Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Geofrey93

    Geofrey93 Member

    Yes! I use YouTube to learn most of the things from affiliate marketing to learning basketball. YouTube offers a lot of wide variety of information. It provide real life experiences and it is very easy to learn from the experience of others.
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  2. BigEyes

    BigEyes Member

    yes i use Youtube to learn new things,Ideas,I want to know how about how to make money online
  3. Every time I am missing some things about my work, I always look for a solution on youtube. A lot of content creators are sharing their ideas and approach as a youtube video. They are helping us people solve a lot of problems.
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  4. alzjytdf

    alzjytdf New Member

    I honestly only use YouTube as my reference for my study because it is an open source to anyone who is willing to learn everything. It is sad that almost YouTube users abuse this privilege and use it in bad behavior and wrongdoings. As I've realized, we are lucky to have this kind of technology wherein information can be access easily without getting hassle with everything we do. We don't need to go on a library to research for our assignments and home works, even the smallest things can be found in this kind of technology. We should appreciate this kind of gift, not to use it i wrong way, use it to learn and to earn money for sure this will help the country to become better and better everyday.
  5. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    Yes, youtube is full of information that can help you in so many ways. I tried watch from youtube if I want to learn something life mathematics, probability and statistics, demonstration of exercises, how to boost testosterone naturally, motivational and education-purpose videos and many more. Youtube is so beneficial when used properly. There are also lots of tutorial videos on almost anything which can be found on youtube. Youtube is a staple for me forever and youtube makes things easier for me.
  6. Rengo

    Rengo New Member

    Definetely yes. There is a lot of thing you can learn on youtube. Also if I have something that I dont know, I browse youtube for more information, the good thing is most are there and there is a lot of explanation or source done by many youtubers. Youtube is really helpful, it is not only a past time to watch videos but also a learning website for us to learn a lot of thing.
  7. Steila95

    Steila95 New Member

    Yes, I usually use youtube to learn new things. I watch video tutorials on youtube. I also use youtube in self-studying to learn some new skills.
  8. doudou

    doudou New Member

    Yes, I always use you tube and tutorials to learn things and update my memory . There are always new things added in you tube . You tube help me to understand missing things .
  9. XCROW

    XCROW New Member

    DEFINITELY YES. The best source if you have to learn new things. I have tried it with my 1St project restoring a vintage Road bike all I need are in the YouTube from removing rust to painting and restore it like new bike
  10. bach26

    bach26 New Member

    We are on a quest to learn something new every day. So ask yourself ... YouTube is the best site you can use for both.
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  11. utkarshranawade

    utkarshranawade New Member

    Youtube is a big help to find motivation in life and to increase focus through motivational videos and much more. I use Youtube to learn topics which are new to me and which can help me make my own persona. I look up for videos on fitness and workouts, affiliate marketing, entrepreneurship, investment, lifestyle and self development.
  12. gwenmariecar

    gwenmariecar New Member

    Most of my knowledge is learned from Youtube. For me, it's easier to learn by listening and watching more than reading. It's great that they have almost everything that you can learn and incorporate in your everyday life. You can save time as well because you can find videos that are shorter but a complete guide and straight to the point.
    It helps me in a lot of things I do every day, like cooking, household chores, electronic devices, and gadgets, etc.
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  13. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    Yes. When I'm stuck, ill always check either google or youtube.
  14. lakhdare

    lakhdare New Member

    you tube is a good site i think the best site ever
  15. khenkhen25

    khenkhen25 New Member

    Yes definitely. It is very easy to understand the instructions if you actually watching rhe actual instruction, not just reading it
  16. mdenverbgaspar

    mdenverbgaspar New Member

    Yes. I do use youtube for learning things such as fun fact videos, guitar tutorials, and video game tutorials. Youtube taught me a lot of things so I'm very pleased and thankful that youtube existed in my era.
  17. JesReen

    JesReen Member

    Absolutely! Who else don’t use youtube for tutorials and etc., looking for answers. Not only youtube but also the famous google. Internet is the most accessible for us whenever we want answers. Yes or yes? But we can’t leave books which is also a source Of learning. Yes, internet is very accesible but we can’t assure that everything is reliable. Research research research is also important when finding answers to make sure that the information that we have gathered is relevant and accurate
  18. Jaysahu

    Jaysahu New Member

    Yes YouTube is best paltform for everyone who learn or earn money. YouTube is a very useful app for everyone now a day every Mobile user who use internet he watching YouTube for enjoyment or learning or create channel to earn money
  19. Raysam

