Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    Youtube actually complies everything i need for learning.May it be,making money online tutorials,health and wellness and entertainment.
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  2. Thunder Clap

    Thunder Clap New Member

    I watch youtube not only for entertainment but also to learn new stuff. The true thing is that watching youtube videos give me information to learn money online, daily life hacks and even create recipes for the home.

    I already made some project with the help of the tutorial videos of youtube and all I can say is that it really helps a lot to the people that needs information and instructions.
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  3. zoemarie123

    zoemarie123 New Member

    Youtube is such a useful tool for learning new skills especially for visual learners. Recently I learned to knit by using a Youtube tutorial when I just couldn't figure it out using written instructions. One of the benefits of learning something via Youtube is the ability to pause and rewind the video at will. I know my mom uses Youtube tutorials all the time to learn how to fix things around the house.
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  4. chillea

    chillea New Member

    Yes, I am among those who make Youtube as a to-go to reference whenever I get tired of reading on websites. I use it whenever my gadgets get into trouble, and the troubleshooting methods shared through this site helped me a lot.
  5. nikiii23

    nikiii23 New Member

    Yes, first of all tutorials videos, then science videos related for biology, chemistry and all of that things. Then documentaries also.
  6. evequicho

    evequicho Member

    Yes, and it is amazing! Youtube is a very powerful tool. In just one click, you can get the information that you need. And also, it is extreme since the topics are so many from point A to Z. In some instance, it maybe tiring but I do love searching.
  7. kimv

    kimv New Member

    Youtube really helps me in learning many things such as guitar tutorials, editing videos and photos. I must say Youtube is not just for entertainment purpose only, in fact you can also use it as your part time job by making youtube channel where in you can post your vlogs and earn money.
  8. JaniceA

    JaniceA Member

    Yes, I always use youtube if I need to learn somethings like new recipes that I can prepare for my family, if I need to learn about the DIY or do it yourself that makes me save money because I can just use our old or used things to make it useful again. Youtube really helps me in many things, also regarding my health and also for my family, because in youtube we can watch some tips and some advices if we have some health problems. I can say Youtube is so helpful for everybody.
  9. indigoralon

    indigoralon New Member

    Yes, all the time! If I'm confused about a subject in school, there's always a Youtube video on the topic. There's always an interesting documentary popping up on my recommended video feed that I'll watch. Also, there's a variety of channels entirely dedicated to education, for instance, John Greene's "Crash Course" series. His channel has topics ranging from cinema, biology, computer science and literature. Honestly, Youtube is probably my main source of independent education nowadays.
  10. Honeybeez13

    Honeybeez13 New Member

    Yes. YouTube is a great way to learn just about anything! I learned how to cook, make crafts and fix my computer. I've learned about cats, dogs, bats, other wild animals, how to pay off debt, invest, learn new computer skills. I tried to learn how to knit but I wasn't that good at it. Also, I got some great Halloween costume ideas off of YouTube! There is something for everyone.
  11. lilshasha

    lilshasha New Member

    Youtube is the easiest way to learn new things and I do love watching videos on youtube. I have learned a lot especially when I want to learn how to cook food or if I don't know how to fix my things. I can also watch news on Youtube if I missed news on television. You can search everything on youtube. Culture, blogs, foods, technology, outfits and a lot of more. It is also easy to use Youtube. You just have to type what you want to know and then you can get lots of results. Youtube is also careful if theres a malicious content.
  12. calebkaylix

    calebkaylix New Member

    Yes. YouTube is very helpful in learning new things. On YouTube one can get ideas pertaining their career choices and even projects design. Personally I use YouTube a lot to learn new things. I normally get to YouTube when I want to learn more on a certain field of specialisation whenever I feel that the prior knowledge that I have is barely sufficient. YouTube is also helpful when the things you want to learn seems rumours and you want to know the right figures.
  13. MarcFrancis

    MarcFrancis New Member

    Yes, I do. As of now I'm trying to learn on how to grow more my youtube channel and I've found so many youtubers like me who teaches on how to get more views and subscribers, they're very informative.
  14. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    Actually, YouTube is a big "boom" to the world of social media considering the advanced Artificial Intelligent it has. You can find everything from it and it depends on you on how you use its features; watching and blogging.

