Do you usually watch movies at home or at a movie theater?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Chachie Cahilig, Jul 17, 2011.


Do you usually watch movies at home or at a movie theater?

  1. at home

  2. movie theater

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  1. yennx

    yennx New Member

    I just watch movies at home, i seldom go to movie theatres, 'cause i can watch movies without any cost, it's just a matter of time before you download it in the web, and the best thing is, you can choose in a variety of movies and watch it right away or download it.
  2. Tarik Hadzic

    Tarik Hadzic New Member

    I mostly watch movies at home. Movies are sort of a getaway from all obligations and work I have to do. So I choose to relax and watch a movie myself, or sometimes with a friend or family. I don't like how movie theaters can get crowded, noisy and messy. Also, cinemas are expensive! Watching a movie that I don't end up liking is always painful for me, and at least when I'm home I can comfort myself by thinking how I didn't spend too much money on something I didn't enjoy.
  3. Jeniffer De Leon

    Jeniffer De Leon New Member

    There are advantages and disadvantages of both. Watching movies is better in the theatre. The screen is bigger, the sound is louder and so on. For some genres of film, this is a big deal (genres that rely on spectacle. Eg some war movies, action films etc). For others not. But, going to the cinema is expensive. It'll run me at minimum Php200 or more in the Philippines, likely nearer $4. Also, there may be people being noisy in the screening, or annoying kids that will kick seats etc. I also can't get up to go to the toilet without missing some of the movie and must pay exorbitant prices for refreshments. All in all, I prefer watching movies at home because it’s more comfy sitting in my pajamas, chillin’ by myself if I want! I can watch it when it’s convenient, not have to deal with crowds, and I can watch it with all my friends too.
  4. Toroba21

    Toroba21 New Member

    I usually watch movies at home at my most convenient time with my family. It is also one of my bond time together with my kids. We laugh out loud, we get scared of horror movies and we eat our favorite food while watching. And that is the best for me.
  5. Aaron Montebon

    Aaron Montebon New Member

    I usually watch movies on television because i am a consistent honor student and i am a graduating student roght noa and im so busy on studying in which i dont have enough time to go to somewhere to watch movie thats why i just watch on television, also because we have a cable connection which gives nice channel and movies, still worth it.
  6. Cris2377

    Cris2377 New Member

    For me to watch a movie i want to be at home why? Its less expensive and you watch with your family and friends
    There are many movies from the internet like. Netflix, Youtube or cable they also have 3D format etc.
  7. mr.edan09

    mr.edan09 New Member

    For me at home because I don't have enough money to go in theater and watch a movie. Additionally because I don't like to watch a movie in a theater because it is time consuming for me to go outside unlike watching movies at home less time consuming and relaxing. I use some website or application to watch a movie at home. The best application that I use to watch movies is Show box apps because their application is updated to new movie and also their movies video quality are clear and good quality.
  8. Aaron08

    Aaron08 Member

    On my own point of view I would choose to watch movies at home because of some reasons. First of all, I love watching movies at home because that is the only time where my family unite together for a moment, we love to watch movies together since I was a kid (we watch movies at home and on theater) but now that I am growing up my brothers are professional already we don't do that bonding anytime because in our family most of them are busy at work and on their studies as well as me, I am so busy on studying our topics in class because I want to maintain my achievements in class. That is also the reason why I mostly watch movies at home, I don't have enough time to go to the theater to watch those upcoming new movies. Another reason why I just stay at home on watching movies because I have that mentality that those movies that are showing on the theater will be seen in the internet sites someday, I just wait the time where the movie will appear on the site. Because of this, I save my time, effort, and money on going to the theater to watch movies. In summary, I love to watch movies at home because of those three reasons such as I want to spend my time with my family, I am maintaing my achievements in class and lastly I have that clever mentality one mine.
  9. j4ke

    j4ke New Member

    I really don`t like movie theaters, though I get why others do. I dont appreciate the extra expensive snacks and the discomfort, home is the best, whether Im alone or with friends.
  10. sorianoandrhea

    sorianoandrhea New Member

    I prefer watching movies at home. It is more comfortable and you can save money.
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  11. JM04

