Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Thembalethu

    Thembalethu New Member

    I use youtube to learn and entertain. I learned how to do pop-up paper craft from it. Its probably my go to place to learn anything.
  2. xcloudz

    xcloudz Member

    Yes, it gives information and ideas of how things are done step by step. Giving new ideas and tips of different aspect of new discovered things you need to learn. Of course there are DIY videos to make your life easy.
  3. LuckyKing

    LuckyKing New Member

    There are many things that can be learned in you tube. And it also great that you can see an actual video of the things you want to know.
  4. davedaot04

    davedaot04 New Member

    Absolutely, especially in my case right now, because I am a College Dropout for years now and YouTube is my teacher for almost all of the things right now. Actually, YouTube has been my life for how many years now and by that I mean I spend most of the time watching YouTube videos, it is so entertaining and also addictive. You just scroll, tap any videos you like, videos from your subscriptions or recommended and that's it your in for a long day watching YouTube because every video is a path for other things you're interested in because it has a recommended tab, which automatically detects your interests and related things about the videos you've been watching.
  5. jmnmty

    jmnmty New Member

    I always use Youtube in learning things for the very reason that it's much easier to learn with seeing it in action than just by reading things like instructions. Just today, I have learned the way of curling hair using flat iron and it's amazing that even if I am not a hairstylist and I have really no idea about what to do, I was able to curl my niece's hair with a flat iron like what in the video have said. It's amazing how Youtube haved helped me to learn the simpliest things I should learn up to some complicated things with the advantage of just staying at home.
  6. melissapreston9

    melissapreston9 New Member

    I always search YouTube, first. I love being able to multitask and listen to videos on my subject while performing household chores, etc. It's kind of like the modern-era equivalent of the radio.
  7. cjctm11

    cjctm11 New Member

    Yes, this is where I go after using google search if I want to learn something and to understand more I use youtube for detailed video specially for your lifestyle. I have learned a lot on this like on vaping, there is no one to teach me what is the proper use of vape and youtube says it all so you will learn anything you want from it.
  8. jnicolosi84

    jnicolosi84 New Member

    I use Youtube for D-I-Y projects and crafts. The most helpful one I have watched was how to cut a glass bottle without a glass cutter or fire twine. I found out that you can simply use hot and ice water to shock the glass. The process uses a few rounds back and forth but eventually thins it enough to separate it. This came in very handy when I could not afford tools and wanted to up-cycle a wine bottle.

    I have also used it for recipes. Sometimes my brain can not wrap around a written recipe in terms of how things should look. It helps to watch a video. Even, though my end product may not look like theirs, I at least know I tried.
  9. victoriab91

    victoriab91 New Member

    YouTube is such a great tool that I do not think people take enough advantage of. There are so many people who have great knowledge about certain topics or areas who upload videos to YouTube each day. There is such a wide range of topics that can be learning how to ride a unicycle all the way to learning the quadratic formula. This is why I think it is such a great tool. It has tutorials that are just for fun that can help you spend your free time learning new and exciting things but it can also help you understand better the material you are learning in school. It can also help you learn about things that are not taught in school! Take advantage of this tool but make sure to find credible videos.
  10. ceendhy

    ceendhy New Member

    Yes, I use youtube to learn new things. As long as you can study and understand the video or the tutorials. You can choose different youtubers to watch for that you can understand easily.
  11. Donaldo

    Donaldo New Member

    I usually use YouTube for entertainment but there are many interesting videos related to science as well. I have learned quite a few things from YouTube. I can't say I do my research there, though, because often more than not you will find people who just want to squeeze money out of their videos, rather than give you useful information. Of course, there are many genuine channels but you'll have to look for them in order to find them.
    I usually prefer to do my research on Wikipedia or other sites that have what I'm looking for in text, as I can cherry-pick whatever I want without having to go through all of the other stuff.
  12. emirodriguez

    emirodriguez New Member

    Youtube has made me the professional I am today. I'm a graphic designer, and I couldn't have learned how to use the tools of my trade better (adobe creative suite, along with a bit of html, css and javascript) anywhere else!

    They are an endless resource of tutorials on anything from how to fold a shirt in 5 seconds (which, with much practice, I can now do as well) to 3D modeling, and it continues to help me immensely! While you can learn a lot with structured courses (offered in places like, I think that with sufficient determination you can learn anything well for free on the internet, and more specifically youtube.

    Aside from tutorials, there are a lot of youtube channels like Crash Course, ASAP Science, Smarter Every Day, The Periodic Table of Videos, Vihart, Numberphile, Khan Academy and many others that can help students anywhere from middle school, through their A-levels, and even graduate classes.
  13. _unnatural_

    _unnatural_ New Member

    Yes! I use YouTube for many things like this, recently I've been learning how to improve my drawing skills watching loads of tutorials, documentaries and tip videos and it's helped me a tonne. I also use YouTube for my exercise, also learning some skateboard tricks and practicing my hobby of ballet. Its a pretty useful platform really.
  14. boff64

    boff64 New Member

    I think that YouTube can be a very good starting point for learning things. There are so many creative people who want to share their knowledge. One of the best place to start learning an exploring in my opinion.
  15. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    I didn't really use YouTube besides to watch videos of people doing dumb stuff. I never really seen it as a learning platform as well. I have learned so much from it from astrology to science experiments to do at home. There is just so much to get from YouTube and i would recommend it to anyone.
  16. Jasonkirt

    Jasonkirt New Member

    I used to use youtube all the way I used the questions that I was interested in and used extra income like youtube channel ads and my youtube help was great help as I asked questions immediately answer the answer that I use the fact that I did not get started at the beginning
  17. teremisuu

    teremisuu New Member

    I am a visual learner, and I use Youtube all the time to learn things. In engineering school, Youtube sometimes serves as my second teacher especially when I find it difficult to follow the procedure of my teachers in school. A lot of videos are also creatively made, and unlike reading a book which can be boring to some extent, I use Youtube especially when I am already cramming. Of course, for a more in-depth explanation on concepts and origin, I would still choose books.

