Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. ansitech

    ansitech New Member

    Yes every time if I have been stuck anywhere I use YouTube and it helps me a lot hoping everyone does that.
  2. Lexilia

    Lexilia New Member

    YouTube is a wonderful platform for learning. I personally believe that a visual depiction is better than written instructions. I'd usually go to YouTube to learn about different cooking recipes, gameplays, DIYs, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, and other interesting tutorials. It has become a means of sharing to other people knowledge and expertise that they could also learn.

    One of the things I'm proud of is that I became a good makeup artist by watching YouTube videos. There are a lot of beauty gurus who teach how to apply makeup like Jeffree Star, Patrick Starr, NikkieTutorials, and PONY. There are also a lot of local beauty vloggers that people like me can relate to, in terms of skin color and skin type. I managed to build my own makeup collection by watching product reviews by these beauty vloggers and managed to create looks from a simple chic everyday makeup look to a glam night out makeup look just by watching tutorials from my favorite YouTube content creators.

    I also enjoy watching gameplays and walkthroughs for games I plan on buying or trying. There are also tutorials, as well as tips and tricks, on how to be a better player for certain games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and League of Legends. I used to be what people call a 'noob' in playing PUBG and Fortnite, but by watching tips and advice on Youtube, as well as watching other players like Shroud play, I became a better player to the point that I managed to reach the Ace rank in PUBG Mobile.
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  3. NoberBoh28

    NoberBoh28 New Member

    Youtube turned out to be my best buddy on learning things that are not part of my field. I am a college undergrad and do not have a wider knowledge about agriculture or farming which is the main source of my parents's income. We live in a tropical country and Youtube became my online library to identify different approach to maximize our resources, learn new technology and various steps that we can apply to make our land productive. Youtube is a one source of multiple ideas that can you can use or consider for continuous learning.
  4. Quophy

    Quophy New Member

    Absolutely. YouTube is probability one of the most underrated educational sites out there. people seem not to notice what help You Tube has been and the amount of help it still has to offer. I use it to learn new things all the time and it's quite insightful.
  5. christianMoralde

    christianMoralde New Member

    Yes, for me youtube is like a personal assistant and a mentor that always ready to provide some knowledgeable facts, answers to all my questions and teaches me something in a very detailed tutorial. It also helps me discover some beautiful places in my country which I can visit with my family and friends. Youtube made me a better person through its videos.
  6. csk81

    csk81 New Member

    Now a days YOUTUBE is very common for internet users. I mostly use youtube to Gain knowledge, Education, etc. It fulfills all my necessary needs. There are many tutorial videos which really helps us in our day to day life.
  7. luigi42n

    luigi42n New Member

    Yes, I use youtube to learn things. I learned from youtube how to block website in Windows computer by going to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open hosts note pad.
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  8. rampage12191

    rampage12191 New Member

    Course I do. It's really helpful and handy.. So why not ,right? I mean people all around the world posts it so that they can share their knowledge so why not? hahah
  9. verejohns

    verejohns New Member

    Hey Family, Vere Johns here! I freakin' love YouTube. Anytime I need to learn something on the go, especially when I want to watch a step by step tutorial; YouTube is my goto!
  10. wawan

    wawan New Member

    yes i am.every day watching you tube for education
  11. miztahimik21

    miztahimik21 New Member

    Yes, everytime I need to do something especially in troubleshooting of my computer I used Youtube as my teacher. It is very helpful to me.
  12. mwmalaluan

    mwmalaluan New Member

    Simple yes...It easy to understand by watching instruction in youtube rather than reading the instruction. In reading instruction you have to visualize, what it look like, where do you find it or what will be the out come of your project or something else. When your watching youtube, you can easily remember because you already see it the detail instruction and what will be the outcome.
  13. mrvuducdung

    mrvuducdung New Member

    Youtube is one of the most popular social channel in the world, in here we can find many information we need, especially by videos, we are guided the method to do many things such as : housework, office skills, MMO..., we also learn some foreign languages we want with videos lesson. With me, i studied my Korean language on this.
  14. honeylaosanchez