    JM04 New Member

    Before, I use to watch nice movies at the theaters, but since i'm a newly father, I usually watch at home now not unless my son grew up and he is okey to be with us in the theaters. I would probably go to the movie theaters again with my family.
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  12. natta

    natta Member

    I will watch movies at home most of the time, but if a movie comes out that I am extremely excited to see, I will not wait until it comes out on DVD. Lately there have been quite a few I would like to see in theaters, the next for me is Fright Night! and good movie.
  13. bjdshadan

    bjdshadan New Member

    I prefer to watch movies at home. I have a nice comfortable recliner. I can kick my feet up and watch and eat goodies at my leisure.
  14. ammabee

    ammabee New Member

    I usually watch movies at home, why? Because its more convenient and relaxing to watch movies lying down and not thinking about how much you will spend. One more is you can pause and play the movie all you want.
  15. Giobordj

    Giobordj New Member

    Movies are part of our family routine. We have scheduled a family movie night at home each week with our school age children provided we review them when appropriate. My husband and I started this routine when they were toddlers since we have a no-tv policy. So we choose a day usually on a friday night. It's definitely okay for them to stay up a bit because the following day is a weekend. They deserve to relax from a busy week of school. It is also one of our bonding moments as a family. When it comes to action, suspense or even gory movies, my husband and I make sure that the kids are asleep. We rarely watch movies in cinema. The last time we did was around two years ago. Probably when our children will be older, we can all schedule a time or they can even join their friends.
  16. Leezandra

    Leezandra New Member

    If I go the cinema once a year, that's allot! I prefer to stay at home, comfortable under a blanket watching my movies. Since internet is so great we can download or stream directly, especially if you have Netflix. I honestly can't remember when last I watched a movie or anything on normal cable TV. Mostly I think comfort plays a big roll overall, most people like staying indoors and being comfortable. Especially if your cinemas are as uncomfortable as ours, and you have a personal problem. It seems that this is the future for movie watching!
  17. wejoshua

    wejoshua New Member

    I usually watch movies at home. There's no place like home as they say, and this is true with regards to watching movies. I like the fact that I can enjoy the movie alone or with some friends and family without having to pay for anything. I can pause and play the movie as I like and not to miss anything. And I can enjoy it with my comfort foods, foods that are not normally allowed inside the movie theaters. And will have the most comfortable positions that you ever wanted, while watching your favorite movies.
  18. Lorang

    Lorang New Member

    I mostly enjoy watching movies at home primarily because of cost. Imagine the savings. Whenever I go to the theatre I have to spend on gas, popcorn and of course the movie ticket. While at home I just have to order the movie through Video On Demand, plus I get to store that movie for about three days. So, I have more control on my entertainment in case I miss on some scenes (let's admit it, there were movies that went over our heads). And I also get to watch the movie with my entire family in the comfort of our own couch. I guess it all boils down to cutting a big chunk of cost without sacrificing the quality and essence of entertainment.
  19. boomskie24

    boomskie24 New Member

    I prefer to watch in movie theater. It's still better to watch in movie theater for the good quality of the movie, like the sound and graphics. It's a bit pricey watching movie in the movie theater compare at home but it's like a treat to yourself already and it's one way of relaxation for me as well,though you can download movies already thru internet but the quality of the movie in movie theater is still different. I also prefer to watch in movie theater to help the movie earn money and the movie industry. There's a lot of cons of watching movie in the movie theater but it's really different fore me if you watch it in the big screen and the traditional way. Also, movie theaters are improving already nowadays there are movie theater where you can lay down have blanket with you and gives unlimited snack and beverage. I tried it one time in "Fishermall Cinema,Philippines" it was an awesome experience.
  20. marcodavis87

    marcodavis87 New Member

    I like to watch movies at home. The comfort of my bed, and the fact that I can get food or go to the bathroom without missing a second of the movie is pretty amazing.
  21. I usually watch movies at home because it is free and affordable compared to movie theater. At home you can pause the movie if you're gonna do something important such us your personal necessity while in movie theater, you need to just sit there and if you're going to pee. You will need to move and make it fast for you to watch the whole movie.
  22. XxtresxX

