Do you use Youtube to learn things?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Danielle R. Gonçalves, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Lovelyvanessa

    Lovelyvanessa New Member

    I use YouTube for everything. There is probably a video for everything under the sun. Just today I looked up how to copy and paste on a chromebook.
  2. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    Yes, I learned a lot in YouTube. I can have any recipes I want local or international cuisine, teach me how to bake, I can find legit home based job for free with tutorial, updated news so I am aware whats happening inside or outside my country, its a stress reliever too just watch funny videos or listen to music and more. Its not only giving us information but also teaching us in many things. We can also earn by posting our videos here if you have a lot of viewers and subscriber. YouTube is really a great help to us and that's for free.
  3. Aleona

    Aleona Member

    Yes. I use youtube to understand further the lessons which I have not fully understood during class. It's actually a big help because there are a lot of videos with different approaches on explaining a certain thought or idea. So if one doesn't work for me, I still have options to learn. Another reason why I always run to youtube whenever I need tutor is that it's free, it's easily accessible, and very much convenient.
  4. GigiLDN

    GigiLDN New Member

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  5. Nims

    Nims New Member

    Yes. Youtube is used for learning things. Its a wide range channel of information giving.

    Youtube is a great entertainment tool and learning tool as well. Recorded online lessons are available on any topics are available online so the students can watch it to enhance their understanding of knowledge they learned. Live demonstrations of the class help the child enhance his or her learning.
  6. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    What you learn on youtube is very different compare to what you learn from others different source such as ebook, youtube explain better since your learning is base on visual and graphics format.

    Youtube provide you a better understanding of the source materials and make it easy for you to understand what you learn and the explaination is always so simple and easy to get through so youtube is the best for me.
  7. Ayhie

    Ayhie Member

    Yes, I learned a lot here it is very informative website. It can help me in my everyday life about gardening, sewing, baking cup cakes and cookies for my kids. I can also cooked different dishes for my family by searching new recipes here. It gives me tip for loosing weight like the exercise needed and diet. It provide helpful health tips specially my Aunt is diabetic and her blood pressure is above normal. Even how to fix phone can search it here. So this website is very useful not only for me but for everyone.
  8. amaltt

    amaltt New Member

    YouTube is the one of the most popular search engine in the internet. YouTube provide a visual treat to the viewers.
  9. Alkmendo

    Alkmendo New Member

    Youtube is one of the most important site you can watch learning videos Anabtlm programming
  10. archiejay

    archiejay New Member

    Yes, I use Youtube to learn things. The fastest way you can learn anything is by accessing Youtube because there are a lot of tutorial you can choose from in order for you to learn immediately. Learning made easy using videos because it is like you have a personal instructor teaching and showing you how to do a certain task. For me, it is a big help. I learned a lot of things by simply watching Youtube videos.
  11. bads05

    bads05 Member

    Yes,, most of my time spent on youtube, watching latest videos, search for important informations, i watch tutorials,, so reliable in terms of gathering informations.
  12. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    I use youtube for so many reason I use it to learn various ways that someone could make money easyly online, since all the video posted there is backup with visual/audio explaination, we can see the step by step procedure yourself,
    you can learn from youtube anything you want, its just like having a webinar online where you see all what your online mentor teaches you rather than reading ten(10) page article without understanding.
  13. amaltt

    amaltt New Member

    Yes. I used YouTube for every things that I want to learn I use YouTube to learn many things like crafting, make a new recipe, education, inspiration and even how to create a YouTube channel. You can search important things like how to earn money online.
  14. Anj1018

    Anj1018 Member

    Yes. I relay on Youtube most when i want to learn to cook a specific meal or to understand some mind boggling game or quiz problem. It's nice to see people making videos like that to help others or to teach others though we know that they can also earn from making a video but yeah it's a good way to learn things especially when you're not the type of person who easily follow written instructions.
  15. zionekathleen

    zionekathleen New Member

    Yes. Youtube is one of my major source of learning in terms of the things I don't know yet I wanna know. I usually go to google or at youtube when there is a thing I am interested to know about. Youtube is very helpful, it gives a countless of information. But there is a limit we should make sure that we don't watch just one video for a certain thing we wanna know about, we should watch as many as we can, so we can say that the information that we gathered is reliable, it's like asking many people for ideas on it.
  16. Charies