    honeylaosanchez New Member

    Yes. YouTube is a very helpful platform and is a big part of my life. Since I do not know how to cook, I search for videos on YouTube and comment on how grateful I am to the channel. Not only that, I watch news to learn what is happening in the country and in different parts of the world, history channels to learn fascinating things, videos on how to properly train a dog, even down to the most simple tasks that I find difficult to do on my own like DIYs. Gone are the days where you have to go to the library and take forever to find the book that you need. You can easily search the topic on YouTube's search bar and find it. But what makes it really life changing is that you need not have to spend money to watch it.
  15. sydbeyer

    sydbeyer New Member

    Absolutely. While I don't use Youtube videos as the only form of instruction, Youtube offers a visual platform for learning that is extremely useful. When reading instructions doesn't quite hit the mark, I turn to Youtube to help me get a visual example and walk through of whatever process I am trying to learn. I often supplement the videos with textual sources and try to learn as much as I can with both.
    When I was in college Youtube was especially helpful for my math classes. I believe that video tutorials can be a great tool in learning new hobbies and how-to's. It's a great resource!
  16. virtualjsb

    virtualjsb New Member

    I use it as additional reference and I subscribe to channels that I think giving the right information on tutorial videos. It is one platform though where you can find lots of video tutorials.
  17. BAHATI

    BAHATI New Member

    Yes. A lot of times. You can acquire learnings and find easier to learn using youtube. Based on the different learning styles, youtube has it. The visual and aural. Whatever type of person you are in learning style, you will always find it on youtube. Youtube not just helped the students but also the business enthusiast. Youtube created a businessman. There so many small businesses started only through watching the youtube tutorials.
  18. jacknario

    jacknario New Member

    Definitely!! I use YouTube to learn things easily. Thru YouTube I was able to review the basic of Mathematics in preparation to my Civil Service Exam. At first my plan is to enroll in a Review Center that cost expensive, but to my surprised I saw a lot of video tutorial to refresh my knowledge in Math. And these video tutorial helped me to pass my exam without spending even a cents.

    YouTube also serves as my guide in my office work, there are applications in Google that I am not that familiar. Instead of asking my colleagues I just watch videos in YouTube while applying the actual tutorial. As a mom, YouTube helps me also in preparing nutritious but affordable food for my baby, instead of buying cook books for recipes and reading page by page use YouTube to understand it easily while carrying your baby.

    I also watch my favorite zumba dance in YouTube, instead of enrolling in an expensive gym why not stay in our house and watch the latest zumba dance.

    YouTube is very helpful mentally because it is easy to understand and financially helpful because you can save money from just watching videos instead of paying for a tutor or buying a books.

    Thanks to YouTube.
  19. rickmiers

    rickmiers New Member

    I'm not a very handy fellow around the house, so I've used YouTube quite a bit to help me with random chores around the house that I would otherwise be flummoxed about completing.
  20. Arnelbrix

    Arnelbrix New Member

    A big YES! because of this site, I can really learn more something than what I expect, I can watch movies, latest trends, news and make you updated in current events like what's happening in politics all over the world. and also you can share you're uploaded videos, blogs, tutorials and also you can leave a comments, thoughts, ideas, opinion. almost everything you can do with this site, thanks to the creator's and founder.
  21. Zircrenzo

    Zircrenzo New Member

    Yes, youtube is a great source of mentors. There are a lot of videos, posted by mentors, teaching about the subjects of their specialty. They teach in the videos with visual aids. The best part is that we could replay it many times until we would understand thier topic.
  22. Tctim101

    Tctim101 New Member

    Absolutely Yes! Almost everything can be learn in YouTube especially in our time. We can search videos from the detailed one and to the dumbest video that we can watch. If you have the will to learn everything, we can use YouTube for that but of course learning in the room with a real teacher or person will always be always a must but if we can access and learn something conveniently based on our need why need to hassle to find and contact someone if we can just simply type it on YouTube.
  23. rmbsuarez

    rmbsuarez New Member

    YouTube is one of the biggest platforms for video streaming that covers up to the corners of human imagination. It can be accessed by basically anyone who has an internet connection. So YouTube has a lot of things to offer.

