Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Of course youtube is the most important source of learning new things for me and infact i completely depend on youtube for everything i want to know on the internet. youtube makes it easy for me because the video format makes things simpler.
  2. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    Youtube is very useful to learn things. I always used it and I enjoy learning through it. It can easily guide you to the topic you want to learn or to know. It also shows many videos that you can see and select the best one you like to play to learn new things or to learn the specific area your searching for.
  3. Rasenshuriken

    Rasenshuriken New Member

    A big yes. YouTube is now a great resource to learn about different things. You can find anything on YouTube from music, videos, movies, songs, tutorials, cooking, name it, you can find it there. I learned many things on the platform. I can say YouTube is one of the great way to discover new knowledge for free. I have a friend who benefited a lot on the platform. He is now a guitar genius. And it's all because of the tutorials that he is always watching on YouTube.
  4. marloarpo

    marloarpo New Member

    Yes, I do. 2 things why it is easy to learn from youtube because it has an audio and visual. You don't need to pay for instructor. All you have to do is to watch until the end. I learned programming language because of youtube. I know how to use adobe photoshop because of youtube. Numerous times that youtube save my project.
  5. ColeenIris28

    ColeenIris28 New Member

    A big Y-E-S! :) For the past couple of months I've been surfing on the internet because of Youtube. Everything you wanted to know is almost there! I nearly forgot Google because of it. :rolling::D
  6. When i dont know something and i cant find an accurate answer in google
    Youtube is very helpful
    I find tutorials and everything in that site
  7. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    Using video as a learning method is very effective. Also it can help the viewer go at their own pace. They can pause, repeat some small sections of the video or repeat the entire video anytime conveniently.
  8. yacinezahi

    yacinezahi New Member

    it is my classroom:):):):):):):)
  9. Charies

    Charies Member

    Exactly yes. I did a lot of watching videos on the things I wanted to learn and earn extra income.
  10. wsuyat27

    wsuyat27 New Member

    Yes, I am using Youtube in learning things. I am watching video tutorials about troubleshooting whenever I encountered problems with my laptop and other tutorials like how to configure applications on my phone. Watching videos on how to cook different types of dishes. Watching on Youtube can be more effective because you can follow steps by steps instruction on how to learn and solve these things.
  11. AceEiseu

    AceEiseu New Member

    When i don't know what to do about something, i go to Youtube and search what i need there. And Poof! There it is. May it be phone problem, tutorials, cooking recipe, It's there.
  12. BheiiSam07

    BheiiSam07 New Member

    Yes. I'm using YouTube to learn things. You can use YouTube in many things, it's not for entertainment only. I'm using YouTube when I want to learn how to cook new recipes. YouTube is my tutor. I like it because when you're watching the videos about cooking, you can learn step by step. You can pause and rewind it every time you don't understand the process. Actually, I've learned about Post loop by watching it on YouTube. One blogger uploaded about Post loop, He said that this website is so nice and he discussed everything about Post loop. Now, I'm trying this website and I hope I can be a member Post loop.

    My son is also using YouTube to learn. He likes to watch nursery rhymes, alphabets, numbers, animals, planets and more. Now, he knows how to sing the ABC song, he knows how to count from 1 to 20, he knows the different sound of the animals and sing some nursery rhymes. I'm also proud because he is only 3 years old when he memorized the 9 planets.
  13. chwitwine

    chwitwine Member

    I always go to YouTube whenever I want to learn or know something. It’s my google with a video. Definitely useful on diy stuffs, additional knowledge on everyday stuff or even learn a new language. It’s all there.
  14. katemacam23

    katemacam23 Member

    Yes, like when I want to know something I just open youtube and watch it then after that I know what to do. Well watching on youtube is the easiest way to learn something and to share your learnings with others. Actually, I am here because of youtube and I am very thankful because Youtube is invented.
  15. Madmaxx9000