    Charies Member

    Yes, I always browse at the youtube to learn so many things because everything is their when you look or learn something. You can learn it specifically because a lot of tutorial videos in the youtube
  17. xPrxnce

    xPrxnce New Member

    This question depends on the person using you tube and what you are trying to learn, some things such as how to put together a table or learning different contents in subjects such as math, physics, chemistry videos are things which can be learned through YouTube as lots of people post videos like these on YouTube, for the most part, you can learn almost anything on YouTube
  18. bads05

    bads05 Member

    Yes of course, I search for tutorials like DIYs, I help my sisters and my brothers when they have assignment in school.
  19. sharnjit

    sharnjit New Member

    I'll say every skill and any skill as YouTube is a great educational platform (so far the considered skill is useful to you). From writing to arts to technical-know-hows, and even manipulative skills, YouTube has got you covered on almost every “how to do this and that”. You can learn, unlearn and relearn on YT while you keep improving your proficiency.

    However, it must be noted that without a trial or constant practice of what you see, you might not be able to assess the impact of the skills you've learned on YT tutorials as it's not just about the admiration of those beautiful videos.
  20. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    I use Youtube to learn how to cook, how to achieve certain goals in some games and even to learn how to fix stuff at home! It has almost the same explanations as google but with video!
  21. elaineeeeeey

    elaineeeeeey New Member

    Yes! there were many helpful videos in Youtube. Thats the reason also why I'm here now.
  22. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Youtube is helpful and some video posted there for free look so expensive to be free,I search for so many video on youtube this few days, and I gain instant access to it.
    It's better if you can save some of the important video in your computer and watch them even when the internet connection is lost,
    Since you can't access youtube without a good internet connectivity.
  23. nnvghb

    nnvghb New Member

    Youtube is very helpful if you want to learn things. I have a 3D printer and there are often a lot of problems with it. The way I fixed it was by searching Youtube and learning how to fix it. Without Youtube there are a lot of thing I wouldn't been able to do.
  24. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    If I get you right your printer develop some fault and you fixed it yourself with the tutorial you learn from youtube on how to fixed a printer?
    This is very possible with youtube so many things can be learn, you search for what bother you the most by typing the keyword in the search-space then select what you are looking for and learn it yourself.
    I have use youtube for so many reason and I will keep using it infact youtube has enable me to learn so many things and trade that will have cost me alot of money to learn, but with youtube I do the learning for free this is part of the trade am earning from today.
  25. shankz15

    shankz15 New Member

    Yeah i learn so much thing and i can research anything when i don't know the thing i should do more helpful and learning and besides it's intertaining i can search blog's, news updates, cartoons/anime, tutorials, movies, contest and many more.
  26. Lovebird2

    Lovebird2 New Member

    I use youtube for so many purposes like watching presentation on how to do so many things,I use youtube to learn various type of money making strategy online.

    Youtube really help us to gain access to some video yet to be release offline, you can download movies and video that can be watch latar in your spare time.
  27. Lovebird2

    Lovebird2 New Member

    I use youtube for so many purposes like watching presentation on how to do so many things,I use youtube to learn various type of money making strategy online.

    Youtube really help us to gain access to some video yet to be release offline, you can download movies and video that can be watch latar in your spare time.
  28. drin

    drin New Member

    Yes its been few years now that i use you tube as a tool to learn things. I can say that it has helped me more than my college professors, there are some really great channels to learn any subject.
    I usually learn the basis of a subject from you tube for which it's very helpful, and from there i go on my own.
    One reason why i like learning from you tube and internet in general is the ability to go back how may times one wishes, if one hasn't understood something, this makes it a great tool for anyone. Also the comment section is very helpful, it allows you to communicate with others people that are at same level as you, which can help learning process.
  29. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    Youtube is another good place where someone can learn so many things and aquire the particular knowledge needed in a specific field,
    i prefer using youtube because it's the best place you can fine quality video to learn so many things and resolved your need for it.
  30. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    This days youtube has become a place for so many un-solidated content, I watch and use youtube mostly during the weekend,

    i use youtube to learn so many things but google need to amend their youtube policy and restrict some video that contain adult content since children uses it daily without the knowledge of their parent

    When I got married newly I and my wife use the youtube video to learn how to cook and save our dishes properly, I also use it to watch so many ways to make money online, and improve the quality of my business (marketing )

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