    I am very passionate when it comes to learning, and in Youtube I can find anything I want to learn. One can learn how to play the guitar, how to cook, how to invest in the stock market, even how to train a dog just by watching Youtube videos. Aside from the knowledge that they provide, Youtube videos can be entertaining and inspiring as well.
  18. babyishii29

    babyishii29 New Member

    Yes, I do! Youtube helped me learn many things from applying make up to cooking. Here you can find too much tips and a visual example of the thing you want to do or learn. If you are not satisfied with one video, you can always find for another videos for reference.
  19. ahmad95

    ahmad95 New Member

    Yes, I am using Youtube to learn things that I still don't know, i.e. Hacking stuffs to improve my daily life. Also to catch an update on things that matter from day to day basis. And of course on the latest technologies that exist today. Not to forget phenomenal events that happened in the past years or so.
  20. fretzlea

    fretzlea New Member

    In my case, I always visit Youtube everyday. I am a visual person so I learn things faster if I see them and that what Youtube does. There are so many things you can learn from this site, from easy task to difficult task, sometimes it is better to watch from Youtube than just merely reading.
  21. MikeeB

    MikeeB New Member

    Yes. When I was a student I watched some videos in youtube to gained more learning. When I was a student I love studying in advance and youtube is the number 1 I visit to learned more or to gather more information. I learned to the videos because I want to see how and to hear the explanations and it can be easy to me to understand. But it depends on the people, because some people they comfortable to read an information and learned about it instead watching videos.
  22. dwill277

    dwill277 New Member

    I use youtube to learn a plethora of things. The free tutorials really help someone like myself who believes learning goes beyond institutions. While learning graphic design, Youtube has been one of my most reliable teachers. There are thousands of tutorials that teach me how to do a specific effect when I am lost. I also learned the foundations of graphic design from Youtube channels run by knowledgeable designers who are very kind and generous in sharing their knowledge of the industry.

    Another example of how I have used Youtube to learn is that I spent 13 hours learning how to read music yesterday. I exclusively used Youtube to do so. There were many music teachers giving detailed instructions on minor scales, major scales, bass and treble clefs, and many other important foundations that I needed to understand. If it was not for Youtube, I would probably have to go out and buy a course in order to learn such a thing. I am really thankful that the site exists and that I can learn whatever I want at no cost to me from a variety of communities.
  23. kodakan

    kodakan New Member

    Yes I use Youtube quite often to learn new things or watch new stories that you don't get to watch on television.I even saw a single mom with the help of her three sons build a house for themselves from scratch using only Youtube as a guide. A friend of mine learned how to fix his car all by himself instead of going to the mechanic by spending a ton of money. At my age I am slowly getting to know the intricacies of excel spreadsheets which was taught when I was in college.I also enjoy once in a while cooking recipes which my kids enjoy and this is only the start since I have just begun to scratch the surface of the internet for information.
  24. rorbu

    rorbu New Member

    YouTube is the place to learn things now a days. I have no idea how previous generations knew what to do! When studying at school, I often used YouTube if I was struggling on a certain topic, there are some great Math YouTube channels. Now I am no longer in school, I often use YouTube to teach me how to fix certain things. Recently my lawnmower broke, it is quite a rare model so I was worried I would have to buy another. However, there was a perfect YouTube video explaining how to fix my exact model.
  25. ivandelrey

    ivandelrey New Member

    Yes! It's a very helpful platform, I've actually learned more thing on YouTube and on the internet than at school.
    People can show you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. It's also helpful to watch reviews of something before buying it and solve problems, now I don't have to read manuals anymore!:)
  26. oficiarellen

    oficiarellen New Member

    Yes, I use YouTube most of the time when i want to learn something that instill a query in my mind. And for me in my observation, not all learning could get from YouTube because as we know there are a lot of business than free stuff. And one of them are online tutorials, books, magazines or printed materials you can buy with much more premium information on every detail. And for me YouTube is a very helpful supplement of information as this site also motivates people to make their own channel to make money online that's why it increases all the time with informative occurrence.
  27. MrY

    MrY New Member

    I often use YT for learning than eating xD. Its the world with free education. From baking to programing and beyond. Its rly usefull and u can learn so many things even life coaching , earnings , everything is on YT.
  28. JuiceAndJam

    JuiceAndJam New Member

    By all means, yes. Youtube is a gold mine of information on just about anything. Ranging from cooking to tech help, there's at least 100 videos on what your working on or what you want to work on. I use Youtube all the time to figure something out for coding.
  29. ahmeddeeq

    ahmeddeeq New Member

    Yes, every day I research on youtube on different topics related to my interests, particularly I am interested in online business opportunities that some of the youtube channels teach. I am also a subscriber for a lot of business and money channels.
  30. bgordon

    bgordon New Member

    I use youtube for everything! I am most attracted to youtube for product reviews. You can clearly see real people testing products and giving their honest opinion. Youtube certainly has an impact on my making huge purchases.

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