube.
  2. JepoyBadua25

    JepoyBadua25 Member

    When I was a student, i always do a research in our library. But as Technology grows up, there's a lot of way to research things over the Internet. YOUTUBE is the most Website that people visit because it is like a Google, you can search everything you wanna know and all you have to do is to watch it. Easyy to make a research and very convenient.
  3. germavz123

    germavz123 New Member

    Yes, I used Youtube to learn things because in Youtube you will see the actual instruction on how to do such things. Nowadays most people depends on Youtube if they want something to learn on. Mostly of educational activity are posted in Youtube that's why you can easily access of something to learn on. In watching Youtube you will see the step by step tutorial on how to do it.

    Youtube is not only a site for learning, but also for entertainment, blogging, and earnings. That's why more people are addicted to Youtube and million of peoples watch on Youtube. And Youtube is the most powerful tool in terms of learning or educational activity.
  4. Tanya****

    Tanya**** New Member

    YouTube is an excellent medium to use for learning. I use YouTube to learn new craft techniques, guitar skills and how to fix computer or smart phone issues. Basically I use YouTube to learn anything that I need to be shown how to do. It is like asking a friend for help. The only downside is that some YouTubers spend far too much time talking off topic, so I will often watch and learn with the sound off!
  5. emig

    emig New Member

    Yes many times I do this, for Youtube gives valuable information if we only search diligently. Many documentaries that are in its repository may compare to a goldmine of knowledge, though I must admit that some are not that helpful. So we must cross examine the things we get with other sources in the internet to verify their value.

    I love watching documentary for it gives more than pictures and data. When you watch a movie of something, it doesn't only gives facts but you could also feel it by the emotion express in delivering it. You could sense in the tone of the sound and how the information is being showed in a manner that support the argument it pointing out.

    By going through many documentaries in Youtube, I could compare things and not just believing of what I am currently seeing. It helps that it is open to everyone so that anyone could contribute, there are no controlling agency and I believe that it is a good place to find truth when the system is decentralize in its approach.
  6. jack18

    jack18 Member

    yes i want youtube watch movie and vlog and my family is also want youtube everyday watch anything want all the time.
  7. tewritesforums

    tewritesforums New Member

    Yes, all the time. YouTube tutorials and Gurus are in their golden age. They bridge the time and finance gap needed to learn a new skill as it becomes relevant without having to pay thousands to a college. The adverts I can live without though!
  8. ndeaton

    ndeaton New Member

    I personally use YouTube to learn all sort of different things. Last year when I was remodeling an old farmhouse I used YouTube to learn how to tile my kitchen floor. My father was skeptical that I would be able to master cutting and measuring the tile just by watching internet tutorials, but a year later my tile still looks great.

    I was also able to use YouTube to help me learn some basic spanish before a vacation to Madrid six months ago. While I was certainly not fluent in the language when I arrived in Spain, I was at least able to communicate and ask simple questions. I think that YouTube is a great tool for learning many things and I will continue to use it whenever I see fit.
  9. nateo

    nateo New Member

    I recently learned how to be more productive (financially) just by watching YouTube videos. I used to just ignore stuff that when I thought hard about was meant to make me more organized and productive. I'm glad I stumbled on these videos and got myself motivated to do them.
  10. KennethPabs

    KennethPabs New Member

    There are many things you can learn from YouTube platform. But it must be taken with caution. Because many videos that come from YouTube are DIY guides from the experience they had. Example there are things such as How to repair certain things that they did according to their self knowledge and not the ones you can learn on the academics. Most people are just posting their videos on YouTube just to get famous and earn money.
  11. wilfredorv31

    wilfredorv31 New Member

    As the Internet inventor deserves our thanks, for having contributed so significantly to the mass communication, the exchange of information and have brought us a little closer to the rest of the world, among other very good and positive things, who thought and visualized YouTube as it is now, also deserves our highest praise.

    In my opinion YouTube is the main source of audio-visual information, and I refer to any type of information, where the teaching-oriented prevails.

    Personally, I could not count how many things I have learned with the amount of videos I've seen on YouTube, both those of formal type, with good teaching-learning techniques, as well as informal ones, which have also provided me with a lot of knowledge.
  12. jean020113

    jean020113 New Member

    I totally agree to this yes because in our generation now especially youths nowadays, we are using the internet now and youtube is one of the most visited app or website because youtube is so useful for research and entertainment as well. We Also use Youtube if we missed a show or a movie and wanted to watch it sometime youtube allows people to watch it it their application.
  13. schesison

    schesison New Member

    YES! I always use Youtube to search for something that I wanted to learn about, specially tutorial videos on how to do things. I want to see the actual step by step instruction on how to do things. Youtube is the place where I found this site to be honest and I learned a lot of things through that website.
  14. AlanAlcantara

    AlanAlcantara New Member

    YouTube is a platform that allows videos of different categories. I can say YouTube is filled up by tons and tons of educational learning materials of different kinds of things, From smallest particle to craziest and wildest idea YouTube has it.
  15. chellay

    chellay New Member

    Yes! YouTube is an amazing tool for learning languages. There are plenty of online courses offered for free, we do search songs, I love music, it's a fun way to improve our listening skills and pick up new vocabulary. we can watch movies for free. It can be used to create an eLearning community. Using it as a social learning platform offers you the opportunity to build a strong eLearning community where everyone can comment, contribute, and share their opinions and ideas. It is also generated and promote online discussion.
  16. As we all know, Youtube is a very popular video sharing website nowadays. We are able to watch different kind of videos on that site. Well, for me I really use youtube all the time. I'm an indoor kind of person and spends most of my time on the internet. Watching youtube video clips became one of my hobbies already. I always use it to watch funny videos and most especially if there are new viral video clips. When there is something that I am planning to buy as well, I'll visit Youtube first and check for reviews of that certain product. It's kinda funny sometimes because even when I am cooking I am watching youtube videos for a perfect recipe mostly if I don't know how to cook a certain menu. Keep it up, youtube! Thank you so much for being my best friend for better or for worst.
  17. Joycee21