    First option that you can enjoy is watching. We use to watch videos on YouTube for educational, occupational, and entertainment purposes. Most of the people around the world are visual learners that is why YouTube is our first choice.
    On the other hand, blogging is the best feature of YouTube not only because you can earn money from it but because you can learn a lot of skills by doing it; writing skills, photography, communication skills, problem-solving skills and many more. For instance, I would say YouTube is the other best way to learn and I am used to it. I hope that it is being used with discipline and it will not be abused by both of the creator and viewer.
  15. JMae372

    JMae372 Member

    Definitely!! There are some topics in school wherein if I watch it in Youtube, I can understand it much better than what the teacher is teaching us. Not just about school related things but I also search basic things like, how to cook like this, how to fix that, and etc. It's actually good that we can learn for free through Youtube.
  16. Eiriniokane

    Eiriniokane New Member

    I agree with most of the replies I see in here and I would like to also add in the equation the "feeling" that I have when I see someone or watch a specific content on YouTube, it somehow feels more real. I mean that anyone can write something on a blog or on other social media, but the video usually brings us closer to the content creator. I guess humans are mostly guided by the "eye" and then by all other senses.
  17. NETTE

    NETTE New Member

    Yes, I use YouTube to teach me new things because i'd rather listen than to read and also I tend to multi-task so while i'm listening to my YouTube video i'm doing other things. I also find as a good time passing activity to listen or watch a YouTube video and learn some new things I've never learned before.
  18. lzr9211

    lzr9211 New Member

    Yes, absolutely. I like to use YouTube to watch and know what happened now and in the past. I found sometimes when you use watching videoes to learn something, it would be easier to remember what you have been told rather than reading words on paper. Because you hear, watch and think at the same time when you watch a video, but reading words on paper just can let you watch. It is important that there are many subjects on YouTube, and you could find anything you like.
  19. patreng

    patreng New Member

    Yes! I can say youtube is better than my teacher. There are a lot of things that you can learn, a lot of ideas and tutorial.
  20. BIG01

    BIG01 New Member

    Yes, most of the time I'm use YouTube in order to get new knowledge from different carriers which I do admired always
  21. tinatinay

    tinatinay Member

    Yes! I use it somehow to educate me and it really helps me in many ways. specially tutorial videos, Some DIY stuffs, travel suggestions and even vlog that entertains me. but make sure that YouTube don't take too much of your time.
  22. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    yes it is of help to me
  23. janeabiquibil

    janeabiquibil New Member

    Yes. A lot of times. Youtube is not about videos to watch during your free time only. I watch videos on youtube to learn about tutorials for architecture softwares, DIY on furnitures and decorations and most importantly, videos about trends today.
  24. claraysabel

    claraysabel New Member

    Definitely. I have been watching Youtube for 8 years now and I've learned so much from it. I enjoy watching beauty videos, DIY and cooking shows the most.
  25. Fontez

    Fontez New Member

    Yes definetly, I think youtube is one of the greatest sources to learn stuff, I have used Youtube to learn math equasions but also for things like cooking. Youtube is full of new content everyday so learning things is really easy if you use Youtube.

    If you want to begin playing an instrument watching Youtube video's is one of the best ways to do it and I would definetly recommend it!
  26. claraysabel

    claraysabel New Member

    I believe that Youtube is a very educational form of social media. It caters to a wide variety of interests. Everyone can go on Youtube and search for a video that interests them.

    Personally, I love watching Youtube videos especially those which showcases food and cooking. It motivates me to try different cooking techniques.
  27. cristy21

    cristy21 New Member

    YouTube is not only the kingdom of digital entertainment but it can also be a great environment for learning. It can be a powerful tool for us to learn it also promotes. Uploading content to YouTube makes it available throughout the YouTube network, which means that learners can access it and view it on the go via their smartphones and tablets, devices used in learning. I usually used YouTube whenever I need to solve any difficulty problems on my gadgets, learn in some cooking shows, watching skin care routine to take good care of my skin, There's a lot of learning that you can gain by using or watching YouTube.
  28. mohdakbar4682

    mohdakbar4682 New Member

    No, I don't use YouTube to learn things. I only use YouTube for entertainment because on YouTube there are lots of useless advice that I can't apply in my real life and I just ended up wasting my lots of time. Lots of people who are giving advice don't give useful advice they are there to promote their course or produce or make YouTube ads money. To learn things I buy cheap courses on udemy or other platforms and learn from experts who know what they are talking about.
  29. jm32913

    jm32913 New Member

    Its a big YES... im always watching youtube, i have a lot of things that i knew its helpful.
  30. Yes! you tube really helps me a lot. I learn how thing will work out. I always use you tube for the thing that I want to know about and it really works. it is easier to access and you can go anywhere with use you tube.

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