Do you usually watch movies at home or at a movie theater?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Chachie Cahilig, Jul 17, 2011.


Do you usually watch movies at home or at a movie theater?

  1. at home

  2. movie theater

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  1. Where do you enjoy watching movies the most?
  2. smits

    smits Guest

    At home with a friend is always great as you can sit in positions you simply can't access while at the cinema. That being said, i love a cinema visit as much as the next guy, and go a few times a month.
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  3. yoosuf

    yoosuf Guest

    It usually depends what movie and who with, but most of the time its at home on the computer or Ps3.
  4. Cody

    Cody Guest

    Well, if it's a new movie only in the theatre's, I might go to see it. But if it's available on Demand, I'll order it at home/in store.
  5. Nicholas

    Nicholas Guest

    Well, most of the time I watch movie at home in my room. Very rarely will go to watch in movie theather. If the movie is really worth to watch like Spiderman, I will for sure fly over to theather....
  6. bOSsmarie

    bOSsmarie New Member

    most of the times at home, because of lack of budget,

    but i prefer watching it in theathers, nice quality, ang big screen..
  7. nicko300

    nicko300 Guest

    at home usually
    just download some good film at internet then put it in letcher
    then cook some pop corn xD
    then enjoy your meal and film xD
  8. nicko300

    nicko300 Guest

    at home usually
    just download some good film at internet then put it in letcher
    then cook some pop corn xD
    then enjoy your meal and film xD
    (sorry doble post)
  9. NeOsage

    NeOsage Guest

    For me there is no greater experience than watching a movie at a cinema. Massive screen, Dolby sound, 3D....... However, it very much depends on what type of movie. I simply refuse to watch Avatar on anything less than Imax in 3D. Nothing could match that experience at home, despite me having a 43" plasma and 5.1 surround sound. Wheras if you look at other films like Salt, No strings attached, Limitless.... there really is nothing to be gained from the big screen over the home experience. Having said which Limitless was/is a fantastic film. It just didn't require the full visual/audio experience from a cinematic showing to appreciate it.
  10. Salme

    Salme Guest

    If the movie is worth it, I'll go to the cinema. Otherwise I watch movies from my computer. Soon I am getting myself a television with 3D functions, which basicly means you can watch movies in 3D such as Avatar etc.
    What I like about watching movies at home is that you can put the film on pause and do what you must, rather than sprinting to the pathroom and then missing the good parts of the movie.
  11. jowen82

    jowen82 Guest

    I watch most of mine online. Netflix is my friend :D
  12. Jessimarie22

    Jessimarie22 Guest

    I watch my movies mostly at home. It is a lot cheaper to rent a movie for a $1 and invite people over than paying $10 or more a person. I do enjoy going to the theaters once in a while but movie nights at my house are always fun.
  13. I usually watch movies at home because it is much cheaper. I can just buy or rent a movie, and my whole family can watch. The dvd can also be watch several times, even everyday, even out of the season. If I go on a movie theater, it will cost me too much. My entrance there can buy one copy of a Dvd. :)
    But sometimes, I go to the movie theater if I got to watch something special or something I think that will be a box office hit, and also, in some special occasions, like a date with my girl and she wants to watch movie in the movie theater, I can't say no.. ;)
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  14. Merry

    Merry Guest

    My husband and I usually watch movies at home. Not only is it less expensive, there is more variety and we can watch them in our PJ's.:) We still go to the drive-in every once in awhile, depending on what's playing. It's still a fairly cheap date on a pleasant summer evening... especially when you bring your own popcorn.
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  15. Peaches100

    Peaches100 Member

    I love the movie theater, but sometimes it's cheaper and less hassle to stay home, and wait for that movie to premier on TV, or DVD, and sit on your free paid for couch, and pop some low cost popcorn and enjoy features like pause and play, no commercials or crowds or go to the theatre occasionally when prices are much lower, and there are not so many people flocking to opening weekend.:thumbsup:
  16. barabas802

    barabas802 Guest

    I watch movie in my iphone, i download movies from the internet then i convert it to mp4 format to play it in my iphone.
  17. Pankajrko

