Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Kyan03

    Kyan03 New Member

    Yes. watching youtube to learn things make learning readily available and easy. listening and watching to youtube is more convenient that reading regular books or net browsing especially to persons who are not fond of reading. since more and more vloggers are making informative videos for income, i find youtube to become more popular.
  2. iwisting

    iwisting Member

    I use Youtube for entertainment and knowledge. Whenever I connect to the internet, I always open Youtube for trending stuffs and of course, music. I just love listening to music especially new ones, those trending ones. I also use for searching how to learn about a particular thing like how to play guitar and how to take good photographs. I'm really fond of these two but, spoiler alert, I'm not good at either haha
  3. mahleen

    mahleen New Member

    Youtube is a learning tool on this millenial generation. Here are a few channels that are educational.

    1. TED - many inspirational and facts from world's leading thinkers.

    2. National Geographics - if you want a more nature/planet based explorations.

    3.Science Insider - for anything about science and behind-the-scenes in a relatable way.

    4. Thinkr - how to do adulting.

    5. Vanity Fair - a fashion and celebrities combined

    6. Vogue - fashion as a culture and what's in now

    7. ATHLEAN-X™ - will teach you about health through workouts, nutrition and science.

    8. Genius - explaining the deeper sense of the music

    9. AWxInc. - teaching men proper style
    10. BuzzFeedVideo - daily shareable videos of fun facts and entertainment

    Hope you binge these channels and do what they say 'Like & Subscribe'.
  4. Dreyaan

    Dreyaan New Member

    Youtube is not for entertainment purposes only. In fact, you can learn almost everything here but youtube is prone to fake news. And it is the responsibility of every individual to be observant of what they are watching
  5. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    Almost everything you're looking for, you can find it on the internet. Especially things you want to learn, you can find almost everything at youtube, from languages to even drawings.
  6. LMjay

    LMjay New Member

    Yes, YouTube is among the best learning platforms out there. I learned how to paint and graphics designing through YouTube and I have a great client number all thanks to YouTube. So yes I use YouTube to learn a lot.
  7. Lasheen123

    Lasheen123 Member

    Yes of course, it is where I started learning how to play piano, it is where I watch gameplays and get alot of experience. What is most important is that it keeps me not bored.
  8. kianezoe

    kianezoe New Member

    Yes I watch youtube to learn something,I can use it for my referrences.
    Theres alot of videos that can have help you for your everyday living.
    It can help to find solutions for students for their school projects
    In music and videos it have many tutorials that you can watch
  9. raiwenkai

    raiwenkai Member

    yes always one example of this is when my kids have assignments in school I double check it on you tube aside from this I always check some cooking recipe on you tube... If I want to cook something that I am not familiar you tube is a great help for me... I gain alot of knowledge from You tube
  10. iulishka

    iulishka New Member

    I use YouTube daily in my work, especially to audition free classes from great universities across the world. It is also a great tool to eliminate stress if you listen to the meditation classes. It greatly helps my productivity when I am working and listening to jazz music or something like that but I also like Spotify because of podcasts and I would like to see podcasts on Youtube as well
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  11. Rucker

    Rucker New Member

    Yes, sure. I constantly watch some interesting videos about psychology and neurobiology while I eat or do something tedious and can listen to something useful in parallel.
  12. romelece

    romelece New Member

    Yes, I use Youtube to acquire information and this platform provides them through visual contents. Videos can provide more information in topics or subjects that I am not familiar with especially the tutorials. Although I still use primarily verified references such as textbooks and other reference materials, I use Youtube to provide me additional tools through videos which I can use in acquiring knowledge or information.
  13. fairnlove82

    fairnlove82 New Member

    youtube is best platform to get information and learn which you want its so helpful but some youtubers are just want to get views on own videos they do not care about who want to get proper information they just upload some fake or similar videos so i think this is time vest and so panic.
  14. Chris96

    Chris96 New Member

    Yes, I use YouTube to learn how to cook, make beats and how to play missions in games like Call of Duty which are tough to me so I watch walkthrough YouTube videos to see how they did it so I can do the same. I definitely use YouTube to learn things
  15. Elegato

    Elegato New Member

    Yes, it is very helpful. Great alternative to reading.