    As a student who heavily relies on an audio-visual type of learning, YouTube is a heaven-sent miracle. Reading plain text on a book or handout is sometimes confusing and is difficult to understand. But there are tons of academic videos uploaded on YouTube, it even comes in different forms –animation, voice-over with visual aids, a person teaching and many more. This has helped me especially during exams or quizzes that require us to cram. I find these videos easier to understand and much more interesting than a typical textbook. The things I learn are not limited to school-related topics, it also includes local and international news, interesting facts, tutorials for anything, and mostly anything the world has to offer. It’s amazing how much I get to learn and understand from a 5-minute video on how the universe began.

    Accessing YouTube to learn things is very effective and efficient. It benefits me greatly and it outweighs anything bad I could get from it. Overall, YouTube gives more than just your average trendy video, it’s a students’ best friend, and at least that’s what I think.
  24. Chobs16

    Chobs16 New Member

    Yes, I watch a lot of videos pertaining to my job or if I'm having trouble with some unfamiliar software. I also love watching travel vlogs, movie trailers, photoshop tutorials, etc. I found out that you can learn a lot of things through youtube like playing guitar, home remedies for some kind of illness, making furniture and more. So for me, Youtube is like a teacher that teaches you a lot of things and will make you a better person. Right now I'm watching some of my favorite parts of Walking Dead and Prison Break on Youtube.
  25. buraks7

    buraks7 New Member

    Sure I do! Youtube is a great platform to listen to songs, watch movies, news etc. But I believe most useful thing in Youtube is informative videos, like DIY videos, information about a subject and more. Whenever I need to do a work I don't have much idea, I look at Youtube to check whether if someone has done it before explaining the important steps. I watch review videos of products before buying. I even watch some science documentaries to gain knowledge on subjects.
  26. EoinAnn

    EoinAnn New Member

    Yes YouTube is my second teachers and most relevant learning process in my daily life. In YouTube you can easily understand thing because you can see the instruction properly. Like cooking I want to learn how to cook then I go to YouTube to watch how to cook. Then few minutes i know how to cook right away.
  27. centcatalonia

    centcatalonia New Member

    Definitely yes, it is one of my purpose is to learn while exposing in the internet and to socialize people as well. The internet users are increasing day by day and most of them are just communicating, but for me it is just a waste of time so in order for use to make the internet becomes very essencial, we should use it with a great purpose especially to gain learmnings or knowledge that is ver applicable to ourselves.
  28. jake21

    jake21 New Member

    Yes, all of the stuff I need to know is on the Youtube videos with entertainment factor. Whether if its man fashion or trends, how to cook, how to be fit, how to tie shoelace, how to be genius, how to be rich, how to have an income online and more. Teaches me in easy way at the same time I'm entertained to the content of it. I will read anymore I just listen and focus to the speaker then I know already how to fix things. Learning from this site is very easy and it is not boring cause they put time and effort to give knowledge at the same time entertainment.
  29. clarisseblogs

    clarisseblogs New Member

    Yes, I use YouTube to learn a lot of things. My top three favorites are makeup application tutorials, cooking videos, and travel vlogs. As a newbie in makeup application, I watch beauty vloggers apply their makeup while they explain, in detail, the products they use and how to properly apply it. YouTube also allows me to learn how to cook dishes that are not common in our household. It's very convenient to watch and follow the process as compared to reading a recipe book. Lastly, I learn the culture of other countries by following travel vloggers. Because of how much information you can get from it, for me, YouTube is like a library at your fingertips.
  30. kattsallie

    kattsallie New Member

    Absolutely! YouTube would be secondary to googling something--in the old days, I used dictionaries, encyclopedias, or people with related knowledge. When I need to learn how to do something today, I hit up YouTube. This year, I learned how to unlock my Samsung tablet, how to change a tire, and how to pickle cucumbers and green beans. And not only does YouTube tell me how to do something, it also shows me how to do it. I would recommend YouTube as much as everyone else recommends Google.

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