    Joycee21 New Member

    There is a site that you could learn almost anything for free and that is Youtube. I thank Youtube for being there, but also its users who post useful informations and tutorials. I've learned a lot from the site. From cooking to DIY arts, Internet things, Web Development, and almost everything. I am proudly to say 80% of my knowledge that I have were from watching on Youtube. I didn't even need to ask for someone to teach me something I want to learn because there's my online tutor. It helps me become a better, smarter me.
  18. Alwayssh02

    Alwayssh02 New Member

    Yes I often use YouTube when I want to learn something and i'm having a hard time understanding step by step on what to do when you just read something. YouTube helps me to learn simple things that I found to be useful on school before and even before now that i'm working I use some things that I learned from YouTube.

    YouTube doesn't only gives you entertainment on the content that they have but there are many things that you can learn on YouTube.
  19. Kiradude

    Kiradude New Member

    Of course I used that app to have a new knowledge. If not what's the point of that thing entertainment? I guess so but you must have this mindset that everything is in the internet make your time worth a while and play this thing to get more knowledge to be knowledgeable
  20. erick27

    erick27 New Member

    there are to types of learners and researchers, we have viewer's that can easily understands the instruction and we also have viewer's that can easily follow instruction in watching or observing.
  21. Yes! Of course. I really am a fan of You tube. I learn a lot of things from You tube. I have my guitar. If I want to learn how to play it well, I would look first in You tube.

    Not only playing guitar you can learn there. If I want to learn dance steps from a song, i would also research it in You tube. This has really helped me a lot. This made my life good and happier. Thanks to You tube.
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  22. Emsiness

    Emsiness New Member

    Techinically, yes. There’s a lot to learn in YouTube because it provides unlimited videos of your liking. Watching youtube videos made us learn new things while enjoying it. You get that?, you learn things with fun! Cool. I love wathcing Blogs of different people because it makes me feel like I’m part of their journey. Also, youtube became my first internet source when my favorite singers or band produce another songs or videos. Plus, youtube is free and everyone can experience the unlimited entertainment it gives.
  23. zirtsenjen

    zirtsenjen New Member

    I watch youtube for fun and sometimes to learn the things that I need to learn, for example, if I want to learn about Postloop strategies or on how to pass the assessment test, steps by steps processes, I go directly to Youtube and search everything about Postloop. Most of the time I subscribe to some of the videos that I'm interested in, so I will get notified whenever they uploaded new videos about the topic that interests me. Youtube helps you to learn new skills that you don't have to buy it from any paid course.
  24. Bhodzzz

    Bhodzzz New Member

    Yes I use it to improve not only my skill set but my life as well.
  25. araysieyy

    araysieyy New Member

    Yes, when there're lessons that I don't understand, there are some youtubers that teach way better than most professors, so they can be a savior sometimes. And when I wanted to learn something like crocheting, cooking, fixing stuff, downloading softwares, how to earn money at home and many more, you could just search it in youtube and you could also know its reliability by the likes and comments of the video.
  26. zane097

    zane097 New Member

    I have to admit, yes I do use youtube for learning. Before, Google was the go-to page for all people wanting to learn and trying to figure out something. But now, we became comfortable being taught not in the text but in a demo way. Most reasons we have is that we don't like the strain of reading a boring text and want a more creative way to digest the information. And that is to see how people do it the right way. However, not everything you see on the internet is true.
  27. huangxinan

    huangxinan New Member

    I use YouTube to learn a lot of things always. I often use it to watch my favorite Korean pop group. I also use it to learn how to play guitar.

    Dance moves can also be learned through it. Cooking instructions can also be seen in there. There are so much more. Millions of videos can be accessed also in YouTube.
  28. BaltteriVottas

    BaltteriVottas New Member

    Absolutely! I also use it to go on Harry Potter conspiracy theory binges but that's besides the point... I find it really useful in terms of DIY, especially for fixing my car. I've got an old Haynes manual but it's useful to see things done in real time rather than just explained in words and pictures for things like that. I've also used it for cake decorating techniques - particularly for piping nozzles as it's sometimes difficult to understand how to get a desired effect. YouTube has definitely revolutionised the "self help" genre, even for less practical things. Crash Course is one of my favourites and you can learn so much about so many different topics and you can follow the rabbit hole as deep as you want to. It's such a useful learning tool.
  29. SupermanSA

    SupermanSA New Member

    well I use YouTube for everything May it be learning,Entertainment just about anything when it comes to learning I'd definitely say without YouTube I wouldn't be anywhere in life this video site has became my best friend and my teacher,Most of the things I know it was because of YouTube
  30. melvinjavate

    melvinjavate New Member

    Yes. at all times.. most of the tutorials are really helpful. It enhance my knowledge and my skills on how to troubleshoot and repair computers and laptops.

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