    Pankajrko Guest

    I also mostly watch movies at home because it is the economical way to watch movies. I have 5.1 Dolby digital home theater system at my home so it is fun watching movies at my place. But I also go to theaters for Horror films or 3D films. Now watching movies on my ipad is also pretty much interesting task.
  18. breasmommy

    breasmommy Guest

    I usually watch movies at home. I love going to the movie theater, but it has become too expensive. Most movies seem just as good on my TV as they would be in the movie theater anyway.
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  19. mimi8zm

    mimi8zm Guest

    Most of the time, I watch from home too. I only go to the theater if the movie is worth watching or something I've been waiting for and excited to watch (or if the tickets are free!) But I like watching at home coz I can definitely be comfortable. If I have a dvd, and I miss something, I can just go back a few seconds or minutes and watch that scene again! Plus, when you feel like it, you can watch the movie all over again
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  20. jlcjackie

    jlcjackie Guest

    I watched from home HBO channel it's ok to me to watch at home I enjoyed theater naaaah I think I spend too much if try this! transportation,food,time to travel,expense for the movie ha ha ha
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  21. skon

    skon Guest

    The recent influx of horrible Hollywood films leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I haven't felt the urge to see a movie on the big screen since Hanna, which was more that worth it. Actually, no, I really want to see Harry Potter Part 2. For the most part, I'm perfectly content with RedBox and Netflix, my comfy bed, and yummy food to snack on in the privacy of my home.
  22. ladynetz

    ladynetz Guest

    I watch movies mostly at home .I like to sit on the couch with my family, turn the volume up or down as I like and of course being able to pause the movie whenever I need to...
  23. femmeandglam

    femmeandglam Guest

    I love to watch movies on both places. At home cause it really feels relaxing, it's not expensive (free food and drinks. LOL :D), and you can do whatever you want. There's no fee or anything. I also like to watch in cinemas if the movie is really preferable to be watched in cinemas like animation movies, movies with lots of 3D effects, etc.
  24. smiley29

    smiley29 Guest

    I like watching a movie at home better then watching at the theater. I'm not saying I don't like watching at the theater it's just that I'm more comfortable at home. :) I like watching in the theater if the movie is really worth watching it there and if it's on a special occasion. When you watch at home, you can prepare any food that you want, pause it anytime, and be in any position you would like as long as you're comfortable. :p
  25. toplover783

    toplover783 Guest

    I usually watched movies at home. It saves me time and money. Also I can download my movies from the Internet and watch it with my girlfriend. Sometime I buy original dvd as for my collection to grow. When there's a new movie coming and its really a huge one, we will watch the movie at the theater in 3D so that we can have a full experience of the movie.
  26. Melete

    Melete Guest

    I prefer to watch most movies at home because:

    a. I don't have to listen to people talking or put up with them kicking my seat
    b. There is a pause button
    c. My clean washroom facilities are steps away
    d. I have healthier snacks
    e. I save a lot of money.

    I don't mind paying $30 to see a movie and buy treats but too often movies stink. Then I mind very much.

    That being said, occasionally I will go see a big action flick if the previews and reviews are good. Action movies are great on the big screen with the big speakers.
  27. Jess

    Jess Guest

    I used to love going to the cinema, however, lately, I have found my attention span dwindling! So therefore, honestly, I enjoy watching films at home now instead. I can pause films as and when I please, even finish them the next night if I want to. I understand cinema is the only way to appreciate a movie in it's full force, but I'd rather sacrifice that for the comfort of my own home =P!
  28. Chrisi

    Chrisi Guest

    I have Netflix, so I usually watch movies at home, but I love going out for movie dates with my husband.
  29. Smartchic

    Smartchic Guest

    I like to go to the movie theater to watch action and drama movies but would rather watch comedies at home.
  30. Greylin

    Greylin Guest

    I normally watch most movies at home. We have netflix and it is really nice as it has something that all of my family would like to watch. Well most of the time And I like it because I am a huge fan of Japanese horror movies.

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