    Raysam New Member

    YouTube is amazing. It's my number one video tutorial platform. I've learnt a lot from YouTube. Baking, wig making, coconut oil production, how to make money online guides, acne and stretch marks, and dark underarms and knees removal remedies to name but a few.
  20. Jaysahu

    Jaysahu New Member

    Yes anytime when I free I watch Youtude. YouTube is very useful or big paltform for people who learn any thing what he wants.
  21. Pranjal07

    Pranjal07 New Member

    Well all the time. I can't even count what and how many things I have learned. In recent time only I learned how to do engineering drawing with the help of YouTube tutorial channel. YouTube has grown a lot during last few years, now the content and variety of options available on the platform makes it one of the most used platform for various reasons and learning is a big part of YouTube. There are many good YouTube channel which offer quality content and you can also learn whatever you wish.
  22. roserosee

    roserosee New Member

    Absolutely! One massive example of how I've utilized youtube in learning is for academic purposes. Chemistry classes can be quite a hassle when one is not able to fully understand the topics at hand and so I've found go-to YouTubers with chemistry backgrounds to teach me topics I have not grasped properly. Since YouTube is a video-streaming platform then they are already able to visually teach and give examples of topics to which learners can answer along to and this is such a plus for audio-visual learners such as me.
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  23. Swaggy890

    Swaggy890 New Member

    Of course there are many videos out there can help you on different categories not only the videos the comments could have the solutions to your problems.
  24. ciestlavie

    ciestlavie New Member

    Absolutely. There are a lot of Youtube videos that have helped me learn certain things and are still being of help to me even now. On my part, I've been using the site for entertainment more often than for educational purposes but there are times when I just see contents that can contribute to my gaining some new knowledge.
  25. aileenbcd

    aileenbcd New Member

    Who does not like Youtube? My son always say, "Everything is in Youtube." True. It is one of the first places I go to whenever I need information. From skills, movies, tutorials, reviews, even trending stuff, youtube has it.

    Bear in mind though that not all the videos that are posted are legit info. Sometimes we may have to further investigate if the posted video is true. Otherwise, we may end up having the wrong information.

    I just wish we had Youtube when I was in grade school. School life would have been such a breeze;)
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  26. mimie125

    mimie125 Member

    Big YES!! I am using the youtube channel for learning personal stuff like makeup tutorial for my daughters junior prom and hair tutorial. I also enjoy the different cooking recipes for every day food that i can try for my family. Lately I learn how to make korean sandwich toast and empanada, so yummy! Lol
    Mostly i use it for watching korean movies, lol again..
    I use it to listen to my favorite music, while my kids is also using it for watching different blogs. My husband use it for watching NBA games. lol again.
  27. teri84

    teri84 New Member

    Definitely yes, because everytime I have problems with gadgets, accounts, etcetera I always go to youtube and search on how to solve my problems and I'm satisfied because I always find answers in "Youtube" and in addition I also learned new things that I don't really know. One of my example is that last month I bought a camera for my laptop and I'm just wondering because it didn't work when I search on youtube I found out that I need to download a certain driver and I didn't know about that because it's my first time to buy a camera and the saleslady did not tell me about anything she just give me the cam because I think at first that you will just plugged-in the cam and it will work already but I'm wrong. Thanks to "youtube" I was able to use my cam right now.
  28. Pauaprint77

    Pauaprint77 New Member

    I go to Youtube all the time, but I do not always learn what I am looking for. Firstly it depends on the subject I think. If you want to learn a new craft or find a nice recipe and watch how it is made then Youtube can be really good. If you are looking. for an example, to find a way to earn from home it can be a minefield picking through the videos and you may come out none the wiser. It is also really easy to spend hours getting sidetracked with so many videos to watch.
    Watching videos is sometimes easier than reading text when you can not work something out.
  29. jamomandre25

    jamomandre25 New Member

    Of course yes! Today YouTube is best influence'r now a days. YouTube can give the best information that we all need some of business came from YouTube and the number one trending is you can earn money in YouTube by making a blog. Being a unemployed persons i can search the hiring job in YouTube like home base job like this and many more jobs that suitable in my experience. YouTube is the best for me!
  30. Miel1106

    Miel1106 New Member

    Yes! But you need to be mindful on what video will you choose because in one topic the are a lots of results. Everything is already in YouTube from how to cook a rice to how to earn online. Even asking for an answer to your assignments will do. What I usually do in YouTube are listening to music and learning new stuff to my work. If I wanted to eat something I'll check YouTube to see on how to do it and what techniques to follow. It's informative but always choose the best one.

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