    XxtresxX New Member

    I usually watch movies at home. It save me more time and money. Going to movie theater consumes a lot of effort. It limits you in a sense that there's only an alloted time for you to watch your movies, so you should not be late for the appointed time in order not to miss the movie. It also requires you to spend more money when going to movie theater. Although it is a great experience to watch movie in a huge screen, money is what all it takes. It will requires you to make an additional transportation fee, another expense. That is why I prefer watching at home, because it is less hassle, does not require a lot of effort, saves time and money.
  23. Nickson

    Nickson New Member

    I enjoy going to the movies, but it's too expensive these days! Most of the time, I'll save trips to the movie theater for films that would suffer if I didn't see them on the big screen (movies with great special effects, "epic" pictures, and the like). A major selling point for the theater used to be that we didn't have to wait so long to see a movie, but that's not really the case anymore. Movies don't stay in theaters for very long, and they're available on DVD or through streaming video in a matter of weeks. Given the price of tickets, I can usually wait to watch movies at home.
  24. waynetrac

    waynetrac New Member

    I love watching Movies and with occasionally watch them at home and in the theater, but I would have to pick watching movies at home if I had to choose one. I already have a decent audio system at home so the sound isn't the problem and a 60" TV so the Visual is great as well. The advantage to watching movies at home is that I can be relaxed on the couch or in bed as opposed to those uncomfortable chairs and sticky floors. Also, I can have homemade food instead of the overpriced food at the theaters. Lastly, there's no kids crying, people talking, and people kicking chairs to ruin the movie for me.
  25. ligoligo143

    ligoligo143 New Member

    I preferred watching at home, because its affordable and you can buy the other movies you haven't watched before. You can invite all your family, friends and you can do what all you want without any distraction unlike in movie theater there so many distraction and there is no fast forward or backward, you cant buy outside or go to rest room just to be sure you don't missed any exciting scene.
  26. chrstnrssl14

    chrstnrssl14 New Member

    i want to watch movies at home. its free and i enjoy it the most watching with my little sister, this is our bonding time together. actually, i don't really like to travel just to watch movies on theaters.
  27. ILYSNC1897

    ILYSNC1897 New Member

    I normally watch movies at home because it is way more cheaper, i also have the complete control if i want to start or pause the movie and i can also save time travelling to cinema. However, now i prefer to watch movies at cinema, especially if the movie is interesting .
    Every time I go to cinemas to watch a film on the big screen, for me, it has been a qualitatively different, and better experience. It turns the film into an event, and sharing that event with a crowd full of strangers transforms your own reaction to it. Drama becomes more dramatic, comedy funnier, and horror scarier. Also, I love going to the cinema beacause it's a good chance to hang out with your friends and i think it's better because there is surround sound speaker making it feel more real.
    There’s also some extra feeling nowadays about giving yourself a time to relax and treat yourself in a big dark room with a comfortable seat, red carpet, massive screen, popcorn, and a great movie.
  28. abby002

    abby002 New Member

    I usually watch movies at home because it is a practical way of watching, more relaxed and more food. I watched movies with my family at home because we can do whatever we want, unlike at the cimema theather you need to pay before you watch. In your house you can pause and play movie but in theathers you need to go to the CR befrore you take watch.
  29. monicaaigan05

    monicaaigan05 New Member

    normally at home because in the movie theater even the popcorn is so expensive and i cant relax there
  30. poison_ivy

    poison_ivy New Member

    Nowadays, I normally watch movies on my mobile phone wherever I am if I have buy time. I seldom visit the movie theaters since it will cost more money and I don't have much time to go to the mall. I also watch movies with my family at home using our Smart TV through Netflix.

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