Do you usually watch movies at home or at a movie theater?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Chachie Cahilig, Jul 17, 2011.


Do you usually watch movies at home or at a movie theater?

  1. at home

  2. movie theater

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  1. reasayurie

    reasayurie New Member

    I watch at home i bought DVD tapes to watch new movies, also I don't have much time to go outside that is why I prefer at home.
  2. Marako0406

    Marako0406 New Member

    I usually watch in a movie house if the movie I am going to see are the ones I am after, like a sequel or prequel. It is always the special effects of a movie that I'm after if watching in a theater. The movies I watch at home are the ones I already watched in a theater. Its just that I want to repeat some movies that are my favorite particularly science fiction movies. Watching in a movie theater is sometimes great if other movie goers are not that noisy or it is sometimes good when we share the same reactions like laughing or being amazed. Watching at home is awesome because we can actually concentrate and understand the thought of a movie and relate emotionally, like crying if its a sad scene and other reactions that we don't usually like to let others see. We can relax in the comfort of our home when watching our favorite movie or TV series.
  3. synchronoize

    synchronoize New Member

    I like to watch movie both at home and at a movie theater. Whenever I see a movie I never watched before in the local DVD store I buy it and also I watch on netflix because they house a lot of old movies and their original movies. Whenever a new comes out at the theater, if it is a title that I like anyways, I'll just spend a couple of bucks just to watch. Even though I like both ways, I mostly prefer the theater as it has better sound effects and it is also great with audio as it a full blast of the movie sound effects and you get a feel of what the characters of the movie doing. Either way, the joy comes from the entertainment that the movie gives us whenever we watch at home or in the theater.
  4. lacey03

    lacey03 New Member

    movie theater. Going to the movies with friends or your significant other can be a cherished pastime, especially when you’re surrounded by an excited audience. But there’s nothing quite like being in an empty theater, the air conditioning blasting away, while you’re enjoying a film free from judgment or rude voices.
  5. ahsome

    ahsome New Member

    For me, I absolutely love the movie-going experience of the cinema, nothing can beat a big screen and gorgeous, base-heavy sound that you get from the Cinema. Just sucks I can't watch all the films I want, only what they can show. Because of that, for specific older films (looking at you The Seven Samurai), Blu-Ray and home popcorn are my saviour
  6. louisse30

    louisse30 New Member

    I prefer at home. Its comfortable and unlimited snacks while watching movies. Especially me, im a mother so i save money and time, caring my daughter while watching.easy download or netflix because we have internet unlike in cinemas its hussle, wasting money.
  7. Szarhaz2

    Szarhaz2 New Member

    Usually I watch movies at home with my family, friend or with my girlfriend. Otherwise if there is a movie that I'm really interested in, or even passionate about (for example: Marvel- Infinity War) then I most likely watch it in the cinema.
  8. thehopelessduck

    thehopelessduck New Member

    Since I am still a student I usually watch movies on my laptop at home. I only watch movies at a movie theater when I have a companion, 'cause it is so sad to watch alone
  9. kingtroy08

    kingtroy08 New Member

    I don't actually see movies in theatres now. I have stopped this since February last year. Yes I watched my last movie in a theatre in Feb 2016 and it was Deadpool.

    Reason that I have stopped watching them is the wastage of money as one outing to see a movie in a theatre costs you at least 500 bucks in India. With this money (assuming that I save money equivalent to watching 2 movies a month), I can easily have a good meal, I can donate money, I can buy for myself good clothes and many more things. All these things are hard to get by when you want to save money for future for your family.

    Also, piracy is at its peak here nowadays. Good prints are easily available the next day of the release of a movie. My friends usually have got some fine prints. If a movie is very much liked and the review are good, I watch the pirated one else I wait for original print to be out.
  10. bertoregaspi

    bertoregaspi New Member

    When they have a movie theater where moviegoers are allowed to watch in their underwear, sign me up. While that one is in the works, I'm happy with a smaller screen and max volume on my humble TV screen.
  11. verejohns

    verejohns New Member

    Hey Family, Vere Johns here! I love going to the theatre to see the latest release, but it could get costly. Therefore I have to go with watching from home. Netflix, Xfinity and other streaming services make it pretty easy and affordable to do so!
  12. ochykesman

    ochykesman New Member

    Watching movies at the cinema can be so much fun but its something i only like doing once in while. Most times my schedule does not allow me to see the movies i would prefer to see as at when i want to see them, so i will be forced to work with their time.

    But with the advent of the internet i find out if i would only wait a bit longer from a movie release date a very high quality of the movie version would be available to me for instant download, so i find this option very convenient and most importantly much more economical.

    So right now, YES i prefer to watch a movie at home than in a movie theatre
  13. Benvolio

    Benvolio New Member

    At home, simply because the movies are expensive, and usually you can watch anything online for cheap...or free. That being said I love going to the movies and whenever something comes out that's worth seeing I will try to shell out the ridiculous $20+ to see it.
  14. Acbaut