    I like the fact that there's a fast forward function there, let's you watch the whole video fast without skipping some important parts. Also, in case someone don't know, double tapping the screen on left or right skips it by 10 seconds. Add taps, +10 sec more.
  16. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    Yes, sometimes use Youtube to learn things. For example, a no bake mousse cake. When you watch ii on Youtube, they just don't put the ingredients but also they demonstrate it. Its a step by step process, so Youtube is a helpful tool.
  17. raycajucom

    raycajucom New Member

    Yes i have learned so many thing by just watching on youtube. Some solution to a technical problem, like phone not turning on. Troubleshooting on some cases. Tips on how to do things, and not to do. And lot more.
  18. MrLawLess

    MrLawLess New Member

    Youtube is definitely one of the best applications made to learn about anything. As a student, I usually visit Youtube to learn about topics I wasn't able to understand during the lecture. Whether it is Math, Science or Physics, Youtube will definitely have videos uploaded that are related to the topics you want to learn to. Also, this software is free which is why it is truly amazing to have an application like this. What's so funny about this question is that the main reason I knew about postloop is because of Youtube. I was trying to find ways to earn money and one of the videos I've watched recommended this site.
  19. mithul

    mithul Member

    YES a lot, infact i can also say that i'm addicted to YOUTUBE.The reason i'm here is only because of youtube.
  20. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    yes,watching youtube videos helps me a lot.if i watch youtube tutorial videos abouthow to cook a recipe,smartphone settings,photography tips,drawing tips and many more.there many tutorial videos in youtube but you have to pick the best videos.
  21. lal86

    lal86 New Member

    I am starting to use it more. For the longest time I just called my mom or googled it. I think it is the younger generation that uses Youtube as a learning too. I honestly didn't even think of Youtube as a place to research/learn new things until my son told me to Youtube something the other day. As much as I try to keep him unplugged it is hard in today's world, but I can say that under supervision he uses Youtube a lot. He is big into looking up origami videos, or skateboarding tricks, or how to fix broken toys tips.
  22. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    i use youtube to learn more & more things .it is very useful for me and i use youtube every day .
  23. GigiLDN

    GigiLDN New Member

    Many of us use YouTube for music videos, funny videos and trending videos that are currently buzzing among social media sites. But what we all forget is that YouTube has videos of literally everything… including how-to- videos. For those who aren’t good at fixing things or just want to learn, I use it every day and if you wanna make money online is where you wanna go. Thanks, everyone to make the world a better place.
  24. sar

    sar New Member

    yes this port is my tutor in web.
  25. snowvocaine

    snowvocaine New Member

    Definitely, as Youtube contains a lot of informational and educational videos aside from the entertainment-related ones and whatnot. It's a huge help because most of the time, you can easily find whatever topic you need because of the millions of videos available on the site. Also, it won't be too hard if you want to find something related to the topic you were first looking for, because it will show exactly that too. So using Youtube for learning purposes is very convenient.
  26. ApostoLara

    ApostoLara New Member

    There are many categories on YouTube where you can learn. I think YouTube is the second search engine to learn things if you want to see the details.
  27. ctemple85

    ctemple85 New Member

    YouTube is how I learned almost everything i know. There is no other source that can give you as much information as YouTube.
  28. Nicktabi

    Nicktabi New Member

    YES. I always use Youtube whenever I want to study because I always prefer learning by watching rather than learning by reading.
  29. shigitau

    shigitau New Member

    Oh yes.It has alot to offer.From tutorials,info,entertainment and more.
  30. johnmichaelescalona

    johnmichaelescalona New Member

    of course yeeess yess yesss yes yes of yessss.
    i really love it. <3

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