    Madmaxx9000 New Member

    yes I do! I am usually learning there for math tests. It is a great place to learn some new things because you can exactly see what should you do.
  16. jadi007

    jadi007 New Member

    There are a lot of ways to learn things from internet but i personally use youtube to learn. Last week i learn editing from youtube and now i edit my videos easily. Youtube has a bigger volume of learning for example you search editing and there are ton of videos that learn you how to edit.
    Youtube has a big audience and every body learn what they want to learn. My friend learn editing from youtube and me also learn from youtube.
  17. livingboy

    livingboy Member

    Yes, Youtube is a very powerful media or channel to learn since it demonstrate things. It's like teaching you in person on how to do it.
  18. jamaicaAP

    jamaicaAP New Member

    Yes. If I need to learn anything in a hurry, I go to Youtube first. If I don't find anything on Youtube, which is rare, that's only when I turn to the search engines such as Google.
    It is easier to learn things when you have a visual of it and most Youtube videos have very detailed instructions that really help.
    I really love sewing and most of what I've learned came from Youtube and not from school.
  19. vincedprince

    vincedprince Member

    YouTube is a great source of knowledge we can make use of it to learn so many things. We can learn things we miss and don't understand in class. We can learn to cook recipes, to fix problem in our phones and computers. We can learn how to tie, how to iron dress quick as possible. Some tricks and tips, some life hacks to make life easier and save time.
  20. jilibido

    jilibido Member

    Very well said! I find your answer very interesting, impressive and spot-on!
  21. Youtube is second to google. They are like my teacher. Youtube teaches me so many things. I like searching for music, internet info, decorations and designs, drawings and many many more. Youtube helps me a lot. And ofcourse it helps also us to grow and learn new things. We should also aware in others that posting too much or not irrelevant. We should be attentive on fake news also. Be aware always.
  22. DannyCockburn

    DannyCockburn New Member

    Yeah, sometimes i do , i learned the basics of C++ from the "thenewboston" channel ,Bucky taught me the basics better than my professor.
  23. iceejay

    iceejay New Member

    You can say that again. And I usually get it for free too.
  24. njora

    njora New Member

    I've learned many things using youtube. I remember last year when i was in youtube the whole day searching on the various methods to unbrick my mobile phone.
  25. MrStrawberry

    MrStrawberry New Member

    YouTube helped me with a lot of things. Currently, I am taking Yoga tutorials from YouTube, and I have to say that I am very satisfied.
  26. Pineapple112233

    Pineapple112233 New Member

    Yes, I use Youtube for learning new things, I learned many life hacks from Youtube recently which really helped me in a lot of ways. I guess Youtube is a compiled type of videos that could legitimately help (not all) in a lot of ways.
  27. kg0903

    kg0903 New Member

    I am a curious person so yes, I use Youtube in order to learn new things. There are a variety of Youtube channels where you can learn a lot of new things from life hacks to random things about other countries, interesting facts that you can share with your friends, to the strange things that are happening in our universe and even makeup tutorials.

    Youtube is a very convenient way to learn things while enjoying the visuals it offers and the best part is it's free.
  28. diazvac

    diazvac Member

    Youtube is my reference if I need to watch something educational especially on the things that has many procedures. Compare to illustration, I think we can appreciate more the instructions if we can watch live in action.
  29. dafshour

    dafshour New Member

    yes all the time it really help any one to find any thing about any thing
  30. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    Yes. Youtube is a great learning tool. Watching an actual demo than just reading the steps on text and paper helps you understand each process or procedure involved more when you see the visible action of each step. Just with the steps written on paper or text, sometimes you would have a hard time imagining or trying to picture how to execute the actual step. So seeing some sort of illustration or live action to help explain the procedure or step is important and a great aid for execution. A demo with an explanation/ presentation at the same time helps make things easier to comprehend. Some or maybe many people learn quicker with visual presentation than with text alone.

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