    Acbaut Guest

    Most of the time at home. It's just more practical, you don't have to worry about those ridiculous concession prices and you actually get to choose what you want to see. A movie theater seems more about the experience than the film itself. Which is also ok a few times a year, I suppose.
  15. mihawk92

    mihawk92 New Member

    i watch most of the time at home after work before before going to sleep
  16. mrvuducdung

    mrvuducdung New Member

    I usually watch my favourite films at home with my family members, we all together talk to each other many thing about the film, we can share our ideas, talk about some funny stories, eat some favourite food. Sometimes, we may go out to the cinema if have some new movies, which we can't see or find on TV or Internet.
  17. honeylaosanchez

    honeylaosanchez New Member

    I prefer to watch movies at home than in the movie theater. I can freely lie around in my sofa at home while watching the movie. In the movie theater, I can not freely express myself since there are a lot of strangers watching the movie with me. Like for example, there is a scene that makes you angry, you cannot freely curse the actors since you are not in your own home. You can have unlimited snacks and can even make homemade ones to watch the movie, thus you will save a lot of money. Lastly, you can go to the bathroom anytime without missing a part of the movie since you can just click the pause button.
  18. BAHATI

    BAHATI New Member

    I like watching at the cinema. Because for me this is the proper venue to watch the movie. Cinema was built for moviegoers using high tech sounds, a big screen, proper lighting, a comfortable chair and giving a feeling that you are part of the movie that you are watching.
  19. C06

    C06 New Member

    I usually watch movies at home, maybe because it is a lot more convenient for me. I say this because I don't need to walk or drive to the cinema to watch a movie; I also do not need to wait in line to buy the ticket. Also I would not need to pay just to watch the movie I could just watch it online. I also feel that watching movies at home would provide me with more options in terms if what movie I should watch.
  20. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    Well I like to watch movies in the comfort of my home ,especially using Netflix you can pause and start as you wish .If I do go to the movie theater it is to watch a horror movie with my friends.Thanks Jordan Durante
  21. MartialMartials

    MartialMartials New Member

    I do watching movie at home because I don't have enough money to watch a movie in cinema, and I don't have money to but a popcorn. But if I have a lot of money and I am going to watch a movie, I will watch on cinema. The very first reason is, watching in cinema is better than watching at home. Besides that, it is air-conditioned, the screen is a lot bigger and the quality of the video is best. And the other reason why I am going to watch movie in a cinema aside that I'm rich, is that I don't want to tolerate pirated CD's or movies anymore, because I'm already rich then.
  22. Chobs16

    Chobs16 New Member

    I prefer watching a movie at home with my family. We love watching thrillers, actions, horrors, sci-fi, and comedies, especially Jackie Chan's movies. But sometimes we watch movies at the movie theater then after the movie we have some dinner in a restaurant inside the mall.

    TOMSHANJ Member

    I prefer to watch from home. when you are watching from home, in most cases you don't spend a lot as you spend in the movie theater. I spend most of the time after work watching movies because they make me relax. By the time I come back from work am more than tired so I can't to the theater to watch movies when am that tired. therefore to me watching from home is better and it saves time and money.
  24. clarisseblogs

    clarisseblogs New Member

    I usually watch movies, especially action films, at a movie theater due to three reasons. Firstly, we do not have a good-quality sound system at home as compared to the ones in movie theaters. Secondly, I tend to get sleepy whenever I watch films at home and end up not seeing the movie from start to end. Thirdly, watching movies is one of the regular activities me and my friends enjoy. After watching movies at a movie theater, we’ll eat good food at our favorite restaurant and talk about the movie. These are the reasons why I prefer watching movies at a movie theater than at home.
  25. jake21

    jake21 New Member

    I usually watched movies at home because it is free. Free from ticket payment, transportation fees, and snack fees. At home I can watch comfortably whether I'm wearing pajamas of shirtless nobody will care cause I am in my house. Easy to watch if I want to rewind the movie then I can control the movie if I wanted to. I can eat loud snack and no one will react if I eat to loud. The best part is I can invite my family to watch movie at our own set of time and the fun that we get while laughing together in our home.
  26. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    I usually watch movies at home. It feels relaxing watch at home. I have netflix in my phone i can watch whole day. I dont actually watch movies on theater. It always bothered me everytime they will shout. So i prefer watching it alone in my home.
  27. Most people watch movies at home. But sometimes you have to go out with your family and love ones just to have a different experience while enjoying your favorite sequels of movie release. But most theater does not have a wide variety of movies to choose from. That is why most people prefer to subscribe to those movie streamings online and enjoy watch while having a pop corn in your own couch
  28. Babysj

    Babysj New Member

    I do usually watch movies at home with my family. We used to rent a copy of movies in CD's way back in 2005. I even avail a discount card for it. Nowadays, still, we do watch movies at home during weekends. we seldom watch movies in a theater, it'only during Christmas or somebody's birthdays.
  29. Seriphif

    Seriphif Member

    I prefer to watch movies at home. We have a nice 65 inch tv and soundbar, so the picture and sound are amazing. I have the convenience of being able to pause, rewind, and make some food, while not even having to get dressed. I love watching movies in our home cinema and if I don't like the movie, it is so much more comfortable to just stop watching it.
    Although, I am a sci-fi girl so when the comic book movies come out or epic blockbusters, I must see them at the theater first. There is nothing like a space movie or a giant explosion on the silver screen. I would say I watch 90% of my movies at home or on the computer but that last 10% are in the theater.
  30. athena1221

    athena1221 New Member

    I prefer watching movie at home

    1. First reason save money for not going in cinemas or theater
    2. Second im not gonna get tired at home and there is no time limit when you watch movie coz im not walking on malls
    3.Third i can multi task, while watching i can cook rice in my rice cooker and make my own food
    4.Fourth i can watch movie over and over again
    5.Fifth i can treat my family in a movie night without going in cinemas or theater, and without using money

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